Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office, Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch

Teen Angst

HBO Max original drama Euphoria premiered its second season January 9, 2022.

#Euphoria was executive produced by Drake / has been renewed.

rottentomatoes: 87%

metacritic: 68

imdb: 8.4

emmys: 3 wins

Ruby Bennett, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Zendaya
Ruby Bennett, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Zendaya

Ruby Bennett

Ruby Bennett battles substance-abuse issues outside of Los Angeles, California.

Ruby Bennett, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Zendaya

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

1 win: 2020

“Fezco’s grandma was a motherfuckin’ G. And even though she wasn’t, like, the best guardian… she taught him everything he knew about life. He didn’t really know much about his mom. His grandma never really like to talk about her, except to occasionally say… Fezco liked that she didn’t treat him like a kid. He went to school, and when he paid attention, he did well. Especially in math. And then one day, he came home from school. He didn’t know who the baby was. But so much so much always happened so fast he decided it was better not to ask questions. The baby was really cute, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t get him to stop crying. He probably just missed his mom. She never came back to pick him up.” — Rue Bennett

“Fezco knew that his grandma wasn’t normal, and did things that maybe other parents wouldn’t do. But they were a family. His grandma also taught him that, despite what they teach ya in school, violence is sometimes the best possible way to solve a problem. Fez doesn’t know why he did what he did, but he did it anyway.” — Rue Bennett

“That was his first dark spot. He didn’t really remember anything for at least two months. Just an occasional image, and an overwhelming fear about who was gonna take care of Ashtray. He never really blamed his grandma. She never really apologized for it. But he knew she felt bad. He found this grandma on he floor of the bathroom. Fez didn’t wanna call 911 for obvious reasons, so he decided to drive her car to the hospital, which took forever. It was definitely a mistake. The doctor even said it. The next thing he knew… he had a business to run. And a little brother to take care of. And however hard he thought life was… it got harder and more complicated. ‘Cause the more you move up in this world, the more enemies you make. He wondered how his grandma would deal with someone like Nate. But he didn’t have his grandma. Just Ash. Ash was his brother. He loved him like a brother. And when shit went down… he’d go to war like a brother.” — Rue Bennett

“♪ And the click you claim ♪ Westside when we ride come equipped with game ♪ You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife ♪ Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia some mark ass bitches ♪ You know the rules ♪ Cut your young ass up, leave you in pieces ♪ Now be deceased ♪ So fuck peace ♪ Let the Westside ride tonight ♪. Yeah, for sure. No, I can do that. I can just stay back here. It’s real comfy.” — Rue Bennett

“Yo, fam, uh, Rue. How’s your New Year’s goin’? New Year’s. I believe so. New year. My girlfriend, at the fuckin’ train station, she left me straight-up. Yeah, I was, like, crying. Yeah. Yeah. Um… I don’t think– I wouldn’t do that here. No, I, I see that. But, maybe, like, I don’t know. I just feel like it isn’t… the best place to do that. Um… I just feel like this is really not the right time to be doing that. Yo, what the fuck are you doing? What, what the fuck? Are you just puttin’ it in there? What are you doing? Oh, my god… okay. Jesus, that’s your whole fucking crotch. Ow, that looks like it hurt, ow.” — Rue Bennett

“Uh, no, I’m, I’m just– I’m in, I’m in high school. Okay. I, I promise I won’t say anything. No, no, no, no. Okay.” — Rue Bennett

“That was hon– honestly, that was the craziest shit I’ve ever experienced. What was– the fuckin’ dude with the long hair that was a fuckin’ look, wasn’t it? Geez. Oh my God. And, and when, when he took me– fuckin’ when old boy, he– when he took me to the back, I, well, I thought for sure I was gonna ah, fuck. And that lady, let me just say, she is a fucking gangster. She’s a fucking gangster. They all work for her. Sorry! I’m j– I’m just saying, serious question. How many female drug dealers do you know? Yes. Case in point. I know what the fuck I’m saying. Shit’s gotta change.” — Rue Bennett

Fezco, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Angus Cloud


“There’s 28.5 grams in an ounce. Sixteen. What’s up? Hey, can I get the, uh, pop off? I don’t know.”

“Grandma! Grandma! Is she going to be okay?”

“We got caught up dealin’ with some bullshit. They ain’t find nothin’, though. They ain’t got shit on me. Are we good? Yo, bro, what the fuck, man? Dude, what the fuck?”

“Yeah, Rue, you gotta chill out back there for real. Me and Ash gotta handle some serious business right now, so. Who the fuck is this bitch? Who the fuck is this, man? What is she doin’ here? Whatever, man. Let’s just do this. Y’all just please stay in the car. No fuckin’ funny business. Let’s go.”

“So, who is this dude? Yo, yo, come on now, y’all. Chill. Nobody, nobody got no fuckin’ wire.”

“Yo, yo, hold on, man. Fuck. You think I could, like, put my drawers on, and talk to you in the other room for a sec? Mouse ain’t gonna be comin’ around no more. ‘Cause I didn’t like the way he did business. That’s not a kid. That’s my business partner. That’s my family. She might fuck around, but nah. With my life. Yes, ma’am.”

“Aye, why you actin’ like that shit was fun, Rue? For real. You’re pissin’ me off. Actin’ dumb as fuck right now. Goddamn, all smilin’ and laughin’ and shit. You know, half of that shit was your fault, too. Fuckin’ around, actin’ stupid. Good ones? One.”

Grandma, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Angus Cloud

Fezco’s grandma

“Hey, fuckface! I just spoke to your daddy. You’re gonna come live with grandma now. Okay? Bag that shit up. Put it in you fuckin’ tighty-whities. Cops ain’t gonna pat down a fuckin’ 10-year-old. They don’t wanna be fuckin’ accused of bein’ fuckin’ pederasts. You know what I’m sayin’? You had a pure heart. But your daddy always took advantage of that. Let me tell you somethin’ snowflake, there’s a short supply of kindness in this world. People sniff it out… and they swoop right the fuck in. Don’t ever fall in love. It’s the one instinct… you can’t trust.”

“Fuckin’ day I’ve fuckin’ had. You remember the white cracker with the fuckin’ bowl-cut? He ain’t a kid, asshole. He’s my partner. That fuckin’ bowl-cut cocksucka! Sold me 10 grand of fuckin’ Bayer Aspirin. Fuck us both up the ass, snowflake. Look at him. He’s a cute little bastard. Sad story, though. Some cunt mother gave him to me as collateral. He’s ours till 10 pm.”

“Call me when his mama gets here. My nephew, your uncle, Carl, he ends up eatin’ so much fuckin; Mcdonald’s, he gives himself diabetes, right? Next thing you know, they’re chopping off his fuckin’ feet, right? Three years later, he fuckin’ drops dead. Do I call the fuckin’ cops, and say, ‘Oh, you gotta fuckin’ arrest Ronald fuckin’ McDonald?’ No, I don’t fuckin’ call. ‘Cause it’s fuckin’ Uncle Carl’s fault. Nobody told him to fuckin’ eat McDonald’s for fuckin’ breakfast, lunch and dinner. You understand? Watch this fuckin’ kid. Come on. Get the baby. Oh, what the fuck are you doin’? Come here. Let me get– let me take it. No, no, no. Get it. Yeah. This fuckin’ kid. He’s eatin’ fuckin’ cigarettes. Now, you’re fuckin’ one of us, right? Fuckin’ livin’ your best life in the fuckin’ jacuzzi here.”

“Yeah. He’s at the Family Donut right now? I spy with my little eye… a cracker with a bowl-cut. Muthafucka! Eat fuckin’ shit! You fuckin’ take my money? You scumbag! Muthafucka! Piece of shit!”

“I don’t feel too good. I’m gonna go lie down.”

Ash Tray

“Look at him over there!”

“Yo, it-it’s up here on the right. Jesus Christ. Yo, can you tell her to shut the fuck up?”


“You’re late. I heard you got raided. I hope not. Oh shit! Aah!”


“What the fuck?! God! Oh, what the fuck?! What the fuck?!”

“Yo! Nah, nah, bro, that’s my fuckin’ girl. …so good. I’m tellin’ you. Like a fuckin’ mouse. Okay? Faye… in the car. Ten, 20 minutes tops, all right? You know, you guys did right by me, I’mma, I’mma do right by you. I was tryin’ to get ahold of that fuckin’ doctor I was telling you about, but he must be on vacation or some shit.”

“This dude ain’t a dude. All right? Her name is Laurie. She’s a little bit of a trip. Used to be a schoolteacher, but there ain’t no money in that. Just, um, let me do the talking.”

“Fuck! Hey! Hey, hey, she didn’t do shit. I’m just tryna tell you– oh fuck! Hey… Laurie. It’s really good to see you again. Um… I wanted to introduce you to a super-dope friend of mine… my boy, Fez. He’s, like– he’s fire, like…”


“HI, I’m Faye. Okay. Hi, I’m Faye. What? It’s fucking New Year’s? What? I swear my boyfriend doesn’t tell me anything. She left you at a fucking train station? What a fucking cunt. Holy fucking shit. It’s just heroin. Why? Listen, I fucking know what you are. You’re just a fuckin’ junkie-ass bitch, and you’re probably fucking eating that ginger’s ass for fuckin’ oxys or whatever the fuck you’re into. Fuckin’ junkie-ass bitch fuckin’… what the fuck?!”

“Obviously, I’m not wearing a fucking wire. You paranoid– ah! Um, could I put my clothes back on now?”


“Brucy. So, now what? Where’s Mouse? Okay. Why’s that? Says the guy who brings a kid to a drug deal. Says the guy who brings a high school girl to a drug deal. She an addict? So you trust her? Sorry about all the hubbub, guys. Just being careful. So, you all ready to do some business?”


“Mitch, don’t fuckin’ hesitate. You come to my muthafuckin’ house– with a fuckin’ 12-year-old, two junkie whores, and a motherfucker I don’t know. You out of your fuckin’ mind? I’m on fuckin’ probation. We are not involved with any illegal activity. We don’t associate with anybody involved in illegal activity. And Laurie over there? Laurie don’t deserve this shit. All right, check this out. All y’all, let’s get naked right fuckin’ now. Come on, man. Let’s go! Get naked right fuckin’ now. Let’s go, c’mon. Come on, let’s go. Everybody, let’s go. Undress. Except for you. Keep your shit on, man. Nobody wants to see you naked. B.J., take his ass down. Put ’em in a fuckin’ closet. Prove that shit. I don’t know who the fuck you are! For real! Far as I’m concerned, you’re a fuckin’ cop! Let’s go, c’mon. Everybody, let’s get naked. C’mon, man, let’s go. C’mon, man, hurry! Let’s go! Come on. Let’s go, man. Ain’t got all fuckin’ night. You not hear what the fuck I said?”

“I’ve never met a fuckin’ doped outed hooker afraid to take her fuckin’ clothes off. You promise? Promise fuckin’ what?! Huh? Lift your fuckin’ shirt up! Want me to do it for ya? Huh? Take your fuckin’ pants off. See how easy that was? Get fuckin’ dressed. B.J., we good?”

Bruce Jr.

“Fuck is you doin’ here? Me too. You heard what the fuck he said, c’mon!”

“Whoa there, pretty boy. I’ll fold your shit right here. Fold yo shit. Ayo, what the fuck is goin’ on back there, yo? Hurry the fuck up! Yeah, we good. Kid had a glock on him. Only if you want to.”

Maddy Perez, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Alexa Demie

Maddy Perez

“If I don’t find a bathroom, I’m gonna spend New Year’s with a fucking UTI. Where’s the bathroom? Thank you. I thought she was with you. Wait, what? What were you fighting about? How long ago was this? Did you call her? She always answers. I’m sure she’s fine. There’s no way Cassie’s gonna miss a New Year’s Eve party.”

“Nate? Open the fucking door, Nate! I have to pee! Can you open the door? I have to pee, Nate! Open the door! Open the door! I need to pee! Are you taking a shit at a party?”

Lexi Howard, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Maude Apatow

Lexi Howard

“Maddy, have you seen Cassie? No, we like got in a screaming fight and she got out of the car in the middle of the road. She was drinking while I was driving. Like an hour and a half. She’s not answering. I know. It’s fucking weird. I’m actually worried. She was, like, very drunk.”

Cassie Howard, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Sydney Sweeney

Cassie Howard

“Terrible. Hi. Thanks. Well, I was supposed to go to this party with my sister. And then, we got into this really big fight. Mmm, no. We broke up. ‘Cause… we were in different places. Yeah. I know. Trying not to be. I didn’t mean it like that. Like, I’m, I’m just tryna focus on myself. Because I keep making mistakes and not learning from them. Ah, ah, ah! Oh my god! I’m soaking wet!”

“I can’t… she’s my best friend.”

Nate  Jacobs, Euphoria, HBO Max, A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, The Reasonable Bunch, Jacob Elordi


“Thank you. What’s up, Cassie. You want somethin’ to wash that down? What are you doin’ tonight? Right. Are you still with McKay? What happened? Why? Yeah, it’s the same shit with me and Maddy. But you’re like a, you’re like a relationship kind of girl, right? Like what? Why? Would you like a ride to this party?”

“I’m using the fuckin’ bathroom! Uh, just a sec. Hold on! Yo, just a minute! Are you fuckin’ crying? Shh, there’s no fuckin’ reason to cry. You haven’t been caught. Calm down, and put your clothes on. I’m just usin’ the bathroom! Just a second! Fuckin’ pee outside!”

Gas Station Attendee

“How are you doin’ tonight? $2.19. Happy New Year.”

“Can I see your I.D.?”


“That way.”

Laurie employee

“I’ll get the kid.”

Fezco’s dad

“What the fuck? You crazy–“




“All right, today we’re gonna learn about weight and volume. How many ounces are in a pound?”


“Every second counts.”

Bowl Cut

“Who the fuck brings a kid to a drug deal?”

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