Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions

Jail Break

Showtime original miniseries Escape at Dannemora concluded December 30th, 2018.

#EscapeatDannemora is based on free transgender dating. 88% 78

imdb: 8.2

golden globes: 1 win

SAG awards: 1 win


Joyce Mitchell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Patricia ArquetteJoyce Mitchell ‘Tilly’

Joyce ‘Tilly’ Mitchell pleads guilty to promoting prison contraband for her participation in the prison break on June 6, 2015, when two inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat, were discovered missing during a 5:17 a.m. bed check at the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility outside of Dannemora, New York.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

1 win: 2019

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie

1 nomination: 2019

Joyce Mitchell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Patricia Arquette

“Everybody calls me Tilly.  Joyce is my mother’s name.  When you call me Joyce, I feel like you’re talking to my mother.  I already talked to the cops.  Yeah, so what is this?  Are you with the state police?  Oh, so the post office?  Am I gonna lose my job?  No, I shouldn’t lose my job.  I didn’t do anything wrong.  I mean, not really wrong.  Hi.  Hi.  Okay… no.  No.  Inmate Matt tried to grab me– and kiss me, but I was scared shitless, so… I do.” — Joyce Mitchell

“No.  Oh, come on.  Oh, come on.  Come on.  Lift it up.  Up, up, up.  Come on, lift the fucking plow, Joe.  Oh, shit.  Lyle!  Plowed in.  Come on.  Get up.  It’s 6:30.  Jeep’s trapped again.  Snowplow.  Get up.  Come on.  Come with mama.  Come on, let’s go.  Gotta go potty.  Let’s go.  That’s it.  Where’s Lumpy?  What’s with the tip jar?  Well, we’re a little light right now.  We’ll get you on the way out.  Stop by the price-whacker on the way back.  Home at 6:00.  I can see you coming.  Winter.  It’s killing me today.  Slippery… as fuck.  Morning, Dennis.  Sorry I’m late.  I was plowed in.  Ah.  Well, gentlemen, I will warn you, I have high expectations for output this week, but the energy in this room feels very productive, so what’ll it be?  Hip-hop or classic rock?  Let’s go for pop.  Good job.  So good.  Inmate Sweat.  How are we doing?  Good work.  Thank you.  Could you help me in the machine room?  One of the straight stitchers broke.  Okay.  Ah.  Shh.” — Joyce Mitchell

“Inmate sweat, can I see you for a second?  Jelly-filled.  I think I’ll be the one to determine that.  Whatever.  Inmate Sweat?  Can I see you in tailor nine?  We’re low on machine oil.  What are you doing?  Well, what does that make me?  S– ’cause you all talk shit.  He does this every winter.  He’ll quit drinking once it starts getting warmer.  I talked to Lambert.  He’s not gonna say anything.  We gotta be fast.  What is going on?  Come here.” — Joyce Mitchell

“Other than the fact that I gotta work upstate on Sunday?  Nothing.  Fancy.  I’m telling you right now, my appetite for this is half-hour, max.  Hm.  What?  Well, it’s called doing my job.  It’s probably inmate Sweat.  He’s helping me make the superintendent’s suit.  Graduation.  I don’t know, Lyle.  Ask the fucking superintendent, you’re so interested.  Maybe he could get you a ticket.  Is that what you’re into now?  High school graduation ceremonies?  It’s a three-piece suit, Lyle.  And who is it that gives us promotions?  Exactly, so when the guy who gives us promotions asks me, the shop supervisor, to make him a suit for graduation, and my best guy is Inmate Sweat, who’s been in that shop longer than I have, who do you think I’m gonna be working with on this project?  Fucking Inmate Sweat.  This movie sucks.  I’m going for a walk.  No, you’re not coming with me.  Because I’m mad at you.  You know why.” — Joyce Mitchell

“Inmate Sweat, how was your weekend?  Lyle took me to a fucking history museum n Plattsburgh.  What’s this?  You made these for me?  You’re so good with your hands.  How are the machines running this morning.  Let’s see if we can’t find one.  Thought you were done with me.  And now?  Hey.  I’m not a dog.  Well, then, look in my face.  Mm.  I bet that’s sweet.  Are you my boy? I didn’t hear you.  What?  Uh, that’s it.  That’s it, my little boy.  Who’s my little boy?  Who am I?  Who am I, little boy?  Say it.  Who am I?  Ah, yes, that’s right.  Ah, that’s right.  Big beautiful tit, and it’s all your, little boy.  Ah, it’s– Oh, God.  Okay, okay, get ready.” — Joyce Mitchell

“Yes?  You have a problem?  If you got a problem, I could fix it with a little disciplinary report.  So that’s it?  You just came here to tell me that we’re friends.  What the fuck are you talking about?  Who?” — Joyce Mitchell

“It’s music!  What was that for?  It’s not crap.  It’s Nick Jonas, and I like it.  Tommy, Ruckus!  We’re home.  Lyle, which dog’s out?” — Joyce Mitchell

“Like a… it’s against the rules.  Yeah, I… I thought you did.  Yeah.  Thank you.  You should talk to Lumpy.  Adam Stupinski.  The CO at the employee’s gate.  I mean, the only time I ever even seen that guy frisk anybody was when this hot parole counselor came from the city.  Well, I hope you busted his ass.  Yeah.  Well, I am trying to help.  I mean, I’m the one who went to the cops.  No one came to ask me.  That’s all I’ve been doing, is trying to help.  Yeah, of course I did.  That’s all anybody wants.  Mm, well… mm, yeah, if they gonna hurt anybody, they should be killed.  What does it– what does that mean?  Well, yeah, you’re– yeah, you’re wrong.  I mean, what– I mean… what does that mean?” — Joyce Mitchell

David Sweat, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Paul DanoInmate David Sweat

“Yo, you need some help?  Check the bobbin?  And we’re good to go.  Remember, when you put a bobbin in, the thread’s gotta be going forward, away from you.  Uh, yeah, we’re doing good.  We, uh, should hit 100 pair of pants by the end of the day.  Eh… I can’t help it if the dumb bitch lonesome.” — David Sweat

“What’s up?  What the fuck does it matter to you all of a sudden?  Yeah.  Thanks, but… being careful.” — David Sweat

“Good.  What do you think?  I spent a shit load of time on the fur.  The light?  Uh, okay.  Yeah, from the window.  I mean, you can’t see it in the drawing.  What, do you want me to paint a fucking window?  Um… oh, shadows.  I forgot the fucking shadows.  Fuck.  I don’t know.  It might be kind of interesting like that, though.  You know, having no shadows, like there’s light that’s coming from everywhere.  What?  I’m not.  I’m just saying that I kind of like it without the shadows, the way it is.” — David Sweat

“Yo, yo, yo.  Earl, where’s your thread?  You got no fucking bobbin through it.  Come on, man.  Fuck off.  In a minute, Mrs. Mitchell.  Shut the fuck up.  I said shut the fuck up.  Yeah?  Well, you keep running your fucking mouth, you’re gonna get some iron in your diet.  Good morning, Mrs. Mitchell.  Yo, put that way.  We’re really busy today.  Whatever.  Oh, yeah, we are.  I’m not doing anything except being smart.  Ah, I don’t know.  What do you think it makes you when you call my name, like, twice in ten seconds?  No, I’m not doing this.  I’m not doing it.  Nothing.  I’m not doing anything.  Keep your fucking doughnut and keep your fucking distance.” — David Sweat

“I told you, any prison south of Interstate 90.  Yes, we went over this.  Write it down.  Elmira, Green Haven, Sing Sing.  It’s just too cold here, all right?  But that’s not what you write on the form.  What you gotta write is that I have a spotless track record in here, and I want to be closer to my family.  Mom, mom, listen to me.  You’re the only person who can help me with this.  Jenny won’t write me back.  For the hundredth time, that’s why I need you.  I’m not accusing you of anything, but it’s been three months since I asked you, and you haven’t– I don’t know anybody else to fucking call.  Do you know what the COs call me in here, mom?  They call me a cop-killer.  You should see the way they look at me.  I’m in danger here every fucking day, and you won’t even help me?  Fuck you.  Mom, sor– shit!  Fuck.  M– god damn it.  Stupid.” — David Sweat

“Morning.  It was not bad.  How was yours?  Hey.  For you.  Just had a little extra material from when we did the inmate release uniforms.  And… I don’t know.  I got inspired.  Didn’t want to let it go to waste.  I mean, the zipper doesn’t really work, but… you know, I thought you might like it.  Uh, now that you mention it, one of the uh–uh, straight stitch machines needs a new head.  I was just mad.  I know that.  I’m looking. Your boy.  I am.  Mother.  You’re mommy.  Little boy and his mother.  Tastes so good, like strawberries.” — David Sweat

“What’s up?  Ah, no, but that’s Boyd, that ginger fuck, never does.  I don’t think so.  Why?” — David Sweat

“Hacksaw?  What the fuck are you doing in there?  Bro.  You’d better get the fuck out of there.  Trying to kill these fucking cockroaches.  They’re fucking everywhere.  You wanna help?  Oh, no, sir.  Fuck, man.  Come on, get the fuck out of here.  Get the fuck out of there.” — David Sweat

“What the fuck were you doing back there?  Don’t start that again.  You would need a fucking plasma cutter to get through that shit, bro.” — David Sweat

“Whoever wrote this ticket, no offense, but it’s fucking bullshit.  I shouldn’t have to lose my job and move cells.  Bro, I know how to work the machines in that shop better than anybody else.  And there’s a $2 million order from Altona that’s gonna get fucked up if I’m not there.  I am packing.  I’m just saying.  Ah.  Fuck.  That’s fucked up, Palmer.” — David Sweat

“So, okay.  No, I’m in.  I want in.  Bro.  If that hookup is like you say it is, then I’m in.  Yes.  I want the dream.  Okay, fine.  I wanna be a part of your dream.  Okay.  So tell me what the fuck you got going on.  Bro, I just said the fucking thing.  Tell me what you got.” — David Sweat

“What’s this?  Holy shit.  You read it?  Yo, what the fuck is this?  No.  I just lost my job and my cell.  I’m not doing shit.  No.” — David Sweat

“Okay, um, so that’s the laundry building, right?  That’s where I was last time.  Which means, I think, I’m somewhere around here.  Yeah.  Except right below where I’m standing, there’s a fucking brick wall.  With what?  I don’t have a tool.  I would need a sledge hammer or something, bro.  Yeah.  Fuck.  Sorry, bro.  Woke up feeling like shit.” — David Sweat

“It’s a fucking steam pipe.  Heats the whole goddamn prison.  And that’s the wall.  It’s the outer wall of the whole prison.  Seven feet of reinforced concrete.  Yeah.  If we make it through in less than five years, we’re fucking lucky.  Give me that fucking thing.” — David Sweat

“Bro, we’re gonna get caught before we get through that fucking wall.  I don’t know, ’cause we fucking asked her to.  So you thought it, and that’s why it happened.  Like the fucking book.” — David Sweat

“Touch it.  It’s off for the summer.  So we cut… a hole.  And we go through… …and cut a hole on the other side.  Six weeks.  Maybe I can do it in four.  Yeah, it’s… probably an 18-inch pipe.” — David Sweat

Richard Matt, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Benicio Del ToroInmate Richard Matt (Hacksaw)

“Oh, it is cold as shit out here.  Crodson, B-318, can’t get a hold of his wife.  Admin put a block on her number.  If you can get rid of that block, he’d be grateful.” — Richard Matt

“I’ll catch up with you.  Uh, plus I got Lemke and Bushwell up on the second floor.  They need their– their fuses jumped.  So how is everything else?  I’m fucking with you, Gene.  It’s still drying.  It’ll be ready.  Who, sweat?  I didn’t know that.  Excuse me.  There’s two men talking here.  Is he talking out of the side of his neck at me?  Huh?  ‘Cause I’ll bust your motherfucking grape.  What cell is he in?  Slot that punk.  All right.  I’ll see you tomorrow.” — Richard Matt

“Psst.  You really think it’s a good idea, playing doctor with the tailor shop supervisor?  If she wasn’t married, i’d say it’s risky.  But she is married, and her husband works here.  That makes everything complicated.  The spouse always finds out.  One way or another.” — Richard Matt

“You know my name.  That’s supposed to be the gel.  Look again, man.” — Richard Matt

“First time in state pen?  Eh, that’s jail.  Let me see your papers, man.  Angel.  The guard I was speaking to when you interrupted is the escort guard.  Everything, you know, on the block is falling through me.  All these things are privileges, and they can go away at any time.  Get me?  For instance, you want a higher amp-fuse.  No.  I’m telling you.  You want a higher-amp fuse, ’cause it’s the only way you can run a TV and a hot plate at the same time.  Otherwise, you gotta keep on plugging one and re-plugging the other.  Hm?  So, you tell me, ‘I want a higher-amp fuse,’ and you’ll get it.  Gotta say it.  What are you, slow?  You gotta say it.  Oh, we’re all out of them.  Come back tomorrow.” — Richard Matt

“Oh.  What do you got?  Ah.  Hm.  It’s not sweet enough, man.  Get me some honey.  Hm.  Where’s the light coming from?  Yeah, I mean, you got two dogs sitting on a couch, in a living room, and I can see them.  There must be light coming from somewhere.  Hello.   Here’s your window.  Oh, here’s your window.  No.  If your only source of light is coming from this window, what do you got over here?  There you go.  Let’s keep working it.  Don’t do that.  Make a fucking mistake and then pretend it’s on purpose.  No, man, that’s for hacks.  David, learn the basics, okay?  Then, if you want to go disco, fuck it.  Go disco.” — Richard Matt

“She’s not the Mona Lisa, but… here’s hoping she’s never stolen.  That’s beautiful, man.  Hey.  A little rum and Mexican Coca-Cola, huh?  Oh, before I forget, uh, Angel Chavez needs his fuse jumped.  That fish is all right.  Mm, not really.  They got color printers at the drugstore now.  Now where does that leave the artist?  Uh, can’t compete.  Robots.  It’s just only a matter of time before they do this and everything else.   I don’t have a personality, man.  Look into my eyes and tell me you believe that.  Man, you gotta go.  Hey, slow down.  Uh, have a good weekend.” — Richard Matt

“Nah.  I just figured you’re friends with my friend, and that makes us friends.  No, you don’t have to worry about me.  Did you know that out in nature, there are no right angles?  But in here, it’s all right angles.  It’s an engineered environment.  Bars up, bars down, bars across.  And the people inside, they get to be right angles too.  And there are the angles that get bent and you know who that is.  That’s you, and me.” — Richard Matt

“Did the CO look behind your bed?  Did the move the bed at all?  Nothing.” — Richard Matt

“David.  David.  Fucking dark in here, man.  I think we can drop into the basement from back there.  We would need to cut through that ventilator.  Just fucking dark in there, though.  We need a light.  I’m serious.  David.  No one’s been back there in forever, bro.  Or a hacksaw blade.” — Richard Matt

“Time and patience, man.  ‘Gita.’  ‘Gita.’  Get the fuck out of here.” — Richard Matt

“Yeah, it’s real sweet.  Just write her back.  Come on, man.  Write her back.  She might start bringing you shit.  Let me tell you something, man.  Every time I look out the window from the tailor shop and I see the town… I see myself out there standing in the street.  I get it to the point now where I can see my own fucking shadow.  Understand what I’m saying?  Hmm, all right.  You have a civilian employee writing you love notes.  And you’re not gonna do anything about it?  That’s not cool.” — Richard Matt

“I told him if he’s nice to the boss lady, the boss lady will be nice to him.  If not, I’ll rip his lungs out and drink his blood.  Ah, that’s your son, the Airman.  Senior Airman or Sergeant already?  God bless him.  I got two girls.” — Richard Matt

“Thank you.  Well, I keep in touch with the older one, Janet.  Uh, Mariathe the younger one I haven’t talked to in six years.  Well, Maria lives in Mexico with her mother, Rita.  And we’re not allowed to make international calls from here.  Who said life was fair, right?” — Richard Matt

“‘So, okay,’ what?  I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.  So you wanna be part of my dream.  Say it.  I want the dream.  What the fuck is that?  That’s not what I said.  Okay.  With what?  I tell you what we got.  We’re busting the fuck out of here.  That’s what we’ve got.” — Richard Matt

“No shit.  Yeah, we’re good.  Break on through, bro.  Break on through.  You think that’s the only wall we’re gonna run into?  These are just obstacles, man.  There’s a toolbox down there, huh.  You know how to pick a lock?  I thought so.  Come on.  I’m gonna let you recover.  You look like shit.  Palmer.  He’s not feeling so good.  He’s not feeling good.” — Richard Matt

“I got good news.  I’m not dying in here.  And neither is David.  Somewhere out there.  Hey.  I’m not making picture frames with those hacksaw blades.  Yeah.  You.  Me.  David.  Mexico.  Five years.  Maybe less.  Shh.  Hey.  Don’t tell anybody…” — Richard Matt

“Hey.  Victory cigar.  When we break out, we smoke one of these.  What’s wrong?  Don’t you even think that, bro.  Hey, let me ask you something.  Why is Tilly helping us out?  Because I asked her to, but that’s not why.  Because I had the thought.  I thought it.  It’s all in the thought.  That’s right.  Now you got it.  That’s the secret.  The book.  Oprah.  The Secret.  Focus on something in your mind.  You feel it in your heart.  You commit to it.  Bang, it becomes true.  David.  For once in our lives, man… …we’re winning.” — Richard Matt

“That’s where you’re gonna wait for us.  On that corner.  Now, give me the little guy.  We found a way.  It’s happening.  It’s real.  And it’s not gonna take years.  Weeks.” — Richard Matt

Dennis Lambert, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Jeremy BobbCorrections Officer Dennis Lambert

“Yeah.  Huh?  Oh.  Oh, that’s just work bullshit.  There’s some guy at the shop.  But you know how rumors are up there.  I’m sure it’s nothing.  It’s just ’cause the guy’s such a weasel, it makes people talk, you know.  It’s just the rumor mill.  They make stuff up.  Just don’t tell Tilly I told you.” — Dennis Lambert

Gene Palmer, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, David MorseCorrections Officer Gene Palmer

“Fucking snow, huh?” — Gene Palmer

“Why not?  All right, see what I can do.  Hey.  How you doing, big fella?  The oils?  So that’s it?  All right.  Oh, I just bill– you know, can’t complain, really.  How’s the, um– how’s the portrait of Ruth coming?  Ruth?  My girlfriend?  It’s our anniversary next week.  That’s what I’m gonna give her.  You fucking promised you’d have it ready for her.  Fuck you.  All right, now, what’s going on with your boy?  Yeah.  There’s a rumor going around about him and Tilly.  Huh.  Are you mocking me?  Hey, hey, hey, hey.  Go back to your cell, all right?  No list for you tomorrow.  Go on.  Hey, go back to your cell.  So yeah, anyway, this thing with your boy is for real.  Ah, give him a– let it go, all right?  Let it go.  Look at me.  Look at me, partner.  Okay?  He’s new.  Huh?  He doesn’t know any better.  He’s not getting lunch tomorrow.  That’s enough, all right?  All right?  Hey.  Thank you.” — Gene Palmer

“Oh, yeah?  I know you did some messed up shit to get in here, but that… that is a nice piece of art, man.  My cap is off to you.  Mm.  Uh… you two made up?  Well, look at that.  Painting pictures, forgiving petty disagreements– rehabilitation at work.  Uh… huh?  Making art.  Why not?  Huh.  Yeah, I don’t– I don’t think so, ’cause you put your personality into the work.  Robots, they got no personality.  Everybody’s got personality.  Right.  Right.  Shit, look at the time.  Okay, bye.  Gonna have an awesome one.” — Gene Palmer

“‘What the fuck’ is right.  What do you think?  Hey, look who did it.” — Gene Palmer

“We’re in trouble.  Shakedown, five minutes.  Hide your paints.  Come on, man.  Let’s go, let’s go.  Okay.  No, no, no, no.  Come on, come on.  Yo.  We gotta go.” — Gene Palmer

Ruth, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Johanna DayRuth

“What the fuck?  Oh, my God, I love it.  Holy shit!” — Ruth

Angel Chavez, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Joshua RiveraInmate Angel Chavez

“Hey, yo, my man, are you Richard Matt?  Yeah, I know.  I wanted to ask you if I could get something for myself, you know what I mean?  I mean, I got a hot plate, right?  But it don’t work when I plug it in.  Nah.  Nah, nah, nah, nah.  Nah, nah, nah.  No disrespect, OG.  Nah, not at all.  Nah.  Ow.  I didn’t even mean it like that.  But I want to ask you– yeah, but I didn’t e– all right, I’m sorry, CO.  I didn’t mean no–” — Angel Chavez

“Sir.  Sir?  Hey, sir, I got shaving gel, if you want it.  You could have it.  It’s my way of saying sorry.  Know what I mean?  I did eight months in county.  Got it.  Okay.  Hm.  I see.  Okay.  Okay.  Oh, okay.  Yeah, um, I want a higher-amp fuse.” — Angel Chavez

Kilo, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Clavin DuttonKilo

“It’s right here.  Man.  Your boo might get jealous with you adjusting my needle like that.  ‘In a minute, Mrs. Mitchell.’  My bad.  Do you not call her– I’m trying.” — Kilo

Boyd, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Gregory DannCorrections Officer Boyd

“Yo, punk, look what I found.  Picture of your mother.  All right, get back in there.  Let’s go.  Yeah, you better keep those eyes down.  Open 22.  Let’s go.  Come on.” — Boyd

Odell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Dominic ColónOdell

“Fuck.  A hot toddy.  Yo, I would have made you a Irish coffee, but the only milk the motherfuckers had was skim.  I got you.” — Odell

Murder, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Michael BeasleyInmate Lobell (Murder)

“Well, my fucking tension’s off.  No, but you can check it.  All right.” — Murder

Scary Gary, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Antoni CoroneCommissary Clerk (Scary Gary)

“Name.  Bottle of Prell.  Two bars Irish Spring.  Doritos Nacho Cheese.  You got ten bags of that.  One, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten.  Two loaves of Wonder Bread and a can of shaving powder.  Looks like your commissary is running low, chief.  Not enough dough for the gel at the moment.  You’re holding up the line.  Next.” — Scary Gary

Lyle Mitchell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Eric LangeLyle Mitchell

“What time is it?  Hm.  Oh.  Hey.  Thank you.  Oh, that’s too bad.  What are we doing for dinner?  Fridge is a little, uh, empty.” — Lyle Mitchell

“What were you and, uh, Tilly going at each other today about?  At lunch.  Dennis, for Christ’s sake, I’m not gonna say I heard it from you, whatever it is.  Uh-huh.  Well, uh, Tilly has her way of getting the best work out of those guys, and, uh, uh, part of that is treating them like people.  I’m sure it’s just that.  Who do you think you’re talking to?  Christ.” — Lyle Mitchell

“We got plans this weekend?  Right.  I was thinking, uh, maybe we go to Pattsburgh tomorrow.” — Lyle Mitchell

“Everybody I tell I’ve never been to this place says, uh, they can’t believe it.  Mm, that’s kind of clever.  I watched that, and, uh, the British were the Nazis of their day.  So, uh… Dennis was saying you’ve been talking a lot with one of the inmates.  In the shop.  No, just… one guy.  What’s the suit for?  Who’s graduating?  Not really.  This, uh… Dennis mad it sound like– okay.  The superintendent.  I just need it explained to me– huh?  Why?  Why?” — Lyle Mitchell

“What the hell is this?  I don’t like that crap.  Tommy, Ruckus.  Let’s go.  Come on, you New York sausages.  Let’s go pee.” — Lyle Mitchell

Catherine Leahy Scott, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Bonnie HuntInspector General Catherine Leahy Scott

“Wanna make that 3:00, then?  Okay, great.  Hi.  I’m Catherine Leahy Scott.  Nice to meet you, Joyce.  Tilly it is.  Is your mom still with us?  Oh, good.  I love knowing my mom’s just a phone call away.  four times in seven days, I understand.  Let’s not get into any details until the stenographer gets here.  I mean, even though it’s all taped, it’s actually more accurate.  This girl especially– she’s been with me 15 years– I did a comparison.  I was right.  Please, no.  I’m the inspector general for the state of New York.  No, the post office is federal.  I’m state, so if there’s any corruption in a state agency, it’s my job to find it and stop it, whether it’s a state park or the port authority, and I report directly to the governor.  Should you?  Really?  Spencer?  Yeah, I will– I will call him back in an hour.  Sorry.  30 minutes.  I mean, a half hour.  Half hour.  Half hour.  Thank you.  Sorry about that.  He might be back.  Well, that’s good.  I don’t spend much time talking to people who haven’t done anything wrong.  Good.  Here we go.  Okay.  Yes, this is what I’m looking for.  Um, so you’re a 50– 51-year-old woman who’s been with the same man for 20 years?  21 years, give or take?  So we can have an adult conversation.  Did you have sex with these two inmates?  I mean, I get it.  Somebody attractive pays attention to me, I like it.  I mean it’s… only human nature to desire that, and… so, I’m gonna ask you one more time, and I just need you to be very straight with me.  Did you have sex with these two inmates?  Never?  Not even a kiss?  Nothing?  Yeah.  No, I know, this is tough.  It’s– I tell everybody when we have these discussions, you can’t go around it.  You gotta go through it, so you just gotta kinda lay it all out there.  This is what’s gonna happen: I’m gonna ask you questions that I already know the answers to.  That way, I’ll know if you’re lying.  I’m in no way gonna lie to you, but just need to get to the truth.  Do you understand?  Can you say it out loud for the record?  Did you get that?” — Catherine Scott

“Did Matt or Sweat ever give you a present?  Like a gift.  Anything.  Murder’s against the rules, and this place is full of murderers.  I know about the gifts.  Do you mind taking a break?  Thanks, Emily.  Look, there is a lot of things wrong with this place.  I mean, rules have been broken, stuff that has nothing to do with you.  Mm-hmm.  Lumpy?  Stupinski.  That’s the guy who wouldn’t let me in with my cell phone.  He stopped me and said, ‘I need to confiscate it.’  This is why I feel like I’m sitting across from the only person who can help me here.  Yeah, well, you’re– you’re different than these people, so… when you spoke to the state police, you asked the detective six times whether the inmates had been captured.  Yeah, you wanted them to be caught.  Right?  Well, not everybody.  I mean, some people like to see them killed.  Yeah, but better for you if they die.  Wouldn’t it be convenient to be the only person who lives to tell the story?  Am I wrong?  Whatever.  In these situations, they usually end up killing them.  Let’s go back to the gifts.” — Catherine Scott

Spencer Freedman, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Jeffrey SchecterSpencer Freedman

“Yeah.  We’re coming up now.  I don’t know.  I’ve never been here.  All right.  Look at this place.  This it?  No, no, that’s… no, no, no.  I know, I know.  Hey I got Milgram. You want to talk to him about that Times piece?  Sorry.  Yeah?  All right.  What?  Half hour.  All right, got it.” — Spencer Freedman

Reporter, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Diana DurangoReporter

“$100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the inmates, and $50,000 for tips leading to each man.  This has become a multi-million dollar issue.” — Reporter

Front Gate Corrections Officer, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Tommy BuckFront Gate Corrections Officer

“Lumpy’s mom died.  They don’t have enough money to bury her, so we’re taking up a collection.”

Kenny Mitchell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Micah StockKenny Mitchell

Joyce Mitchell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Patricia ArquetteTommy and Ruckus

Governer Cuomo, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Michael ImperioliGovernor Cuomo

Joyce Mitchell, Escape at Dannemora, Showtime, Michael De Luca Productions, Red Hour Productions, Patricia Arquette

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