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As some of you may unfortunately be aware of, rampant fame whore Kim Kardashian has decided that 72 days was a long enough time period to end her fake marriage to borderline-retard Kris Humphries.  Which is definitely a good thing because let’s be honest, these two probably shouldn’t reproduce.  The young reality star has since met with considerable public backlash having profited in the form of 18 million dollars from the wedding alone.  Some think that given such a ridiculous profit margin for such a sacred ceremony and only such a short time of honoring that sacred ceremony that the whole thing was just a publicity stunt.  No sh*t guys.  You think?  I honestly don’t even know why it was ever even up for debate, as this girls entire life is a publicity stunt courtesy of her morally bankrupt and shameless pageant mother Kris Jenner.  Kris lives not vicariously but ENTIRELY through her daughter’s fame, and is laughing all the way to the bank as a result.  Kim has subsequently spent time in Minnesota (where her ex-husband lives) pretending to fight for her sham marriage.  Gee, I wonder how that’s gonna turn out.  Mild cynicism aside, let’s take a closer look at Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner and her protege/puppet Kim Kardashian.

The Kardashian family is most known for it’s reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians which airs on the E! Network.  The show chronicles the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian and Jenner families, with family matriarch Kris Jenner essentially running the show as the ‘family manager’. Under Kris’ leadership the family managed to clear 65$ million in revenue last year through reality TV, twitter, endorsements, paid appearances and fragrances.  Extremely enterprising, creatively bold, highly glamorous, and a marketing genius Kris Jenner is undoubtedly a Promoter Artisan.  Indeed Kris likely brainstorms much of the ‘family drama’ that is seen on-screen, as to make for better and more accessible television.  While some of the shows events might indeed be pre-meditated Kris is a smart woman and does in-fact do a good job of bringing solid, wholesome, realistic and family-oriented messages to the table.

Kris’ daughter Kim of course is an equally shameless Promoter Artisan and basically just follows the lead of her mother.  Kim Kardashian rose to fame essentially through the “unwanted” release of a sex tape, and is constantly referred to as the poster-girl for the concept of ‘being famous just for being famous’.  Indeed Kris and Kim have made quite a bit of money entirely from Promoting as Kim reportedly gets paid roughly $25,000 to simply endorse a product on Twitter and collects anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000 for personal appearances.  Which is god damn ridiculous.  The families reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians not only provides a solid paycheck but is indeed a marketing platform for their endorsements and best-selling products which include book, clothing, and fragrance lines.

While some argue that Kris is immorally shoving her family in the spotlight for money: one could also argue that none of them seem too discontent with their situations, considering they all now live in ridiculous Malibu mansions.  Regardless of the morality of Kris’ enterprising, the woman is a marketing genius and media mogul and her and her family are definitely laughing all the way to the bank.  Kourtney and Kim Take New York season 2 premieres Sunday November 27th 10/9c on the E! Network.

Quote1.png Who knew it would be this profitable?  I should have had more kids.Quote2.png

Kris Mary Jenner

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  1. I disagree with your temperament assessment–I guess in truth, they’d have to be the one’s to determine their temperament style; but I very much see and hear attributes of the “SJ” temperament in this family, especially in Kris. When you watch her it is easy to spot traits that many “SJ” mothers display. I also think the drive for money, social climbing, and status reflect more of the “SJ” values than the “SP” values. That Kim chose to end her marriage is more reflective of a modern, independent minded woman than that of an ESTP–and there is research to support this statement. The morality issues, i.e. sex tape, is in keeping with the values of many young Americans and is not just something ‘exciting’ that an “SP” might do; so, as an “SJ” Kim could very much act in this way because it reflects the values of the group and society that she mingles with. To me, one give away for understanding Kim’s personal values was a comment she made to Kris Humphries just before he proposed when she objected to his living situation in NYC; she said something to the effect that she expected to be taken care of in the style she is used too–sounds very much like an ESFJ to me! Also Khloe an Idealist….not! She displays attributes of a thinker more than a feeler and isn’t afraid to instigate problems just for the excitement of the situation. Perhaps Khloe is the ESTP?

    1. Haha yes Khloe I believe is a Performer Artisan as she is very quirky and as you said loves to instigate. I said she was an Idealist for the sake of the poll, as she is the closest thing to an Idealist in the family. I definitely agree with you about the family being very Guardian oriented, and looking back I think Kim may in fact be an Inspector Guardian. She never really speaks out publicly and is actually a pretty shy and timid person. I do however hold firm in my assessment of Kris Jenner as a Promoter. Kris is the reason Kim is so famous, and essentially tells her daughter exactly what to do. Artisans can value money and status just as much as Guardians. Since Kim may indeed be a Guardian, she probably did as she was told and made the sex tape to become famous and make money, but all under the orders of Kris. A Guardian telling her daughter to make a sex tape for money is unlikely, as that violates a variety of moral standards. Promoters can appear guardian-like in many instances, as they are hard-working and have a thick skin. At the end of the day, however they ARE still Artisans.

      1. Way to harsh. But mostly about the “retard” and “these two shouldn’t reproduce”: it makes it sound like you think mentally disabled people are expendable. I know you don’t think that way and you are probably just expressing dislike of Hollywood silliness, but that how it comes across.

        It also hits closer to home then it should because I am fairly sure that I am an Aspie. Admittedly many on the internet claim that, but most of the descriptions of Aspergers sound a lot like me.

  2. I don’t know any of these people but there is a celebrity culture in the UK, too, where people become famous for no real, (or rational), reason other than they have been afforded media exposure in some form or other. Perhaps, if the media were to ignore them, then individuals who contribute nothing much at all to the world, and who are no more or less important than the rest of us mortals, would remain anonymous and, theoretically, insignificant, which is pretty much as it should be. Leave those with narcissistic tendencies to gaze at themselves in the mirror of life and let the rest of us pay attention to the things that really matter in the world.

  3. Love this blog site, but if you want to keep some of us old-fashioned guys, who ae very interested in the type theory, as readers, you’ll need to refrain from the profanity. No, I’m not an ISTJ. I’m an ESTP gone religious.

    1. I’ll keep that in mind Greg my apologies. : ) The idea was to try and make people laugh and perhaps breed a little bit of controversy in order to entice more people to think about temperament. At the end of the day if you guys are thinking more about temperament, I have done my job!

  4. Love this blog site, but if you want to keep some of us old-fashioned guys, who are very interested in the type theory, as readers, you’ll need to refrain from the profanity.

  5. A rather fun posting, and although as a expert in typing I do find the conclusions a bit dodgy, it’s quite an enjoyable read 😉

    I do wonder however,if David is putting his reputation behind they typings? Or is this not really mean to be “serious” and more along the lines of a popular message to drive interest/traffic?

      1. Well let’s look at the evidence. We have a claim that two of the Kardashian’s, both females, are ESTP. We have to ask ourselves: Does this fit well with reality?
        Now an ESTP woman is quite rare (rarer in reality even more than the self reported MBTI stats, state). *Two* ESTP woman in a family, and you just increased the odds tremendously, due to the compounding effect of two less probable events occurring.

        Furthermore let’s bring in a priori knowledge. I have just I’ve witnessed a fair number of F’s thinking they are T types, but not usually the reverse situation. Same thing with P’s thinking they J’s and not the reverse much. This makes sense if you think about it. Material success (e.g. mean income) is correlated (*on average*) with T and J, and hence people often want to emulate successful people. To assume no bias is just realistic. What a person thinks their type is, is actually only correlated mildly to their actual type, it’s not a causal factor. Genetics, however, has a casual relationship with type. Thus given the odds, from a statistical viewpoint the chances are unlikely. It of course doesn’t rule it out, but what it does mean is we have to have over and above the usual amount of evidence that would normally be sufficient to type someone as that type (ESTP in this case). And the evidence then appears quite weak.

        So I did the research on Kardashians and have been subjected to a few episodes by my ESFJ girlfriend, who by the way, I’ve managed to get into typing. She had a chuckle at ESTP as well 😉

        In general the girls in the family fit well with SFJ and SFP. I haven’t gone into each one in detail except Kim (Time restraints).
        Kim Kardashian is very likely an ISFJ. She has numerous times said she is introverted and more shy of the family. Her family concurs regarding this.

        ESTP’s play on words a lot, they are less sensitive and emotional than SF’s. ESTP’s tend to have a way with words and make people laugh. That is why many comedians are ESTP (and ENTP). The Kardashians are entertaining because of the drama not because they actually funny or witty.

        If one considers that the perhaps the Kardashians is a big act and it’s all just promotion, that is most likely an incorrect view. They really do lead ridiculous loud lives and hence why Ryan Seacrest (the producer) pounced on the idea when Kris said many people had told her over the years to put the family on TV. H had the show up an running and on TV within a month. Without them needing to change their lifestyles much.

        ESFJ’s can be very promotional as well. Victoria Beckham comes to mind.

    1. I will definitely concede that Kim is introverted, and a Guardian. I however suspect that she is an Inspector Guardian (ISTJ). Although she constantly claims to be a “hopeless romantic” and very emotional girl etc. I think that she BELIEVES she is those things but actually is not. I think her romantic resume speaks for itself, involving herself in meaningless relationships with athletes, and also releasing a sex tape. I still stand firm in typing Kris as the enterprising brains behind it all and a Promoter Artisan (ESTP). I personally watch the show all the time though I have no idea why. I think most of the ‘F’ that you may be seeing in my personal opinion is behavior that is not genuine and is for the cameras. But by all means, keep the debate coming! I love talking about this stuff : )

  6. I also have to disagree with you on T’s not thinking they are F’s. A vast number of Guardians test out as Idealists because they believe themselves to be more compassionate, loving etc. than they actually are. Most times these are women, and society tells them that they are supposed to be compassionate and loving, so when they see a Guardian/Idealist question they choose the Idealist because that’s how they are ‘supposed to be’. Anyway Kim Inspector Guardian and Kris Promoter Artisan. Kim and Khourtney Take New York premieres this Sunday. Check it out! Personally I find them highly entertaining. They are also not horrible to look at.

  7. Love this. I’m sorry to say that I watch the Kardashians way more than I should, but their show and how they act is unbelievably entertaining, so it’s understandable, right? haha Anyways, I was wondering what you would say the “borderline-retard Kris Humphries” is?

  8. Very quick evaluation of Kris Huphries as ISTP, does not raise any red flags. Most fast moving sports people are going to be Se strong. He is a basketball player.

    Expanding on this tangent, Si is better for stuff like golf. Also why finance and conservative STJ types gravitate towards it. The routine of a swing lends itself to Si.

    Se deals better with fast paced changing environments.

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