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Fox Broadcasting Company recording industry crime drama Empire dropped its midseason finale on Wednesday.

Empire returns in March to conclude its third season.

Rottentomatoes: 86%

Metacritic: 69

IMDb: 7.8

Emmys: 6 nominations


Lucious Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment

Lucious Lyon

Lucious Lyon contracts Lou Gehrigs disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS, instigating a King Lear type-scenario pitting his three sons against one another vying for control of Empire Entertainment.

His wife Cookie returns home from a 17 year correctional stint and demands her piece of the pie.

Lucious’ ALS turns out to be a misdiagnosis, he has a similar rare condition that is non-fatal.  He is rightfully arrested for the murder of his close friend and driver, Bunkie Williams.

He is released based on lack of evidence, and quells several internal entities vying for control of Empire namely  his ex-wife Cookie.

Lucious Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment

Quote1That’s not balanced.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I need you to sing like you are going to die tomorrow.  Like this is the last song you will ever sing.  You hear me?  Show me your soul in this music.  Hit it again.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“It’s not there yet.  Bunkie, wake up.  Wake your ass up!” — Lucious Lyon

“Go back in your mind to a year ago.  When you just found out your brother had been shot.  How did it feel?  How did it feel when you had to go identify his body?” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1Hit it again.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“You are a bad, bad girl.  Now, let’s go up on deck and see my sons.  Somebody get me some shrimp!” — Lucious Lyon

“Pass.” — Lucious Lyon

“Today is not the day, Becky.  Hear me?  Yeah, good.  Come on.” — Lucious Lyon

“Okay, tell Barack that… yes, but this is the last one for the next few months.  And after this press conference, I want you to cancel all my meetings.  Yes.  And tell my sons to meet me at my house.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I started selling drugs when I was nine years old in Philadelphia.  I did it to feed myself.  But it was the music… that played in my head that kept me alive when I thought I was gonna get shot.  And it was the melodies that… I dreamt about that kept me warm while I was sleeping in the streets.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“You see, music saved my life.  Times have changed, though.  The internet has destroyed the musician’s ability to make money, because our work is downloaded for free online.  And now it’s impossible for the disenfranchised kids growing up in the projects to overcome poverty the way that I did.  We are gonna change all of that.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I am proud to announce that Empire entertainment has filed to become a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“I’m glad you’re all here.  And get your big-ass feet off my $40,000 table!  I eat there!” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1Your brother and I have been working hard to turn Empire into a publicly traded company.  Now, part of us going public means ensuring a legacy for this company, and right now it seems none of you are prepared to take over after I’m gone.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Now, it won’t happen today, nor tomorrow… but I will start grooming someone soon.  And it can only be one of you.” — Lucious Lyon

“Call it what you want, smart-ass, but over the next several months… I will make a decision.” — Lucious Lyon

“In order for it to survive, I need one of you Negroes to man up and lead it.  And nothing or no one is going to tear it down, hear me?” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1You know how much money we’re gonna make off this boy?Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Don’t say nothin’ bad about Dr. King.  Hey, Bunkie, give us a minute.  Yeah, right now.  I need to talk family business with my son.” — Lucious Lyon

“You remember when you were 11, sonny?  Dressing up in a little suit, trying to run into the office, helping everybody, answering phones.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1Put your heart and guts into this company.  I mean, your whole life is Empire.  You went on to grad school.  Taught me a few good things, too.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“And don’t you think, since this is a celebrity-driven brand, it should be run by a celebrity?  We’re going public, Dre– I got to think about all of this stuff.” — Lucious Lyon

“What you talking about, Cookie?  Cookie’s out?” — Lucious Lyon

“It’s your job to know.  Slipped by you?  From this moment forward, I want to know everything she’s doing.  I mean everything.” — Lucious Lyon

“I told you, if you ain’t got the money, don’t make the bet.  I want to know everything.” — Lucious Lyon

“Go in there and tell your mother I love her, and don’t come back here crying.” — Lucious Lyon

“Ladies and gentlemen the queen has returned.  Wow.  17 years later, and you are still beautiful.  So, when did you get out?” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1It was your sacrifice that made a lot of this possible.  I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, Cookie.  But you’ve got to know, you’re not the only one that suffered in this.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“I’m sorry, Cookie, but it don’t work like that.” — Lucious Lyon

“This company isn’t the company that we started 17 years ago.  As a matter of fact, I control maybe ten percent of this damn thing.  I’ve got a board of directors, quarterly reports, SEC filings.  And on top of it, we’re about to go public, and this is a whole ‘nother monster in itself.” — Lucious Lyon

“Baby, I can give you a huge salary, but I can’t give you half of my company.  I can’t give you any of it.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I promise you, anything you want, you can get.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“The board will never approve $5 million.  I can get you close to $3 million.  I can’t do A&R.  I have someone.” — Lucious Lyon

“How you like our new club?  I see you’ve met your mama.  You’re just like her.  You know, when, uh, Cookie got sent away, the judge told us 30 years.  Now, I was devastated.  Thank you, baby.  I didn’t know nothing about raising ya’ll.  Cookie did all of that.  Give me that tissue.  Thank you.  Anyway, Dottie came along, fell for me hard, said she wanted to raise y’all.  You weren’t even one yet.  And Cookie didn’t want y’all visiting her in jail, and that was fine with Dottie.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1What I’m saying is… your mama wasn’t a bad person.  We was just in a real bad situation, you know.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“She got shot on 42nd and Walnut.  You need to get your act together.  Your gonna pull out your phone when I’m talking to you?  But you’re wasting your talents on bitches and booze.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1You ain’t worked a day in your life, and you know that.  You’re spoiled.  But I got some new heat for you, some stuff that I wrote.  We gonna go in and record it, and we gonna put some candy on this thing.  You feel me?Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Them papers on my desk I need to sign?  Hey, Mal.  How’s that roommate of yours, the one with the dreads?  I’m sorry.” — Lucious Lyon

“Look, Mal, this is the last time I’m gonna have this talk with you.  Your sexuality– that’s a choice, son.  You can choose to sleep with women if you want.  I’m saying this to help you, ’cause I know eventually, you’re gonna release another album.” — Lucious Lyon

“And there’s people out in this country that don’t appreciate people like you.  Or the white kids that make up 75% of our sales.  And you really need to stop calling yourself that.  I’m trying to help you, son.” — Lucious Lyon

“Get to know you?  I know you better than you know you.  Look, you want to spend some time with me?  Release another album.” — Lucious Lyon

“Take that damn bass out of your voice when you’re talking to me!” — Lucious Lyon

“He be growling like a little silverback, my little man, there.  What difference it make, anyway?  They all passed.  They don’t want to hear nothing about Philly streets, they want Color Me Badd.” — Lucious Lyon

“Yeah, well, why don’t you take main man right now?  I’m gonna get some of this food.  Yes, I’m listening.  You gonna let me have some tonight?” — Lucious Lyon

“Here’s what we got to do.  That we’ve reached this historic moment, no other music company has ever accomplished…” — Lucious Lyon

“Good to see you, Cookie.  Will you guys excuse us for a moment, please?  Cookie, can I talk to you?” — Lucious Lyon

“Are you out of your damn mind?  I told you I was gonna hook you up.” — Lucious Lyon

“You can’t have him.  Baby… why are you doing this?  And you would sink this whole empire over that?  You got him.   I never wanted him anyway.” — Lucious Lyon

“The word is you’re a mess.  The word is you are a disappointment.  The word is you are wasting my time.” — Lucious Lyon

“Shut up, you little punk.  Shut up.” — Lucious Lyon

“You are beautiful.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1No… that was that monster in you that did it.  That was that genius.  You did that.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“What’s up, doc?  There’s no cure for that.  How long I got?” — Lucious Lyon

“Why don’t you stop worrying?  I promise, ain’t nothing gonna happen to you.  Nothing’s gonna tear my family apart.” — Lucious Lyon

“We’ve been friends since we were 14 years old.  I never let anything come between a friendship… except a bullet.” — Lucious Lyon

“So what horse did you steal this from?  You know, I miss your honesty.  I’m so sorry I didn’t visit you in jail.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1You want to know what I’m messing with?  Listen.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“And you need to chill with all that Uncle James crap,  because you are not related to James Brown.  You are a pathological liar.  And no matter what you do with Jamal, he’s never gonna be as big as Hakeem.  The boy ain’t got it.” — Lucious Lyon

“I ain’t got time for this.  Oh, I’m sorry.  Well, this is war.  Come on, Cookie, why are you doing this?” — Lucious Lyon

“Ladies and gentlemen… it is my great honor to welcome back the heart and soul of Empire Enterprises, Ms. Cookie Lyon.  To Cookie.  This year my two sons, Hakeem and Jamal Lyon, both are releasing new albums!” — Lucious Lyon

“To the Empire!” — Lucious Lyon

“Jamal doesn’t belong on my stage.  It’s not his audience.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I don’t get it.  I mean, controversy is hip-hop.  That’s how we get rich.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Well, anything that expresses the First Amendment is healthy for our country.  If artists are supposed to thrive, they need to have the freed of speech.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I need you to bring the beast out tonight.  Hear me?  You’re a star.  And one day, Empire is gonna be all yours.  Just don’t let me down out there.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“You don’t need nobody.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I’m not afraid of nothin’.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Spit in your face?  I’ve tried to tell you since you were a baby that it’s not about black eyes or bloody noses in this world, it’s life or death, and if you don’t toughen up, these streets will eat your ass alive.” — Lucious Lyon

“Nice speech, kid.  Especially hearing it in the apartment that I pay for.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1You’re disobeying the very first rule of music son.  Always take the money.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  It is a… …an aggressive and degenerative neuromuscular disorder that will eventually take away my ability to control… my body.” — Lucious Lyon

“What happened tonight is, uh… it means the symptoms are getting worse.   It’s fatal.  There’s no cure.” — Lucious Lyon

“That was my legacy for you.  I mean, that’s why I’ve been pushing ya’ll so hard.  I was so proud of y’all tonight.” — Lucious Lyon

“Y’all have been through a lot.  But y’all are gonna get through this, whatever happens.  Right now, I need y’all to be strong.” — Lucious Lyon

“You started it.  Now I’m gonna finish it.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1I just need to know that you got that monster in you… that does what he has to do.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“Like you watched mine?  You see, son, sometimes you got to be willing to sacrifice your queen in order to win the game.” — Lucious Lyon

“Sometimes that’s all we got.” — Lucious Lyon

“Then you pray to God that He forgives you, ’cause I don’t.” — Lucious Lyon

Quote1Welcome to the music industry.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

Quote1Because at the end of the day, it’s all business.Quote2 — Lucious Lyon

“You are some piece of work, man.  You standing there breathing because I’m willing to do the dirty work necessary to keep this family safe.” — Lucious Lyon

Bold, daring, audacious, adaptable Lucious Lyon is an Artisan.

Cookie Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment

Loretha “Cookie” Lyon

Cookie makes a play for Empire after Lucious gets institutionalized.  This evolves into Lyon Dynasty a small start-up record label that she founds with her son Hakeem.

Cookie Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

2 nominations: 2015, 2016

“Thought I’d never see this day.  Last time I’m gonna be doing this.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1Cookie’s coming home.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Let me in.  Ya’ll better have an elevator up in here.  My feet hurt.” — Cookie Lyon

“I told you to stop asking me that.  Where’s your father?” — Cookie Lyon

“Yeah, okay.  How you doing in school little man?” — Cookie Lyon

“Listen to me.  You different.  Okay?  It’s only something mama knows, but it’s gonna make life hard for you sometimes.  But I want you to always remember I got you.  You hear me?  Come here.  I got you.  Okay?” — Cookie Lyon

“For a queen, you sure do keep a messy place.  What you need is a good maid up in here.  You cooking chicken?  Did you fry it?” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1I just got out.  Good behavior.  I’m here to get what’s mine.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Get your ass out of the way.” — Cookie Lyon

“Two days ago.  You really uh… ” — Cookie Lyon

“You forgot about me the second you divorced me in there.  You still owe me what’s mine.  Half of this company.  It was my $400,000 that started this bitch.  You know it, and I know it.  Did 17 hard years for that money, and I want half my company back.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1It don’t work like what, honey?Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Public?  What the hell is public?” — Cookie Lyon

“Your?  Your company?  This is my company, Lucious.  I s…!  I started this.  You need to stop playing with me.” — Cookie Lyon

“$5 million… a year, and I want to be head of A&R.  You talk to your board.  Yeah, figure it out.  You the boss.  Why?” — Cookie Lyon

“Is it little Halle Berry over here?  You’re not sweeping me under the carpet, Lucious.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1Mmm… Boo Boo Kitty.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“I’m not competing with that sound.  Turn it off.” — Cookie Lyon

“I just wanted to see you.” — Cookie Lyon

“Why haven’t you accepted any of my calls in all these years?  Return a letter?  I just want you to know everything I did was for you and your brothers.  I ended up where I ended up for you and your brothers.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1What I want is some respect, you little ungrateful… opportunist!Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“What you doing here?  You look a mess.  You been drinking again, ain’t you, Bunkie?  Now look at you.  Get that mess off your face.  What’s going on, Bunkie?” — Cookie Lyon

“Yeah, you’re right.  I appreciate you for that, too, Bunkie.  Lucious got you following me, don’t he?  What you gonna tell him?  My dawg.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1I got his war.  Give me that sandwich.  Man, hop on the treadmill.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Lucious, I don’t like the way your voice sound in the mix.  Your voice should be above the mix.  And right now it sounds like you hiding behind it.” — Cookie Lyon

“Well, they all gonna love your gangsta ass soon enough, you hear me?  I love your gangsta ass.  The album is great.  All that’s missing is that single to take it over the top.” — Cookie Lyon

“Okay.  Are you listening to me?  Give me a kiss.  Grumpy.  Shut up.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1I’m proud of you.  You really made something of yourself.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

Quote1Too ashamed of your dope-dealing ma?Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Why you marry that white girl?” — Cookie Lyon

“Pretty white girls always are, even when they ain’t.  Thanks for helping me with my apartment, baby.” — Cookie Lyon

“Yes.  I told Lucious I wanted to be head of A&R.  But he’s shutting me out.  He doesn’t want…” — Cookie Lyon

“Is that what that white girl’s telling you?” — Cookie Lyon

“What do you want from me?  I’ve got no leverage to make Lucious give me Jamal.” — Cookie Lyon

“Don’t forget to thank me, baby.  Don’t forget to thank your Cookie on this historic occasion.  Hello.  Vernon, kiss my black ass.  Andre.  Now… let’s talk business, shall we?  Hey, sistergirl.  Yes, excuse us for a moment, please.  Lucious.  Don’t touch me like that.  Have some cupcakes on us.  We’ll be right back.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1And I’m telling you that’s not enough.   I want Jamal, too.  You messing with the wrong bitch, Lucious.  I know things.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“What if I were to disclose to the SEC that I was the original investor with $400,000 in drug money?  Yeah.  Your application for an IPO would be effectively denied.  Tell me to shutup again bitch.  You know it’s true.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1Don’t you ‘baby’ me you two-faced bastard.  I’ve been living like a dog for 17 years and now I want what’s mine.  I want Jamal.  Give me Jamal.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“You got it, Mal.  You got all of it.  Now we just got to show the world.” — Cookie Lyon

“You shouldn’t be selling donuts and cookies with your music, you should be selling stadiums.  And you will.” — Cookie Lyon

“Yeah, you’re so pure, only a couple hundred white kids in Brooklyn and San Francisco even know your stuff.  Mal, you got to share what God gave you with the world.” — Cookie Lyon

“Yeah, I love you, too.  Go on over there with your friends.  Stupid sissy.” — Cookie Lyon

“Yeah, ten large.  Something felt off.  No.  Panther was acting all funny and stuff, like… like something was going down.  Something just felt different about the drop.” — Cookie Lyon

“Baby, this album is gonna be big.  I can feel it.” — Cookie Lyon

“Jamal got me wearing this mess.  You know I was never into wearing all them damn weaves.  Girls walking around with their scalps smelling like goat ass.” — Cookie Lyon

“Save that pimp talk for Anika.  Or one of them other young girls you messin’ around with.” — Cookie Lyon

“You know what Uncle James would call that, don’t you?  A big fat hit.” — Cookie Lyon

“He’s your son, Lucious.” — Cookie Lyon

“No, I’m not.  I’m gonna make him a star.  And I will take anything down that gets in my way.  Yeah, well… you better make time, Lucious.  We fittin’ to go to war.  I want to show you a ****** really can run this company.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1I faced bigger in prison with more talent, bitch.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Porsha get my damn shoe.  Porsha, get my shoe!” — Cookie Lyon

“What have I ever done to you for you to treat me like this?” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1In this business, son… you gonna have to do all sorts of things you don’t want to do.  There’s a price you got to pay to hit big, and soon that bill is gonna come.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“I’m the best producer Lucious Lyon’s ever had.  And I’m about to make him remember how…” — Cookie Lyon

“Yeah, my youngest is talented, too.  Strong-willed.  I fear for him.” — Cookie Lyon

“My name is Cookie Lyon.  My ex-husband, Lucious, and I started this company in a little garage in one of the worst ghettos in West Philadelphia.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1We were hustlers.  Hmm.  Only choice we had.  But… do you know what the first rule of hustling is?  Supply and demand.  That’s right– you create your own customer base.  Give them some of that good stuff.  Make ’em want more.  You see, Lucious did that with music.  He created… a sound.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

Quote1That’s for leaving me in the wind for 17 years.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Go to hell, Lucious.” — Cookie Lyon

“I’m sure you know I got a nasty rap sheet, so I’m not really one to judge.” — Cookie Lyon

“Less lip, more work.  See, y’all want fame, but you don’t want to put in the work.  Everybody wants to be Beyoncé, but you don’t want to put in the work.” — Cookie Lyon

Quote1Child, please.Quote2 — Cookie Lyon

“Look here, y’all, I-I’m just an around-the-way girl from the hood in North Philly.  It looks almost like this one, but… except for your bougie-ass beach.” — Cookie Lyon

Candid, tough, charismatic, and passionate Cookie Lyon is an Artisan.

Hakeem Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment

Hakeem Lyon

Hakeem Lyon is the youngest and most musically inclined son in the Lyon family.

“All right.  You done?” — Hakeem Lyon

“Do you want a medal, bitch?” — Hakeem Lyon

“You wanted to see me?” — Hakeem Lyon

“It’s all right.” — Hakeem Lyon

“Now I see why you kept me from her.  She’s a psychotic animal, dad.  I don’t know that woman.” — Hakeem Lyon

“Whatever happened to Miss Dottie?” — Hakeem Lyon

“I’m working on new stuff now, and you know that.” — Hakeem Lyon

“Candy.” — Hakeem Lyon

“You seen her yet?  She crazy.  She beat me with a broom, bro.  Oh, you think it’s funny?” — Hakeem Lyon

“What’s she gonna do now?  Dad don’t want her around.  What’d you tell her?” — Hakeem Lyon

“Yeah, well, if you do end up working with her, and pop’s handling me, best believe they try to make us kill each other.” — Hakeem Lyon

“It’s all part of my artistic process.” — Hakeem Lyon

“What’s the damn word again?  You are wasting my time!  The song’s wack, dad!  It’s your fault!” — Hakeem Lyon

“I need your help.” — Hakeem Lyon

“Jamal helped me with most of it.” — Hakeem Lyon

“She’s satan’s daughter.  Why’s she even here?  Ain’t she supposed to be locked up for like ten more years?” — Hakeem Lyon

“I didn’t mean to piss you off, dad.” — Hakeem Lyon

“You think Jamal more talented than me?” — Hakeem Lyon

“Why does everyone say that.  Like the only reason I’m where I am is ’cause my father cut checks for me?  You know I killed it at Laviticus last week.  That was me.  Nobody else did that.” — Hakeem Lyon

“So we gotta be audacious.  We show them I’m the king, I bet you they believe it.” — Hakeem Lyon

“He’s dying and you’re worried about an IPO?” — Hakeem Lyon

Jamal Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment
Jamal Lyon

Jamal Lyon is the middle son, and ‘black sheep’ of the family.  Lucious appoints Jamal as his successor and, later, interim CEO when he is arrested.  Jamal relinquishes control of the company back to Lucious after he is released.

“Good.  Why you flake on dinner last Tuesday?” — Jamal Lyon

“I mean, but you could’ve called or something.  Like, we cooked and everything.  That’s so rude.” — Jamal Lyon

“What is this, we… we King Lear now?” — Jamal Lyon

“You sound like Don King, Dad.” — Jamal Lyon

“He’d never pick me anyway.  Way too much homophobia in the black community.  Well, I don’t want it anyway– so whatever.” — Jamal Lyon

“Seen it my whole life.  Hey, look at, look at my dad.  That’s a real artist.  Well, he was.  Now he’s more concerned with selling T-shirts and watches and whatever.” — Jamal Lyon

“When are you coming home, mama?  He’s not coming to see you today.” — Jamal Lyon

“My friends are picking on me.  Bashir stole my lunch.  I’m afraid to tell dad.  He’ll tell me to fight.” — Jamal Lyon

“And why didn’t you call me?  I would have picked you up.” — Jamal Lyon

“Uh, I’m seeing Michael now, dad.  You met him twice.  All right, what’s up?  Was, uh, surprised to get your call.” — Jamal Lyon

“Yeah, I know, dad.  Yeah, I… I-I get it.  ‘Cause a sissy can’t sell records to the black community.  I get it.” — Jamal Lyon

“Well, that’s what I am, dad.  Then why don’t you get to know me?  Why don’t you spend some time with me?” — Jamal Lyon

“Why is everything always about business with you?”

“I just want to play.  All that touring and albums, it… messes up the purity of the sound.”

“Ma, I’m not that guy.  But I love you.”

“What’s wrong with you?  Who, Cookie?  Mm-hmm.  Hakeem, they both crazy.  Shoot, I read dad was in the Illuminati.”

“She’s trying to manage my career.  What you think I told her?  you know I ain’t ready to release no album.”

“Is this what you really want?  Like, for real, you really want to be dad?”

“All right.  Something like this.”

“Lay that down for dad, you’re gonna be fine.  I’ll get the band to hook us up.”

“Dad won’t even listen to it.”

“I arranged that song for you because I love you and you spit in my face.”

“You don’t have to understand me.  You don’t have to understand me or have anything to do with me.  I’m a man.  A man.  So you can keep that stupid-ass song and your money… and whatever else that Lucious Lyon thinks that he owns.  My obedience is no longer for sale.”

“That’s corny.  Get up out of here.”

Andre Lyon, Fox Broadcasting Company, Empire Entertainment

Andre Lyon

Andre Lyon is the eldest son and CFO of Empire Entertainment.  He is Wharton educated, takes medication for bipolar disorder, and his beloved wife Rhonda is slain.  Subsequently he colludes with Shyne Johnson about assassinating his father.

“That’s what they do, babe.” — Andre Lyon

“Surprised Hakeem is performing now.  He likes to save it for when dad’s around.  Let’s go find dad.” — Andre Lyon

“Rita, did you bring the hummus?  Hey ya’ll.  Jamal, how’s that friend of yours?” — Andre Lyon

“Schedule was crazy.” — Andre Lyon

“I forgot.” — Andre Lyon

“Wait, wait, wait, what are you saying?  We’re all competition to be the future head of the company.” — Andre Lyon

“Even during my finals at Penn, I was still coming back, doing your accounting.” — Andre Lyon

“Which makes me the most qualified to run the company, dad.” — Andre Lyon

“No, I don’t.” — Andre Lyon

“This successor talk have anything to do with Cookie?” — Andre Lyon

“I haven’t spoken to her since she got out.  I figured you had.” — Andre Lyon

“He’s always loved them more than me.  Even Jamal, who he hates.  You know he’s gonna leave it all to Hakeem, don’t you?” — Andre Lyon

“And I’m the last man standing.  It could be a tricky play, thought.  You know they’re tight.” — Andre Lyon

“Hey, mama.  So dad really set you up, huh?  Thank you, mama.  I’m sorry I never came to visit.” — Andre Lyon

“I’m sorry, I truly am.” — Andre Lyon

“We met at school.  She’s brilliant.” — Andre Lyon

“Have you ever thought about managing Jamal?” — Andre Lyon

“Jamal to be a star because that would position him to be head of the company.” — Andre Lyon

“I want Empire.  I’ve worked hard for this company.  But I’m not an artist, and Dad’s not gonna pick me.” — Andre Lyon

“I want you to manage Jamal.  You can make him a star just like you made dad a star.  You have more than you realize.  You really love me, ma?” — Andre Lyon

“Page three, ladies and gentlemen.” — Andre Lyon

“He’s hungover again, dad.” — Andre Lyon

“How could I forget about you, uncle Vernon?” — Andre Lyon

“Well, unfortunately, the one law of business states that, uh, this video is about a million dollar over budget.” — Andre Lyon

“Dad, the auditors are going through every dime we spend.  Line by line.  This is triple what’s allocated for Hakeem’s project.” — Andre Lyon

“You know why my family hates me?  I know why.  Because I’m not talented.  Not the way you want, right?  Because I studied in school and got good grades and went to college.  You hate me because I want to be accepted?” — Andre Lyon

“That’s my job.  You do know that’s my job, to wine and dine the artists in style?  That’s what I do– I take care of everybody.” — Andre Lyon

“He taught me that me that it was my responsibility, as the oldest, to always look out for you guys, to protect you.” — Andre Lyon

“You better fall back, boy.” — Andre Lyon

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