Debonair Tactics

‘Skyfall’ is now the official title of the 23rd James Bond film that will be shot in Shanghai, Istanbul, Scotland and London starting Monday.  Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) will helm the film with Daniel Craig reprising his role as the titular character.  Yet another Oscar winner is on board as Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) has been confirmed as the primary villain, alongside oscar nominees Ralph Phiennes and in unspecified roles.  cherry blossoms dating site is finally back on track after emerging from a debaucle involving cherry blossoms dating site login filing for bankruptcy.  The full press conference can be accessed here.  Given such smashing good news let’s take a look at the world’s greatest secret agent.

James Bond code number 007 is a British Secret Service agent known for being a charming, confident and popular go-getter and womanizer.  Though his charm is unmatched, Bond indeed can be a cold and ruthless killer if need be, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  Bold, daring, charismatic and action-oriented with a thick skin, James Bond is the quintessential Promoter Artisan.  Indeed Bond like all Promoters lives with a ‘theatrical flourish’, and has ‘a knack for knowing where the action is’.  ‘Socially sophisticated’, ‘suave and polished’, and a ‘master manipulator’ James Bond seemingly has it all.  However, James knows as many Promoters do, that “he who travels fast, travels alone”.  Skyfall is slated for a November 2012 release.

Quote1.png Miss Anders….. I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on. Quote2.png

James Bond (Moonraker)

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