Barbie, Warner Bros., Heyday Films, LuckyChap Entertainment, NBGG Pictures, Mattel Films

Barbie Doll

Warner Bros. original film Barbie was released digitally September 12th, 2023.

#Barbie has cleared $1.441B at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 88%

metacritic: 80

imdb: 7.4

Barbie, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Heyday Films, LuckyChap Entertainment, NBGG Pictures, Mattel Films, Margot Robbie
Barbie, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Heyday Films, LuckyChap Entertainment, NBGG Pictures, Mattel Films, Margot Robbie

Stereotypical Barbie

Barbie battles sexism across all aspects of her life in Barbie Land.
Barbie, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Heyday Films, LuckyChap Entertainment, NBGG Pictures, Mattel Films, Margot Robbie

“Hi, Barbie. Hi, Skipper. And Midge. Morning. Barbie. Hi. Good morning. Good morning, Barbie. Hey, ladies. Hi. Yay, space! Gosh. Hi, Ken. Hi, Ken. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Oh, hi, Allan. Ooh! Oh, my God! Ken. Hi. We saw the whole thing. Let’s get you up on your feet, Ken. There you go. Use your legs. There he is. You okay? Uh, Kens? Come on, Kens. Nobody’s gonna beach anyone off. Okay? Okay, okay. Okay. You did so well. You still hurt? We’ll get you fixed up. You’re okay.” — Barbie

“You’re very brave, Ken. Yeah. I know. Right. Nice. Yeah. Sure. I don’t have anything big planned. Just a giant blowout party with all the Barbies and planned choreography and a bespoke song. You should stop by. Yeah. Okay. Bye.” — Barbie

“Hi, Ken. Thanks, Ken. Oh, hi, Ken. Barbies! Thanks, Barbie. Gosh, this night is just perfect. Thanks, Barbie. I feel so beautiful. It is the best day ever. And so is yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and so is the day after tomorrow and even Wednesdays and every day from now until forever. You guys ever think about dying? I don’t know why I just said that. I’m just dying to dance.” — Barbie

“You can go now. Why? To do what? Oh, but I don’t want you here. Ken’s just a really good friend. And this is my Dreamhouse. It’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse. It’s not Ken’s Dreamhouse. Right? Okay. And it’s girls’ night. Mmm-hmm. Every night. Forever. Forever and ever. Good night.” — Barbie

“Good night, Barbies! I’m definitely not thinking about death anymore. Ahh! I’m fine. A-okay. Okay. Oh. Oh! My feet! Oh, no. Hi. Yeah, Barbie. I just fell. I’m so embarrassed. I know. Barbie, I don’t even have context for this, but my feet… my heels are on the ground. I’m no longer on tiptoes. Stop it, Ken. I know I’m Stereotypical Barbie and therefore don’t form conjectures concerning the causality of adjacent unfolding events, but some things have been happening that might be related. Bad breath this morning, a cold shower, burnt waffle, and falling off my roof. What? No, I’m just, I’m– am I? I have never had to visit Weird Barbie. She’s so weird. Why is she always in the splits?” — Barbie

“I would never wear heels if my feet were shaped this way. Hello? Oh. Hi. Nice to meet you. I just had to come see you about my feet. They’re, um… yeah. Really? Okay. Well, can you, you know, fix them? Mmm-hmm. I guess. Oh, nothing. A really fun game of volleyball. Thoughts of death. Maybe some thoughts of death? Is that a problem? What? I didn’t open a portal. That’s cellulite. What? No! What do I have to do? Okay. Playing with me? The twain is crossing? Why would she be sad? We fixed everything so that all women in the Real World can be happy and powerful. Me? I can’t have. I’ve only ever wanted for everything to stay exactly as it is. So, should– whoo! The first one. The high heel. I don’t. I’m not Adventure Barbie. I’m Stereotypical Barbie. I’m like the Barbie you think of when someone says, ‘think of a Barbie.’ That’s me. Okay, I’m ready to forget now. So there is no option one? Oh, I don’t want to. No! No, no, no. No. Okay. Yeah. Send me through the portal. Oh. And then when I get there, how do I find this girl? Okay. And how do I get back? Like I should move forward but do the order backward or go– oh. Okay. Ahh! Oh. Sorry. Thank you. Bye.” — Barbie

“I just don’t want to leave. I’m trying to find reasons not to leave. I’m gonna miss you guys so much. I just wish someone could come with me, but you can’t. I should do this alone. I’ll be back in no time, with perfect feet, and we’ll forget that this ever happened. Yes, you’re right. Here I go. Bye. Bye, Barbie.” — Barbie

“♪ I went to the doctor I went to the mountains ♪ I looked to the children I drank from the fountains ♪ There’s more than one answer to these questions ♪ Pointing me in a crooked line ♪ And the less I seek my source for some definitive ♪ Closer I am to fine ♪ Closer I am to fi– ♪ What are you doing here? No. Please get out. Ken’s not cool! You’re just going to slow me down. Did you bring your Rollerblades? Okay. Let’s do this. No.” — Barbie

“Wow. Wow. This is the Real World. Yeah. What’s going on? Why are these men looking at me? I feel kind of ill at ease. Like… I don’t know the word for it, but I’m… …conscious, but it’s myself that I’m conscious of. Mine very much has an undertone of violence. Oh, look, a construction site. We need that good feminine energy. Ladies! Yoo-hoo. I don’t know exactly what you meant with all of those little quips, but I’m picking up on some sort of entendre, which appears to be double, and I would just like to inform you, I do not have a vagina. And he does not have a penis. We don’t have genitals. Geez, you would think a construction site at lunch time would be the perfect place for a little woman power, but this one was so… male. Oh, look! The Supreme Court. Yeah.” — Barbie

“I think we should get some different clothes. We look great. I love denim. Weird Barbie said I would know how to find this girl, but I have no idea. What would a smart Barbie do? I just need to clear my mind so I can think. Who is playing with me? Faster I figure it out, the faster we get to go home. Ken! Go for a walk or something. Yes. Anywhere. Yes. Okay. Don’t go far.” — Barbie

“That felt… …achy, but good. You’re so beautiful. Yes! I’ve got it! You go first. We’ll go at the same time. She’s at school. What was that? But what did you say? Okay. Okay!” — Barbie

“Look, Davy Crockett Junior High School, just like I saw in my vision. I’ve started to get all these weirdo feelings. Like, I have fear with no specific object. What is that? She’s gotta be here somewhere. I need to find her soon. Okay, just don’t get in trouble. Oh, uh, what’s that girl’s name? Hey, Sasha! Oh. Don’t worry. Everyone really likes me and thinks I’m cool and pretty. Thank you. Hey, ladies. Sasha, what’s up? I’m only your favorite woman of all time. Barbie! Yeah. No. Barbie’s not a bimbo. Barbie is a doctor and a lawyer and a senator and a Nobel Prize winner. Oh. No, not me, but Barbie is. Yeah. Aren’t you guys gonna thank me and give me a big hug? For being your favorite toy? It was horrible? Why? I think you have that the wrong way around. No, no, no. You’re describing something stereotypical. Barbie is so much more than that. Well, I am technically Stereotypical Barbie. No, I’m supposed to help you and make you happy and powerful. Oh. Um… okay. It’s happening again. I have to– will you excuse me? It was really nice talking to you.” — Barbie

“She thinks I’m a fascist? I don’t control the railways or the flow of commerce. It’s just Barbie. Oh. Who are you? Mattel? Oh, thank goodness! I’ve gotta talk to somebody in charge. Everything is backwards here. Men look at me like I’m an object. Girls hate me. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, and I keep getting arrested. I also just learned to cry. First, I got one tear and then I got a whole bunch. What do I do?” — Barbie

Ken, Barbie, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Heyday Films, LuckyChap Entertainment, NBGG Pictures, Mattel Films, Ryan Gosling


“Hi, Barbie! Cool. Hey, Barbie. Check me out. Whoa! Oh, no! Oh, hey, Barbie. How much of that did you see? You guys are so strong. Yep. Totally. If I wasn’t severely injured, I would beach you off right now, Ken. Hold my ice cream, Ken. All right, Ken, you’re on. Let’s beach off. But you don’t even know how to beach yourself off. How you gonna beach both of us off? It doesn’t make sense. So you can beach yourself off! Barbie, hold my hand! Stay with me, Barbie!”

“Shredding waves is much more dangerous than people realize. Thank you, Barbie. You know surfer is not even my job. And it is not my lifeguard, which is a common misconception. Because actually my job… …it’s just beach. Fantastic. Hey, Barbie? Can I come to your house tonight? Yes. So cool. Okay. Bye. Goodbye.”

“Hi! Yes, yes, yes! What?”

“Wow. I thought I might stay over tonight. Because we’re girlfriend, boyfriend. I’m actually not sure. Mmm-hmm. Is it Ken? Right as always. Every night is girls’ night. Every night. Good night. I love you, too. I can’t. I gotta go.”

“She literally asked me. And I was like, ‘I prefer to stay here.’ No. Well, you bet both those things incorrectly, and I bet in the opposite direction. Yeah.”

“♪ Closer I am to fi– ♪ I’m coming with you. I can’t. I made a double bet with Ken, and you can’t make me look uncool infront of Ken. He is to me. Barbie, what if there’s beach? You’ll need someone who’s a professional in that. I literally go nowhere without them. Please? Wow. Can I sit in the front?”

“Barbie… yes! Barbie, I told you there’d be beach. Hmm. Yeah, they’re also staring at me. Wow! I’m not getting any of that. I feel what could only be described as admired. But not ogled. And there’s no undertone of violence. Yeah. I have all the genitals. Everything is almost like… reversed here. They’re so smart.”

“I love fringe. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Hmm. I hate it when people think. I get so bored. What am I supposed to do? By myself? Really? Where? Can I go that way? Okay! Yes! Barbie! Barbie! I’ve got it! Oh, what do you got? No, no, you go. Okay. Men rule the world! The kid’s at the school? Nothing. Well, let’s go to the school. Now, come on.”

“A man on a horse. I feel amazing. I’m just gonna pop into the library and see if I can find any books on trucks. I won’t!”

“You respect me. No, I do not. Why didn’t Barbie tell me about patriarchy, which, to my understanding, is where men and horses run everything? I shall seek my fortune there.”

“I’ll take a high-level, high-paying job with influence, please. Isn’t being a man enough? You guys are clearly not doing patriarchy very well. Oh. But I’m a man. Please? You are talking to a doctor. Can you get me a coffee? And I need a clicky pen. And a white coat. And a sharp thing. There he is. Doctor!”

“I’d like to apply for your job of beach. Oh, I’m not trained to go over there. I’m trained to stand confidently right here. And even if they were, I’m not trained to save them. I can’t even beach here! There you are. That went terrible. I need to find somewhere where I can start patriarchy fresh. Do I follow Barbie into that scary unmarked black truck car? A truck car I’d like to have, actually. You’re right. She’s fine. It’s Mattel. I know. I’ll go back to Barbie Land, and I’ll tell the Kens what I’ve learned. Oh, it’s going to be beautiful! Back to Barbie Land.”


“Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie! Hi, Barbie. Good morning. Another great day. Hi. Good morning!”

“Everybody, turn to the Barbie next to you. Tell her how much you love her. Compliment her. Reporter Barbie, you can ask me any question you want. Well, how come you’re so amazing? No comment. No, seriously. no comment. Ah, I love you guys. The Nobel Prize for Journalism goes to… Barbie. I work very hard, so I deserve it.”

“And the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to… Barbie. You’re the voice of our generation. I know. In our assessment, money is not speech, and corporations have no free speech rights to begin with. So any claim on their part to be exercising a right is just their attempt to turn our democracy into a plutocracy. This makes me emotional, and I’m expressing it. I have no difficulty holding both logic and feeling at the same time. And it does not diminish my powers. It expands them. Hi, Barbie. What can’t Barbie do? Hi, Barbie.”

“Hi, Barbie! Hi, Barbie! Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbies. Bye, barbies. Bye, Barbie. Oh, no! Go! Go! Great. Not even broken. You’ll be fine. Very common. And what a good job you do at beach. You should heal up in no time. Actually, in the time that it took for me to say that sentence, you healed.”

“Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. This is a real rager, Barbie. It’s perfectly perfect. And you look so beautiful, Barbie. So do I. This is the best day ever. Yeah, Barbie!”

“Come on, Barbie! Slumber Party! Hurry up. The President’s here. I am. You’re welcome. Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night! Girls’ night!”

“Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. You got it, Barbie. High five! Hey, Barbie. Come on, Barbie. Let’s run towards the water. Yes! So good! Hey, Barbie. Are you okay? Hey, Barbie. Fell? Barbie doesn’t get embarrassed. That’s okay. Let me see. Flat feet! Oh, no! You’re malfunctioning. I’ve never seen this kind of malfunction before. It’s usually just hair-related. You know, you’re gonna have to visit Weird Barbie. That’s because you’ve never malfunctioned. I heard that she used to be the most beautiful Barbie of all, but then someone played with her too hard in the Real World. And now she’s fated to an eternity of making other Barbies perfect while falling more and more into despair herself. That, and we call call her Weird Barbie both behind her back and also to her face.”

“Bon voyage to reality, and good luck restoring the membrane that separates our world from theirs so you don’t get cellulite! Please stay. We’ll miss you, Barbie. And you’ll get to see all the good work we’ve done to fix the world. You’ll be such a hero to them. All those grateful, powerful women who owe their wonderful lives to Barbie. I’ll bet every woman will say thank you and give you a really big hug. Yay! Bye. Bye, Barbie. Good luck in reality. Watch for cellulite!”


“Hi, Barbie. Hi, Ken. Hi, Ken. Hi, Ken. Hi, Ken. I got us both ice creams. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Ken. Hi, Barbie. Hi, Barbie. Oh! That’s gotta hurt. Looks like this beach was a little too much beat for you, Ken. I’ll beach off with you any day, Ken. Anyone who wants to beach him off has to beach me off first. I will beach both of you off at the same time. Why are you getting emotional? Let’s go.”

“Hi, Barbie. Looking good, Barbie. What’s up, Ken? Hey, Barbie. Check me out. Bet you can’t do a flip like that, Ken!”

“Let’s go, Barbie! I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“I guess she’s going without you. You’re so lost, Ken. Why? Are you scared? I bet you’re scared. And I bet she doesn’t even want you to go. Yeah? Which way is that? You don’t even know.”

“What bird am I thinking of? Parrot. Dolphin. I mean, no, a bird. Pelican. Ohh. Man.”


“Who are you? You really think you’re Barbie? She’s crazy. So you’re like ‘Barbie’ Barbie? Like a professional bimbo? We haven’t played with Barbie since we were like five years old. Oh. Anyways, even then, it was horrible for us. Okay, Barbie, let’s do this. You’ve been making women feel bad about themselves since you were invented. You represent everything wrong with our culture. Sexualized capitalism, unrealistic physical ideals… look at yourself. You set the feminist movement back 50 years. You destroy girls’ innate sense of worth and you are killing the planet with your glorification of rampant consumerism. Oh, I am powerful. And until you showed up here and declared yourself Barbie, I hadn’t thought about you in years, you fascist!”

“Don’t call me that. Thank God they arrested that nutjob. Um, um… that reality-challenged woman. She thinks she’s Barbie. She thinks she’s Barbie. She’s, like, fully convinced. What are you doing? What are you doing? Mom. Mom! Mom, get back in the car! Are you kidding me? Mom!”

Weird Barbie

“What’s cookin’ good-lookin’? Welcome. Welcome to my Weirdhouse. Hi, how are ya? Sorry about the dog crap. What can I do for ya? Flat. Never seen that before. Whoa. You’re Stereotypical Barbie, right? That Ken of yours, he is one nice-looking little protein pot. I’d like to see what kind of nude blob he’s packing under those jeans. Anyway, what preceded this? That’s it? What is it? Thoughts of death! Oh. I’ve heard of this. Of course, I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s real. Oh, you’ve done it. You’ve opened a portal. Someone did. And now, there is a rip in the continuum that is the membrane between Barbie Land and the Real World, and if you wanna be Stereotypical Barbie perfect again, then, baby girl, you gotta go fix it. Or you’re gonna keep going funny. Look at your upper thigh. That’s cellulite. That’s gonna spread everywhere. And then you’re gonna start getting sad and mushy and complicated. You have to go to the Real World. And you have to find the girl who’s playing with you. We’re all being played with, babe. But usually there’s some kind of separation. Thanks. There’s the girl and the doll. And never the twain shall cross. Yes. And the girl who’s playing with you, she must be sad, and her thoughts and feelings and humanness are interfering with your dollness. I don’t know, but if you ask me, you had something to do with this, too. Takes two to rip a portal. Well, be that as it may, the two of you are becoming inextricably intertwined. And you gotta help her to help yourself. So, what’ll it be then? You can go back to your regular life and forget any of this ever happened, or you can know the truth about the universe. The choice is now yours. No. We’ll do a re-do. You’re supposed to want to know. Mmm. Babe, listen. You have to want to know, okay? Do it again. I’m bummed. You’re a bummer. That’s a bummer. No! You’re doing this one! I just give you a choice so you could feel some sense of control. No! You have to fix the rip yourself. Don’t blame me, blame Mattel. They make the rules. Fine, get cellulite. I don’t care. Okay. There’s actually no portal. It’s a figure of speech. It’s actually a sports car to a speedboat, to a rocket ship, to a tandem bike, to a camper van, fun, to a snowmobile, brr, which will take you most of the way to the state of Los Angeles, where you will don neon and Rollerblades, and enter the country of California. Weird, I know. Best if you don’t think about it too much. You will know. The same way you came, but in reverse. Don’t overthink it. For you see, if you do not find her and fix things, what’s ugly will become uglier, and what’s weird will become weirder. And then you’ll look like me. I understand. I set myself up for that. Anyway, I believe in you. Go. Be careful. I love you. Bye.”


“Hi, Barbie. Yeah, I’m, I… confused about that. Ken! No!”

“Great cheer, Kens.”


“Oh, yeah! Give us a smile, blondie. Ooh, love that! Nice leotard. Damn, girl! You’re hot. Oh. You got fries with that shake? If I said you had a hot body, would you hold it against me? Have I died and gone to heaven? Is that a mirror in your pocket? Baby, you are an angel. I can see myself in your shorts. That’s okay. Yeah. Yeah, whatever. Yeah. It’s cool. Yeah, bruh! Do it, bro!”

“I love me a leotard. I love the elbow pads. Hey, man. You guys gotta pay for that stuff. She looks even better in more clothes. Because you can imagine more. You know what? Keep ’em.”

“Excuse me, sir. Thanks, man. What’s up, man? We’ve got to man up on this one. Great workout, man. Men, men, men. You’re the man! No, you’re the man! Men, men, men! Based on the ROI, we are exceeding expectations. Good stuff. So I’m, not worried about it. Excuse me– not now, Margaret. Let’s shake on this. We are gonna make a lot of money. We are officially important.”

“I’m actually trying to make this work. How? By calling me a lunatic? That’s not how you make things work. I don’t know what this is all– I know it.”

“It’s anxiety. I have it too. They’re just awful at this age. That’s because kids don’t take it out on the dads.”

“What are you doing? That’s Sasha. Don’t talk to her. Sasha can talk to you, but you can never talk to Sasha. She’ll crush you. Huh. Do you think she escaped like an insane asylum? You’re a Nobel Prize winner? Yeah, I hated dolls with hair. I mean, I’d play with Barbie, but it was, like, the last resort. I loved Barbie. Come on, Sasha. Give it to her. Destroy Barbie. They never listen.”

“Excuse me, sir, do you have the time? Sorry, no, do you know what time it is? Okay. Sure. All right. So…”

“Okay, you’ll need at least an MBA. And a lot of our people have PhDs. Actually, right now, it’s kind of the opposite. No! No. We’re, uh… we’re doing it well, yeah. We just… hide it better now.”

“No, I won’t let you do just one appendectomy. But not a doctor. No. You are talking to a doctor. No. No. No. No. Somebody get security.”

“So, you want to be a lifeguard? There’s nobody in danger here. Then I can’t hire you. Yeah. Okay. Let’s go that way.”


“Hello. This is Dan of the FBI. Oh. This is Aaron at Mattel. I don’t give a flying squirrel who you are, Aaron. What are you, like an intern? Two of your dolls have gotten loose. Impossible. How do you know? Don’t sass me, Aaron. Couple of blondes answering to Barbie and Ken. Rollerblading in Santa Monica. We’re gonna need Mattel’s help landing the eagle. Don’t crap the bed, Aaron!”

“This is bad. This is really bad. What? This happened before. What? When? I heard about ten years ago, a woman named Skipper turned up at some family’s home in Key West. Asked to babysit the kids. She then tried to take their toddler surfing. Geez. I know. They were able to straighten it out, keep it under wraps, but this is serious. I’m going all the way up. No one goes all the way up. I have to. You may never come back. I know.”

“Hey. New drawings? These are different. Okay. Listen, I have to speak to the top brass. I must. I’m going to. Excuse me. Aaron Dinkins, sir. I think you’re gonna want to hear this, sir. That’s cool. May I put it in a whisper, sir? No. No! No. Get the chair! Take the cart. They’re okay. You all right? He’s okay. He’s okay. And with all due respect, that was Skipper, sir. This is… Barbie. We’ve got a definite situation on our hands. Aaron Dinkins, sir. Dinkins. Is Barbie Land like an alternate reality or is it like a place where your imagination– yes! Okay. Sweden.”

“Oh, no. Miss Barbie? We’re gonna need you to come with us. We’re Mattel. Mattel. Need you to step this way, ma’am.”


“♪ Closer I am to fine ♪ Oh. Oh, hi, Aaron. Yeah. I just started drawing these weird designs. It’s Irrepressible Thoughts of Death Barbie. Full Body Cellulite Barbie. Crippling Shame Barbie. No. No. Aaron, they’re in a big corporate idea sesh. No one is going to be admitted. Aaron! Aaron! Aaron, stop! Aaron. Barbie in the Real World? That’s impossible. What?”

“Hi, Bunny Boo-Boo. Sorry. I’m off early because of a crisis at work, but I thought we could go get some soft serve. Wait, what did you say?”

Mattel CEO

“…always be empowering girls. Always! But what do we really sell? I’ll tell you what. We sell dreams. And imagination! And sparkle! I get excited. I’m passionate. And when you think of sparkle, what do you think of after that? Female agency. Who are you? We’re in the middle of a major sit-down here, Aaron Dinkins. Can you just e-mail it? And you can send it to me EOD. End of day. Yeah. Fine. Whisper me. Ahh! Ahh! Okay. It’s a repeat of Skipper in Key West. If this got out that our dolls were coming to Los Angeles from Barbie Land as life-size versions of themselves… roaming the earth… this would be very bad. Catastrophic! I can’t stress that enough! What’s your name again? Aaron Dickinson? Yes! Aaron. Think of it as a town in Sweden, Aaron Dinkins. Right. How much do you weigh? It doesn’t matter. Sounds like a job for the box. No one rests until this doll is back in a box.”


“Since the beginning of time, since the first little girl ever existed, there have been dolls. But the dolls were always and forever baby dolls. The girl who played with them could only ever play at being mothers. Which can be fun, at least for a while, anyway. Ask you mother. This continued until…”

“Yes, Barbie changed everything. Then, she changed it all again. All of these women are Barbie, and Barbie is all of these women. She might have started out as just a lady in a bathing suit, but she became so much more. She has her own money, her own house, her own car, her own career. Because Barbie can be anything, women can be anything. And this has been reflected back onto the little girls of today in the Real World. Girls can grow into women, who can achieve everything and anything they set their mind to. Thanks to Barbie, all problems of feminism and equal rights have been solved. At least that’s what Barbies think. After all, they’re living in Barbie Land. Who am I to burst their bubble? And here is one of those Barbies now, living her best day every day.”

“When you’re playing with Barbies… …nobody bothers to walk them down the stairs and out the door, et cetera. You just pick them up and put them where you want them to go. You use your imagination. Midge was Barbie’s pregnant friend. Let’s not show Midge, actually. She was discontinued by Mattel because a pregnant doll is just too weird. Anyway, Barbie has another big day ahead of her.”

“Barbie had a great day every day, but Ken only has a great day if Barbie looks at him. There are no multiples of Allan. He’s just Allan.”

“And so Barbie and Ken set off on their adventure to the Real World.”

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