Assembly Required

The Avengers is Marvel/Disney’s hopeful blockbuster franchise slated to assemble at a theater near you during the summer of 2012.  Marvel studios and Walt Disney pictures have strategically released independent films providing backstory for the Avengers’ four major characters.  Those being Iron Man, the incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Thor.  And like any dynamic and complex set of major characters, these four ‘Avengers’ together represent all four basic personality types.  Captain America is of course the stalwart Guardian who defends justice with his iconic shield.  Hulk is likewise the emotional and impulsive Artisan who transforms into a raging beast when angered.  Iron Man is the Rational industrialist and ingenious engineer that utilizes a mechanical suit of armor.  Finally Thor is the championing Idealist god of thunder who fights ‘for Asgard’ and is constantly learning life’s lessons.  Together, they assemble to fight against threats to humanity.  Much like the four temperaments assemble to do the same.

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  1. Nice observation Derek. O guess its no coincidence that I always identified with Iron Man the best. I wonder if , for example, most Idealists identify best with Thor? Do you like Hulk the best?

  2. Call me an Idealist but I’m a Thor enthusiast. Specifically in the movie when he Championed the human race with his life and by doing so got his hammer back. He’s an inspiration!

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