Wandering Towards Enlightenment, revisited.

I would have to say she has done it.

She is definitely Enlightened, oh well, the rest of the world is still wandering, wandering, wandering towards Enlightenment.

Yes, she is enlightened.  But still most people in the world are comfortable in the previous centuries: hopefully most looking forward, however, there are plenty of people, few in the seventh century, but the rest that dwell in the twentieth century and looking backwards. Even in some in the most “seemly advanced” universities in the world, such as Brandeis University, have enough individuals with loud voices who are comfortable in previous centuries.  I am sure Justice Brandeis would be turning in his grave.

The Original: Wandering towards Enlightenmentenlightenment



2 thoughts on “Wandering Towards Enlightenment, revisited.”

  1. I have no idea what this post is about. A lot of these posts are a total mystery, unless I recognize the photo (like Joan Rivers). This is frustrating, because I find the viewpoint of temperament offers interesting insights into human nature – but not if the post fails to mention who or what it is discussing.

    1. Point taken. Usually I state explicitly the Type and Temperament of the individual in the blog. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, A Mastermind Rational — Type and Temperament is mention in the original blog Wandering Towards Enlightenment.

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