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When the trans women dating site is fighting who is jennifer lawerence dating, it’s pretty hard to have a bad time: is jlo dating now will really get to Wolverine’s core—so—fingers crossed that we’ve done it this time.  I’m pretty confident we have.Quote2 — Hugh Jackman

Director James Mangold is looking to delve more into Wolverine’s character; his résumé includes: Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma, so we should be good on that.  An “actor’s director”, @mang0ld knows trans women dating site is a classic Anti-hero: a “superhero” with very human flaws foils and fables just like the rest of us.  Marvel’s Canadian Berserker will be seeking cinematic redemption after his last solo film X-Men Origins:Wolverine got a 38% rottentomatoes score.  Wow.  I wonder if Zack Snyder directed it.

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Noble Savagery 3 I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very niceQuote2 Wolverine sr

James “Logan” Howlett a.k.a. Wolverine is the visceral, lone-wolf mutant illegitimate son of Elizabeth Howlett and Thomas Logan.  Over 150 years old, the Wolverine’s innate healing-factor makes him near impossible to kill.  Fighting in both World Wars: Logan’s past is shrouded in mystery, tragedy and violence.  With an extraordinary sense of smell, sight, and hearing; and a passive regenerative process that fails to suppress pain: Wolverine trusts above all his five senses.  Instinctual in his demeanor, impulsive in his mindset, and masterful with his adamantium claws: the Wolverine is an Artisan. Artisan’s, action is more enjoyable — and more effective — if it is unplanned.  SP’s prefer to follow their own lead — to act spontaneously, unfettered.  And thus an SP’s loftiest aspiration is to become a master technician — capable at times of perfect artistic execution — to be a “virtuoso“.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 59

Noble Savagery 7 I’ve faced deadlier opponents in the training arenas of my youthQuote2 Silver Samurai src

Keniuchio Harada a.k.a. Silver Samurai is the stalwart, compatriot mutant illegitimate son of Japanese crime-lord Shingen Harada.  The Silver Samurai spent his youth training and polishing a variety of samurai fighting styles including:, Aiki-kenKendoKyūdōBattōjutsuIaijutsu, NaginatajutsuShinkendoSōjutsuTessenjutsu, Sōjutsu, NinjutsuTennen Rishin RyuShinkage-ryū, Toyama-ryūBōjutsu, JūjutsuKoryūQuote2

Propagating BushidoHarada became obsessed with warfare.  Working as an assassin for the family crime syndicate Clan YashidaHarada values duty, honor, and above all strength.  Stoical in his demeanor, duty-bound in his mindset, and disciplined with his katana: the Silver Samurai is a Guardian.

Quote1Guardian’s believe in an authoritative hierarchical structure — rule from the top down.  And thus an SJ’s loftiest aspiration is to become a distinguished head of an important and well-regarded institution — to be in charge, to direct operations — to be an executive.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 100

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spoilerish trailer analysis from IGN:

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