Timid Diplomacy

The official trailer for Snow White & the Hunstman was released last week and looks pretty damn intriguing.  The film’s lead roles are pretty solidly cast with Charlize Theron as the evil Queen, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) as bootycall online dating, and widow and widower dating site (Thor) as the Hunstman.  The Universal Studios film will be a “darker and more epic” take on the classic Disney tale, and will compete directly with Tarsem Singh‘s more family-friendly and comedy-oriented version titled Mirror, Mirror (who coincidentally released a trailer yesterday) to be released two months prior.  Some skeptics argue that the very premise of the film is fundamentally flawed, being a movie essentially about how Charlize Theron is jealous because Kristen Stewart is hotter than she is.  Which doesn’t make any sense.  Superficial and chauvinistic comments aside let’s take a look at Walt Disney’s first animated feature, the absolutely adorable and heart-warming classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Snow White is a princess who lives with her stepmother, a vain and wicked queen who consults her Magic Mirror daily to find out ‘who is the fairest one of all’.  One day the mirror tells the queen that Snow White has become the fairest of all, to which the queen responds with utmost distaste and orders a huntsman to kill Snow White and take her heart.  The huntsman ultimately fails to fulfill such a horrid task, so Snow White runs into the forest where she encounters seven charming and adorable dwarves.  Upon meeting the dwarves for the first time, Snow White uses her intuition to guess the names of all seven (Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey) and they immediately warm up to her kind-hearted semblance.  Each of the seven dwarves of course has a unique personality quirk as evidenced by their names, to which Snow White provides encouraging warmth and comfort.  Harmoniously diplomatic, a hopeless romantic, adorably timid, and highly nurturing with an affinity for cute forest creatures Snow White is undoubtedly a Counselor Idealist.  Indeed Snow White comes into possession of a small army of forest creatures including a variety of squirrels, birds and deer who follow her around and even help her clean and maintain the dwarves house.  She even manages to warm the heart of Grumpy, who by definition is, well, Grumpy.  The evil Queen of course tries to ruin the fun with a poison apple, but ultimately fails and dies.  Naturally, a charming prince happens to be on call to save the day and everyone lives happily ever after.  Let’s assume this modern take on the classic story will have slight differences in plot.  Snow White and the Hunstmen is slated for a June 1, 2012 release.

Quote1.png Some day when spring is here / We’ll find our love anew / And the birds will sing / And wedding bells will ring / Some day when my dreams come true. Quote2.png

Snow White

5 thoughts on “Timid Diplomacy”

  1. What about Mulan(Guardian or Idealist, probably Guardian), or Anastasia(Idealist). I think those two would go near my list of favorites.

  2. Everybody loves an idealist, but no one really knows how to handle one. Most of the people in my life, gramma and grampa aside, have tried to make me into something closer to what they are. And I have been told I scare the Jebus out of guys. 17x as a matter of fact. Sometimes I think since we know so little about the Prince in these stories that he must be dumb as a box of rocks or the rare 100% ego-less male to be able to handle any of these Princesses.
    Can the Idealist Counselor or Healer really expect to pare up with a life mate? Or is she just stuck hanging out with the animals and outcasts living for a cause?

  3. My steadfast and stoic belief is that there is someone out there for everyone. Yes many of us who are hopeless romantics at some point are faced with the grim reality of what I call real-life romance. Which is never even close to what we see in say a Disney film. Sometimes it is when we give up looking for it that we find true love. I do believe that there is indeed a prince out there waiting for you. When, where, and how he becomes your prince remains to be seen. But such is life. Have patience my dear. I am a firm believer in the fact that at the end of the day, good things come to come to good people.

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