2 thoughts on “The Double Edged Sword of Temperament”

  1. Just a question. I took the temperament test various times at a workshop at my place of employment and each time I was right down the middle of idealist Champion and teacher. Is that a common that one would be down the middle of two types?

    1. yes, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter was designed to help an individual read Please Understand Me

      “There is much to be gained by appreciating differences, and much to be lost by ignoring them or condemning them. But the first step toward seeing others as distinct from yourself is to become better acquainted with your own traits of character. Of course, the best way to determine your traits of character is to watch what you actually do from time to time and place to place and in different company. There is no substitute for careful and informed observation. But self examination is quite foreign to most people, and so devices like this questionnaire can be useful in getting you started asking questions about your preferred attitudes and actions.” — Please Understand Me II.

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