Tactician's Tournament

Last night marked the Season Premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, the long-running reality competition series in which washed-up celebrities compete against one another in a variety of business related tasks.  This season certainly has it’s share of vibrant celebrity personalities, with the likes of: Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken, Dee Snider, list of online dating site, and just hook up apps.  By far the best part of the show of course is when Trump fires all of these idiots, because he does so personally, and he alone decides who to fire when and why.  The free mzansi online dating certainly didn’t disappoint, as Orange County Choppers owner 100 free dating site in usa raised just over $490,000 in one day for the on a dating app, while former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs was the first to get fired.  Despite his arrogance, Trump is one smart guy so let’s take a look at the man himself.

Donald John Trump Sr. is an American commercial real estate mogul and business icon.  He is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.  Trump is ranked #128 on the Forbes 400, #17 on the Celebrity 100 and claims he’s worth around $7 billion.  Though $7 billion might be a slight overestimate, Forbes has him listed at $2.9 billion.  Trump has written best-selling books like The Art of the Deal, Think Like a Champion, and most recently Time to Get Tough.  Bold, daring, audacious, adaptable, and tough-minded Donald Trump is the quintessential Promoter Artisan.  A “hard-nosed utilitarian”, Trump has “nerves of steel” and is “without peer as a deal-maker”.  And frankly, when he utters his infamous line: ‘You’re fired!’, it’s priceless.

Quote1.png If you’re going to be thinking, you might as well think big. Quote2.png

Donald Trump

The Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays 9/8c on NBC.

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