Tactician's Nobility

Meryl Streep was officially inducted into acting nobility as she won her 3rd Oscar at the 84th annual Academy Awards ascending into the ranks of Jack Nicholson (3), Katherine Hepburn (4), Ingrid Bergman (3) and Walter Brennan (3).  The small golden trophy was the first she had won in 26 long years, which is longer than some of us (me) have even been alive.  The vibrant and stunning young actress had since lost a jaw dropping 13 Oscar nominations in a row, meaning she had to sit there and watch someone else win Oscars right in front of her face 13 different times in a row.  She got one this time though, and most certainly deserved it with her critically acclaimed portrayal of infamous British Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher.  Other big winners for the night included a silent film about a french guy with a mustache The Artist which picked up Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role and Best DirectorMartin Scorsese’s Hugo also did pretty well with all the unwanted Oscars including Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Sound Mixing and Editing.  Nine-time host Billy Crystal received some lackluster reviews for a boring show, because nowadays in order to entertain people you have to pull a Lady Gaga and show up in an egg or as a guy or whatever the hell the kids are doing these days.  On winning Streep was humble, and thanked the audience for her “inexplicably wonderful career” that has boasted a total of 17 Oscar nominations and 26 Golden Globe nominations, which is more than any actor in the history of either award.  So let’s go ahead and take a look then at this extraordinary acting talent Meryl Streep.

Mary Louise Streep (born June 22, 1949) was born in Summit, New Jersey a Presbyterian of German lineage.  She started acting early (1971), attending the Yale School of Drama and performing in many local theater productions.  Streep’s big break came in 1979 with Kramer vs. Kramer, for which she won her first Oscar and Golden Globe.  33 years later and Meryl Streep still approaches her craft with the same passion and vigor that she had when she started.  Streep is often regarded as the most influential and iconic female actors of all time, an avid philanthropist, and the spokeswoman for the National Woman’s History Museum.  Compassionate, artistic, private, and extraordinarily talented Meryl Streep is a classic Composer Artisan.  Indeed Streep’s passion for theater is unquestionable, and her talent undying.

Although Composers often put long, lonely hours into their compositions, we must not assume that they are working on their art in the sense of careful planning and dutiful execution.  On close observation, ISFPs prove to be just as impulsive as other Artisans.  Indeed, they covet their impulses and see them as the center of their lives.  They do not wait to act or to consider their moves, for to wait is to see their impulse wither and die; rather, they live intensely in the here and now, and as gracefully as possible, with little or no planning or preparation.  Submergence in their artistry is not preparation for something later, and neither is it artful play, such as Crafters engage in with their tools.  Composers are seized by the act of artistic composition, as if caught up in a whirlwind.  The act is their master, not the reverse, and, in a sense, the doing is elicited by the action itself.  ISFPs paint or sculpt, they dance or skate, they write melodies or recipes–or whatever–simply because they must.  They climb the mountain because it is there.

Quote1.pngI’m curious about other people.  That’s the essence of my acting.  I’m interested in what it would be like to be you. Quote2.png

—  Meryl Streep

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  1. What an accomplishment, I didn’t realise all the awards, to me she has just been having fun, perfecting her craft, doing that what she loves-and we get to enjoy, (or critique)…..
    I loved her acceptance speech, (forgeting the glasses, the wit), wingin’ it. No matter what age I maybe ever fortunate to reach I don’t think I will ever tire of watching these incredible Artisans at play, they just bring us so much color, talent and fun, (or mess with our emotions). Simply awesome. To quote Alex Lloyd, ‘Amazing’.

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