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superman vs batman

Batman vs. Superman filmed it’s first scene in East L.A. this weekend featuring fictional football teams Gotham City University vs. Metropolis State University:

Seventeen-time Emmy award winning HBO series Boardwalk Empire airs S4 E7 tonight and it seems it is still time to continue riding the “good TV show” bandwagon.  The critically acclaimed bootlegging drama picked up five primetime statues this year alone including Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series.

Nucky thompson 3

Quote1Both I and the city of Atlantic march to our own drummers.Quote2Nucky Thompson

Enoch Malachi “Nucky” Thompson was born in Atlantic County New Jersey January 20, 1883.  Nucky’s childhood was filled with violent encounters involving his father, and the tragic death of his sister due to tuberculosis.  Becoming Treasurer of Atlantic County, Thompson followed in the footsteps of his mentor Commodore Louis Kaestner by courting both politicians and racketeers as partners.   Displaying a knack for good investments, Nucky is a shrewd and charming man.  His popularity is particularly high among Irish immigrants and the African-American community, which he controls through one of his many confidants Chalky White.  Nucky’s first wife Mabel Thompson took her own life in 1913 after the death of their infant son, prompting Nucky to focus heavily on his career.  While being charged with election fraud, Nucky marries current love affair Margaret and forces his brother Eli to spend two years in jail as a result of his own court case.  Side-stepping several land mines Nucky loses his job as Treasurer and succeeds his mentor as reigning underground kingpin of Atlantic City.  Strategic, deductive, categorical, subjunctive and logical Nucky Thompson is a Rational.

Quote1Rational leaders have a vision of how an organization will function in the long-haul.  Their primary intelligence being strategic planning: they look far ahead and all around, their mental projections leaving nothing important to chance. Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 194

Margaret schroeder 3

Quote1I’ve done what I thought was best and wound up here.  How did that happen?Quote2 — Margaret Schroeder

Margaret Catherine Sheila Thompson, née Rohan, formerly Schroeder was born in Ireland in 1893.  Immigrating to Atlantic City New Jersey, Margaret struggled to make ends meet and became the widow of an abusive husband Hans Schroeder.  With her surviving children Teddy and Emily, Margaret accepts the grace and generosity of corrupt politician Nucky Thompson and moves in to one of his homes.  A woman’s rights activist, Margaret participated in advancing both the Women’s Temperance League and the League of Women Voters.  With Nucky’s help Margaret is able to sponsor and run a pre-natal care facility, St’ Theresa’s Women’s Clinic.  In order to help Nucky fight his court case Margaret reluctantly becomes Mrs. Thompson.  Despite being a well-tempered woman and constantly seeking the counsel of her pastor; Nucky’s extra-marital, criminal, and often violent affairs become too much for her to handle.  For the sake and safety of her children Margaret splits paths with her husband Enoch.  Credulous, inductive, nurturing, empathic, and reconciling Margaret Schroeder is an Idealist.

Quote1The self-image Idealist’s present to the world allows for no facade, no mask, no pretense.  Driven by a desire for absolute truth, NF’s must be authentic.  They must have integrity, inner unity, they must ring true.  Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 138

Van alden 2

Quote1A man needs to have the courage of his convictions.Quote2 — Nelson Van Alden

Nelson Van Alden was born in upstate New York in 1889.  Van Alden would become a senior agent at the Bureau of Prohibition.  A “prohee”, special agent Van Alden was in the midst of bringing down alcohol kingpin Nucky Thompson when his key witness was killed in a false self-defense claim by a corrupt Agent Sebso.  A deeply religious man, Van Alden inadvertently drowns Agent Sebso whilst attempting to baptize him and cleanse him of his sins.  Repenting in exile in Chicago under the alias George Mueller, Van Alden meets a dutch woman Sigrid and finds a job as a door-to-door iron salesman.  Lacking a certain charisma, Van Alden attacks a co-worker after constantly being taunted for his lack of sales.  At the behest of Sigrid, he then involves himself in several illicit alcohol-related activities as a favor for a local gangster Mr. Obanion.  Proving to be a good-worker with a level-head, Van Alden unwittingly becomes muscle for Chicago kingpin Al Capone.  Concerned, stoic, logistical, associative, and dependable Nelson Van Alden is a Guardian.

Quote1The prevailing mood of Guardian’s is one of concern.  They are concerned about their homes, their jobs, their families, their neighborhoods.  They are concerned about their duties and responsibilities, their health, their finances, about how they dress, and whether they’re on time.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 97

Gillian Darmody 1

Quote1It’s not really the amount, is it? It’s what you get for it.Quote2 — Gillian Darmody

Gillian Darmody was born in Atlantic City in 1884.  At a young age Gillian became a showgirl dancer at Cafe Beaux Arts.  Catching the eye of local aristocrat Commodore Louis Kaestner, Gillian conceived her son Jimmy at the tender age of thirteen.  Gillian and her showgirl friends raised Jimmy, with occasional assistance from the Commodore and his right hand man Nucky Thompson.  Nucky took a more nurturing fatherly role in the relationship as he began grooming Jimmy as a potential successor, even sending him off to Yale for an education.  Gillian grows tired of Nucky’s mind games and recruits the Commodore to convince Jimmy to usurp Nucky’s position and power.  Failing at this endeavor at the cost of Jimmy’s life, Gillian goes partner with Charlie Luciano in a brothel venture.  Running the kind of organization she worked for most of her life, Gilluan meets a local businessman Roy Phillips who helps her recover from a heroin addiction.  Discontent with the way things panned out, Gillian begins plotting her son’s vengeance.  Harmonic, tactical, artistic, and adaptable Gillian Darmody is an Artisan.

Quote1Artisan’s base their self-confidence on their ability to adapt spontaneously to changing circumstances.  To alter and shape their behavior in the moment, in order to operate effectively in the most unstable situations.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 53

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