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Quote1Artisan’s aspire to virtuosity; as in perfect artistic execution.  The SP’s aspiration to greatness becomes less secret as their technical mastery increases, generating a blinding accuracy in some pure art form.  It is something in the Artisan temperament that puts virtuosity barely within their reach but not the reach of others.   Quote2  — Please Understand Me II, p. 59

Francis J. “Frank” Underwood was born in GaffneySouth Carolina.  Raised on a peach farm, Frank grew discontent with the socio-economic status of his upbringing.   Attending southern military college “The Sentinel” and eventually Harvard Law, Frank got into politics and was elected as a U.S. Representative from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district.  With a knack for schmoozing, Frank excelled in politics and would get re-elected 10 times, and eventually take control of the House Majority Whip.  Francis’ ambition is matched only by his charm.  Drawing comparisons to Machievelli and Richard III; Frank often breaks the fourth wall and converses directly with his audience.  Charming, artistic, audacious, and adaptable, Frank Underwood is an Artisan.

Quote1Rebellion on all fronts.  I must not lose my resolve, I will march forward.  Even if I have to do so alone. Quote2 — Francis Underwood

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Quote1A Guardian’s loftiest aspiration is to become the distinguished head of an important and well-regarded institution.  To run the show, to be in charge of things, to direct operations, to hold the reins of power—in a word, to be an “executive”—appeals strongly to an SJ’s desire for the rightful exercise of authority.  Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 100

Claire Underwood was born in Washington D.C.  A Harvard graduate, Claire founded and operates the Clean Water Initiative; a highly successful Non-Profit organization.  Though Claire extends Frank’s southern charm she is described as a woman “who will stop at nothing to conquer everything”, and is a pivotal cog in Frank’s political machine.  Claire’s tenacity handle’s many of the day-to-day logistics required to run the camp of a House Majority Whip.  Cultivating a strong power-couple symbiosis with her husband, Claire serves both as Frank’s primary accomplice, and most cunning diplomat.  Her extramarital affair with an artist friend provides her only escape from an otherwise “calculated life”.  Logistical, conservative, stoic, and dependable Claire Underwood is a Guardian.

Quote1My husband doesn’t apologize…even to me.Quote2 — Claire Underwood

zoe 2

Quote1Idealist’s are credulous.  They believe in things easily and without reserve — but are really quite innocent in their credulism.  NF’s see good everywhere and in everyone.  However they do not stay involved in a cause for very long if it fails to a have deep, lasting significance with some help of bettering conditions of people in the world.  Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 133

Zoe Barnes was born in Chicago, Illinois.  Graduating Chicago University, Zoe became a journalist for the Washington Herald.  A struggling writer Zoe kickstarts her career by starting a covert relationship with congressman Frank Underwood.  Though the relationship starts off professional it turns romantic, and then dissipates.  Through their professional relationship, Zoe removes several of Underwood’s competitors from the political arena by breaking defamatory news stories for the her paper the Herald.  After refusing a promotion, Zoe leaves the Herald due to philosophical differences and takes a job at Slugline.  Given creative freedom, Zoe starts working with former professional rival Janine Skorsky and the two begin investigating Underwood’s ascension to Vice Presidency.  Interpretive, metaphoric, credulous,  and catalystic Zoe Barnes is an Idealist.

Quote1Francis Underwood: Insecurity bores me.
Zoe Barnes: I feel the same way about condescension.Quote2 — Zoe Barnes

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Quote1All of the different types of personality have a different way of viewing the world around them.  The Rational’s construe their immediate surroundings from a pragmatic perspective.  NT’s thrive off of anticipating the practical consequences of achieving long-term goals, and genuinely enjoy brainstorming feasible alternatives.Quote2   — Please Understand Me II, p. 179

Doug Stamper was born in San Francisco, California.  Serving as Frank’s assistant and Chief-of-Staff, Stamper handles many of the “off the books” affairs that Francis engages himself in.  A skilled researcher and invaluable counsel Doug provides a level-head, firm logic, and a constant plethora of pathways for Frank to choose from.  Quiet cold and calculating Doug acts autonomously, and often handles problems without even consulting Frank.  An invaluable “problem solver”, Stamper’s loyalty to Underwood is unwavering and unquestioned.  Despite the undesirability of many of Doug’s actions, his efforts ultimately gave Francis the edge he needed to become Vice president.  Deductive, strategic, logical, and autonomous Doug Stamper is a Rational.

Quote1I can keep this contained, sir.  Just wanted you to know. Quote2 — Doug Stamper

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