Provincial Manor

Three-time meetup chattanooga Emmy nominee premieres its fifth season in America tonight and has a fighting chance this year to take home the big prize.  best dating website in chennai.  The critically-acclaimed British period drama won in it’s first year (2011), but hasn’t won since it entered the big leagues (meetup chattanooga).  It will likely have stiff competition yet again this year including Mad Men, The Affair, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, and House of Cards, though powerhouse Breaking Bad concluded and will be out of the race this year leaving the category wide open.



Robert Crawley is the 5th Earl of Grantham and the patriarch of Downton Abbey, a plush residence in rural England during the early 20th century.  Robert and his wife Cora have three daughters, none of which can legally inherit his title and estate.  A righteous man, Robert values the honor of his noble predecessors above all else.  Though he’s almost been forced to sell Downton several times, he has always persevered with a positive attitude and a kind heart.  He can be stubborn at times, but has displayed extraordinary compassion many times for those in his family and under his employ.  Diplomatic, compassionate, courteous, and nurturing Robert Crawley is an Idealist.

Quote1I’ve given my life to Downton, I was born here and I hope to die here.  I claim no career beyond the nurture of this house and the estate. It is my third parent and my fourth child.Quote2 — Robert Crawley

Hugh Bonneville Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series 2 nominations


Mary Crawley is the eldest daughter of Robert and mother to Downton‘s heir apparent.  Though initially distraught over her lackluster inheritance, Mary eventually falls deeply in love with and marries Downton’s rightful heir, Matthew Crawley.  Before fathering his child, Mary loses Matthew to a tragic car accident.  A contender, Mary has a strong will and can be downright arrogant and cold-hearted at times.  An alpha-female, Mary has grown accustomed to receiving the majority of attention from the opposite sex.  Ultimately though, she cares greatly for her family and friends and was devastated at the death of her husband.  Her son George will inherit the majority of the Downton estate and become the 6th Earl of Grantham.  Competitive, elegant, optimistic, and adaptable Mary Crawley is an Artisan.

Quote1The world moves on and we must move with it.Quote2 — Lady Mary

Michelle Dockery Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series 3 nominations


Violet Crawley is the Dowager countess of Grantham, Roberts mother, and the matriarch of Downton.  A widow, Violet is often found wise-cracking about British society, lifes foils and fables, and her old age.  She offers prudent advice to all who seek it, and often those who don’t.  Violet is well-informed and keeps up to date with current affairs but is also very perceptive, often seeing through plots and schemes within the family.  Though she sometimes clashes with in-laws, Violet ultimately knows that family is the most important thing in life.  Calm, reasonable, pragmatic and sharp-witted Violet Crawley is a Rational.

Quote1My dear, all life is a series of problems which we must try and solve.  First one, then the next, and the next.Quote2 — Violet Crawley

Maggie Smith Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series 3 nominations 1 win

Maggie Smith Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie 1 nomination 1 win


Charles Carson is the head butler of Downton Abbey and manages the entire house staff.  Mr. Carson takes the integrity of service at Downton very seriously, and gets upset when its standards are breached.  Though he is very aware of the solid line between “upstairs” and “downstairs”, he possesses a deep respect and admiration for the Crawley family, and is very close with many of its members.  Despite his stern exterior, Mr. Carson has many times displayed a fatherly concern over both his co-workers, and the Crawley family.  Similar to Lord Grantham he is a traditionalist and has difficulty accepting the constant change of the 20th century, but always maintains a level-head when the honor of Downton is at stake.  Stoical, concerned, authoritative, and dependable Mr. Carson is a Guardian.

Quote1You must remember that a good servant at all times retains a sense of pride and dignity that reflects the pride and dignity of the family he serves.Quote2  — Mr. Carson

Jim Carter Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series 3 nominations


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  1. Reblogged this on iheariseeilearn and commented:
    Great blog by Derek Keirsey about temperament examples as per entertainment, in this case Downtown Abbey. Welcome back Derek Keirsey! Great writer, blogger, and an excellent artist.

  2. Sorry, but you haven’t watched enough. Robert is totally a hidebound SJ who care more about his social status than anything other single thing. I’ll grant an SFJ, but still.

  3. Derek, I’ve gone round and round on Robert. I like that you think he’s an Idealist. He’s a bit bumbling for one, I must say–but it makes sense since he’s had to follow rule and ritual his whole life, being boxed in. Also, it goes nicely with my personal theory that temperament is mainly inherited because I’m convinced that Edith is an INFJ Idealist Counselor and Sybil was an ENFP Idealist Champion.

  4. Also…I have been giving much consideration to Cora’s type. She seems very set in her ability to be appropriate and gracious, and isn’t easily offended (not to she is never offended!) Could she be a Provider? Always happy to help and have people arrive at Downton? But she’s also “curiously unfeeling,” as Robert said. I do think Providers can fall into that–their actions are more important than their feelings when it comes to society and tradition. Or perhaps she’s a Supervisor? Clearly Mrs. Crawley is Guardian, as was Matthew.
    Tom Branson = Rational? Definitely abstract. Contending or Initiating?
    Cora’s mother and brother = Artisans!
    Thomas Barrow = ISTP Artisan Contender Crafter

  5. I take that back about Barrow. I believe he’s ISTJ now.
    As for Cora, I’m still pondering! She seems empathetic at times and at other, does what suits her–so there’s a cunning streak there.

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