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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is looking pretty boss:

Catching Fire protagonist Jennifer Lawrence a.k.a. Jay-Law as she is known on the streets SYGU’ed pretty hard this year at the 85th Annual Academy Awards taking home Best Actress for her critically acclaimed portrayal of a beautifully flawed Tiffany in mental-health narrative Silver Linings Playbook.   At the tender age of 22, #JLAW became the second youngest actress of all-time to take home the Trophy.  Let’s just say this, folks.  She’s no Zack Snyder.

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Located on the continent once known as North America, Katniss’s native Panem underwent an unknown apocalyptic event.  Ruled by a wealthy and tyrannical entity known as The Capitol, twelve impoverished “districts” are burdened with an annual and morbid Hunger Games; a brutal competition to the death that all twelve districts are forced to both watch and participate in.  Selecting one boy and one girl from each district, The Games are a tragic reminder of a failed rebellion, and scarce resources.

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Katniss Everdeen was born on the 8th of May in the poorest part of the poorest District: 12.  Described as being lethal with a killer instinct, Katniss Everdeen has starved and struggled to survive for the entirety of her life.  Indeed Katniss often concludes that perhaps nice people are the most dangerous people of all, because they have the potential to hurt you the most.  A grounded realist, Katniss’s hardship (father’s death, mother’s depression, and constant starvation) has made her a survivor.  Becoming a skilled hunter so she could eat, Katniss’s little sister Primrose was chosen for the 74th Hunger Games.  Putting her inherent knack for survival to the ultimate test; Kat volunteered in place of Prim Utilizing her innate hunting talent to pre-conceive each contestant’s demise, Katniss emerges victorious granted her freedom, and her life.  Masterful, grounded, and instinctive: Katniss is quite simply adapting to her environment, something Artisan’s do with great fervor.

Quote1.pngFar more than any other temperament, Artisans live and act in the present.  Effortlessly tuned in to the here and now.  Blessed with a keen tactical intelligence, Artisans have the uncanny ability to locate any and all available resources, and use those resources with unrivaled mastery.  Indeed the SP’s true sense of pride stems from their ability to act fluidly:  beautifully, with effortless grace and freedom.  Becoming a virtuoso of their trade.Quote2.png— Please Understand Me II p. 50

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SPOILER-ish trailer analysis:

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  1. While I welcome a review of Hunger Games, (I think Katniss @ Crafter Artisan), as a woman, (non straight white priviliged male), I’m wondering why the saucy, flossy bossy. I cannot decide if; 1. you are reviewing a new spaghetti sauce, 2. a new dental floss or 3. playing genderised card, a hero (who happens to be female) is bossy rather than powerful or capable. Go well with Republican convention, but kinda droll and uncool in reality.

    Signed a black, angry, gay, feminist woman.

    1. Sure enough, the “gaming terms” I throw in along with the “trolling” of Zack Snyder-ish stuff are quite simply to add a bit of personality to the blog in an effort to attract new readers. My sincerest apologies if any of my content offends you but I assure you that my only intention is to spread the word of Keirsey Temperament Theory. Thank you so much for your input! And the reblog!

  2. I’m a BIG fan of HG trilogy. Not a fan of sexism used in media for attention. Katniss stands well without propping. Graphics are great, but disappointed.

  3. Derek, just on those words for example, the word “bossy” carries a negative and gendered connotation. A very brief explanation-Saucy is slang for the ‘girl’ who may not be perceived as the ‘good girl’, (back to good/bad girl/woman connotation), objectifying on looks, hotness, flossy just begs belief. (This is not about prudishness, it is very much about sexism). These are not words you would use to describe males, unless you begin to tread into homophobia territory, (sexism and homophobia often are hand in hand, it’s all about hypermasculinity, rejecting anything associated with the female). Reviews may well come out of hollywood using these terms, they think they are punchy, edgy, amusing, but it’s well known hollywood doesn’t do anything for women as humans, very little for guys other than straight, white privilged males. I think personally while you show a great talent for writing, reviewing, (and graphics to die for), in 2013, there is no need to play any gendering disparaging game. Your natural talent and ability suffices. As shown here again. There is an opportunity to reach a different market than just that of temperament study, that can be done cleverly and topical without alienating (us) women, or using us as collateral fodder. Well done yet again on excellence of work.

    1. Looking back you are absolutely right my sincerest apologies. Again thank you so much for your input it is greatly appreciated. I’ll try and be more cautious about my wording in the future as a gamer terms/slang can get a bit fuddled up. Again sorry and thanks! Cheers.

    1. Hmm, one author to study, I’d like to figure Suzanne Collins’s temperament too. //Author Suzanne Collins has revealed that while channel-surfing on television, she came up with the games story between viewing a reality TV program and actual war footage from Iraq. So, the plot derives itself from the media while at the same time examining our obsession with media.//

  4. Interestingly Suzanne Collins is the most downloaded writer on kindle, hard to believe even more so than J K Rowlings. Great temperament blog, and can’t wait for 2.

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