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With summer approaching Marvel released yet another fresh new trailer this week for it’s in-house blockbuster franchise The Avengers and even though Captain America looks pretty damn goofy in that helmet of his the film actually looks pretty decent.  Earth’s mightiest heroes consists of four main characters, each one of which is highly representative of the four basic personality types: Artisan, dating kelowna,, and armenian dating show.  Such a dynamic pattern of awesomeness of course is a common pop-culture occurrence in: muscular women dating, the Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, the Fantastic Four, and Harry Potter among others.  Despite Captain America’s goofy a** helmet let’s take a look at Marvel’s most coveted supersquad.

The Hulk is a wild, ferocious, raging humanoid monster that comes out when Bruce Banner gets excited.  The not-so-jolly green giant was inspired by the classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and is characterized by his instinctual nature, his overpowering physicality, and his fearless disposition.  Impulsive, audacious, excitable, and highly physical The Hulk is representative of an Artisan.  Indeed The Hulk is often called in for serious jobs that require a creative solution, much like Artisans are in many organizations.

Captain America is the stalwart, stoic, and commanding ‘first avenger’ who defends justice with his iconic and indestructible shield.  The Sentential of Liberty is characterized by his tough-minded demeanor, his unyielding physicality, and his disciplined mindset.  Dutiful, authoritative, and highly dependable with a strict code of ethics Captain America is a classic dating kelowna.  A born leader, Captain America ‘lead’s by example’ and is the back-bone of the Avengers, much like Guardians are the back-bone of society.

Iron Man is an intelligent, inventive, and ingenious engineer who created a mechanical suit to save his life.  The Armored Avenger is characterized by his mechanical aptitude and inventive genius, being a billionaire industrialist Stark is constantly tinkering with and improving his mechanical suit.  Innovative, scientific, analytical and systematic Tony Stark makes for a wonderful example of a  Certainly Stark is the brains of the Avengers and uses his cold, analytical mind to keep him and his super-friends on the right track.

Thor Odinson is a mystical, altruistic, brave and mighty warrior from another world who fights primarily for his native realm of Asgard.  The God of Thunder is characterized by his noble demeanor, his humble yet high-spirited attitude, and his selfless acts of valor.  Diplomatic, enthusiastic, empathetic, and highly independent Thor makes for a great example of an armenian dating show.  Thor is the glue that holds the Avengers together, and is always sacrificing himself for the greater good.

3 thoughts on “Paramount Synergy”

  1. So, the Hulk is an Artisan. But what about Bruce Banner? He’s definitely not an Artisan. Is it safe to say the Banner is an Architect or Mastermind Rational, while the Hulk identity is an Artisan? And which role variant may be describe the Hulk as? Composer, maybe?

    I’m pretty sure that Hawkeye is another resident Artisan, specifically a Crafter. And Black Widow is maybe an Inspector, or Supervisor Guardian.


  2. Yes the article is the same as before with a different image. Bruce Banner is probably a Rational yes, the Hulk himself I would say would be a Crafter given his physicality. Hawkeye would also be a Crafter as well given that his talents lie in sharpshooting. Black widow could be an inspector. It’s difficult to say since they are fictional characters.

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