Savage Nobility


With the “Nolan Treatment” sweeping across hollywood: everyone is now going for darker, grittier, and more grounded stuff.  And thus we have Wolverine wielding a samurai sword:

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Quote1From microscopic drill to supersonic jet, from tiny scalpel to giant craneCrafters are the true masters of tool work, with an innate ability to become expert at all crafts.Quote2   — Please Understand Me II, p. 66

Wolverine is a classic “tough-guy”mutant with a “healing factor” that prolongs his life.  Over a hundred years old, and essentially unkillable,  Wolverine’s past  is shrouded in mystery, tragedy and violence.  The Bloodthirsty Berserker fought in both World Wars and is characterized by his unparalleled physical prowess, his wreckless renegade attitude, and his instinctual and primal nature.  Indeed our dear friend Weapon X has a tragic tendency to slaughter entire groups of people in fits of rage, only to “come to” with no recollection of what had happened.  Wolverine is a classic “antihero“: a superhero with very “human” foils and fables.  Fearless, dissident,  abrasive and masterful with his adamantium claws Wolverine is a war-torn Crafter Artisan.  Certainly Logan has a knack for beating to the tune of his own drum, a lone-wolf to his core, Wolverine knows as all Crafter’s do, that when the going get’s tough, the tough get going.  

Quote1The Crafter’s tool artisanship is masterful, but it is also born of impulse rather than of deliberate purpose.  For these Artisans, action is more enjoyable —and more effective— if it is unplanned: —ISTP’s prefer their actions to be spontaneous and unfettered, they want to follow their own lead.Quote2 Please Understand Me II, p. 67

Quote1 I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very niceQuote2

 Wolverine sr

This is what they call a motion poster:

this is pretty nerdy but a good  analyzation of the trailer :

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  1. My hero in my teens! Frank Miller’s cartoon in the eighties is a classic!

    I always did like those Crafters…

    (I’m a Mastermind myself)

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