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Munitions Merchant

BBC/AMCtv espionage thriller mini-series The Night Manager acquired a trio of acting honors at the Golden Globes last week.

The Night Manager is based on the 1993 novel of the same name.

Rottentomatoes: 92%

Metacritic: 82

IMDb: 8.2

Emmys: 2 wins


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Jonathan Pine, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Jonathan Pine

Jonathan Pine is working the luxurious Queen Nefertiti hotel in Cairo, Egypt, when he happens upon Sophie Alekan and is given some incriminating documents showing a major international arms and weapons transaction to help quell the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Alekan is slain and Pine relocates to Zermatt, Switzerland, where his hotel is braced by the man responsible, one Richard Roper, and his entourage of thugs.  He takes a meeting with MI6 British intelligence officer Angela Burr, who recruits him to beguile Roper, infiltrate his cartel, and dismantle it.

Ultimately Roper escapes, free and unscathed.

Jonathan Pine, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie

1 nomination: 2016

“I thought you might need some help.  I walked.  Yes, I’ve seen worse.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I can assure you, madam, we’re doing everything we can.   The British government has charted a plane… which will arrive in three days’ time.  Excuse me, ma’am.  I’m just dealing… Madam, I can assure you the hotel is absolutely the safest place for you to be at the moment.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Madam, perhaps, uh… You’d like to wait in the bar.  The cocktails are… Complimentary.” — Jonathan Pine

“Get them away from the windows.  Away!  Yes, this is Pine of the Nerfertiti Hotel in the Corniche.  We have tear gas grenades going off in the street fifty yards west of here.  And I have several guests extremely keen to leave.  As soon as you can, please.  Thank you.” — Jonathan Pine

“To the airport as fast as you can, please.  Thank you.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Well, we’re doing the best we can.  Is there anything I can do for you, madam?Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I’m afraid I can’t, madam.  I have to arrange taxis for various guests.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Uh, I’m not.  I know that your name is Ms. Sophie Alekan.  I know that you’re staying in the Hatshepsut suite.” — Jonathan Pine

“Did you?  Well… It’s only when I’m invited, which isn’t often, to be honest.  The second man at the British Embassy.  Uh… His name’s Ogilvey.  Simon Ogilvey.  Well, I know him from army days.  I trust him not to capsize a boat.  I can assure you Mr. Ahmadi is perfect dependable.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Why should an accident happen, madam?  Are you concerned for your safety?Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

Quote1It’s my profession, yes.  I think it chose me.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Listen, Youssef, do you know a man called, uh, Freddie Hamid?  There’s some kind of deal going on.  And Freddie Hamid is involved and I have to find out when it’s happening and where.  Is there anyone you know?  Friends in local kitchens where he’s staying?” — Jonathan Pine

“Simon, I know it’s early, but, I, uh… I need to talk to you about something.  I’ve been calling the embassy all morning.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Or crush a popular uprising.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“I found it.  Say they arrived by post.  Don’t mention me.  Anonymous sender.  Send it today.  These people aren’t wasting anytime.” — Jonathan Pine

“I can ask room service or there should be a mini bar just under the main wardrobe.” — Jonathan Pine

“Ms. Alekan, I’m so sorry.  I had no idea this would happen.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Don’t worry.  We’ll take care of you.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Simon, this is Jonathan Pine.  Could you give me a ring as soon as you get this please?  It’s urgent.  Thank you.” — Jonathan Pine

“It belongs to an archaeologist friend of mine.  It’s an hour outside the city.  He’s gone back to London tonight.  It will empty for two weeks and I really think it’s the safest option.” — Jonathan Pine

“Youssef, tell no one we’re here, not even your family.  Thank you, brother.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Out of respect, I suppose.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Sophie is the name you gave yourself, isn’t it?  What’s your real name.  Samira.” — Jonathan Pine

“Well, if they are so pleased, how come they tipped off Richard Roper?  Someone in London tipped off Roper.  My source had her face smashed up in a hotel room by Freddie Hamid.” — Jonathan Pine

“I’m planning to get her out of the country.” — Jonathan Pine

“Excuse me?  The British government have a responsibility…” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1She gave us vital intelligence that can save lives.  This wasn’t a business transaction.  This was a humanitarian act.  We have a duty of care.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Nefertiti Hotel, Cairo.  Yes.  Who’s speaking, please?  What do you mean, ‘a friend?'” — Jonathan Pine

“Oh, God.” — Jonathan Pine

“She was a guest at the hotel.  I think she was connected to Freddie Hamid.  Freddie Hamid.  Freddie Hamid.  You must know him, the Hamids?  How can you not know him?  They’re one of the most famous families in the city.  What are you talking about?  Why would a burglar do that?” — Jonathan Pine

“Gute nacht.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Welcome to Zermatt, sir.  Uh, very good to see you, Mr. Roper.  My name’s Pine.  I’m the night manager.  I do hope your journey wasn’t too ghastly.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I’m terribly sorry about that.  It’s the new security, I’m afraid.  The Swiss police insist.  There seems to be nothing we can do.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“I’ve been here for two-and-a-half years, sir.” — Jonathan Pine

“How was the ride in, sir?  It can be terribly bumpy up there even on a clear night.  Heroic of you to venture aloft at all, if you ask me.  And you, ma’am?  Are you feeling all right, ma’am?” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1You’re made of sterner stuff than I am.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“Champagne, sir?” — Jonathan Pine

“This room is probably exactly as you remember it, sir.  Although, the bathrooms have been completely refurbished.  There is a new free-standing tub, mini spa facilities, and a jacuzzi.” — Jonathan Pine

“Nothing that I’ve seen, sir.  I’ll chase it for you.” — Jonathan Pine

“Certainly, sir.” — Jonathan Pine

“Of course, sir, absolutely.  Right away.  Yes, sir.  I’ll have it sent up as soon as it arrives.” — Jonathan Pine

“Can I help you, madam?  Yes, madam.  It’s my job.” — Jonathan Pine

“Give me one moment, please.” — Jonathan Pine

“Can I help you, gentlemen?  Yes, of course, sir.  Allow me to escort you.” — Jonathan Pine

“Yes, hello, can I speak to Angela Burr, please?  My name is Jonathan Pine.” — Jonathan Pine

“Yes, it’s reassuring.  Indeed, sir.  Get used to it eventually.  No, sir.  Good night, sir.” — Jonathan Pine

“Do whatever you want with those.  I don’t want to be involved.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I don’t know.  Something stirred, I suppose.  Listen.  If there’s a man selling a private arsenal to an Egyptian crook, and he is English, and you’re English, and those weapons can cause a lot of pain to a lot of people… Then you just do it.  Anyone would do it.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Yes, I was.  I saw things in Iraq that didn’t line up with my idea of what it means to be a soldier.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“She wasn’t my Sophie.” — Jonathan Pine

“What do you want, Ms. Burr?  An offer to do what?  ‘Cause he’s too smart.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1When my father was serving in Belfast… A sergeant in his platoon got drunk one night, told a local girl what the next day’s operation was.  The man I loved most in the world was dead for five pints of lager and the promise of a quickie.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“You saw no one see you.  It’s not the same thing.  Where’s Roper?” — Jonathan Pine

“I really don’t think this is a good idea.  Same as you.  I just wanted to find out more about the man who was employing me.  Business, or pleasure?  Right.” — Jonathan Pine

“Jed, I’m not your way out of this.  I think you should go.  Go home along the beach.  Make sure…  If anyone asks, say you couldn’t sleep and you went for a nighttime stroll.  Be nice to Roper.  Make him happy.  Make him believe it.” — Jonathan Pine

“She came for advice, that’s all.  Of course, I care.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1Without me you don’t have an operation.  The arms were taken off a boat called The Leila Jane in Istanbul harbor late last night.  They’re now being taken by road to a place called the Haven.  If I stay on the inside, I can take you directly to the arms and deliver you Roper and whoever’s buying them, caught in the act.  Without me, you got nothing.  You don’t have Roper in possessio of chemical weapons.  You can’t arrest him for corprate fraud, his name’s not connected to Tradepass.  You have no phone taps, no witnesses.  His deal will go ahead and you’ll be powerless to stop it.  Am I wrong?Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“It’s unbelievable.  He’s got his own country.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I was sent in by British Intelligence to track Roper’s arms operation.  A set-up.  That was part of the plan.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“The list contains the name of every single person who’s financially invested in Roper’s illegal deal of standard and chemical weapons.  That’s what I was doing in his office.  That’s who I am.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I’m going to get you out of here.  I promise.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“The leak was at your end, not mine.  I killed a man to patch it.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1I was living half a life when you met me.  I’ve got nothing to lose.  But I will need your help.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

“You sick fuck.” — Jonathan Pine

Quote1You have to commit.  You have to make a decision.Quote2 — Jonathan Pine

Gracious, hospitable, righteous, and courageous Jonathan Pine is a Guardian.

Richard Roper, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Richard Onslow Roper

Richard Roper is an international drug and arms dealer based out of his primary estate on a private island off the coast of Mallorca, Spain.  He has a boy Daniel with his wife Jed.

Richard Roper, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie

1 nomination: 2016

Quote1All the great philanthropists of our time are businessmen.  They are entrepreneurs, innovators.  My Safe Haven project for refugees, which we began in ’98 is the true expression of my belief in a commitment to the wider world.  Because my good fortune means nothing unless it also lifts up my fellow man.  I thank you all for your time.  Thank you.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Very nicely done, may I say.  That was very elegant.  So pleasing to wake up the fucking Germans.” — Richard Roper

“Corky, you proposing marriage to that young lady?  Highly bloody unlikely.” — Richard Roper

“You been here long?  Weren’t here last time we came, was he, Frisky?” — Richard Roper

Quote1About bloody time.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Quote1Pretty, isn’t she?  I went to New York to buy a painting.  Came back with her.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Fix.  Aren’t we getting rid of these?  Did anything come, Pine?  Package for us?” — Richard Roper

“Too public.  Make it here.” — Richard Roper

“Take it into her will you, old boy?  Only joking.  Although… I think we might need another couple of bottles of this stuff.  And find out what happened to that bloody parcel, will you?” — Richard Roper

“Apo?  I have received an offer.  Combine harvesters.  Sometime in the next six months.  Looking for interested buyers.” — Richard Roper

“Glimpse of the infinite.  Up to a point.  You been here all year?  I don’t think I could do that.  Too bloody quiet for me.” — Richard Roper

“Keeping away from the world, are we?  Got a girl?  All alone.  I suppose we all are in the end, aren’t we?  You know, a lot of people would have tossed that cigarette away when a paying customer turned up.  Good for you.  We leave tomorrow, so until the next time…  Adios!” — Richard Roper

Quote1The fact remains, you and paella do not get on.  To the point where, basically, we’re out $7 million because Corky doesn’t like paella.  What do you mean, ‘That’s one version?’  That is the version.  It’s a matter of record.  You chaps better go on ahead, I think.  There you are.  I was starting to think you’d drowned in the bath.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Well, I wouldn’t put it past him.  All right, come on.  Let’s go, I’m starving.” — Richard Roper

“Hi.  Jorge, how are you?  Very well, thank you.  Are you still doing the shellfish soup?  Excellent.  We’ll have that to start.  All except for Major Corkoran who will have the paella.” — Richard Roper

“No, no.  They’re with me.  Frisky, Tabby, do what he says.  Everyone stay very, very calm.  We’re going to do exactly what this gentleman wants us to do and everything is gonna be fine.  Yes, I am a rich man.  I’m gonna give you all the money we have.  I’m gonna give you wallets… … jewelry.  We’ll give you anything in the restaurant till.  And then you’re gonna leave.  Right?  Jorge, will you check the till, please?  No alarms, Jorge.  And slowly.  Everybody stay very, very calm.  All right, just keep looking at me.” — Richard Roper

“How much do we have, Corks?  There you are, $100,000.  We can have it here in 15 minutes.  All you have to do is let the boy go.” — Richard Roper

“Now, let’s try a little thought experiment here.  Think of all the things you own, clothes, house, car, and ask yourself what part of all that did not depend on commerce and free movement of capital?  For the benefit of the hard of thinking in the room, I’ll give you the answer.  The answer is none.  None.  My Safe Haven project for refugees is not funded out of love, or a bleeding heart.  I do it because it benefits me to have the communities in which I wish to operate sympathetic to my interests.  The truth, which no one dares admit these days, is that only by freeing capital… …do you free the world.” — Richard Roper

Quote1Fix it up, will you?  Sorry, darling.  That was a… I don’t know what I was thinking.  That was a crass thing to say.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“You’ll call him, will you?  Don’t waste any energy trying to sweet-talk him, just lay it out, let him sweat.” — Richard Roper

Quote1Everyone assumes that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  It’s balls.  My father was an Oxfordshire auctioneer, taught me the price of everything.  But the drive to create all of this, that comes from me and me alone.  Where does it come from in you?Quote2 — Richard Roper

“One more thing.  I run a tight ship here.  You’re right.  We do a little swashbuckling every now and then, but we play straight with each other.  Now you saved my boy, and I’m grateful.  But if you step out of line, I will make you howl for your mother.  What size feet have you got.” — Richard Roper

“Yeah.  Been in a lot of foxholes, me and Corky.  Once spent a week together in a police cell in Delhi.  Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my whole life.” — Richard Roper

Quote1Me, I’m a free man.  Free to think.  Free to work.  Free to climb a mountain, or lie in bed all day eating peppermint creams, without any bugger telling me how.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Quote1You see, children grow up thinking the adult world is ordered, rational, fit for purpose.  It’s crap.  Becoming a man is realizing that it’s all rotten.  Realizing how to celebrate that rottenness, that’s freedom.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“I am always careful.  How far have they got?  We have received intelligence of our own.  We are changing the guard.” — Richard Roper

“Jesus Jed, what the hell is the matter with you?  Why shouldn’t you believe me?  When have I ever lied to you?  What?  What do I hide?  What about your truth?  What about the things you hide from me?  You have a child, Jed.  You have a son.  Let’s start with him.  Or don’t you think he counts?  We’re not talking how, we’re talking why.  Why would you hide that from me?  That was not included in the brochure.  No one is entitled to know things about me that I don’t want them to know.  I can read a bloody blank statement.  I’m paying money to raise another man’s kid.  I know that.  Now anyone listening to this phone call knows it too.  Apart from that, how was your day?” — Richard Roper

Quote1They don’t want to know what’s really at stake, because if they did, they wouldn’t sleep at night.  No one can know where they money comes from.  Except you and me, Andrew.  We know.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Quote1We’re having a business meeting, darling.  I thought I told you.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Quote1Hello, what’s this?  My god!  Boy’s got talent.  My son, the painter.  Certainly is.  That’s terrific, Dans.  Thank you.  Now, we better get a move on.  Can’t, I’m afraid.  Work.  Give your old man a hug.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Jed, darling.  I’m sorry, too.” — Richard Roper

Quote1Of course, it’s bloody business.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Apo’s crocked, I’m afraid.  Most likely screwing his tart somewhere.  We have a Turkish substitute.  But we don’t need Apo.  We don’t need anyone.  We just need you and me.” — Richard Roper

“Good.  Well, let’s get those documents signed, shall we?  Mr. Birch is a busy man.” — Richard Roper

“I don’t see why not, it’s his company.” — Richard Roper

“So how does it feel knowing that for the next 24 hours you own enough weaponry to start a war?” — Richard Roper

Quote1So you don’t drink, and you don’t screw.  Not sure I can trust a man with no appetites.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Quote1Right.  I want full evacuation.  I want all of us on the road in 10 minutes.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Coppers, let’s go.  Get in the car.  Go.  Go, go, go.” — Richard Roper

“You were in the army, weren’t you?  Well then, you should feel very much at home.” — Richard Roper

Quote1That is a coded account summary of the entire operation.  A complete list of people cash-flowing the deal, a summary of expenses, names of consultants, profit margins, the whole shooting match.  And yet somehow this found its way into the hands of a British enforcement official called Angela Burr.  Now, here’s the problem.  There are only two people in the world who have that list in their possession.  Sandy Langbourne, and me.  So how did Angela Burr get it?Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Anyone can betray anyone, Jonathan.  You should know that.” — Richard Roper

“Oh, they would love that.  Whitehall pricks in the foyer.  I’m not going to give up that easy.  I’ll just have to the plug the leak.  Is it Langbourne?  Corkoran?  Jed.  Or you.  Is it you, Jonathan?” — Richard Roper

“Well, whoever it is.  They are living on borrowed time.” — Richard Roper

Quote1It is not a fair world.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“This is our little contribution.  A safe haven for the wretched of the earth.” — Richard Roper

“Justifies us being here.  Means no one asks questions about our other activities.” — Richard Roper

“Firework display.  You’re in charge.  You’ve got a lot of homework to do.  Make sure you know what you’re selling.” — Richard Roper

“Don’t be a tit, Sandy.  These men are about to operate some extremely heavy machinery.” — Richard Roper

Quote1Quite right, too.  War as spectator sport.  We are emperors of Rome, Andrew.  Blood and steel, the only elements that ever meant anything.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Quote1We prefer to use the term ‘Democratic.’Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Pay close attention.  We cleared a whole village for this bit.” — Richard Roper

Quote1Nothing quite as pretty as napalm at night.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“You wanted to know what I do for a living.” — Richard Roper

“Damn shame about Corky, though.  I feel as if… If I’d known, I could probably have talked him round.  Could have explained that even traitors can be forgiven.  Actually pretty useful.  Keep tabs on the enemy.  Blow smoke in their face.  But they have to commit, that’s the thing.  Have to make a decision.” — Richard Roper

Quote1We had a minor issue.  Internal.  It’s been investigated and addressed.  You have my word.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“Should have known something was wrong.  Corky knew it, of course.  Tried to make me see.  Poor old Corks.  You killed him, I suppose.  To save your own skin.  Yes?  He was a good man, Corks.  Loyal man.  Now he’s lying in a ditch on a Turkish mountain because of you.  Well, for his sake and for mine, I can promise you that your death is gonna a hundred times worse.  Who are you working with?” — Richard Roper

Quote1Now, listen.  Jed is in a very bad way.  And I’m not feeling particularly sentimental about her welfare.  Her life depends upon on the quality of your performance in the next half hour.  So smile.Quote2 — Richard Roper

“I suppose you’ve been preparing this for a while.  Practicing in front of the mirror, have we?” — Richard Roper

Quote1And do these clowns have names?  Because I’m sure Mr. Hamid, Sr. would love to know what they are.  Mr. Hamid is a very good chum of mine.  Chum?  By this time tomorrow, I’m going to be back in my humble croft in Majorca, sipping a 30-year-old scotch.Quote2 — Richard Roper

Practical, ruthless, capricious, and highly lucrative Richard Roper is an Artisan.

Jed Marshall, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Jed Marshall

Jed Marshall meets Roper at an art gallery in New York City.  She has two sons, and tries her hardest to stay out of her husbands business.

Her and Jonathan elope, before she heads back to the States to see her first-born.

Elizabeth Debicki, Jed Marshall, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Jed Marshall, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

“Fine, thank you.” — Jed Marshall

“I’m gonna take a bath, baby.” — Jed Marshall

Quote1Liar.  You said you were buying a horse.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“Do you really stay awake all night?” — Jed Marshall

“Is the pool open?” — Jed Marshall

“Mum, what do you want?  Listen, you know the deal.  I call you, you don’t call me here.  Listen, I don’t have time to talk to you.  I’m going out.  It doesn’t matter.  Some… Somewhere on the island.  How’s Billy?  There’s more money coming at the end of the month.  That’s why you called me, right?  I’m putting the phone down.”
“Oh.  Hey, I though you were your father.  I know.  I’m coming.  You just wait outside.  Okay.” — Jed Marshall

“How do I look?  Come on.  Go.” — Jed Marshall

Quote1Thomas, I’m not sure if you can hear me.  They say your face is mending well.  But you’ve also cracked several ribs.  You’re so brave, but you’re gonna be fine.  Dr. Shimon’s the very best, otherwise Roper wouldn’t use him.  Listen, is there anyone you want us to call?  A loved one?  When you were sleeping, you mentioned someone called Sophie.  Should we call her?  Just raise your finger, if you can’t speak.  Roper is away on business, but he’ll be back soon and he can’t wait to see you.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“Baby, I have terrible news.  I have a new date for tonight.  He’s young and he’s seriously hot.” — Jed Marshall

Quote1Thomas.  Roper, Thomas and I are going to go for a little stroll.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

Quote1There she goes.  Beyond the ha-ha!  One day, Thomas, you’ll live a little.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

Quote1Don’t even.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“What are you doing in here?  Why didn’t you give them to the maids?  I have to change.  You can’t be in here.  This is our bedroom.” — Jed Marshall

Quote1That’s what it is?  It’s just a story?  Tell me why I should believe you.  Oh, you don’t lie to me.  You’re much too clever for that.  You just hide.  The truth, Roper.  I don’t hide anything from you.  How do you know that?  Screw your brochure, Roper.  You don’t own me.  Oh, but you’re entitled to spy on my life?Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“He left last night for a meeting in Geneva.  I’m sorry if my recklessness upset you.  Just tell me what you were doing in his private study?” — Jed Marshall

Quote1I’m not employed by anyone.  I’m in a relationship, Andrew.  Love.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

Quote1He lives with my sister.  She takes care of him.  Because I left him.  I was 17.  I couldn’t be a mother.  My sister had a kid already and her husband’s a really nice guy.  He doesn’t do meth for breakfast.  So, I think I made the right call.  He wasn’t supposed to know.  Because that’s not what he bought on the upper east side.  I’m young and beautiful.  Remember?  You know, I actually have no idea.  What do you want from us?  That’s not what I’m asking.  Why the hell would I listen to you?Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“I’m sorry.  Come on, I wanna show you how much I missed you.” — Jed Marshall

“What’s wrong, baby?  Business?  Will you miss me?  Why don’t you take me with you?” — Jed Marshall

Quote1Who are you?  You come into our lives, disrupt our balance.  Everyone’s attracted to you.  Who are you?  Are you Andrew Birch?  Are you Thomas Quince?  Are you Jonathan Pine?  Tell me.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“I won’t wait to see you off, so best of luck.” — Jed Marshall

“How can I relax?  I’m in a goddamn army base, Roper.  I’m the only woman here.  Do you have any idea how humiliating this is?  You see the way they all look a me.  Don’t be stupid.  Just tell me why I’m here.  You never bring me anywhere near your work.” — Jed Marshall

“What list?  I don’t know what your talking about, baby.” — Jed Marshall

Quote1What do you need me to do?  I can’t, Jonathan.  Corky’s my friend.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“I took a photograph of your list on my phone.  I’m sorry.” — Jed Marshall

Quote1Because I wanted to know what the man I’m sleeping with does for a living.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

Quote1You never tell me the truth.  I just… I thought I could find out on my own so I took a photograph.  I was gonna ask someone what it meant.  I don’t know.  I didn’t do anything, I promise.  I just deleted it.  A week.  No, no one.  I mean, I always leave it lying around.  Corky told me not to leave it lying around.  He found it, he gave it back to me.  I’m so sorry, I’ve caused you so much trouble.  It was so stupid of me.Quote2 — Jed Marshall

“I never will.  Ever.  I love you, too.”  — Jed Marshall

Quote1Tell me a joke, then.  I can’t do this anymore, Jonathan.  I can’t.  I can’t sleep with him another night.  Why can’t we go away?   Just the two of us.  Now.Quote2  — Jed Marshall

“I hate him.”  — Jed Marshall

Elegant, poised, vigilant, and vulnerable Jed Marshall is an Idealist.

Angela Burr, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Angela Burr

Angela Burr begins running an active intelligence asset implanted in Roper’s organization, one Jonathan Pine, with her CIA friend Joel Steadman.  They leave River House, their superiors, out of it.

Angela’s efforts and Operation Limpet fail in detaining and convicting Roper, and Angela’s career is compromised, she is put under investigation by MI6 River House.

Angela Burr, BBC, AMCtv, The Night Manager

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

1 nomination: 2016

“Three flights up.  Lift’s broken, but it keeps you fit.” — Angela Burr

“Rex Mayhew just sent that.  Cairo station, anonymous sender.  Yeah.  He’s back.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Get me all the files you can on Richard Roper.  Defence, FCO, Bank of England, Treasury.  HMRC.  We’ll need the River files, too.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“So bury the requests in a pile of slurry.  Do a random sweep on all Brits living offshore.  Throw River House off the scent.  Make us look like a bunch of amateurs looking for a needle in a haystack.  Do you think you can do that?  Go on, then.” — Angela Burr

“What more do you want?  You sent me those papers.  There isn’t another RM in the Foreign Office sending me top-secret files with private courier.” — Angela Burr

“Yeah, and while you’re at it, you set me up in a transparent shoe box in Victoria with no cash and no heating.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Rex… Richard Roper is selling arms to the youngest Hamid brother in the heart of Cairo in the middle of what we hope is the Arab Spring.  Isn’t that exactly what we are looking for?Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Yeah, something might actually get done.  That’s it, isn’t it?  Which is what?  Oh, yeah.  So instead of putting handcuffs on him, we give him a seat in the House of Lords.” — Angela Burr

“Can’t believe you’re still a member of a club that won’t allow women.  Have a lovely time.  Apparently, the food’s shit.” — Angela Burr

Quote1What have you got?  It’s always the same.  His name is not on a single thing.  There’s not a single register at Companies House.  Not one email.  Not even a text.  I bet his fingers don’t have prints.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Cancelled?  What do you mean cancelled?  Get Mayhew’s office on the phone.  Roper.  Who sent the Cairo papers?  Simon Ogilvey?  He was my leg man in Kiev, 2004.  Get him on the phone.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Is that the night manager?  You have a guest in the Hatshepsut Suite.  She needs to leave the hotel immediately.  Call me when she is safe.  My name’s Angela Burr.  I’m a friend.  Just get her out, Mr. Pine.  Her life is at risk.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“So, why did you do it?  Why does Jonathan Pine, respected hotelier, risk his career by snitching on his guests?  First in Cairo, and then here.” — Angela Burr

“Yes, you do.  What stirred?  Plenty wouldn’t.  You were a soldier yourself, of course.” — Angela Burr

“Iraq.  Two tours.  You know what those weapons can do to a body.” — Angela Burr

“And then there’s Sophie Alekan, your Sophie.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Mr. Pine… What happened to Sophie Alekan makes us all involved.  What happened in Cairo… …shames me to the bottom of my soul.  I know you can’t forgive the man who did that.  The question is, what are you prepared to do about it?Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Mr. Burr always wanted to come to the Swiss Alps.  He likes the peace and quiet, does Mr. Burr.” — Angela Burr

“All this snow and silence makes me want to scream.” — Angela Burr

“Twenty years, come November.” — Angela Burr

“It’s marriage, Jonathan.  It’s not a state of bliss.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Ah, well, luckily you are clever, Jonathan.  ‘Cause I checked.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Don’t get many visitors here, do you?  Ooh, T.E. Lawrence… Of Arabia.  The lonely genius who wished only to be a number.” — Angela Burr

“He was undercover in Belfast wasn’t he, your father?  Same regiment as you?  I read that they had to put his uniform back on before they buried him.” — Angela Burr

“I want to make you an offer.  Come and work for me.  And afterwards, when it’s all over, I will look after you.  Resettlement, new name, new identity, new life.  To bring down Richard Roper.  I’ve spent 10 years of my life going after that man.  I’ve had microphones up his ass, I’ve had GCHQ tapping every blood email.  I’ve had 1,000 satellites overflying him and I can’t get close to him.  And do you know why?  But that’ll change.” — Angela Burr

Quote1I want to put you inside his operation.  I will give you a legend as thick as your arm.  You’ll be in so deep, you’ll worry that you’ll never get out of it.  There’s not a scrap of you that won’t get used, there’s not an hour that will go by you won’t be scared.  But you will nail him.  You will nail him for Sophie Alekan.  You will nail him for your country.  And you will nail him for the man that owned that book.  Or you can go back to the hotel of non-existence.  It’s up to you.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“I think he’s gonna do it.  I need to give him a criminal history, something for Roper to find.  It’s gotta be West Country and it needs to be real.  I need the Home Office on board.  And I need you to take out at least three Devon police officers, take them to lunch, get them to play the game.  And not a word to the River House, Rex.  Do you understand me?  Not a word.” — Angela Burr

Quote1This is Rob Singhal, my deputy.  You up for it?  You sure, are you?  Right, well, sit down and have a cup of tea for God’s sake.  You’re making me feel nervous.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“They’re phone records from the mobile phone of Lance Corkoran, Roper’s front man.  They show calls to London, Beirut and Madrid.” — Angela Burr

Quote1I’ve got a new asset.  I want to get him on the inside of Roper’s set-up.  It’s got to be a church mouse operation.  ‘Cause I need your money.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Joel, I’m on my own in this, and I don’t like it.  I’m doing something no one else has done before and I’m scared shitless, I need a friend.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Well, he’s not wrong is he?  But they must never know about our boy, Joel.  No mention of him in comms, nothing written down, nothing at all, yeah?  We keep River House on the outside.  It’s too dangerous.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Anything?  Bloody hell.  I hate this bit.” — Angela Burr

Quote1Well, you know, like my mum says, ‘You make your bed, you die in it.’Quote2 — Angela Burr

Quote1You silly sod.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“On your feet, soldier.” — Angela Burr

Quote1All right, look.  Investors in Tradepass.  Translated by the Spaniard.  Names on the left.  Numbers on the right.  So, Roper buys MOD-certified weapons for $300 million, is cash-flowed by people know nothing about what they’re trading in.  But the investors are guaranteed 20% profit at the end of the 12 months.  So, Roper pays back the $360 million at the end of the deal.  But look what he sells it for.Quote2 — Angela Burr

Quote1‘Estimated sale price.’   His dad was an auctioneer.  Yeah.  It’s not bad for a year’s work and look a this.  There we are.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“Richard Roper is buying arms under the counter from British and
American arms companies.  And people on the inside are aiding and abetting.  And getting paid to do so.  Five million dollars.” — Angela Burr

Quote1He started selling sarin after that event.  Because of it.  He saw what I saw.  He saw 112 children and 58 adults and he thought, ‘business.’  That’s the Richard Roper I know.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“We’re pulling you out because you’ve blown it.” — Angela Burr

“Just leave, that’s an order.” — Angela Burr

Quote1I am the bloody police.Quote2 — Angela Burr

Quote1I was shown fake MOD end user certificates for seven different arms companies, UK and US.Quote2 — Angela Burr

“That’s not true.  This is a cover-up.” — Angela Burr

Quote1It’s a possibility.  I hope not.Quote2 — Angela Burr

Deductive, resolute, cerebral, and autonomous Angela Burr is a Rational.

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