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Eight time Emmy-award winning Showtime series Homeland concludes its 5th season tonight as it continues to tackle current real world issues, like ISIS’ proclamation of a world-wide caliphate that aims to “redraw the map” in the Middle-East, and ISIS’ attack on an innocent European city in the name if Jihad.



Caroline Anne Mathison was born April 5, 1979 in Annapolis, Maryland.  She became an Arabic language student at Princeton University, where she was recruited into the CIA by veteran officer Saul Berenson.  Carrie became a tenured and decorated agent for her work in the field at Islamabad, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  After a tiff with her protege Saul, Carrie switched over to the private sector as head of security for German Billionaire Otto During whilst also taking care of her and Nick Brody’s daughter, Franny.  Her life becomes threatened when a number of CIA documents are leaked, which are said to have serious implications if Carrie looks through them.  She ultimately attains the documents from Saul, and discovers that the CIA have a russian mole in the form of her former colleague Allison Carr.  They arrest Carr but fail to detain her, meanwhile Carrie begins working with the CIA again after Quinn is critically injured in a biochemical warfare propaganda film.  She deduces the location of the biological attack and goes there by herself to try and stop it.  Concerned, relentless, devout, and overburdened Carrie Mathison is a Guardian.

Quote1The Guardian’s tireless sense of dependability can sometimes take it’s toll.  If there is a job to be done, a duty to fulfill, SJ’s feel somehow obligated to see that the task is undertaken, and brought to it’s conclusion.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 93


Quote1All that suffering and nothing changes.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Claire Danes Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series 4 Nominations 2 wins


John “Peter Quinn” was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was picked up in Baltimore at an orphanage by Dar Adal.  Quinn began working for and was trained by Dar and the CIA in Clandestine Operations.  At a young age Quinn became qualified as an elite black-ops agent, often doing the dirty work of the Agency.  His most recent work was in Syria, working to investigate ISIS and the caliphate.  Quinn was handling a number of “off the book” assassinations of jihadi’s for the CIA/BND in Berlin when Carrie’s name came up on his hit list.  Quinn was wounded trying to protect her, ran away and passed out in the city and was rescued by a friendly Muslim doctor.  Quinn then penetrates a local terrorist cell that is planning a biological attack on Berlin, but is poisoned as part of an ISIS propaganda film.  Quinn was given an antidote by one of the muslims beforehand and barely survived, but remains in critical condition.  Tactical, Impulsive, Adaptable and Resilient Peter Quinn is an Artisan.

Artisans must do whatever their impulse dictates and continue the action as long as the urge compels.  But while compulsions are experienced by the other types as burdensome and onerous, the SP’s compulsions are almost all exciting and not at all burdensome.” — Please Understand Me II, p. 57


Quote1They’re there for one reason and one reason only, to die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels.  Thats their strategy, and its been that way since the 7th century.Quote2 — Peter Quinn

Rupert Friend Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series 1 nomination


Saul Michael Berenson was born in Calliope, Indiana and studied Political Science.  A seasoned CIA Veteran, Saul has 35 years of experience operating in the Central Intelligence Agency.  Saul is promoted to Acting Director after a terrorist bombing of CIA headquarters in Langley kills over 200 active agents. Saul becomes head of the CIA and teams up with his former mentor black-ops director Dar Adal to prevent congress from revoking the agency’s charter.  After mentoring his protege Carrie Mathison, the two diverge paths and Saul is called to Berlin, where a data breach occurred.  The data breach ultimately implicates Saul’s colleague and paramour Allison Carr in subversive deeds.  Ultimately Saul decides that Carries claims against Allison are justified, and they discover her meeting with Ivan Kupin (essentially her Russian counterpart).  Wanting to avoid the dissolution of the CIA, Saul and Dar decide to relinquish their accusations against Allison for the moment and focus on the imminent biochemical ISIS attack on Berlin.  Strategic, resolute, calm, and reasonable Saul Berenson is a Rational.

Quote1The only thing Rational’s trust unconditionally is reason.  They listen carefully to any and all ideas, as long as they make sense — as long as they are logical.   NT’s will not be swayed by any argument that fails to meet their criterion for logical coherence.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p.188


Quote1I actually convinced myself we were gonna change the world.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Mandy Patinkin Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series 2 nominations

allison 1

Allisson Carr is the CIA Station Chief in Berlin.  She built her career at the agency with her time in Baghdad, garnering high priority assets and valuable intel.  An asset of hers Ahmed, claimed that he loved her and wanted to run away with her and 8 million dollars he had stolen from his superiors.  Carr gives in and agrees, but is then turned by her Russian counterpart Ivan Kupin (SVR Berlin station chief), having been betrayed by Ahmed.  Kupin’s pitch is genuine, as he offers Allison an illustrious career, and  a multi-million dollar golden parachute.  She accepts and the two go on to develop a romantic and professional relationship.  Carr is ultimately discovered by Carrie and Saul, and is brought in by the CIA.  Saul assaults her in a holding cell, and while everyone is focused on the imminent biological attack on Berlin,  Carr escapes.  Diplomatic, Altruistic, Credulous, Intuitive, Allison Carr is an Idealist.

Quote1Forming personal relationships, especially relationships which help other fulfill themselves, is of prime importance to Idealists.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p.131

Quote1You never tell me the whole truth.Quote2 — Allison Carr


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