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Eight-time Emmy award-winning Showtime series Homeland premiered Season 3 this week and it’s just about time to hop on the “good TV show” bandwagon.  This year at the Emmy’s Homeland picked up Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (Henry Bromell) and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Claire Danes).  Though last year it took some backlash for exploring controversial Islamophobia and American Foreign Policy related concepts.

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Quote1Just don’t call me a hero.Quote2 — Nicholas Brody

Sergreant Nicholas Brody was born February 3, 1975 in Virginia.  Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, Brody and his classmates decided to serve in the Iraq War following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  On May 19, 2003 Brody and his compatriot Thomas Walker were captured near the border of Syria by forces loyal to Saddam Hussein.  Prisoners of War, Brody and Walker were sold to Al-Qaeda commander Abu Nazir and were transported to Damascus for interrogation.  After years of torture and isolation Brody was given sanctuary by Nazir under the condition that he teach Nazir’s son Issa the English language.  Developing a kinship with Issa through Islam, Brody was devastated when Issa’s school was decimated by an American drone strike killing hundreds of innocent civilians.  Shortly thereafter, Brody watches Vice President William Walden falsely claim that no children were killed in the attack.  After fully converting to Islam, Brody is found by American Armed forces and returns home.  Tactical, visceralimpulsive, and grounded Nicholas Brody is an Artisan.

Quote1Artisan’s are impulsive.  They like being that way.  SP’s trust their impulses without reserve, enjoy feeling them well up within, and love discharging them.  Like setting off an explosion.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 56

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Quote1There is a bigger, pernicious, Abu-Nazir worthy plot out there and we have little time.  We have to code it, collide it, collapse it, and contain it.Quote2 — Carrie Mathison

Caroline Anne Mathison was born April 5, 1979 in Annapolis, Maryland.  An operations officer in the Central Intelligence Agency, Carrie witnessed her primary asset’s murder shortly before he divulged that an American P.O.W. had been “turned” by Al-Qaeda commander Abu Nazir.  Shortly afterwards USMC Sergeant Nick Brody is rescued by American armed forces, returned home, and seen as an American war hero.  The talented protege of CIA veteran Saul Berenson; Carrie identifies Brody as the turned P.O.W. her deceased contact had told her about.  Conducting an unauthorized surveillance operation on Sergeant Brody and his family, Carrie loses her job but fails to shed her suspicions about him.  Carrie’s investigation of Brody continues and is further complicated by her bipolar disorder, ECT, and eventual passionate romantic relationship with him.  Concerned, relentless, reliable, and overburdened Carrie Mathison is a Guardian.

Quote1The Guardian’s tireless sense of dependability can sometimes take it’s toll.  If there is a job to be done, a duty to fulfill, SJ’s feel somehow obligated to see that the task is undertaken, and brought to it’s conclusion.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 93

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Quote1I’m just waiting for the right answer to present itself.Quote2 — Saul Berenson

Saul Michael Berenson was born in Calliope, Indiana.  With over 35 years of CIA experience, Saul encourages much of the out-of-the-box thinking that Carrie engages in, but insists that firm evidence is needed to justify authorized CIA action.  Turning up no real evidence against Brody, Saul is forced to let Carrie go but assists in the treatment of her bipolar disorder and provides support through her ECT.  After discovering a tape that confirms Carrie’s intuitions about Brody; Saul headlines an off-book task force with the intention of utilizing Brody as an asset to take down Al-Qaeda leader Abu Nazir.  Saul is promoted to Acting Director after a terrorist bombing of CIA headquarters in Langley, kills over 200 active agents.  The ranking officer on-site, Saul becomes head of the CIA and teams up with his former mentor black-ops director Dar Adal to prevent congress from revoking the agency’s charter.  Strategic, resolute, calm, and reasonable Saul Berenson is a Rational.

Quote1The only thing Rational’s trust unconditionally is reason.  They listen carefully to any and all ideas, as long as they make sense — as long as they are logical.   NT’s will not be swayed by any argument that fails to meet their criterion for logical coherence.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p.188

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Quote1I can take it if it’s the truth, but I can not take it if it’s just another lie.Quote2 — Jessica Brody

Jessica “Jess” Brody is Nick Brody’s wife and the mother of their two children, Dana and Chris.  Assuming her husband to be dead, Jessica begins an intimate relationship with Brody’s best friend and comrade Mike Faber.  Upon Brody’s return Jessica ends her relationship with Faber and focuses on her family, and rekindling her romantic relationship with Brody.  Despite Brody’s erratic and deceptive behaviors, Jessica sticks by her husband and perseveres happily for the sake of her children.  Given Brody’s high-profile double-agency and encounters with PTSD, the couple experience a tumultuous attempt at rekindling their once passionate romance.  Despite extra-marital affairs on both accounts, Jessica insists that the two try and work it out, pleading with Brody that he simply be honest and up-front with her.  After Brody fails to let Jessica in, the two amicably split romantic paths and she restarts her relationship with Faber for the sake of her children.  Diplomatic, harmonizing, genuine, and affectionate Jessica Brody is an Idealist.

Quote1Idealist’s want to do everything they can to keep people feeling good about themselves, to lift their spirits, to brighten their mood, to boost their morale.  NF’s find great satisfaction in nurturing and protecting the mental health of those around them.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 130

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  1. Thanks, Derek. I now get to use Homeland (my favorite show) characters in temperament workshops. Danes’ character must suffer deeply as long as the loyalty of the love interest stays in question.

  2. We need more Saul Berensons in the CIA. Guardians just can’t seem to do the job. Of course some CIA directors have been frustrated by Executive Branch inaction recently.

    1. CIA seems like a place where Rationals and Guardians keep each other in check. The former don’t lose sight of the big picture and are able to alter course; the latter keep tabs on the integrity of the organization’s fundamental structure.

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