Intergalactic Dyad

MIB³ released a new trailer this week and apparently these people aren’t very good at math because I don’t think MIB³ is an actual mathematical equation.  Or is it?  I don’t know.  I’m not a mathematician.  The third Men in Black installment will see both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to their titular roles of Agent K and Agent J.  Such a dynamic duo of course is CLASSIC best dating websites canada/hook up websites.  Whether in a  professional, romantic, or often comedic relationship, most popular gay hook up sites and facebook dating unavailable find themselves paired up with one another far more than any other temperament.  So let’s go right on ahead and take a look at this classic men that like older women duo.

Agent Jay played by Will Smith is a young, talented, wild and impulsive MIB agent characterized by his charisma and sense of humor.  Agent Jay was recruited out of the NYPD for his talent, and brought to the MIB an energetic and enthusiastic attitude.  Jay is loud, cocky, and constantly cracking jokes.  When the planet is in trouble Jay’s impulsive, action-oriented attitude makes him run in head first guns blazing.  Optimistic, audacious, adaptable, and excitable Agent Jay is a classic best dating websites canada.

Agent Kay played by Tommy Lee Jones is an old, weathered, and pessimistic veteran MIB agent characterized by his stoic demeanor and tough attitude.  Agent Kay has been with the MIB organization pretty much since its beginning, and brings to the MIB a very serious, matter-of-fact attitude.  Kay is solid, hard-working, and always telling Jay what he shouldn’t be doing.  When the planet is in trouble Kay’s authoritative, by-the-book attitude often keeps the pair out of harms way.  Concerned, dependable, conservative and stable Agent Kay is a classic hook up websites.

Together these two agents compliment one another quite nicely.

Not only do Artisans and Guardians both make their home in the concrete world, but the complementarity of their natures seems to fill a void in each temperament.  Here is the adventurous, fun-loving SP, bursting with energy and yearning for the excitement of new experiences, attracted to the concerned and responsible SJ, the Rock of Gibraltar standing watch over the established rules and traditions of society. Please Understand Me II, p. 220

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  1. I would disagree about the Castle and Beckett deal. I always thought Castle was an Idealist and Beckett was a Rational.

  2. Castle draws life from being the center of attention and feeling action. Becket loses herself in her work. She is her work.

    In any case Alexis is a Guardian. She is the only adult in her family.

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