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Hard Knocks

Max original documentary Hard Knocks premiered August 8th, 2023.

#Hardknocks episodes average 705,000+ viewers.



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Aaron Rodgers, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers brings a hall of fame quarterback mentality to East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Aaron Rodgers, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

“Walking in this morning, I noticed that Super Bowl III trophy is looking a little lonely.” — Aaron Rodgers

“The only things I like about Hard Knocks, is the voice of God. Who narrates it. I hope I get to meet him.” — Aaron Rodgers

“You guys got me good or do you have to… you good? You good? Kay. Give me some good shit today.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Y’all haven’t seen this before, have you? I’ll make you famous today, Vito. I’m gonna make you famous today. He’s a little upset because the last time Hard Knocks was here he didn’t get a lot of air time. We want to make sure we highlight Vito today. Happy birthday, bro– how old? Congrats, you don’t look a day over 45. I’m proud of you.” — Aaron Rodgers

“You aging me again, ‘ppreciate it. You’re 25?” — Aaron Rodgers

“What fake you want? Just drop back fake, or you want boom, boom and a boom. Hey, remember. This one is going to have a hard time turning down. We can make this like kangaroo footwork. Like, here. And really get on it. Sometimes it’s a free guy right here. Get on it, and then retreat.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Three– 19! 3-19 hut. 3-19 hut.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Maybe it’s Liev. Schreiber. He’s coming to practice today. The narrator. Hard Knocks. Voice of God.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Hey, buddy. Great to see you. Glad to meet you as well. Of course. I’ve been a fan of yours forever. Started with 24/7 back in the day, obviously a ton of your movies. Well, so far.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Voice of God. Voice of God. You guys gonna say hi? Talk to the voice of God, he’s the guy who narrates ‘hard knocks.’ Go say hi, don’t be an asshole. He’s never been to a practice. You know how exciting it is to meet Aaron Rodgers? It’s overwhelming. Just say hi, be nice. Here we go, set. I have to show these young kids, what it’s all about. You play any sports growing up? I doubt that. I think they’re just worried about the distraction. I love it, it’s a great show. Your amazing. You’re the best.” — Aaron Rodgers

“The best no-look pass on this team? Besides me? I’ve seen a couple from Zack.” — Aaron Rodgers

“We know we’re not throwing a scooter. So I’m pitching to that one.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Gotta be ready to throw that one now. That one now. Into no-hitch. To there. Into a hitch to there, back triangle. Just remind him, hey, you got that guy. That’s how it usually happens. High-to-low. A little more. Left-right. It’s kinda here, by the time you reach that, you gotta be throwing that one. Or, you gotta be resetting throwing back to that one. IF you’re athletic, once you get to your second hitch, if you aren’t throwing it, you gotta be mobile.” — Aaron Rodgers

“I got nothing, man. I’m just happy to be out here, excited to be with you guys. All I’m gonna say is this camp is a long camp, let’s just enjoy the little things every single day. Take the time to laugh a little bit. Find a conversation with somebody new, not with the same group. Get to know your teammates a little bit. That’s part of that leadership role. And just enjoy the little moments, it goes by fast. Then you get old and grey. Savor every little moment. Savor ’em right now. Q’s on 3, one, two, three.” — Aaron Rodgers

“I remember the first time that he hit me up like three times in the offseason of 2019. I was like, ‘who is this guy?’ Then once I was around him, him and I bonded really quick. He was always in charge of the red zone. And it’s not the red zone it’s the ‘gold zone.’ ‘Cause he’s got this obsession with Austin Powers in Goldmember. And so, he would show us clips every single week, so we got to know Goldmember more. You know, how he got gold genitalia. And then, where he likes to party. And what he likes to eat. And he’s a rollerskater, and he’s super flexible. And all these different ridiculous things. But, that’s how he kinda made things fun. I mean obviously, he would always mix things up. And encourage us to celebrate together. There was always jump in the stands, and he came in and said ‘yes, and, let’s celebrate with our teammates as well.’ One of the funniest things was we noticed on film Brian Bulaga would never really celebrate with the team. So he got Brian to be apart of a celebration. I always thought that was one of the coolest things.” — Aaron Rodgers

“When you’re around Hack the first time, you’re wondering if it’s an act. Because he’s on all day long. But the more you’re around him, the more you realize how special he is as a human. That’s an easier one to combo footwork than fucking stoop.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Our personalities mesh, we’re both competitive. But we both also have the balance, he’s got an incredible wife and four kids. I have a whole life of the field that’s pretty well documented now, some of the things I like to do. We just get along like brothers. We have some back and forth. We like to give each other shit. You’re the one scripting the fucking… dive at me, and that’s when you’re putting the damn tight end on it. In the end, we really love each other. That’s not timber. That’s not timber, though. That’s lucky.” — Aaron Rodgers

“The pylon game passes the time after walk-through. Two points in the air, one point on the bounce and we had our own element to it which is an homage to Baseketball. A big part of of the game is the psych out. You hate to see it. We’ve taken it over to where you’re about to throw say something ridiculous. Make you miss the throw.” — Aaron Rodgers

“I love Nathaniel Hackett, those comments were very surprising. For a coach to do that to ano0ther coach, it made me feel bad that someone who has accomplished a lot in the league is that insecure that they have to take another man down, I thought that was way out of line and inappropriate. I think he needs to keep my coach’s name out of his mouth.” — Aaron Rodgers

“He said how much can I pay you get uh, elastic in my sleeves. I said ‘you don’t have enough.’ Hey let those sleeves down, bro. Let those sleeves down! Hey, my man. Good to see you. How you doin’? Good. That’s what I hear. They said you’re ballin’ out. Been great. Things have been good up here. I love it. New York’s a great city. I’ll be keeping up with you, bro. Have fun tonight. Use your legs.” — Aaron Rodgers

“What’sup stud? You’ll be here one day. I’ll be real old and gray when that happens. That’s gonna be a long time. Demarcus Ware gonna sing the anthem? He’s singing it. He’s singing it. You got a radio for me? What do you got? You got a headset too? I’ll start with that. I need to talk to these guys.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Be ready for a time-out here. Get lined up. Damnit. What the fuck you doing? Holding! Oh, my God.” — Aaron Rodgers

“You went to the right spot, you have to wait. That should pull him out, maybe throw behind his head. Yeah. Throw it up to Malik. Malik. Throw it to Malik. Yeah! Malik! Yeah, baby! Whoo!” — Aaron Rodgers

“Well, I still have love for the game. That never went away. Just thinking about what I wanted life to be like, uh, in 2023. He’s a talented kid, I love watching him. We gotta work on our manifestation powers, you’re not positive enough. 60% of the time, it works every time.” — Aaron Rodgers

“Scramble, scramble. Love you, buddy. Have a great year. Tell the family hi for me. Nice to meet you. Good luck, man.” — Aaron Rodgers

Robert Saleh, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Robert Saleh

“It’s gonna be fine. Let’s embrace it.”

“All right, now check this out. This is for everybody. You can take your pens out on this one, this is a life lesson for everybody. For everybody. Three nights ago, I was in deep thought. Deep thought. And I was thinking about you guys. I was thinking about all the excitement surrounding us. Did you know, that the only bird, the only bird in the world that will attack an eagle is a crow. It’s a crow. That’s the only bird that will actually have the balls to attack an eagle. It will perch on the eagles back, and peck at its neck. So, rather than fight back, and tearing the crow to pieces, like it can, the eagle spreads its wings and it soars as high as it possibly can. It keeps going and going as high as it can and the higher the eagle flies, the harder it is for the crow to breathe. Eventually the crow suffocates, falls back down to earth and dies. That’s what happens. Guys, we have a great deal of hype around us, we do. Lots of expectations, and with expectations, we know there’s gonna be a whole lot of people a whole lot of crows expecting us to fall on our face. What are you doing to find that little bit more to get us closer to being a great fucking team? You finish practice, now what? You finish meetings, now what? You finish lifting, now what? A rep, now what? And if we come together and we challenge ourselves to do a little bit more every day, the crows’ll fall by themselves. Embrace what we’re capable of. Embrace the fact that we are the same old jets embrace the fact that we do have a target on our back. Embrace the fact, that when teams look at our schedule, they’re not chalking us up for a double digit season. They’re coming at you. This is exactly where we wanna be. And that’s fucking awesome.”

“What a thrill. What a throw that was, that was beautiful. He’s the best quarterback I’ve ever had on the team. That’s sweet. That was sweet. Everyone is chasing the top-tier quarterback, they change the entire locker room. Sometimes the hall-of-fame quarterback just puts it in the window.”

“Yeah, damn. They’re locked in. Those two are going to make each other great. You two are, going to make each other great.”

“Oh, yeah. Hack’s the man.”

“Really good job, challenge yourself every day. I’m sick of talking to you all, where is Method Man?”

“He’s embraced it. He’s all-in on trying to learn. I feel like him showing up was successful. You know? Because what he’s being asked to do, to be, to go from the face of the organization to just kinda sit back for a little bit and reset. That is not easy.”

“Having Aaron helps.”

“Sometimes, things are said that are totally uncalled for and it does bring your team together. He’s been in the league a while, he can say what he wants. I kind of live by the saying ‘if you ain’t got no haters, you ain’t popping.’ So hate away.”

“Do I see Zach with the sleeves. I love it. Did you put Zach with the tucked up arm sleeves to show his guns. I mean, he looks fantastic. Hey,
I think it looks fantastic. So good. So good.”

“Congrats, man. Congratulations. Have some fun, dawg. Let ‘er rip.”

“That was awesome. I’m a little negative. This has gotta be the longest first quarter in the history of football.”

“‘Ata boy, Chazz. ‘Ata boy, Chazz! God, he’s so fast. He’s so fast. He’s so bad too. Hey, that’s my guy, dawg. I’m just saying. That’s my dawg. Good job, bro. Keep stacking them up. Let’s go, listen to me. You ain’t done, let’s go. That guy is so good, he’s so good.”

“Real quick, here’s what I love. Our style is all over the table. I love that we got the ball two times. Scoring off of turnovers, that’s awesome. Keep representing our style and let’s go get this dub.”

“A solid first half has the Jets relaxed, and ready to flex some muscle. What the fuck, where is the flag? It’s all self-inflicted, guys. Offsides.”

“We’re so focused on the inside, we’re just trying to do what we need to do to get better every day, so the noise is for everybody else.”

Narrator, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO, Liev Schreiber


“Hard Knocks. Training camp with the New York Jets.”

“For the New York Jets, expectations have never been higher. And why not? Last year, they drafted the leagues top two rookies. Wide receiver Garrett Wilson, and cornerback Sauce Gardner. This offseason, they hit the jackpot. Signing four time MVP Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback.”

“Ultimately, training camp is about competition. Today’s practice ends with the offense celebrating. And the defense doing pushups.”

“Garrett Wilson gets it. Jets camp is the place to be these days. A chance to play with a legend. And maybe, become a star himself.”

“Most first year receivers aren’t their teams top weapon. Garrett Wilson, isn’t just any receiver. He set Jet rookie records for catches and receiving yards. En route to being named the Offensive Rookie of the Year. Catching a donut while selling coffee? He’s no ordinary Joe. Still, he has to hone his game. That’s where teammate Sauce Gardner comes in. Last year the cornerback was named Defensive Rookie of the Year. Practicing against each other makes them both better.”

“The best football are often the ones who don’t the crowd. And to prove it, he’s getting his sheepskin.”

“This summer the Jets are the best show in town. And they’re bringing out the stars. From big apple running backs, to old-school rappers. Sometimes, when a show is truly epic, it pulls out all the stops.”

“Full disclosure. I wanted to drive but the producers thought a helicopter might be more dramatic. Who knows, you might use it. Pretty. Hey, Aaron. How are you, man? Nice to meet you. Thanks for your comments I appreciate it. Oh yeah? I’m glad you’re here. You’ve made a lot of New Yorkers very happy. It’s fun to see you out there. You look great. Yeah, it’s gonna be great.”

“I played football. Very badly. So tell me, how come nobody wants to do the show? I don’t do anything, they write it. I got a ball, I’m not letting go of this ball– I might let go of this ball if somebody hit me or even threatened to hit me or even looked at me the wrong way I would probably drop it, in fact, I’m going to put the ball down.”

“Aaron Rodgers’ no-look passes are the talk of camp. No lie. Don’t look now, but the Jets see someone else with potential. Zack, is Zack Wilson. The quarterback Aaron Rodgers was brought in to replace.”

“Just two years ago, the Jets drafted him to be the face of the franchise. He was thrown into the fire as a raw rookie. A lot of new quarterbacks struggle early in their career. The good ones find a way to get better. Even if that means a detour. As a backup.”

“Todays lesson: no-look passes are fun. Avoiding sacks: fundamental.”

“Football teams are built on relationships. Aaron Rodgers and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett understand each other perfectly. Thanks to a bond they formed in Green Bay, that’s as good as gold.”

“Hackett spent last season as the head coach of the Denver Broncos. After a year apart, the pair have picked up right where they left off.”

“Zach Wilson gets the start, and a chance to start rebuilding his career. Not a lot of starters will play tonight. But that doesn’t mean they’re not involved.”

“Listening to Aaron Rodgers, not a bad plan for any young quarterback.”

“For longshots like Chazz Surratt, time is all too short to make an impression. He started college as a quarterback, before becoming a linebacker, just to stay on the field.”

“Training camp is about getting better. Part of that process is discovering who you are.”

“Sometimes a win gets away from you, you simply lose the scent. In the first half, the Jets were playing lights out. The second half looks like someone flipped a switch. Some teams can’t handle the glare of bright lights. But a future hall of famer is leading these Jets. Showing them the way. And the young roster is responding. Some turbulence is to be expected. It’s early days, they don’t have all the answers.”

“But they have a flight plan. And even better, noise-cancelling headphones. The Jets are aiming high. Ready to soar to a place where the crows can’t touch them.”

Sauce Gardner, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Sauce Gardner

“Where A Rod at we gotta get our head right.”

“It’s a big respect thing, at the end of the day, that we came in together. You know, same draft class. And you know, we gonna give each other work. Waiting to see how you got your arms here–“

“My mom, you know, I had to meet her halfway. When I was talking about leaving school early, leaving college early. And I told her, like, after one year I was gonna do it.”

“I ain’t nervous. I do before, like, gameday, but I ain’t, it ain’t nervousness. ‘Ppreciate it, bruh. ‘Ppreciate it. I graduated high school but I didn’t get to go to graduation and walk across the stage and get my diploma and stuff like that. Because I was at training camp for college.”

“That’s a fact. We gonna do our thing though. When I was up on that stage, I feel like I really made it. You know, it was always a box I feel like I checked. Graduating is big for the youth seeing me do that, you know, I gotta be a leader on and off the field. I’d be doing them a disservice if I didn’t get my degree. How many you take? You take a decent amount? For sho.”

“Nice to meet you. Congratulations, again. Got you. Got you. Cool experience right here, man. That’s the plan. That’s I think about, bro. Like. Yo, my mom always said as long as I could. I got aspirations of playing in the league for 40 years. Yeah. I’m trying to be a 40 year old.”

“Play-action. One more time?”

Garrett Wilson, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Garrett Wilson

“That boy cold. Yeah, yes, sir! How the grass taste? I ain’t never seen no shit like– oh, my God, that was a laser, fam. That was a dot.”

“It’s been everything I thought it would be with Aaron. It leaves me– growing up I watched ball growing up all the time. You know how you think certain people are based on how the media talks to them and how they are in interviews and yeah, I was ten years old when he started playing. And I remember him winning the super bowl, so like, for me, I have to learn as much as possible when he is here, I don’t know how big this window is I have to make the most out of it and our team gets the most out of it– you know, while we have this, you know– it’s a blessing. To have this blessing around. You know?”

“Ooh, my favorite. You know, you definitely have a little bit more uh, opportunity off the field. And, and, and that’s cool but I just wanna keep the main thing the main thing, you know? And that’s football.”

“Um, first and foremost, you know, I gotta thank God. Every time me and Sauce go out there and compete, I respect what he does, he respects what I do.”

“It’s fun to compete with him. I know Sauce wants that level of competition. And I want it too. I get him a few times and he gets me a few times and that’s how it’s supposed to go. Got him. Good fucking D. What you did?”

“They want to see your ass, Hack.”

“Trying? I definitely did it.”

Michael Carter, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Michael Carter

“See how they go crazy for Aaron? I used to be the same. Hey, he is the GOAT though.”

“That’s the coach, it’s the old coach from the Cowboys? Oh, shit. That is not Jason Garrett? That’s not him.”

Mecole Hardman Jr., Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Mecole Hardman Jr.

“It’s crazy though, I was seven years old. Like, I was this tall. Not aging you, showing you how great you is. I’ve been watching you my whole life. I’m 25 years old. I watched you my whole life, so it’s like, to be on the team with you? I can’t wait to tell my son, like, hey, that guy right there? I played with him. Like, you was just five months.”

Quinnen Williams, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Quinnen Williams

“Shout out Aaron Rodgers for coming to help us out.”

“You the man. Respect, big dog. You a bad dude.”

NY Jets

“That’s an Aaron Rodgers throw. Hold on to your asses. He’s dipping that in there.”

“Drop down and give me 20! Drop down and give me 20!”

“On a off day? I promise I’ll take the whole D-line y’all wanna go. We got a suite there. You were paying attention. You were paying attention. Dude, that’s what I’m saying, I’m always the one sticking up for you. Let’s get it. I said that because I feel the play and I want you to respect the performers. I can’t be sitting I got bad knees. I want to go to a Broadway show and eat a–“

“Oh, shit. It’s a helicopter.”

“He does all this no-look shit all the time. Oh, man, he special man. I don’t care what nobody says about eight. Eight is a special dude. And he cool as fuck. That be the real thing about him. He cool as fuck. Ain’t what people portray about him on TV. Whatever they said about Aaron Rodgers on TV is a lie.”

“He really the no-look king.”

“Show ’em how it’s done. Got ’em. Got ’em. No look. Got ’em. Hey, that was dirty. I like quick fade. Or, stealing an easy one.”

Zach Wilson, Hard Knocks, Max, HBO

Zach Wilson

“Obviously, the last two years have been tough, and… just trying to find a way as a quarterback. Honestly, things felt like they were getting a little worse each week and confidence was going down. So, uh, you know. Not always fun. This year it’s been eye-opening to kind of have a new look at things and some new faces in the building. You know, with Aaron.”

“But I was late. So it’s like, when is that actually realistic?”

“The guy in front of me has nothing to show off. I figure I might as well let ’em go.”

“Let’s have some fun, man. You only get so many times on this field you know what I’m saying? 3-19 set-hut.”

“He was matching it, kind of, and then this backer was also floating here before I threw it. Wide there.”

“Hey, good shit, big dawg. Way to protect. Way to protect.”

Coaching Staff

“So here’s what I’d like to do, Aaron you’re gonna show everybody, and then we’re gonna do it as synchronized swimmers. Do it together. Just a drop back fake to start.”

“Orange! Good shot, good ball. Red! That was sexy.”

“We just trying to get better, get our push-ups in. How many do we got?”

“We sacked him, yes we did, there’s no doubt. This is great work, offense and defense, this is a heavyweight bout right here. There is nowhere to go with this ball. You want to understand– I don’t give a fuck what goes down this year, we will always be in games, no matter what. We break some shoelaces, somebody gets some points on us? We will be in every game. This is across the field on the back shoulder, look at this. I don’t think there’s any other human on earth who can make that fucking throw. He’s out quarterback, he’s ours. Fucking awesome, man.”

“What is the most important thing again? Communication, communication. We all have to be looking at the quarterback. There’s a lot of different checks and things that could potentially happen. So let’s be sure that we’re communicating. talking because you don’t want people running into each other so you can take advantage of a good look.

“That’s the mantra of our defense, earn every yard. Do my job, is that good enough? That’s the rest of the NFL. Do your job, then now what? If we all do our job and a fucking little bit more, that’s 22 plan. Do you guys feel it? Think about this, that’s 22 fuckers on the field. Then the question goes to the offense, now what?”

“The offense need someone to step up and that is this room. There’s legit competition in this room and amongst the team. I know Robert Saleh wants to see who’s going to compete day in and day out. How you prove it in this system with eight is you go out there and do the right thing over and over and over again.”

“Guys, this ain’t good enough. This ain’t it. That ain’t aligned right, it ain’t the technique right, it ain’t it. It’s not good enough. Every rep matters, to our standards. Every walk-through rep, we’re linebackers, guys. We’re the heart of this defense, make it go. Can’t make the same mistake twice. That is how you get beat.”

“My career can change good or bad, don’t get caught in this ‘I’m in camp, and I’m counting all this and I’m doing all that.’ That shit doesn’t matter. What does matter did I detail that play. Did I give everything that I had on that play and that was my last play. Did I do it? If you live like that, I’m telling you, you gonna be successful. In those moments, if I say woe is me when it’s over you’re on this side you’re gonna wish that you had that back. You know what I’m saying?”

“That play? Fucker comes, I’m flattened right now. That’s what I can’t have happen to you. You have protection first. If you protect yourself, you’ve got a chance.”

“Aaron, what do you got for us, man?”

“Hey, hey. Where’s Aaron?”

“I just wanna fly around like a butterfly. Get it up, God. Come on, get up, let’s go! Come on! Tempo! Little fucking juice, please! There it is, nice. Nice. Fuck yeah! Ey, oh! Now you’re playing football. Keep having fun and doing it that way.”

“It’s unfortunate that had to happen, the comments that were made but they did.”

New York

“Welcome to New York, man! Aaron Rodgers! Let’s go!!”

“Can you fit the hat over your hair? He don’t wanna mess up his hair.”

“This stuff makes me feel like I could go back out there and get about 500 yards. No question you can do it.”

“They’re gonna be good, but I love Nathan. People always ask about Jets.”

“Thank you. Stay healthy this season, bro. Respect.”

“I need a lawyer! I’m going to read a quote from Bill Parcels. You can fool the whole world down the highway of years and take pats on the back as you pass but your final reward will be heartache and tears if you cheat the man in the glass. Jets on three, one, two, three–“

Old school Jets

“The ball game is over, there is the gun an the Jets are the champions of the football world. It is privilege to pay tribute to the greatest football team in the world, the New York Jets.”

Sports Journalists

“Aaron Rodgers airlines has some turbulence, his intention is to play for the Jets.”

“And until I see him on that practice field in New Jersey, I don’t believe he’s gonna be a jet.”

“A month after Aaron Rodgers declared his intentions, the deal is finally done. The Jets now have a new franchise quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.”

“He at that opening press conference focused on how lonely that Lombardy trophy is. Expectations for the Jets are through the roof. They have done nothing but build a juggernaut.”

“The team you’d most like to see on Hard Knocks is: I mean, they’re the Jets. That’s the most interesting team.”

“The New York Jets have been selected for Hard Knocks. Your thoughts? I love it. I’m excited to see it.”

“Aaron Rodgers, what has he brought to your team?”

“Sean Payton unloaded on the situation that he took over. ‘It might’ve been one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL.’ Alluding to Broncos former head coach and current Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett.”

“Well we’ve waited 172 days, here we go. Football is back. Well I’d like to see what Zach Wilson is gonna do. Now he has a mentor with Aaron Rodgers there. Let’s see what Zach has learned, in the last couple weeks.”

“Hey, man, pleasure to meet you. To see a rookie come in and do what you did last year, is just outstanding. Just watching you play is really inspiring. I mean, I played with Ty Law, Derrell Revis kind of players in my time, but. Just really an honor I work for NBC. Nice to meet you as well. All the best to you.”

“Great chance to hit the reset button. Yeah, and give the Jets credit for not shipping him out of here. That they could still get value out of him.”

“What did you figure out that you decided you want to come back for more?”

“Lotta energy, lotta buzz about this team as you head into this season, do you feel it here?”

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