Executioner’s Enterprise

Michael Fassbender has been cast as Ubisoft’s “iconic hooded hero” in an Assassin’s Creed film.  Which let’s be honest sounds pretty dope.  The young German actor will likely portray the original franchise character; Syrian Master Assassin, Altaïr.

Michael Fassbender was our first choice,” said Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures. “Michael is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor.”

With roles in critically-acclaimed movies like Shame and blockbusters such as X-Men: First Class and PrometheusFassbender has quickly established himself as one of the most in-demand actors around, and his casting in the Assassin’s Creed movie sends out a strong signal of intent by the recently-founded Ubisoft Motion Pictures. The film will also be produced by Fassbender’s own company, DMC Film.  What does it take to become a Master Assassin?  Let’s take a look.

“The nature of the ISTP‘s is most seen in their masterful operation of tools, equipment, machines, and instruments of all kinds.  From microscopic drill to supersonic jet, from tiny scalpel to giant crane, a tool is any piece of equipment that extends or varies human powers—vehicles, lifters, cutters, and weapons are just four of the many categories of the tools that surround us.  Most of us use tools in some capacity, of course, but these Crafters (as much as ten percent of the population) are the true masters of tool work, with an innate ability to command tools and to become expert at all the crafts requiring hand tool skills.  Even from an early age they are drawn to tools as to a magnet—tools fall into their hands demanding that they must manipulate them.  Indeed, if a given tool is operated with a precision that defied belief, that operator is likely an ISTP.”  — Please Understand Me II, p. 66

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad (1165–1257) was a Syrian Master Assassin during the Middle Ages and, from 1191 until his death, the Mentor of the Assassins in the Levant.  Raised to be an Assassin from birth, Altaïr obtained the rank of Master Assassin by his twenty-fourth year. However, following his failure to obtain the Apple from Robert de Sable in early 1191, and subsequently allowing the Templars to attack the city of Masyaf, headquarters to the Order of Assassins, he was demoted to the rank of novice and sent on a quest for redemption.

Tasked with the deaths of nine individuals, who, unbeknown to him, made up the ranks of the Templar Order in the Holy Land, Altaïr began a quest to change his ways and liberate the Kingdom from the corruption of the nine. During his quest however, Altaïr learned of a plot far more sinister than originally believed. Completing his mission to kill the nine targets, and cleansing the Order of its treacherous leader Al Mualim, Altaïr rose to the rank of Mentor, taking the Assassins into a new, more secretive direction.

With the Apple in hand, Altaïr changed the ways his Order lived their lives; writing the details in his fabled Codex for later generations of the Order to read. Altaïr’s vision of the Assassin Order was for them to be across the world living among the people and started setting up Assassins Guilds during his tenure as Mentor. During his adventures Altaïr strengthened the Order, stopped the Templars various times and was able to prevent the uprising of Genghis Khan.

His name would continue to resonate through the Order in later years, greatly influencing the lives of his descendants and other Assassins in years to come. His bloodline would go on to contain an important figure in the Assassin Order, Desmond Miles.

Quote1.pngI have lived my life as best I could, not knowing its purpose, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon; and here at last, I discover a strange truth. That I am only a conduit, for a message that eludes my understanding.Quote2.png― Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad (1165–1257)

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    1. You’re probably right that Ronaldo is a Promoter, since I hadn’t done extensive research on him I was simply referring to him as a top athlete. Why do you think he is a Promoter rather than a Crafter?

      1. Because of his strong and obvious extravertness. He likes parties, he wants to be in the center of attention and he is also impulsive. Also he is a directive temperament, consistent with Promoter’s description. A pure Artisan Crafter is Lionel Messi, another top athlete, because of his lack of expressiveness.

  1. That’s funny because I actually had initially wanted to put Messi in. I figured less people would know Messi and more people would know Ronaldo. You’re absolutely correct about Ronaldo. He thrives off of the attention whereas Messi thrives more off of the actual game of football. I will change the poll as admittedly I made it in haste. Now that we cleared that up; Real Madrid o FCB? Personally I lived in Barcelona for 5 months so I’m more of a Messi fan. ; )

  2. I am trying also to list some of the essential differences between Fieldmarshals(ENTJs) and Masterminds(INTJs), the abstract cousins of Promoters(ESTPs) and Crafters(ISTPs).

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