Dilpomat’s Affliction

WOWWWWW.  Do i want to see The Dark Knight Rises.  Like seriously.  FFS.  As the summer of the movie nerd approaches its mid-life crisis Christopher Nolan will be ramping up his viral marketing campaign.  And he certainly has as evidenced by this content right here.  The true question on everyone’s mind however is:  Can Tom Hardy’s Bane even get close to stacking up with Heath Ledger’s epic and dark portrayal of Gotham’s Clown Prince of CrimeThe God’s alone know my dear friends, but the film should be decent either way as: Anne Hathaway will be portraying villain/heroine/femme fatal Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman, while Marion Catillard is playing Liam Neeson’s daughter a.k.a villain/Batman love interest Miranda Tate or a potential Talia al Ghul.  And the young and talented Joseph Gordon Levitt will play a young Dark Knight replacement John Blake a.k.a a possible Robin.  What epic tactician’s cataclysm has Jonathan Nolan and his brother been able to concoct?  We will soon find out as The Dark Knight Rises can be seen in IMAX and 3d in less than a month on July 20th

Breaking news (via viral marketing) tells us that Gotham City is currently experiencing a slew of cat-related burglaries:

“All the victims were wealthy folks, who lost jewelry, family heirlooms and other precious valuables. The suspect is said to be dressed all in black, and is capable of a quick getaway.  Some of the victims were at a Wayne Enterprises event when their homes were burglarized.  The Observer adds that Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Foley (played by Matthew Modine) is heading up a task force composed of the GCPD’s brightest young recruits to catch the thief.”

WHO is Gotham’s Female Robin Hood?  A femme-fatal who refuses to kill, drowned in dichotomies and characterized by her allegiance ambiguity?  Let’s take a look.

Quote1.pngIdealist self-esteem is greatest when they see themselves or are seen by others as empathetic in bonding with people in their circle.  Idealist’s feel a kind of natural sympathy for man-kind, but they base their self-esteem on the empathy they feel with those people closest to them.  To the NFs, even introverted NFs, life is nothing without sensitive personal ties, without shared experiences and intimate attachments.  Without rapport so close that consciousness itself seems to be sharedNFs, after all, cannot not be personal, and the health of their relationships is beyond everything else the measure of their self-worth–enhanced when their relationships are deeply connected and vital, and diminished when they are distanced or troubled.Quote2.png  — Please Understand Me II p. 137

Quote1.pngIn all area’s of life Idealist’s are concerned not so much with practical realities as with meaningful possibilities, with romantic ideals.  But particularly in their love relationshipsNFs have a keen appetite for romance— if any type can be said to be “in love with love” it is the NF.  And yet, while they fall in love easily, they have little interest in shallow or insignificant relationships.  On the contrary they want their relationships to be deep and meaningful, full of beauty, poetry, and sensitivity.Quote2.png  — Please Understand Me II p. 142

Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman is an orphaned teen who was forced to adapt quickly to the dark and unrelenting streets of Gotham City.   Faced directly with the cold and harsh reality of the world, Kyle learned at an early age to protect herself emotionally from the harsh reality she was given.  Excelling in various forms of acrobatic martial arts, Kyle decided to steal from Gotham City’s rich and corrupt.  Seeing her burglary as a form of justice and redemption in a world rank with injustice, Catwoman’s mild criminal activities are often tempered by a reluctant altruism as her status as a villain/heroine is in a constant flux.  Selina’s relationship with The Dark Knight himself is complicated to say the least; as she regularly eludes capture by him and maintains a playful but adversarial relationship that frequently turns flirtatious and occasionally, legitimately romantic.  She is one of Batman’s best known loves.  Inflamed with a displaced sense of altruism in looking around, reluctantly credulous in hoping that Gotham City can one day be a beacon of hope, and highly romantic in fantasizing the possibility of her feelings for Bruce Wayne coming to fruition; Selina Kyle makes for a great example of an Idealist.  Indeed Catwoman knows, as all Idealist’s do, that a loving heart is the truest wisdom.

Quote1.pngIf their love life lacks romance, Idealist’s have been known to romanticize their relationships, infusing them with a glow of perfection that can rarely be sustained in the harsher light of reality.  All too often the NF falls into pattern of romantic projection, accompanied by a considerable investment of effort and emotion often ending in a painful disillusionment.Quote2.png  — Please Understand Me II p. 142

Quote1.pngMy world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me.Quote2.png

Selina Kyle (New Earth)


Pre-release tracking on TDKR indicates that the film will likely open north of 150$ million.  Which is slightly less than The Avengers opening of $207.4 million domestic.

Meanwhile, Comic Book Movie reveals via a scan from TDKR merchandise what Bane’s secret weapon is in the movie. (SPOILER AHEAD!) … Still here? The scanned image reveals that the device is a fusion reactor, which Collider points out is the energy project alluded to in the most recent viral materials (letters between Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox).

ALSO here are these fresh new bat-images:

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  1. I just saw the Dark Knight Rises for the second time (of COURSE I saw it opening day in IMAX!). And my favourite character was John Blake. But he’s SO hard to type! He seems like a Guardian, definitely attentive, an Inspector or Protector. But he’s very idealistic, so I don’t know if that translates into him being an Idealist. Have you been able to type Blake?

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