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For those of you who do not know, Game of Thrones is an HBO series in it’s third season based off  a series of popular fantasy novels entitled “A Song of Ice and Fire”.  Thrones chronicles the violent conflicts and struggles between noble families vying for control of the ‘Iron Throne’.  The unprecedented genre series focuses primarily on political and military strife between four major powersHouse LannisterHouse BaratheonHouse Starkand House Targaryen.  Just like the real four major powers or Temperaments, these ones certainly have their differences.  Let’s take a look.

Game of Thrones

House Lannister is the richest organization in the Seven Kingdoms.  Represented by a Lion, House Lannister is characterized by it’s financial strength and stability.  While the official House words are “Hear me roar”, the house’s unofficial saying is a “Lannister always pays his debts.”  Strong, grounded, and numerous; ruling with an iron fist, House Lannister is representative of the Guardian.

Quote1Guardians know better than the rest of us what dangers lurk nearby, ready to pounce.  Property can be lost or stolenhealth can failrelationships can fall apart.  The world can go to hell in a handbasket.  Perhaps this is why they put such trust in institutions.  Institutions are bastions of security in a chaotic world, and SJ’s devote themselves to establishing themtending them and perpetuating them.Quote2  — Please Understand Me II, p. 99

House Baratheon spear-headed the rebellion that overthrew the Targaryen dynasty.  Represented by a stag, House Baratheon is characterized by it’s military prowess, and rash decision making.  The official House words are “Ours is the fury.”  Bold, wreckless, and tactical; with a preference for utility House Baratheon is representative of the Artisan.

Quote1Artisans are impulsive.  They like being that way.  To be impulsivespontaneous, is to really be alive.  SP’s trust their impulses without reserve, enjoy feeling them well up within; and they love discharging them, like setting off an explosion.Quote2  — Please Understand Me II, p. 56

House Stark is the oldest Great House of Westeros, having guarded the North for over 8000 years.  Represented by a wolfHouse Stark is characterized by it’s cunning, and survivability.  The official house words are a pragmatic “Winter is Coming”.  Calm, wise, and resolute; with an adherence to reason House Stark is representative of the Rational.  

Quote1Rationals are self-confident in so far as they sense in themselves a strength of will or an unwavering resolution.  NT’s believe they can overcome any obstacledominate any fieldconquer any enemy — even themselves—with the power of their resolve.Quote2  — Please Understand Me II, p. 186

House Targaryen conquered and united the Seven Kingdoms, and forged the Iron Throne.  Represented by a dragon , House Targaryen is characterized by it’s mystical nature, and noble roots.  The official house words are “Fire and Blood”.  Righteous, noble, and kind-hearted; with an affinity for justice House Targaryen is representative of the Idealist.

Quote1Idealists devote much of their time to pursuing their own identity, their personal meaning, what they signify—their true Self.  It is not, mind you, that they are self-centered, self-serving, or selfish; they focus on the Self of others as surely as on their own.  But whether their own or another’sNF’s are centered on the Selfconcentrated on itcommitted to it.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II, p. 143

All four major houses of Westeros vye for supremacy much like the four temperaments do the same.

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