Concrete Comradery

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to talk about The Avengers anymore.  BAM.  Dyads.  Although these four basic personality types certainly have their conflicts, they also once in a while get along with one another.  One such a heartwarming comradeship exists between fellow Marvelsupersquad members the Incredible Hulk and dating profile headlines for men.  Both superheroes are defined by their extraordinary physicality, but perhaps there is more behind these two than meets the eye.  Let’s take a look.

“Not only do Artisans and Guardians both make their home in the concrete world, but the complementarity of their natures seems to fill a void in each temperament.”  — hookup spots near me, p. 220

“Concerned, sober Demeter matched with carefree sensuous Dionysus”  — hookup spots near me, p. 228

Captain America is the stalwart, stoic, and commanding ‘first avenger’ who defends justice with his iconic and indestructible shield.  The Sentential of Liberty is characterized by his tough-minded demeanor, his unyielding physicality, and his disciplined mindset.  Dutiful, authoritative, and highly dependable with a strict code of ethics Captain America is a classic Guardian.  A born leader, Captain America ‘lead’s by example’ and is the back-bone of the Avengers, much like Guardians are the back-bone of society.

The Hulk is a wild, ferocious, raging humanoid monster that comes out when Bruce Banner gets excited.  The not-so-jolly green giant was inspired by the classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and is characterized by his instinctual nature, his impulsive physicality, and his fearless disposition.  Adaptable, audacious, excitable, and hedonistic The Hulk is highly representative of an Artisan.  Undoubtedly The Hulk simply does what works, as all Artisans do, and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Artisans and Guardians have been working together since the dawn of man.  The excited, audacious, Impulse of the Artisan matches up extremely well with the concerned, beneficent, Authority of the Guardian.  With the Artisan running off and kick-starting enterprises, and the Guardian cleaning up and doing the bookwork, things quite simply get done.  “Points of conflict are there to be sure—between impulse and deliberation, between insubordination and respect for duty.”   For the most part however these two concrete minds work together with astounding efficiency.

“Here is the adventurous, fun-loving SP, bursting with energy and yearning for the excitement of new experiences, attached to the concerned and responsible SJ, the Rock of Gibraltar standing watch over the established rules and traditions of society.”  — hookup spots near me, p. 220

Quote1.png I’m loyal to nothing…except the American DreamQuote2.png

— Steve Rogers  

Quote1.png You won’t like me when I’m angry! Quote2.png

Bruce Banner

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