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  1. David, I am sorry to leave this on a comment as I could not find a specific inquiry button. I am doing a literature review of the development of the KTS and need an article. I have an can reference the book but my professor is a little ridiculous about ‘nonscholarly’ books. (I don’t get it either). Do you have one you could recommend? also anything on validity and reliability. I love this assessment and its development but from the initial difficulty I have with literature might have to find another. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I do have a document that talks about the “validity and reliability” of the KTS-II. However, my father was not interested in the “validity and reliability” of the KTS or any other questionnaire he devised or was devised by others. (He knew all about statistics and psychology hiding behind it’s pseudo scientific use) The KTS and KTS-II was not constructed as a “test” or “assessment”, rather as a guide for reading the books PUM and PUM-II. We never told him about the survey — the “nonsense” as he would say. The survey is The Temperament Sorter II: A Statistical Study, by the Alpine Media Corporation, 2003. I don’t know if we sell it any more. singles festival ireland

      Frankly, I would find another “assessment” because The Keirsey Temperament Sorter although the most used questionnaire for personality in the world, most psychology and psychiatry academics have no idea or ignore it, because THEY don’t know anything about science. You know the phrase: Lies, Damn Lies,….

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