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The Departed

HBO Max original film The Departed was released October 6th, 2006.

#TheDeparted hauled in $291.4M at the international box office / won best film.

rottentomatoes: 91%

metacritic: 85

imdb: 8.5

oscars: 4 wins

golden globes: 1 win

SAG awards: 2 nominations

Billy Costigan, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Leonardo DiCaprio

Billy Costigan

William Costigan Jr. is sent into deep cover by the BPD to bring down Boston’s kingpin Frank Costello.

Billy Costigan, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Leonardo DiCaprio

Best Actor – Motion Picture – Drama

1 nomination: 2007

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2007

“That’s great. Your mother must be a wonderful woman. Put it this way. You’re a black guy from Boston. You don’t need any help from me to be completely fucked.” — Billy Costigan

“Sir, yes, sir, I have an idea… he was a carpet layer for Jordan Marsh. That’s right. I remember his funeral. That’s right.” — Billy Costigan

“And what’s this got to do with me, huh? And one priest, since you seem to know everything. You a psychiatrist? Well, families are always rising or falling in America, am I right? Hawthorne. I’m all set with your personal job application… all right, Sergeant? With all due respect, sir, what do you want from me? Are you sure of that? I don’t have any family.” — Billy Costigan

“You mean, Stephanie, who was the only one who came to my father’s funeral? That Stephanie? Nothing much to it, Uncle Edward. When you say ‘the family,’ who do you mean exactly? You? Maybe it would’ve done you some good to have some questions from time to time. You know? ‘Am I an asshole? Are my kids a mess?’ ‘Is my wife a money-grubbing whore?’ I mean, those are questions, right? ‘Have I ever been good to my dying sister, or am I just now pretending to be?’ When my mother dies, we don’t have any more connection.” — Billy Costigan

“So what do I do? Every weekend, Sergeant.” — Billy Costigan

“Yeah, who wants to know? Yeah, that’s my cousin. Yeah, I know. Yeah, it’s me. Aunt Kathy, how are you? I got kicked out, like, four months ago. So you know. I brought your mother some pictures of my father. My mother had them. My, uh… my mother’s dead.” — Billy Costigan

“Listen, listen. I got, like… like 30,000 bucks, right? Insurance money. After my mother passed and everything. In your line of work, if I gave you like, what, say, $10,000, what could I get back? What? What? Oh, come on, you fucking moron. Come on. What, you want me to say it? Huh? I’m not a cop, all right? I’m your fucking cousin.” — Billy Costigan

“Would you shut the fuck up for five seconds, huh? When we’re working try to limit it to two eight-balls an hour. All right? Says who?” — Billy Costigan

“Cranberry juice. Fucking… get your fucking hands off me! No. No. Yeah, excellent. Fine. Fine, fine. Yeah. Yeah, I do. A cranberry juice.” — Billy Costigan

“Excuse me, gentlemen. Sorry. You fellas come from Providence? Are you fucking delivering cannolis or something? Fuck! No, no, no. No, no, no. No, I’m not on your couch. Yeah, I do.” — Billy Costigan

“No. His real name Mr. French? Is this something I can’t do personally? No, no one’s fucking searching me. Search me for what? Yeah? Do you know he’s dead? He didn’t complain. Who said he had a problem? Are you trying to say that he was nothing? Fuck. What arm? What fucking arm? Fuck! Fuck! No! No! I am not a fucking cop! Yes. Yes, yes.” — Billy Costigan

“Yeah, sure, he was the president before Lincoln. Well, I tell you, Mr. Costello, I’d like to squeeze some fucking money out of it. Yeah. Good.” — Billy Costigan

“We have to do it by phone. I won’t do it if I have to wear a wire. No wires. Understand? You don’t know what this is like. Micro what?” — Billy Costigan

“He was re… I don’t know. Oh, fuck. He was reaching for– you’re gonna give me shit? It wasn’t for no reason, Frank. The man reached into his coat. I don’t know if he’s a bookie or what he’s doing. Yeah. Yeah, he pays you. Yeah, I got that. I got that.” — Billy Costigan

“So he never… I mean, never? So what the fuck are we talking about here? School? With all due respect, Mr. Costello, school is out.” — Billy Costigan

“Do you lie? No, I’m asking you lie. Yeah, you lie. You lie. Is it to do some good, to get somewhere personally or, what, just for the fuck of it? Wow. So you had a parent who was a drunk. No.” — Billy Costigan

“How I feel. How I feel. Fuck. You sit there with a mass murderer. A mass murderer. Your heart rate is jacked. And your hand… steady. That’s one thing I figured out about myself in prison. My hand does not shake. Ever. There was a cop leaving when I came in. You know, bad haircut, no dress sense and a slight, you know, air of scumbag entitlement. Do you see cops? Oh, boy. You should get a better job, huh? So do they, uh, all come in here and cry, your cops? Yeah? Use their weapons? Let me tell you something. They signed up to use their weapons. Most of them, all right? But they watch enough TV so they know they have to weep after they use their weapons. There is no one more full of shit than a cop. Except for a cop on TV. Yeah. What, you want… you wanna hear about the showers? Is that it? No.” — Billy Costigan

“I’m going nuts. I can’t be someone else every day. It’s been a year. I’ve had enough! I’m not them. I’m not fucking them, okay? How about I fucking kill you, huh? How about I fucking kill you? Fuck you, motherfucker!” — Billy Costigan

“When are you gonna take Costello, huh? I mean, what’s wrong with taking him on any one of the million fucking felonies that you’ve seen him do or I’ve seen him do? I mean, he murdered somebody, right? The guy fucking murders somebody and you don’t fucking take him! What are you waiting for? Do you want him to chop me up and feed me to the poor? Is that what you guys want? Something’s wrong, I mean… I’m telling you, something’s wrong.” — Billy Costigan

“You… you serious? Oh, Jesus Christ. I have to come here. You want the truth? Valium. What’s that say about what you do for a living? Look, I’m having panic attacks, all right? The other night, I thought I was having a heart attack. I puked in a trash barrel on the way over here. I haven’t slept for fucking weeks. Yeah, that’s true. I said something true. I want some fucking pills and you’re gonna, what? You’re gonna close my file? Is that it? I thought I was supposed to tell the truth here, if only fucking here. A guy comes in here against every instinct of privacy, of self-reliance that he has, and what do you do? What do you do? You send him off on the street to score smack? Is that what you do? You’re fucking ridiculous. Two pills? Great. Why don’t you just give me a bottle of Scotch and a handgun to blow my fucking head off? Are we done here with this psychiatry bullshit? What the fuck did I just put myself through? I’m fucking out of here. And what if that was a legitimate threat? Think about it, fucking hotshot.” — Billy Costigan

“It’s ’cause you’re tired and you don’t give a shit it’s not supernatural. What’s this? Yeah? Is it enough to commit suicide? Thank you. Good. So you wanna get a cup of coffee?” — Billy Costigan

Frank Costello, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Jack Nicholson

Frank Costello

Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2007

“I don’t wanna be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Years ago, we had the church. That was only a way of saying we had each other. The Knights of Columbus were real head-breakers. True guineas. They took over their piece of the city. Twenty years after an Irishman couldn’t get a fucking job, we had the presidency. May he rest in peace. That’s what the ******* don’t realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this, no one gives it to you. You have to take it.”

“Vin, don’t make me have to come down here again for this. Carmen’s developing into a fine young lady. You should be proud. You get your period yet, Carmen? You Johnny Sullivan’s kid? You live with your grandmother? Vin, get him a couple loaves of bread, couple half-gallons of milk. Do you like bologna and cheese? Give him some cold cuts. Throw some mayo in. You like comic books? You do good in school? That’s good. I did too. They call that a paradox. Just keep it. Buy yourself some make up. You ever wanna earn a little extra money, you come by L Street. You know where I am on L Street? Good. Good boy.”

“The Church wants you in your place. Kneel, stand, kneel, stand. If you go for that sort of thing, I don’t know what to do for you. A man makes his own way. No one gives it to you. You have to take it. Non serviam. Smart, Colin. Guineas from the North End, down Providence tried to tell me what to do. And something maybe happened to them. Maybe, uh… like that…”

“Jeez. She fell funny. When you decide to be something, you can be it. That’s what they don’t tell you in the Church. When I was your age, they would say we could become cops or criminals. Today what I’m saying to you is this, when you’re facing a loaded gun… what’s the difference? Hmm? That’s my boy.”

“School’s out. You earned it. No more pencils, no more books.”

“Wave to your girlfriend, honey. Cut him here.”

“Schuyler. Do you know who I am? You met my friend Mr. French the other night. No. Come with me. I’m not the cops. I’m not asking you. You know something, they just do not stop having the Mafia in Providence. And this can cause me a lot of problems. Those guys you tuned up, they’re connected down Providence. What they’re gonna do, is come back with some guys and kill you. Which, sure as you’re born, they will do. Unless I stop them. Do you want me to stop them? I’m gonna have my associate search you. Contra-fucking-band. Take your shoes off. I knew your father. Oh, sorry. How’d he go? Yeah, that was his problem. I just said he had a fucking problem. There’s a man could’ve been anything. I’m saying he worked at the airport. Arm. Makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood. And if I can slander my own environment, it makes me sad, this, uh, regression. Plus, I don’t know if it’s beyond some fucking cop prick like Queenan to pull you out of the staties and send you after me. I just can’t know. I don’t know what they do in that particular department, anyway. Are you still a cop? Swear on your mother’s grave you’re still not a cop? Are you gonna stop doing coke deals with your jerkoff fucking cousin? All right, all right, all right. You’re okay. You’ll be all right. Get your hand taken care of. I’m sorry, but, uh, it was necessary. As for our problem with Providence, let’s not cry over spilled guineas.”

“Who let this IRA motherfucker in my bar? Just kidding. How’s your mother? We all are. Act accordingly. Get in the car. I wanna show you something. Get in the car. You’ll see.”

“Do you trust him? His Uncle Jackie was. Yeah, but you can’t trust a guy acts like he’s got nothing to lose. Arnold, you’re one in a million. What about your wife, Arnold? She wasn’t. Another county heard from. Answer this for me, will you? ♪ They love the dear silver ♪ That shines in her hair ♪ I love the dear fingers ♪ So toil-worn for me ♪ God bless her and keep her Mother Machree! ♪”

“Who’s the lead detective? Good. He’s a lox. Get the cops to look at Jimmy Pappas for the hit. Of course he had nothing to do with it, and he’ll say so. You look in his car, you’ll find the gun that did it, registered, official. Providence.”

“Have a seat, Bill. Do you know John Lennon? Lennon said, ‘I’m an artist. You give me a fucking tuba, I’ll get you something out of it.’ Smart-mouth. Too bad. If you’ll indulge me… now what? Choir practice… the point I’m making with John Lennon is, a man could look at anything and make something out of it. For instance, I look at you, and I think, what could I use you for? Get rid of this. French. Put it downstairs. Here. Yeah, thank you. Maybe we could work something out. And, uh, send this to his wife. As I remember, she ain’t that sentimental.”

“So? Well, you do know what a bookie does, don’t you? Here, Bill, this is for you. Form now on, call the bar, ask for Mikey. Just Mikey. You ask for Mikey because there is no Mikey. You wait. We’ll call you. Good.”

“You know… if your father were alive, and saw you here sitting with me, let’s say he’d have a word with me about this. In fact, he’d kill seven guys just to cut my throat. And he could do it. Which is something you don’t know about William Costigan Sr. No. No, no. He kept his own counsel. He never wanted money. You can’t do anything with a man like that. Your Uncle Jackie… he also would kill my entire fucking family if he saw me here with you. And I think about this. Did you ever think about going back to school? Maybe someday you’ll wake the fuck up. Good day, Fathers. You recall our chat? Litlle boys… sucking on their peckers, et cetera and so forth. ‘I am as God made me.’ Was that your rationale? May I remind you, in this archdiocese, God don’t run the bingo. How’s Sister Mary Theresa doing? We had a tasty relationship before she took her vows. Enjoy your clams, cocksuckers. Pay ’em. Get the old bombardier a drink on the house.”

Colin Sullivan, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Matt Damon

Colin Sullivan

“Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Amen. James Joyce.”

“Sir, yes, sir! Fuck you. Fucking queers. Firemen getting pussy for the first time in the history of fire or pussy. Hey, go save a kitten in a tree, you fucking homos. Those fucking firefighters are a bunch of homos. They are.”

“Right. No, no, I’ll catch up with you guys. Thank you, Frank. All right. Move it, get the fuck down! Get down, right now.”

“Thank you, Sergeant. Thank you, sir. Thanks, hon.”

“Hi, Darlene. SIU. What a country. Hey, I don’t mind going it alone. You know, if you went alone every once in a while you might get somewhere. All right, lookit, I know you’re a worker. Maybe I can do something for you. You got any suits at home or do you like coming to work dressed like you’re gonna invade Poland?”

“A state-police detective. No. I have a co-signer. Just give me the papers.”

“What was his name, the departed? And this guy, his old man runs the Hibernian Liqour Mart. Kennefick’s.”

“Now, Mrs. Kennefick, I knew your son. I knew Myles. Now he was a little younger than me, but he was behind me in school. I wanna get these people who did this to him. Would you like to help us? You wanna help us catch the people who forced your son to do a robbery and then killed him? Allegedly. But not the robbery. That’s not wrong. He did something else wrong? Did you get that? Welcome to the neighborhood.”

“You making a house call? No, no. No, I know who you are, though. I know. Guys gotta use their service revolver in the course of duty and then they get to come to talk to you about their feelings and whatnot. No, no, I know how it goes. You’re a mental health professional. Oh, you’ll have fun. They’re all frigging crazy on that floor. I’m one more up. Yeah, that’s right, fancy. Yeah, I am. I’m actually going to law school also. Yeah, they don’t run Harvard at night, last time I checked. Before I went to fucking Suffolk. I thought you were. So now you gotta buy me dinner. I’ll stab someone in the heart with an ice pick… …if it gets me dinner with you. No, I’m a detective. I’ll find you. No, sorry. I’m just joking. I need the card. Card helps. Nice to meet you, Madelyn.”

“Hi, Dad. I had no idea about the tail until I saw it. No, I couldn’t. I had the other guy with me, I couldn’t… all right, it’s a blue sedan and then a white van. It’s fucked up with graffiti on the side. The van is the audio surveillance. All right, have a nice day.”

“Now, you also do probation work, right? Oh, bad guys. Yeah, they got this but they don’t got duck l’orange. Yeah, no, no, the lobster was good. I just, you know, ’cause it was a French restaurant. I was surprised. Look, I don’t know, if that thing moves, I’m gonna shoot it. I don’t even know what it is. So what’s it like having people find themselves in your office all day long? Does it get messy with all those feelings flying around? Who says I wanna see you again? You should see your face. ‘Course I wanna see you again. What Freud said about the Irish is, we’re the only people who are impervious to psychoanalysis. I know he did. So you’re up shit’s creek with a client list full of mick cops. I mean, opening up? Good luck to you. Why do you do it, then? Fair enough. Including the criminals? I’ll… I’ll always have a job. I’ll just arrest innocent people. You don’t know the half of it. I’ll arrest you right now. My word against yours.”

“Ah. The principles of detection tell me that these two gentlemen came from Providence. Yeah, actually, it’s my crime scene, but knock yourself out.”

“I saw a dead guy. I think I’m having posttraumatic stress. Can I meet your for lunch? All right, see you then. In the trunk or the glove compartment?”

“Hey, this will get Captain Ellerby on the six o’clock news.”

“Jimmy Pappas. Jimmy had a rough month. Jimmy had a heart attack in jail and then he got himself knifed at Boston City Hospital. I believe it’s been in the papers. It’s a fucking result. Cui gives a shit? It’s got a frigging bow on it.”

“It’s a small surveillance sub-unit, but it’s mine. I didn’t take this job in order to fuck it up or let anyone else fuck it up. I handpicked this group. You’re my A team. Now, our prime– hi, captain. Queenan’s compartmentalizing everything in SIU, which is the right thing to do. Personally, I don’t trust half the fucking troopers out here anymore. Bottom line, we think we might have a problem. We think Costello’s got a rat in the state police. Yeah, really. No, no, not presently. Uh, but I’m working on that.”

“Hi, Dad. I got promoted. All right.”

“What do you got for me, trooper? More than one. He’s one of Costello’s crew. Now who’s the lawyer? And the guy didn’t show up? And he beeped him? Give it to me. He doesn’t know what the fucking lawyer looks like. Whose briefcase is this? All right. It’s off? Afternoon, Mr. Fitzgibbons. What do you think? Now, have you made any statements or phone calls I need to be made aware of? That’s it? I think you need to call your mother. Tell her you’re not gonna be home for supper. Camera’s off. It’s off. Call your mother. Lookit, they’re suiting up for a raid right now. I don’t know where they’re going, but they do. And so do you. So, make the call. Lookit, fuckstick, you don’t gotta trust me… just listen to what I’m saying to you. Thank you. I think you need a different attorney after all, Mr. Fitzgibbons. Have a great day. All right, run the last number he called. That’s his house. Whatever the address, I’ll swear to the judge I surveilled him there and abra-fucking-cadabra, we got a warrant. ‘Cause you didn’t go in there.”

“I gotta go to work.”

Captain Queenan, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Martin Sheen

Captain Queenan

“Congratulations on passing the detective’s exam, and welcome to the Special Investigation Unit. We won’t be working together, that is, directly. You’ll be working for Captain Ellerby, but I like to see everybody. You’re a worker. You rise fast. Good luck.”

“You can sit. So… do you know what we do here? My section? Staff Sergeant Dignam has a style of his own. I’m afraid we all have to get used to it. Who said that? We have a question. Do you wanna be a cop, or do you wanna appear to be a cop? It’s an honest question. Lot of guys want to appear to be cops. Gun, badge, pretend they’re on TV.”

“He’s right. We deal in deception here. What we do not deal with is self-deception. Five years from now you could be anything else in the world. But you will not be a Massachusetts state trooper. I’m sure of that. You don’t have much family.”

“There’s money behind this operation. You won’t be paid as a regular cop but there is a bonus involved. Tax-free. We can’t conceal that you were a trainee. You’ll be convicted of a crime. We’re thinking a guilty plea to assault and battery would make sense. You do enough jail time to convince anyone this is no setup. You’ll be on probation, see a court-ordered shrink, the whole nine yards. Do it again. For me.”

“Microprocessors. Microprocessors. We’ll probably be at war with the Chinese in 20-odd years and Costello is selling them military technology. Microprocessors, chips, computer parts. Anybody says anything about anything like that, you let us know.”

“Okay, kid, let’s do this. Come on, spread them. Hey! That was a joke. Come on. Hey! Stop it! Break it up! Stop it! Stop it! God damn it, stop it! That’s an order! For Chrissake, be smart. If anybody’s watching us now, how are we not supposed to arrest you? Come on, get in the car. Both of you, get in the car. Will you shut up? We are building a case and it takes time. You know that. Yeah, maybe.”

“I’m afraid so. Have you heard anything like that? Hang tight for me, kid. Just a little while longer. We are this close. All right?”

Staff Sergeant Dignam, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Mark Wahlberg

Staff Sergeant Dignam

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2007

Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2007

“Whoop-de-fucking-do. Like a 12-year-old’s dick. My pleasure.”

“Whoa, whoa, let’s say you have no idea and leave it at that, okay? No idea. Zip. None. If you had any idea about what we do, we would not be good at what we do, would we? We would be cunts. Are you calling us cunts? So, you got family connections down in Southie, right? Through your father? Why don’t you tell us about your Uncle Jackie? Uncle Jackie was a small-time bookie who tended bar at the Vets in Somerville. He got popped by Nicastro in ’95. We found his body at the airport. Oh, good. Closed casket? So, tell anybody up at Deerfield? Before you got kicked out for whaling on a gym teacher with a folding chair. You had an uncle met his demise like that? I got a question. How fucked up are you?”

“You got quite the family tree here, kid. That maggot uncle of yours, Tommy Costigan, is another goof. He gets busted selling guns, to federal officers, among many, many other departures from our normative behavior. Why are you pretending to be a cop?”

“You’re old man was a fucking hump from Southie. Baggage handler at the airport, right? Family’s all criminals except for the old man, huh? Last I heard he was happily married to a 12-year-old boy living on a beach in Thailand. Fucking family’s dug into the Southie projects like ticks. Three-decker men at best. You, however, you grew up on the North Shore, huh? Well, la-di-fucking-da. You were kind of a double kid, I bet, right? Huh? One kid with your old man, one kid with your mother. You’re upper-middle class during the weeks, then you’re dropping your R’s, and your hanging in the big bad Southie projects with your daddy the fucking donkey on the weekends. I got that right? Yup. You have different accents? You did, didn’t you, you little fucking snake. You were like different people.”

“Oh, if I was, I’d ask you why you’re a statie making 30 grand a year. And if I think I was Sigmund fucking Freud I wouldn’t get an answer. So, tell me, what’s a lace-curtain motherfucker like you doing in the staties? What’s the matter, smart-ass, you don’t know any fucking Shakespeare? Yeah, lot of em’ just wanna slam a ******* head through a plate glass window. What the fuck did you just say to me trainee? Hey, asshole, he can’t help you. I know what you are, okay? I know what you are and I know what you’re not. I’m the best friend you have on the face of this earth and I’m gonna help you understand something. You’re no fucking cop! Guaran-fucking-teed. You got 1400 on your SATs, kid. You’re an astronaut, not a statie.”

“Given your nature. You wanna serve the commonwealth, this is your chance. We need you, pal. You’ve already pretended to be a Costigan from South Boston. Perfect.”

“Sorry I’m late. Okay, my people are out there. They’re like fucking Indians. You’re not gonna see ’em. You’re not gonna hear about ’em except through me or Captain Queenan. You will not ever know the identity of undercover people. Unfortunately, this shithole has more leaks than the Iraqi navy. I’m tired from fucking your wife. Good. She’s tired from fucking my father. Good. Today, girls, what I have for you is microprocessors. Somebody, as you may already know, stole 20 microprocessors from the Mass Processor Company out on Route 128. These are the kind of processors they put into computers that could put a cruise missile up the ass of a camel from a couple hundred miles away. These pieces of plastic are worth about 100 grand a piece. Now get this, we got a guy working for the company two months, walks out the front door with a box of processors on Tuesday, has a ticket booked for Florida on Wednesday, but on Thursday, he gets found in a dumpster. You know where that dirtball started his life? Southie projects. Myles Kennefick. Got the job with a forged UMass transcript. UMass, Boston which happens to be… you’re a fucking genius, huh? Who forged your transcript, dickhead? All right, look. We got a guy says he hears Costello’s moving the processors to China. He set up the whole fucking job and popped Kennefick. You do not want to miss it if Costello takes a dump. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself. My theory on Feds is they’re like mushrooms. Feed them shit and keep them in the dark. You girls have a good day.”

“That was quick. You think he’s dead already?”

“Hey, you think you can pop somebody and there’s a special card to play? That guy, Jimmy Bags, whose jaw you broke happens to work undercover for the Boston Police Department. Calm down. Most of the people in the world do it every day. What’s the big deal? Exactly. You’re nobody. You signed the papers, remember? We’re the only two people on the face of this earth that even know you’re a cop. How about we just erase your file, huh? How about that? How about we erase your file and then, bang, you’re just another soldier for Costello, open to arrest for I don’t know how many felonies? Shall we do that, Captain? That wasn’t a joke. Just because you play a tough guy doesn’t mean you are one, you lace-curtain, Irish pussy– yeah, that might stick.”

“Look, we need you to keep your ears open, all right? No bullshit. I think Costello’s got a spy inside the Special Investigation Unit.”

Captain Ellerby, The Departed, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Plan B Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Vertigo Entertainment, Media Asia Films, Alec Baldwin

Captain Ellerby

“This unit is new, and you are the newest members of it. You have been selected for it on the basis of intelligence and aptitude. This is an elite unit. Our job is to smash or marginally disrupt… …organized crime in the city by enhanced cooperation with the FBI represented here today by Agent Frank Lazio. And we will do it. And by organized crime in this city, you know who we mean. That’s Jackie Costigan. That’s an old picture. Jackie met his demise. Last known photograph.”

“Costello uses three key guys. That’s Fitzy. Off-the-boat psycho, lives in Brockton with his mother. She’s straight out of Going My Way. Delahunt, muscle. French, the number one. But of course, the rock star, you-know-who. We’ve done a briefing book, read up. I want any and all ideas so I can pass them off as my own. Work hard and you’ll rise fast. You’re in the best possible position in the department. Let’s go to work.”

“Staff Sergeant Dignam is our liaison to the undercover section. His undercover work is extensive. He’s here to give us his reports. Sergeant Dignam. How’s your mother? We’re not here to solve the case of the missing scumbag. We’re here to nail Costello. We’d miss less if you made your informants available to us and to the bureau. Normally, he’s a very, uh, nice guy. Don’t judge him from this meeting alone.”

“So who did the two guys from Providence? What happened to Jimmy Pappas? You seem quite happy with that result. Yeah, but cui bono? Who benefits? I think you are a cop, my son.”

“Bring it in here, please. Would somebody bring it in? Come on in. Our target is a major transaction of microprocessors. Yes, those. I don’t know what they are, you don’t know what they are, who gives a fuck? Cash. Lots of cash is gonna change hands inside a building that we have under AV surveillance close-by.”

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“Have I seen you professionally? Mmm-hmm. I have an appointment on this floor. Oh, a fancy policeman. Are you a statie? Oh, Suffolk, nights? When’s the last time you checked? Okay, listen, I went to UMass. I wasn’t insulting you. Maybe you can shoot someone, then you’d have to see me professionally.”

“That’s right, I see violent offenders. Not necessarily. Oh. Was your meal okay? Yeah. I’m waiting for you to make your move. Why, does that make you uncomfortable? No? Well, you know what Freud said about the Irish? Mmm-hmm. Yeah, if you actually do, I’ll see you again. Don’t you? Don’t you? Hmm. Yeah, he said that. Mmm. Yeah. Mmm… some people do get better. Sometimes I just want people to forget about their personal bullshit and do their jobs. Well, if they don’t do their jobs, you don’t have one. Wait. You are trouble.”

“The light’s nice here in the morning. So do you wanna talk about last night? You know, it’s all right. Guys tend to make too big a deal out of it. It’s actually quite common.”

“Why? Do you? Honesty is not synonymous with truth. Well, I expect that some people do it to keep things on an even keel. Did you? Let’s keep it with you. Talk about how you feel. How did you know he was a cop? That’s part of what I do. I mean, I normally don’t see cadets who’ve been kicked out of the academy. Should I? Sometimes they do. Yeah, sure. Sometimes they cry, yeah. If they’ve had trouble at home, if they’ve had to use their weapons…”

“I looked at your file. And, uh, I see that you have a record of assault. So what was it like for you in jail? Did something happen to you?”

“What do you expect coming in here? I know you have to come here. But now that you’re here, what do you want? Oh… you know, if you lied, you would have an easier time getting what you wanted. We should have a few more meetings before we talk about prescriptions. Is that true? I didn’t say that. I’m– you are! Yes, okay. You know what? You can leave! Fuck.”

“Why is the last patient of the day always the hardest one? Listen. Listen. You know, I’m not just somebody that you have to see or they put you in jail. Okay? I mean, if you’re in distress, I will help you. It’s my card. And a prescription for 20 lorazepam. Mmm. Maybe it is. All right? Okay? Have I done my job up to your goddamn standards? Because according to my standards, you fit the model of drug-seeking behavior. You know, and too damn bad if you don’t like my initial clinical reaction. I’m transferring you to another counselor. Okay.”

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Mr. French

“Francis. You really should see somebody.”

“Well, I knew his father. I like his Uncle Jackie better. Mmm. Mmm. Slange. Get off! Hey. Hey, hey. Do you know me? Well, I’m the guy that tells you there are guys you can hit and there guys you can’t. Now, that’s not quite a guy you can’t hit but it’s almost a guy you can’t hit. So I’m gonna make a fucking ruling on this right now. You don’t fucking hit him. You understand? I fucking know you. I know your family. You make one more drug deal with that idiot fucking cop-magnet of a cousin of yours and I’ll forget your grandmother was so nice to me. I’ll cut your fucking nuts off. You understand that? What are you drinking? What is it, your period? Get him a cranberry juice. Hey, fuckhead, that’s Jackie’s nephew. What? ‘Oh,’ fucking what? Get the fuck out of here.”

“Bye-bye. Shoes. Stand. Legs. He’s clean. Yeah, come on. Show me your arm. Flip it. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. He’s clean.”

“Well, these days, um… who’s reliable? Mmm. I’m reliable. Ten. Ten million. Well, I thought she was. Well, she got reliable. Oh. One too many. She got a big mouth.”

“I thought it was nice the way you asked the guy which hand he jerked off with. I hope this don’t shake Rita up.”

“Where’s your license? I don’t see a license. There’s no such thing as a license. But you, you definitely need to have fucking one. And if you’re not being run by us, you’re being run by someone else. That means you’re bringing some undesirable elements into Mr. Costello’s area. Hey. That’s Jimmy Bags. What the fuck you doing? Then make more money. This is America. You don’t make money, you’re a douche bag. Now what you gonna do? That’s the spirit!”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. The guy don’t need any teeth. This crazy fyck knocked Jimmy Bags’ teeth out. For his cigarettes. You got that? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

“Everybody out. Move.”

“Brian, stop it. Ain’t gonna hurt you. Wake the fuck up.”


“Terminal ballistics is the study of a projectile as it hits a target and the destruction that it causes. Take, for instance, what you carry, 9 mm hollow-point. When the hollow-point actually hits the skull, what happens is it mushrooms. And when it mushrooms it peels back. So you may have, six, eight, ten little particles of the bullet that are like razor blades… tearing internal organs, liver, lungs, heart… bringing tissue, bone, blood, brain matter, and that’s called a blowback.”

“Pencils. Begin.”

“Massachusetts State Police has a long tradition of excellence. Your graduation today solidifies your acceptance into one of the finest law enforcement agencies in our nation. As the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am confident each and every one of you will serve with distinction, honor and integrity.”

“Congratulations to all our new troopers. Thank you. You are dismissed.”

“This isn’t regular police, this is the state police. And fire! Your training will show the difference. State police, search warrant! Open the door! What’s the difference? Go, go, go! Sir, yes, sir! Understood? Yes, sir! Sir, yes, sir!”

“Congratulations. You can go in there now.”


“So she tells me, ‘you never finish anything.’ ‘You finish the police course, you get taken care of again, baby.’ So after graduation, I get a blowjob again. Fuck yourself.”

“Really? Do we have direct access to Queenan’s undercovers?”

“Uniform clipped him for suspended license. However, he’s a subject of an open investigation… we’re getting a warrant. We can’t get an address off of him. He paged his lawyer but the lawyer hasn’t called back. He didn’t know the name. Just had a number on a card. Beeper number. No. Twice. Give me your phone. Turn that off. Turn the fucking camera off. What? He can’t do that. Why did you use my phone?”


“What are you looking at? Oh, forget it. Your father was a janitor, his son’s only a cop.”

“Sullivan, assigned to plainclothes right out of the gates, congrats. We’re going for beer. You wanna come?”

“What you got, Staff Sergeant? In no time you made sergeant. Perfect. We’re cops, all right? This isn’t somewhere.”

“‘Allegedly’ or ‘fuck yourself?’ Different breed out here, Sarge. I need a cup of coffee.

“Hey, you wanna see some dead guys? No wonder you get ahead. You’re good. He just did.”


“You my attorney? I beeped you. The card they gave me. That’s it. That’s it. Mom, I’m not gonna make it home for supper. Sorry, yeah, I got held up. Yeah, no, you carry on without me. I’ll… I’ll talk to you later. Okay. Bye. So who are you? So when the fuck am I gonna get out?”

Uncle Edward

“What’s this I hear from Stephanie about you becoming a policeman? Yeah, that Stephanie. Well, you’re trying to prove something to the family? You always have to question everything, don’t you? Do you need some money for the funeral?”


“Hey, you Billy Costigan? Well, nothing. I know a Sean Costigan down on L Street. Connected. Not too bright. I mean, no offense.”

Aunt Kathy

“Billy? Oh, my God. Good to see you. Oh, good to see you. Come on in. They said you was in the staties. I couldn’t believe it. Oh, look at the smile.”


“Cunt cop. Jackie was all right. Fucking guineas. To Jackie.”

“It’s a natural diuretic. My girlfriend drinks it when she’s got her period. What, do you got your period? Oh…”

“South Boston? Without asking for too many details, do you have anyone in with Costello presently?”

“Jerk-ass! Come on, Babu. I can’t do anymore. I cannot hold off. Please don’t let me go back empty-handed. Please don’t do this. I wanna help you.”

“Come to my store next Friday. I’ll give you the money.”

“This is Friday, Baby. How many times I gotta tell you? You keep on calling me Babu. It’s Singh, motherfucker. Uh, I’m trying to help you. You keep telling me I’m your friend. Yeah. You don’t even now my fucking name. You want me to get beat up? I’ll get beat up if I go back like last week. See this guy? You see this guy? He don’t want you to have the money. Because he wants to squash your head. And I don’t wanna see that. I have one customer here. What I’m gonna do? Business is bad? You opened a store in an Irish neighborhood. These are dirty, dirty people. Don’t you know that? Sell potatoes, I don’t know. Know what I’m saying? It isn’t any of your business, is it? Hey! You are killing my business, man! What’s wrong with this country? Everybody hates everybody! Chaos… get out of here. Get out of here!”

“…then I see her dancing at the wedding with you-know-who. And the other one says to him, ‘go up to Parents Without Partners.’ He goes, ‘ma, they’re all a bunch of losers at the Parents Without Partners.’ So… so I say to him, ‘Princess Caroline of Monaco…'”

“Uh, she’s on her way out.”

“Lieutenant Risteen, Lynn PD. I’d appreciate if you get out of my crime scene. Thanks.”

“Come on, let’s go. It’s all over.”

“What license? What license? I was going for my fucking cigarettes! I’m in the hole, I pay him two grand a week. There’s no profit, I pay him two grand a week. Make more money.”

“Excuse me for one second.”

“Mr. Costello. Good morning, Francis, good morning. May I remind you that pride comes before the fall. Oh.”

“No. Please. No.”


“Here it is, Your Highness, as ordered. What’s got you all hot and bothered?”

“Don’t you people ever shut the fuck up?”

“Choir practice.”

Sean Costigan

“Yeah, it was in the papers. And why are we graced with your presence? I’m sorry. Sorry for your troubles. I was at a funeral myself, man. Myles Kennefick. He was a young guy, you know? It’s terrible. It’s a shame.”

“You remember that night. That was that night. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know what you… you know what you usually say at these moments. Come on, man. Yeah, you’re bad. You corrupt fuck, man. You must be my cousin.”

“Fucking Ricans think they know everything. If they knew shit, they wouldn’t be Puerto Ricans. ♪ R is for Ricans, P is for pigs ♪. That’s right. You used to be a cop. We’re not even supposed to be doing this shit this close to Worcester. This side of Worcester. Says him. Says Costello. God says, as far as you’re concerned.”

“No, no, he’s no cop. He got out of the joint three weeks ago. No, no, no. He talks like his shit don’t stink, but he’s good people. Uncle Jackie was excellent. Uncle Jackie.”


“Won’t happen again, Mr. C.”


“To you, O Lord, we commend the soul of Alphonsus, your servant. In the sight of this world, he is now dead. Forgive whatever sins he committed through human weakness.”

“Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.”

Mrs. Kennefick

“Allegedly. If he was killed, he probably did something wrong. I mean, fuck yourself.”

Real Estate Guy

“It’s very lovely. You get the high ceilings, you get the parquet floors. Bathroom is massive. The fridge has got an alarm in it in case you have eating issues, which is a joke. Not a very funny one. Well, there’s a great view of the State House. Beacon Hill, if you can see it. I mean, you move in, you’re upper-class by about Tuesday. So you’re a cop. A state-police detective. And are you a married state-police detective or… because this is kind of a… sort of a big place and… oh, cool. Yeah, you intend to have a houseguest. That’s cool. Good. Yeah, it’s got… sure.”


“But now, I don’t know. It’s a funny thing. It put hate in your heart.”

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