American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions

American Sniper

American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions

Max original film American Sniper was released December 25th, 2014.

American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions
American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions
American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions

#AmericanSniper cleared $547.6M at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 72%

metacritic: 73

imdb: 7.3

oscars: 1 win

American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions
American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions

Chief Chris Kyle

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle serves 4 tours in Fallujah, Iraq.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

1 nomination: 2015

American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Zak Productions

“It’s a fuckin’ hotbox. Oh, well, you’d know, wouldn’t you? Gah. I got a military-age male that’s on a cell phone that’s on a cell phone watching the convoy, over. He stepped off. Hold on. I got a woman and a kid, 200 yards out, moving towards the convoy. Her arms aren’t swinging. She’s carrying something. Yeah, she’s got a grenade. She’s got an RKG Russian grenade she just handed to the kid. You got eyes on this? Can you confirm?” — Chris Kyle

“Yes, sir. The guy was picking on Jeff. You’re all right. Now, get ready. That’s good. Supposed to get laid with it. I’m gonna wear it and see if it puts Sarah in the mood. Oh, is that what they say? All right. Don’t say it. Hey! What’d I say? That was bucking money, those two girls. He kept looking– he had his eyes on her, and that’s why, the last time… wait till you see what this does, yeah. That’s me, you dog. Hey, baby. Who wants to fuck a rodeo star? What the fuck? I said what?” — Chris Kyle

“Well, you should be– oh, he didn’t know? What didn’t you know? What didn’t you know? Get his hat, baby. He didn’t know what? Whose rifles did you think those were? Those clothes, them men’s clothes weren’t hers? Is that what you didn’t know? You fucking son of a bitch? What? Put that fuckin’ hat on and get the fuck out. Get out. Whew! Get your stuff and get out. Don’t say it. I don’t know. Maybe she’s right, though. Hey, Jeff. Jeff. Hey. Look at this. Look what they did to us.” — Chris Kyle

“Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I’m looking to be of service. Yes, sir. SEALs. Well, I’m not much for the water, sir. But I’m not most men, sir. I don’t quit. Hooyah, no, Instructor Rolle. Hooyah, sir! Hooyah, 30! Hooyah, dangerous. Feeling dangerous.” — Chris Kyle

“I’m the only one who’s hit one, so… yeah. Oh, yeah. No, you got one more. It may have been the leather pants. Well, maybe corduroy. Oh, no. After three beers, all I know is to get a fourth. Oh, I’m not redneck. I’m from Texas. Well we ride horses and they ride their cousins. Oh, uh, I polish dolphins. They’re in captivity. What I do is just sort of scrape off the crustaceans. No. Honestly, you look a little sad. Am I, uh, tall enough to buy you a drink? Okay. How about this? Hey, Greg? Get two shots. How ’bout we do a shot for a question? Every time you ask me a question and I answer, you got to do a shot. Same, vice versa. You can leave the bottle, too. Okay, shoot. I just finished Bud/S heading to sniper school. Yes, ma’am. That’s two questions. Oh, I didn’t really mean you had to do that. Okay. Shit. Oh, was she? Hold on. How you know all about us? What do you mean? Wait. Why would you say I’m self-centered? I’d lay down my life for my country. ‘Cause it’s the greatest country on Earth, and I’d do everything I can to protect it. Look, I’m sorry what happened to your sister, but that’s not me. It’s nice to meet you. Well, I was just gonna go home because you said you wouldn’t date a SEAL, so… oh. Oh, okay. Well, then maybe, hello. Nice to meet you. What’s your name? Taya. Chris. I’m Chris Kyle. Nice to meet you. Pleasure. Well, our Bud/s officer commander said that it’s three– okay. He said there’s three things we got to worry about– ego, booze, and women. You’re pretty. You’re so cute. Hey. I got you.” — Chris Kyle

“Hey, it’s me again. The guy whose shoes you puked on. So, uh, yeah, I was thinking maybe you didn’t get that last message, the last message I left, or, uh, the one before that. So, uh, I figured that– hey. How are you? How’ve you been? Good. Uh… wow. Uh… what are you up to? Uh, no, just, uh, excited to talk to you. Yes, sir.” — Chris Kyle

“Not bad. What do we get for that? Great. Thank you, sir. Oh, good. That looks good on you. Oh. Uh, no. I wanted to be a cowboy. But, I don’t know. I did that. Thought I was meant for something more. I think I rescued that bar from you. You like country music? How about kids? You want kids? Well, that’s a shitty thing to say to a girl. Them wrong picks put you here, made you who you are. I like who you are. I don’t know. I just hope I can do my job when that day comes. Oh, fuck.” — Chris Kyle

“You’re trembling. We don’t have to do this if you don’t– yeah? Well, if I close my off-eye, then I can’t see what’s out there. Negative. Sir, there is something out there. I’m better when it’s breathing. What’s wrong? I know enough. You are a package deal, babe. What are you so afraid of? We’re gonna get married and then we’re gonna start a family. I’m done. I love you. Okay.” — Chris Kyle

“Hmm? Would you believe me, babe, if I told you I had an I.V. and I was all green about two hours ago? It’s a package deal, babe. Come here, you. It’s only gonna be six weeks, baby. That’s what they say. You got nothing to be afraid of. It’s all part of the plan. That’s just ’cause I’m not the only one that’s going to war. That’s all. They got snipin’ in the Olympics now?” — Chris Kyle

“Hold on. I got a woman and kid, 200 yards out, moving towards the convoy. Her arm’s aren’t swinging. She’s carrying something. She’s got a grenade. She’s got an RKG Russian grenade she just handed it to the kid. You got eyes on this? Can you confirm? Get the fuck off me.” — Chris Kyle

“Where is everybody? Yeah, why aren’t you out there? What, reading a comic book? There was a kid who, uh, barely had any hair on his balls. Mother gives him a grenade, sends him out there to kill marines. Dude, that’s evil like I never seen before. Yeah, but I killed him. Yeah, it’s just not how I envisioned thar first one to go down.” — Chris Kyle

“Yeah, well… fuck. They were clean, right? That fuckin’ sniper went right up our ass! It better not happen again. There’s a hot spot 400 meters out. I’m gonna go write up some shooter statements. I got six– oh. No, that’s not true. I got eight, but they dragged two off. Yeah. Why? What’s wrong? Yeah, but they got one of us.” — Chris Kyle

“Look, I don’t know what a Koran looks like, but I can tell you what he was carrying. It was pressed metal, shot 7.62s, and it looked just like an AK-47. So you tell me what he was carrying. Only way to shut you up.” — Chris Kyle

“That is not the way the call home is supposed to go, babe. Well, there’s certain things you just can’t say over the phone. I can’t stop thinking about that little pink number you wore on our honeymoon. Yeah. Well, it was a good honeymoon. I miss you real bad. Yeah. Hold on. Hold on a second. Let me just… I got a phone in one hand and a gun in the other, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Oh, you’re a horny preggers. If you were 300 pounds, I’d still do you. How’s my boy? I can’t wait to see the way you’re gonna be with him. I just know. I can sense it. Baby, I am right. Mm, I haven’t checked my e-mails. Why? What’s wrong? Taya, what’s wrong? What happened? What do you mean? What happened to jump school? Wait. What do you mean? Deployed where? Where is he?” — Chris Kyle

“I’ll tell you something. These marines keep rushing in like they’re doing, they’re gonna have their asses shot off. Well, let’s coach them up. I’ll show them how team guys do it. I’ll lead the unit on the street. Oh, come on. If I’m on the street, Marc, I could– no, I just want to get the bad guys. But if I can’t see them, I can’t shoot them. They’re not.” — Chris Kyle

“You said Aqi has a sniper in the Olympics, but Iraq hasn’t qualified a shooter in three games. Hey, one you all gain entry, I can’t see shit. So take it slow and move through your target. Fuck this. I’m gonna go clear houses with marines. You coming? All right, well, if I don’t see you down there, you make sure I don’t see you again. Hey. Y’all mind if I roll with you? Well, who’s counting? Listen. I know y’all are meat-eaters, for sure, but I know a couple things, some simple shit I could show you. Maybe keep us above ground. What do you say? Moving. Get down! Get down on the ground right now! Get your fucking ass down! Get down! Why are you here? You’re supposed to be evacuating this area. Why are you still here? Sheik Alla-who?! Who the fuck are you?! I don’t give a fuck it’s your home! This is a war zone, sir! Get that kid down! How many more you have here?” — Chris Kyle

Taya, American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions, Sienna Miller

Taya Kyle

“Hi. Good. Thank you. Will a drink make you six inches taller and charming? Will it make you not married? Yeah. I just watched you take your ring off, okay? Don’t be a scumbag. Go home. Oh, my God. Oh, yeah? What kind of pants does a girl have to wear to be left alone? I mean, is that how it is with you guys? You’re, like, suddenly single after three beers? Oh, that’s great. That’s great. Real redneck. Mm. What’s the difference? What do you do for work? You’re obviously military. Do I look stupid to you? Not until you tell me what you do. Game on. All right. You’re obviously military. What branch? Are you kidding me? You’re a SEAL? Shit. Really? I know all about you guys. My sister was engaged to a SEAL. Yeah. Mm-hmm. What I mean is, you’re a bunch of arrogant, self-centered pricks who think you can lie and cheat and do whatever the fuck you want. I’d never date a SEAL. Why? Where are you goin’? I said I’d never marry one. Taya. I mean, it’s pretty egotistical of you to think you can protect us all. Isn’t it, Chris? Well, sounds like you’re under attack. I’m not going home with you. So don’t even think about it.”

“Hey. This is Taya. I can’t get to the phone. Leave a message. I’ll call you back. You figured what? Good. Not a lot. You? God. Whoo! Uh, I like that one. Brown one. Oh, look! Thank you. Hello. So, did you always want to be a soldier? Mm. So you started rescuing girls from bars? Only when I’m depressed. Yeah, someday. My mom says I have a nose for picking the wrong men. Well, I’ve proven her right. You ever think about what happens when there’s a real person on the end of that gun?”

“I know it. No, I want to. I do. You just feel real and it scares me. Oh, my God. Chris! No! Oh, my God. You don’t even know me. Nothing. Everything. I don’t know. What if it doesn’t work out? You got it all planned out, don’t you? Well, you’re gonna need a ring if you want to talk all tough like that.”

“What the hell is on your neck? Your neck. You’ve got, like, green paint all over you. What are you– what? Oh, my God. I’m so afraid, baby. What are you– your heart is beating out of your chest.”

“Have you killed anyone yet? Don’t be weird with me, seriously. I want you to tell me everything. Okay, you knocked me up, right? And I’m sitting here by myself literally assembling baby cribs, and you can’t talk to me? That’s your big plan? You guys almost done over there yet? Yeah, it’s called a nightgown. And three days– three days is not a honeymoon. I miss you, too. Hey, you want me to talk dirty to you? Well, you’re gonna have to decide what’s more important, baby. Fat and horny. It’s fucking disgusting. So romantic. Nobody said it’s a boy. How do you know? I hope you’re right. Hey, did your Dad get ahold of you? Shit. Okay, you need to hang up and call him, all right? Fuck. I’m so selfish. I wasn’t even thinking. Your little brother deployed. No, he didn’t get in. You just hang up and call your Dad, okay? Over there. He’s headed to Iraq. I’m sorry, honey.”

Marc Lee, American Sniper, Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Mad Chance, Joint Effort, Malpaso Productions,  Luke Grimes

Marc Lee

“Welcome to Fallujah. The new wild west of the old Middle East. AQI put a price on your heads, and now extremists from around the globe are flooding borders to collect on it. You snipers, you’re gonna be paired with a marine to watch your back and inserted along the main road to do overwatch for 1st marines going door to door. Your job is to protect those marines at all costs. This city has been evacuated. Any military-age male who is still here is here to kill you. Let’s bring these boys in safe and get our asses back home.”

“That was your overwatch, Einstein. You can thank him later. Let’s move. Keep going. Hurry up. Disperse! Cease fire! Cease fire! Smells like piss in here. You covered our asses out there, man. Some ballsy shots. Hell yeah, they were. Yeah, I already chewed out security detail. It ain’t gonna happen again. How many’d you get? You got six? Nothing. You just got more than the rest of the snipers combined. Can’t shoot what you can’t see.”

“Well, they’re marines. They don’t get the training we do. Half these guys were civilians six months ago. No, can’t do that. We need you on overwatch. Look, house-to-house is the deadliest job here, man. You got some sort of savior complex? Look, all these guys, they know your name. And they feel invincible with you up there. They are if they think they are. Why don’t you just keep banging on the long gun? We’ll let these dogs sniff out Zarqawi.”


“Hooyah, no one, Instructor Rolle! Hooyah, no, Instructor Rolle. Shots!”

“Oh, we’re just picking our dicks here, man. We’re training those fucking Hajji soldiers. Well, I have the shits. It’s a fucking graphic novel man. There’s a big difference. I heard you were on fucking fire out there. Marc Lee came in, said you popped your cherry. Is that right? Yeah. But, hey, man, you know that kid could have taken out like 10 fucking marines, right? You did your job. That’s the end of the story.”

“Oh, here he comes. Here he comes. Ladies and genitals, listen up! We have a legend in our midst! Round of applause for the legend! There we go. We’re so proud of you back home on the range, boy. Now, it’s been said that the legend here can kill 100 men with one blow. Or, no, it was, uh– what was– nah, it was– fuck. What was it? It was one– one blow from a single man. He blew 100… men. And he’s single. And– goddamn it! Shit! Oh, shit! Damn, man. Oh, fuck. You want a food fight? Come on. Shit.”

Jeff Kyle

“What are you doing? Yes, sir. Yes, he was. Man, wasn’t nobody there. You come out with a belt buckle. What are you supposed to do with it? Shit, a strong wind’ll put Sarah in the mood. Man, you know what they called her in high school. Sarah sucks-a-lotta– shit, Chris. Goddamn it. Oh, come on. And that’s why– no. When’s the wedding? I understand what you’re saying, but, you know, we get to travel over the whole state. Different city every weekend. Broncs and steers. She’s right? Right about what, Chris? She’s not right, man. We’re cowboys. We’re living the dream.”

Chris’s Father

“You got him. Hey, get back here! You don’t ever leave your rifle in the dirt. That was a hell of a shot, son. You got a gift. You’re gonna make a fine hunter someday.”

“There are three types of people in this world– sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Now, some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world. And if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep. And then you got predators. They use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. And then there are those who’ve been blessed with the gift of aggression and the overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed that live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog. Now, we’re not raising any sheep in this family. And I will whup your ass if you turn into a wolf. But we protect our own. Now, if someone tries to fight you or tries to bully your little brother, you have my permission to finish it. Is that true? Did you finish it? Well, then, you know who you are. You know your purpose.”

Chris’s Mother

“Shh! Wayne.”


“Here in the book of acts, several times, Paul stands in judgment for what he believes. And at times, we all have to do that. I mean, we don’t see with his eyes, so we don’t know the glory of his plan. Our lives unfold before us like puzzling reflections in a mirror. And on the day we rise… …we will see with clarity and understand the mystery of his ways. Let us pray.”

The Rodeo

“Chris Kyle is on the horse Big Mistress here this evening. …to hold onto it. Now, last week… so, tonight, he needs to beat the leading score of 86.”

“Hey, Jeff. Looks like your brother did it again. All right, ladies and gentlemen– Chris Kyle.”

“Easy. Easy. I didn’t know shit, man. Help! I didn’t know, man. Just give me my hat.”


“You said you wasn’t coming home until tomorrow. No, I just didn’t– Chris, just leave him alone, all right? He didn’t do anything! Chris, leave him alone! Fuckin’ Chris, leave him alone! Goddamn it! What is wrong with you?! He didn’t know, all right? He didn’t know, okay? He didn’t know. What the fuck is wrong with you?! Chris, you don’t have to fucking punch everyone! What the fuck is wrong with you? You know what? I don’t know what you expect from me. You know, you just drag me out here and then you run off with your brother every damn weekend. Why do you think I did this, huh? I do this to get attention! Don’t you get that? Fine. Fine. You know what? Fuck you. Fine. You think you’re a cowboy ’cause you rodeo. You’re not a cowboy. You’re just a lousy ranch hand. And you’re a shitty fuckin’ lay.”

USMC / Navy

“Man, the fuckin’ dirt here tastes like dog shit. Shut the fuck up. Maybe he’s just calling his old lady. Man, they fry you if you’re wrong. They send your ass to Leavenworth.”

“So, you’re from Texas. You’re a patriot. And you’re pissed off. You like to fight? You like to fight. Okay. Well, why don’t you meet the warrior elite? Yep. Sea, air, and land. No? Well, this ain’t for the faint-a heart. Most men, they wash out, they quit.”

“This is where the fun stops, guys! Take it, girls! Take it! That’s it, girls. Take it. Take it. Only hurts the first time. What we got here? You a quitter, boy? Bullshit! Yo ass is fleet meat if I ever did see it! Don’t turn away from me, son. You look at me and you take this shit. Damn, you old as fuck! You join the Navy ’cause you had such a good goddamn time on Noah’s Ark? How old are you, boy? 30? Your fart dust could have fathered half these boys.”

“We gonna weed through the quitters. Yeah, we gonna find us a goddamn warrior or two today. Dauber, are you sure you’re from Connecticut? I ain’t never met no hick from Hartford before. Hooyah, Instructor Friday! Country’s countrywide. I came here to kill terrorists. Who the fuck told your ass to giggle? Did I ask you to open up your mouth? Look at your fat, pasty, giggly ass. Damn, son. You a big Dr. Pepper, Cheeto-eatin’ motherfucker. Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. Biggles. That’s your name from now on, sunshine. And that’s your ticket home. ‘D!’ What are you still doing, in my line, trying to make this team? Everybody knows black guys don’t swim. It’s all right, sir. I’m not black. No? No. I’m the new black. We run slow, we jump low, we swim good, and we shop at Gap. And I make the white folk proud when I hose down their ladies. I dick ’em down! Hooyah! There it is! That is a quitter. You say goodbye, and I say good riddance. He quits on you here, he’s gonna quit in the field of battle. When shit gets hairy, he won’t step up. Your ass gets shot, he won’t pull you out.”

“I’m lookin’ for warriors! Seven! Keep counting! Eight! I can’t hear you! Nine! You want me to call your mama, old man? Maybe she could come and take your place. This is foreplay! I’m about to turn on some Marvin Gaye and get in that ass! That’s what I’m talking about! Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, where the fuck are your nuts? Oh, they’re gone for good, sir. They crawled back up inside. But they are warm. Big talk from a little man! Now you. How about you, old man? Huh? How you feeling? Hooyah! Kyle’s feeling dangerous. Move! Take seats! 56 degrees, so fresh, so clean. Oh! Mother nature’s got something for you! Only a few more hours and you’re Navy SEALs!”

“Boom! Chris, your turn, man. I got one more? All right. All right. One more. Here we go. Here we go. Hey, we want a smaller target, we’ll use your arm, man. Hello. How you doing? Can I, uh, get you a drink? I’m not–“

“Feel breath filling every cell in your body. This is our ritual. We master our breath, we master our mind. Pulling the trigger will become an unconscious effort. You will be aware of it, but not directing it. And as you exhale, find your natural respiratory pause and the space between heartbeats.”

“Aim small, miss small. If you aim for a shirt button, you might miss by 2 inches. If you aim for his shirt, you might miss by 2 feet. You better close those groupings, Kyle. Are we looking at the same target? You’re spitting dust. And don’t worry. We can always use corpsmen for the guys who can’t shoot. You got your off-eye shut? There’s nothing out there but the target. Punch it. Will push-ups help? Give me 50, Kyle. Clear and safe.”

“Cheers to that. What’s the word, chief? Just got the call, boys. It’s on! Hooyah! It’s about time! Yes! Hoo! Hoo! Yeah! Whoo! Cheers! Out, out, out! I’d keep that head down, Tex. Muj got snipers too, you know. A sniper won’t aim for your head. Man, they got this one sniper that’s been hitting head shots from 500 yards out. They call him Mustafa. He’s in the Olympics.”

“Man, they fry you if you’re wrong. They send your ass to Leavenworth. Fuck, that was gnarly. What the hell? Fuckin’ evil bitch. Get up. Keep moving. Roger that. Good looking out, Navy. Fuck, man, did you hear that? Riley, it’s okay. Don’t have the actuals. Whoa! Fuck, man! What the hell? Whoa. Man down! Man down! We need a corpsman over here now! Enemy sniper located. Approximate grid, Quebec-Romeo, 1-5-5-6-0-4. All right.”

“His wife said he was carrying a Koran.”

“The man with the blade, he’s a Jordanian militant. He’s funded by Bin Laden. He’s trained by Bin Laden. He is loyal to Bin Laden. His name is Zarqawi. Now, this asshole is right now the crown prince of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. His mercenary army, Aqi, they’re 5,000 strong. Now, these guys are not your average shit-kickers. These guys are well trained, they are well paid. And right now, they are waging the largest urban assault since Vietnam. Zarqawi and his lieutenants, these are our top priority. Now, there is only one way to root these guys out, and that is go door to door, house to house, until we find them or we find someone who will give us their whereabouts. So, we are going to need to clear 10 structures an hour, which, I know, is a lot. It’s aggressive. We’re gonna be loosening things up with air support. This is the highest priority target we have to date. I want this asshole dead or captured. Do you understand? Are there any questions?”

“Well, that’s because Mustafa’s not Iraqi. He’s from Syria. Regroup! Understood. Fire in the hole! Go, go, go! Fuck no, I’m not coming. No, man. I like my life. I’d actually like to make it home alive. Look, it’s not my job to go fucking knocking down doors, all right? Those guys picked the wrong fucking job. I’m not doing that shit. Hey, man. Any SEAL is cool by me. Regroup! You’re that guy, the one they’re calling The Legend. You got like 24 confirmed kills. That’s fucking badass. Yeah, I heard some motherfucker in Bravo’s catching up, yo. Yeah. All right. Right on. Hey, what’s that mean, bro? Breacher up. Let’s go! Move it! Found these bitches in the back closet. No. This Hajji just wants us all in there so he can blow us up.”

Great Lakes

“Top shelf. Sure. Here you go. Have a good day.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kyle!”

Fallujah, Iraq

“No, no! He no understand! I am Sheikh Al-Obeidi. This is my home! I stay! Sir, please! No! No! Come on! You, sir. Let me help you. You are welcome here. You are my guest. But tell the soldiers to come in.”


“If you think he’s reporting troop movement, you have a green light. Your call. Over. You say a woman and a kid? Negative. You know the R.O.E. Your call.”

“You say a woman and a kid? Negative. You know the R.O.E. Your call. Nice shooting, Tex. Hell of a call.”

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