Don't Be a Menace, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions

The Hood

Don't Be a Menace, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions

Starz original film Don’t Be a Menace was released January 12th, 1996.

Don't Be a Menace, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions
Don't Be a Menace, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions
Don't Be a Menace, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions

#Don’tBeaMenace made $20.9M at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 32%

metacritic: 53

imdb: 6.5

Ashtray, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions, Shawn Wayans
Ashtray, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions, Shawn Wayans


Ashtray just wants to make it out of the hood South Central Los Angeles, California.

“I’m gonna tell you what it’s really like living in the hood. I moved back into my father’s house after living with my moms for most of my life. Love you too, Mom. So will I see you again? Sorry! My father tried his best to give me advice. The problem was, he was only a couple years older than me. What’s up, Pops? Oh, man! Look at you, man! Look, you got big, man! Last time I seen you, you was about this tall. They wouldn’t even let you on the rides at the amusement park. We had to take you to kiddie land. Remember that? No, I’m full, man. I had some red hots. Yeah. All right. Cool. Chores?! Hey, hey, hold up. Can I ask you a question, Pop? What you gonna be doing? You’re right, Pop. Hey, could you do me a favor? Could you line me up in the back? Thirteen dollars? Aw, come on, man. The Spanish dude down the block only charges 6. Nah, I’ll let you cut me up. Of course. Well, there was this one dude who rubbed up against my butt one time, but I ain’t like it. Oh! Girls? Come on, Pops. Now, you know I be getting mine. I’m gettin’ it! I ain’t tell you about that little honeydip? Oh, Pop, I met the finest little brown-skinned cutie down at the corner market, man. She had big breasts and big legs. Ass was pow! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So, you know, I knew she liked me, ’cause we locked eyes.” — Ashtray

“So I start to get into my mack-daddy Denzel mode. You know? So I start fixin’ my eyebrows, make sure they were straight. Fix my hair, make sure it was slick and greasy. Make sure my breath wasn’t stinkin’. Oh, okay. So, anyway… …I went over to her house one Sunday morning. Her moms had just gone to church. And we had the place all to ourself. So, you know, we got to kissin’, lickin’, slobbin’. You know, doin’ the wild thing. Heh-heh. When we got up there, it was like heaven. Better than my wildest fantasies. Well, apparently, her moms must have forgot her purse or something, ’cause she came back home. I guess she could smell the sex in the air. And that’s when things really got freaky. Before I knew it, the door burst open and there was her momma. I grabbed my things and got out of there the best way I could. The girl? Hey, hey, Pops, don’t go up too high in the back. Aah!” — Ashtray

“Sorry, bro. I’m all out, man. I don’t want any cheeseburgers. Ew! Get out of here, man! Get out of here! It hurt me to wake up and see my beautiful black people suffer, victimized by the oppressive, harsh realities of the hood. I guess, even though we were free, we were still slaves in the mind. Luckily, I wasn’t alone here in the hood. See, my cousin Loc Dog lived right across the street. Loc Dog was America’s worst nightmare. Raised in a house with three generations hopelessness, poverty, and profanity.” — Ashtray

“Hey, Miss Dog. Yeah. Uh, yeah. Mm-mm. Hey! No, thanks. I’m cool. Oh, is Loc Dog here? Okay. Well, I’ll see you later. All right. Hey, Grandma! Yes, ma’am. How are you? I bet you can. Come on, Grandma. I don’t want to do nothing like that. Come on, Grandma. I don’t want to do that. Stop. Come on. Ooh, damn, them fake teeth are hard. Bye-bye.” — Ashtray

“Loc Dog was gonna teach me to survive in the hood, even if it killed me. What’s up, cuz? Yeah, man. Moms is beepin’. She said it’s time for me to become a man. Word? That’s all good, man. We need more black people like this, man. Hey, yo, Loc, man. Whatever happened to your pops anyway? You know, it’s… you know, it’s kinda tough… …growing up in the hood without a– without a positive male role model to look up to.” — Ashtray

“Our friend Preach was a former gang member turned activist. But now he’s just plain confused. Word. Crazy Legs used to be the best dancer in the hood. But now he’s paralyzed from the waist down after a drive-by. Loc Dog didn’t have the flyest ride in the hood, but it was reliable in rain, sleet, or snow.” — Ashtray

“I remember the first time I saw Dashiki. She was fine enough to be Jet Beauty of the Week. Yo. Yo, yo, Loc. Loc, come here. Yo, man, who’s this fine girl over here? Damn! Toothpick got used to being in jail. So much so that even on the outside, he lived like he was still on the inside. Hello. She wants me. I see her. *****, you ain’t getting nobody’s number.” — Ashtray

“Hey, beautiful. What’s up, little man? Oh, snap. Nah, little man. Actually, what I’m tryin’– cute little kid. Oh, by the way, my name is Ashtray. Ooh, that’s pretty. Hello, everybody. Ooh. All I know is I’d really like to take you out. Oh, you and your seven kids. Really? Man, I can’t wait for the day I can move out of the hood. Is that it? Diapers? I used to change my father’s diapers all the time. Ain’t no thing.” — Ashtray

“Ashtray. Forties and 9’s. Ooh. Can I keep the change? Cheapskate. That’s right, boy! You better get on out of here! And don’t come back! Punk! Loc, what are you doing? Man, come on! Yo, Loc, are you crazy?! What the hell did you do?! The man! He’s good.” — Ashtray

“Yo, Malik, kid, man, how’s it feel, your first day of college? Oh, yeah, well, yo know, I’m thinkin’ about going away to college myself, kid. Not today, Loc. I got to take my driver’s test. Yeah. You livin’ it, man. All right, man. Stay up. Yo, Malik. Don’t forget about us, baby. You know, Malik is the first one in the hood to go to college. Finally, someone from the hood is gonna make it.” — Ashtray

“Okay. Mm, boy, mm! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, I told you you ain’t got no game for me, boy! What’s that? Where you learn how to use a gun, anyway? Doo Rag, don’t you know that you and I are an endangered species? No! Because all the rappers are taking all the good acting jobs. Listen, Doo Rag. Having a gun doesn’t give you any power. You want to know where the real power is? No! In the books. See… Doo Rag… your mind… it is like a gun. And you wanna load it up… with little itty-bitty… bullets… of knowledge.” — Ashtray

“Hey. What are you doing? Ah. That’s deep. You want me to read one? Yeah. Baby, baby, baby. I get the point. It was– that was– that was good. It touched me in a really special place. I sure will.” — Ashtray

Loc Dog

“Tray, is that you? Hey, you better start announcing yourself before you get smoked up in here, *****. Damn! You know that chronic make me paranoid, baby. Come here, you old fool-dog, mark-ass trick. Give me some love. Ah, what’s up? All right. That’s enough of that love. I don’t play that sentimental shit. Come on. Come here. Quick fashion question. Should I wear this Tec-9 with the high tops? Mm? Mm. Or should I wear this Uzi with my low tops? Hmm. Mm. Mmm. I’ll just wear these, then. Hey, Tray, scoot over. Rumor has it your old bitch ass is in town for good. Oh, *****, my moms said the same shit. Sweatin’ me, *****. Yeah, man. Hey, I don’t care, though. I told her I don’t want to be on welfare my whole life. Hey, for real, *****. I got bigger and better plans. Figure I’ll get me a job at the post office. You know, maybe at a bank. Work real hard. Work my way up to manager. Learn the system a little bit, then I’ll rob that motherfucker blind. Break all y’all selves. Oh, that old mark-ass ***** ran out on us like a little biz-nitch.”

“Aw, *****, come on. Let’s go get preach and Crazy Legs and go to this picnic real quick. Come on. Quit sweatin’ me. Shoot. Hey, Grandma, you better stay out my endo, before I smoke your ass! Hey, Preach. What up, *****? Hey, hold that. Damn! Hey, Tray, if you can’t get nothin’ up in here, you gonna straight die a virgin. Hey, y’all, look at them freaks gettin’ busy on the dance floor. There are all kinds of bitches up in here! Hey, this one to all my dead homies, you know what I’m sayin’?”

“Hey, what’s up? What’s up, *****? Oh, *****, that’s Dashiki. Stay away from her. Everybody in the hood been up with her. Shoot. She got more kids than Ms. Wayans. Yeah. Anyway, that’s Toothpick’s ex-girl. You don’t want any of that boy’s old scraps. Why you keep wastin’ your time with that trick? Tellin’ you, you need you someone with class. Someone you can take home to stepmama. You know what I’m tryin’ to say? Get yourself a real woman. A real woman. Hey, Tray, you see that bitch over there? Now that’s a lady. I bet you I can get her number. Fool, watch me. Hey, sweetheart. Break yourself! Give me your goddamn number! Come on. Hurry up. Come on. Cool, cool, cool. So, um, I’m gonna give you a call about 5:00, all right? I said, all right? All right, sweetheart. Take care of yourself, all right? Told you I’d get her number.”

“Hey, stupid, you realize you just kissed every ***** at the party? Now come on. I gotta go to the store and get some more 40s. Yeah, yeah. Oh, this my favorite store. Hey, I’m gonna go in here and me a malt-liquor Slurpee. Run across the street and get me some barbecue potato chips. Hello, no, fool. That’s a $10 food stamp. Better bring back my change. He thinks I’m stupid. Hey, what’s up?! We got a problem, Toothpick? I said, do we have a problem? All right. We’ll play a little game. Right here. I said… do… we…have… a… problem, huh? Hey, you better get your stanky asses up out of here before I cause a nuclear holocaust up in here, fool. It gonna be Hiroshima and *****saki. Tray, bring your simple behind on!”

“Break yourself! Yeah! Break yourself, fool! Ha-ha! Yeah! Better recognize. Give me my money back. Oh, word. Candy bars. Hey. Miss Lady! Hey, I’m talkin’ to you. How much for this candy bar? What? Better give me some sucky-sucky with that $5. Some love me long time or something. Hey. Look here. Just charge us for the chips and the ice cream, all right? Shoot. Hey, let’s raise up out of here before I Loc up on these people. Hey, quit lickin’ that damn ice cream like that before I put you on the corner to make me some money. What you say about my mama? Hmm? What you say about my mama?! Break yourself! Hey, fool. It wasn’t me! I ain’t hurt nobody! The man! Mm-hmm. Come on, Tray. Let’s get out of here!”

“Bro, I’m gonna get me my G.O.B. A job. Yeah, I heard they hirin’ down at B.M. Motors, Tray. Come down there with me. All right, man. That’s enough of that sentimental stuff. Big ba-by! Ha-ha! Yeah. Yeah, there is hope. Hey! Yeah, I heard y’all ****** was hirin’. What’s up? Make me write and stuff. If I was white, you wouldn’t be makin’ me write. ‘Age.’ 19. ‘Height.’ Six deuce, baby. Heh. ‘Father’s name.’ I don’t know. Ah. ‘Sex.’ Hell, yeah, *****! Ha-ha-ha! Hmm. ‘Salary desired.’ Three million dollars. Cash. Oh, really? I just spent six months at County. Anybody ever try and take your manhood, hmm? Then he sees the warden coming, so he hides you but you still got that plunger in your ass, so you just squeal and cry– that’s me. Hey, what’s up, baby? You all right? Yeah. Mm, with or without the boot? Hey, where the seat belts at? Hey, man, how you work this radio? Whoo! One more time!”

Dashiki, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, Starz, Island Pictures, Ivory Way Productions, Tracey Cherelle Jones


“Please! My name is Dashiki. That’s Swahili for ‘doggy style.’ Those are my kids. Now, children, what do you say when you meet a nice man? That sounds nice, but I’m leaving the hood in a couple of days. well, look, I know I just met you, but you’re welcome to come along. I mean, I need somebody to help me change all them diapers. Heh, listen. You think about it, okay? And if you’re serious, let me know.”

“I don’t usually be kissin’ like that when I first meet someone. But you special. Uh… cigarette? Yeah. Ashtray. Come on, kids.”

“Writing a poem. See, my poetry, it helps me escape the harsh realities of living in the hood. Okay. Let me see… Love is by far The most precious thing On earth Like a rose’s fragrance Or a child’s birth Love me and leave me That’s the story Of my life. But it won’t happen again, See, since I bought A butcher’s knife. Yeah, see The next man that loves me And leaves me so quick Mm-hmm I’m-a cut off his balls And I’m-a chop off his dick I’m-a shoot that motherfucker I’m-a kill him I’m-a stab that shit Fuckin’ with me Oh, no, I’m-a run him over With my car He fuckin’ with The wrong mother You don’t fuck me I will kill that motherfucker. You like it? Look. You wait right here.”


“Y’all need to stop using the word ‘*****.’ You see, it’s terms like the word ‘*****’ that the white man uses to take away the self-esteem of another race. Oh, yeah, remind me to pick my laundry up from that ***** motherfucker up the street. What’s up, Crazy? Hello, my little pygmy brother. Hey, hey, what did I tell you about disrespecting my Nubian princesses? Quit disrespect– you nee– oh, my God. The mother of Mecca is right here before me. Do my eyes not deceive me, or am I looking at the goddess Isis herself? Can you, uh– can you do me a favor, my brown-skinned angel? Can you tap that white girl for me? My milk of magnesia. Oh! Oh, after the devil made you, he broke the mold. Look, maybe you and I could, uh, make a little jungle fever?”

“Okay. Yeah. All right. Whoo! Now, that there is something special. No, you see, I’m just trying to do to white girls what the white man’s been doing to us for 400 years! Fuck ’em. Amy Jo!”


“Ashtray! You little bitch-ass motherfucker! Come over here and give your grandma a hug. Ah, that’s my *****. You been wearing them jimmy hats like Grandma gave you? Oh, my old stinky ass is fine, except for my arthritis in my trigger finger. But I can still stick and move. That beatin’ the police give me didn’t slow me down a bit. Come on, motherfucker. Give me your best shot. Oh, come on. You still hit like a bitch, motherfucker. Damn! This is some good shit. Aw, go fuck yourself, *****.”

“Whatup, *****? Tell your daddy to page me. Peace. Good to see you too, Miss Williams. Tired heifer. Thank you, baby. Ain’t that the truth! Amen! Ain’t that the truth! Praise the lord!”


“Aw, it ain’t nothin’, dawg. You’ll be up in there next year. Yo, Loc, you better stop clownin’, get you G.E.D. before you end up like that brother back there. This is what fresh air smell like, huh? Wow. All right, man. All right. Hey, one love, baby.”

Crazy Legs

“Hey, what’s up, y’all? I’ll be right there, all right? Ha-ha! Yeah! Whoo! Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, that’s the way to start the day. How you doin’? What’s up, Loc? All right, African brother. I got this. Hey, where you goin’, girl? How come you talk all that noise about white men and then go date white women, fool? Yeah. What’s that? Oh, you cold. He cold.”


“Give me a knife, boy. Keep it down, man! Keep it down. Phone check, homey! Phone check! I got to talk! What they hittin’ for, man? Oh, I got that. I can cover that. Here. Oh, here you go. What? Oh, my money ain’t good here? Do you know how many crumb cakes I can get for them? How many chocolate milks? How many bars of soap? Deal my cards! Just hurry up and deal my cards. Deal! Deal! Deal! Shit. Yeah. Oh, damn, man! I should go shank that fool right now! Man, it’s only been 1,825 days, six hours, and 13 minutes. She could’ve waited! Aw, man, I ain’t worried about jail! Man, what the fuck? You sound like a bitch. Man, I ain’t worried about jail! Shit, I don’t give a damn about goin’ to jail! Take me to jail! Lock me up! Throw away the key! I ain’t afraid to fuck somebody in his ass! Yo, y’all. Come on, man. Y’all ain’t ever been in a shower with a man and you see the suds roll down the crack of his ass and you just be, uh, tur… I was foolin’ y’all, man! I was foolin’ y’all! Those was jokes! Whoo! Whoo! Ha-ha-ha! Hey, man, fuck this. Let’s get out of here.”

“What’s up now, you pretty punk trick? Oh, we got a problem for you right here. Right there, right there. Yeah! Let’s go! Let’s go, fool! Come on! Fool, let’s go!”

Tray’s Father

“Fool, I told you I don’t want no damn Watchtower! Hey! What’s up, *****?! Oh, how you doin’, man? How’s it goin’? Look at you, *****! It’s gonna be on! It’s all good, though. Hey, I was just about to eat breakfast. You hungry? Oh, is that right? Cool. Well, hey, man, come on in. Oh, please allow me. You’re a guest in my house, man. Make yourself at home. Hey, are those Girbauds? Shit, I’m gonna be sportin’ them, man. Hey, it’s good to have you up in here, too. Hey, I’m gonna finish getting my swole on, right, so you just have a seat, man. Hey, hey, hey, make sure your ass is on that plastic. Look, Tray, so we’re not bumpin’ heads, man, if you gonna be stayin’ here, you gonna have to follow some rules, which is no smokin’ my shit, don’t let me catch you drinkin’ my shit, and if you bring any of them ho’s up in here, make sure I fuck ’em first. And, uh… you gonna have some chores. That’s right chores, ***** this ain’t gonna be no free ride! You gonna have to keep track of my Matchbox cars. You got to organize the damn Sega Genesis cartridges. I want you to do my homework, since you wanna be such a smart ass, and after that, in the nighttime, I want you to cut the hair on my balls. Yeah. Hey, look, *****. I ain’t got to do nothin’. My mama take care of me. Look, I know you think I’m being hard on you. I guess I’m trying to teach you some responsibility.”

“*****, that’s gonna run you about $13. Take your ass to him and let him fuck your head up. Hey, Tray, let me ask you a question, man. What’s up? You still a virgin? Hey, man, I’m talking about girls, man! Mm, you gettin’ it, or you gettin’ it? Okay. Mm-mm. What honey? Ghetto booty! Yeah. Man, get to the damn fucking part! Yeah. Hm. I sure do hope you got her number. Hell, no. Her mama. She the freak. Man, don’t worry about this. We all done. There we go. Well, I got something for you to make the girls think you’re smelling good. All hooked up, partner. Give me my $13.”

Loc Dog’s Mother

“Loc Dog! Turn that loud-ass motherfucking music down! You wakin’ up the fuckin’ babies, motherfucker! This is still my motherfucking house, motherfucker! Who the fuck is that on my porch?! Hey, Ashtray. You come to stay with your daddy for good? Come on in. You tell your pretty-ass motherfuckin’ daddy I said hello? Baby, do me a favor and pass me that shit over there? Care for a little soup? That lazy ass motherfucker’s back there in the back, doing nothing, as usual. All right, then. You have your black ass back here by Friday, ’cause the social worker’s coming over here and I’m still claimin’ your ass.”

Ashtray’s Mother

“Tray… I don’t want you hanging out in the streets. I want you to finish school, ’cause without an education, the only kind of work you’re gonna get is selling drugs, pimping women, or working security for Eddie Murphy. Now, I’ve done all I can. I got my education, I worked two jobs to support you. But I can’t teach you how to be a man. Only your father can do that. Now give me a kiss and be a good boy. I love you, Tray. Sorry, baby. You know there ain’t no positive black females in these movies.”


“Message! Message! Mess-a-a-a-a-age!”

The Man

“Catch. Have a nice day. Oh, yeah. Yeah!”


“Now, I realize that– that every now and again, some of you womenfolk, you get hot. You get bothered. And every now and again, you get hot and bothered, ha! Well, what I want you to do, when you get that hot and you need a little… relief, I want you to– I want you to… ♪ Call me ♪ Don’t ask no questions ♪ His only son ♪ Didn’t he do it? ♪ Abraham didn’t ask No questions ♪ And that’s what God expects From his sheep ♪ Here at the Greater Ebenezer New Revival Tree of Life ♪ Institutional Double Rock ♪ On the Side of the Road To Jericho ♪ Missionary Baptist Church Of Zion ♪ And I say, Mt. Cavalry, Y’all gonna help me ♪ God expects you to do What the Lord wants you to do ♪ Like those of you… Who realize ♪ That– That the Lord Wants you to give generously ♪ To his church ♪ Don’t ask no questions ♪ Don’t ask ‘how come?’ ♪ ‘Uh– uh– Why come the pastor ♪ Have to have him A nice house, ha!’ ♪ Or, ‘Why come pastor Got to have a nice car, ha!’ ♪ Don’t ask ♪ I said, don’t ask ♪ I say, don’t ask! ♪ No questions ♪ Just give the money. Brother deacon, get the collection plate around on that side. *****, get it around on that side. We gonna now have a ‘B’ selection from the choir.”

The Hood

“What up, dawg? Yo, I’m fixin’ to tell you how it is in the hood. See, ’cause in the hood, everybody’s a target. Nah, it ain’t like that. I’m gonna tell you the real deal what it goes on in the hood. See, in the hood, most of us won’t reach the age of 21. ♪ Happy birthday homie ♪ For me? Yeah. ♪ Happy birthday, Homeboy ♪ For me? Yeah. Make a wish. No, lord! No, Lord! Not my baby! I know you didn’t do me wrong, Lord! No! He done took my– oh, my junior! I nursed him with these! Lord, why?! Oh, not my baby! Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo! What? This ain’t your baby. This ain’t your baby. Oh. Ain’t that some shit. Aah!”

“I got a surprise for you. Ohh! Hold him down, baby! Let Mama have him! All right, give it up! It’s a jack move, fool! All right. J-Just don’t shoot. Hey, come back here with my truck! What you– come here! Son, give me that truck back! Man, you got any spare change? Man, I got these cheeseburgers, man. Please, man! I’ll suck your dick!”

“Hey, you guys. Y’all want to see a dead body? Yeah! Come on. I told you he was dead. Man, he stinks! What’s up, baby boy? Five dollars a head. Five dollars. Go fish! Five dollars, buster. All right, *****! Hold up, Tooth. Y-Y-Yeah, yeah. Hey, mister. Oh, you’re just trying to get some from my mama. Give me a dollar and I’ll leave you alone. Are you my daddy?”

“Hey, man, ain’t that Dashiki over there kissing that fool, man? Man, right there. Pick, you trippin’, man. Damn. *****, that’s old news! Think about it, *****. You been in jail five years now. Yeah, yeah whatever. I’m just saying, why go back to jail? Bitch! Take me to jail! Lock me up! Throw away the key! Oh, Lord. What–? This fool is trippin’. I’m out of here. You on your own there, bro. Oh. ‘U.S.S.R.?'”

“Hello? Hey, yo, man. You page me? Yeah, yeah. You ready to be out? Yeah. Let’s move. All right. Bet. I go and check them. Hurry up and buy! Hurry up and buy! Hurry up and buy! Hey, hey! Hey, hey! You dropped something. Five dollar. You don’t like? You don’t buy. I feel sorry for your mother. I don’t want trouble. Just go! Go home! Don’t come back! No! You break, you buy! Soda, 5$! Ooh! Aah! Pickles! Ten dollar! Come on, give me money. Give me money right now. Shirt! $19.95! On sale! Come up!”

“Hey, man, check out that 6-4. Aw, damn. What up, Grandma? All right, then. All right, playa. Stay up.”

“Good to see you today, Gloria. Preach on, reverend! Amen! I got $100 right here! I feel the spirit! Whoo! Yes! All right, Grandma! Yes, Lord!”

“Thank you, brother. Thank you very much. Hey! Hey! Here you go, brother. Thank you.”

“Hello. I’m Mr. Walker. I’m your examiner for today. Put on your seat belt. Checks your mirrors. Let’s begin. Make a right, right there. And make another left here. Park right there. Wait here. Come back here! Somebody call the police! Drive, motherfucker! Drive!”

“It was nice meeting you. We’ll be in touch. Okay. My God! Uh, yes? May I help you? Oh, yes. Um, here. Why don’t you fill out this application? Well, actually, originally I’m from the East Coast. But after my Master’s, I thought I’d take a break. So here I am. I was tired of living off of Daddy. Heh-heh. You know, being an Ivy Leaguer can be a such a leg up. You know, I spent five years at Harvard. Um, uh… let’s get out of here. He’s crazy! Uh, Lock Dog? Uh, uh, Mr. Loc Dog? You’re next. Uh, mister, uh, Lock Dog? Yeah. Right. Yeah. Energy. Eager man. Yes. I like that. Right this way, uh, Lock Dog. Uh, let me just move this. Ah… so, uh, let me see. Hmm. Very interesting. Um, I see your hobbies are drinking, smoking weed and all types of ill shit. Uh, do you drive an automobile? Doesn’t matter. Well, congratulations. You got yourself a job. Right on, huh? Don’t worry. They won’t be necessary.”

“Now I’m gonna wear you out, you little punk. My gat, fool. Cartoons and hood movies. Why, because we’re black males? In the bullets!”

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