Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Searchlight Pictures, Warner Bros., Pathé

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Searchlight Pictures, Warner Bros., Pathé

HBO Max original film Slumdog Millionaire was released November 12th, 2008.

#SlumdogMillionaire cleared $378.4M at the international box office / won best film.

rottentomatoes: 91%

metacritic: 84

imdb: 8.0

oscars: 8 wins

golden globes: 4 wins

SAG awards: 1 win

Jamal Malik, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Dev Patel

Jamal Malik

Jamal Malik is an assistant at XL5 Mobile Phones from the slums of Mumbai, India.

Jamal Malik, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Dev Patel

“I am. Jamal Malik. I work in a call center… in Juhu. XL5 mobile phones.” — Jamal Malik

“No. Actually, I’m an assistant. I get tea for people.” — Jamal Malik

“The answers. I knew the answers.” — Jamal Malik

“Ow! Yes. No. Yes. No.” — Jamal Malik

“Not finished. It’s a shy one… and since when was there a time limit on a crap? Amitabh? Amitabh Bachchan! Salim, open it! Salim!” — Jamal Malik

“Amitabh Bachchan! My Amitabh sir! Move, move! Out of my way. Please wait, I am coming for you. Amitabh sir, please give me your autograph. Yay! Amitabh…” — Jamal Malik

“That was my autograph! Amitabh gave it to me. I’ll never get another. But it was mine…” — Jamal Malik

“A, Amitabh Bachchan. You don’t have to be a genius. Like I said, you don’t have to be a genius. He’s the most famous man in India. Ask the audience. How much is pani puri at Harish’s stall on Chowpatty? Pani puri. One play, how much? Wrong. Fifteen since Diwali.” — Jamal Malik

“Who stole Constable Vermaa’s bicycle outside Santa Cruz station last Thursday? Everyone in Juhu knows that. Even 5 -year-olds.” — Jamal Malik

“I wake up every morning wishing I didn’t know the answer to that question. If it wasn’t for Rama and Allah, I would still have a mother. A bow and arrow.” — Jamal Malik

“Let her in. She could be the third musketeer.” — Jamal Malik

“Salim. Come over here. Come over here. Where’s your Mother? Your Father? I’m Jamal. This is my brother Salim.” — Jamal Malik

“Yes. The way he’s taking care of us, he must be a good man. Brother Salim. She said she doesn’t want her.” — Jamal Malik

“I just need Maman to like my singing, and we’re in the money. Big money, Latika. Begging? Are you kidding? We’ll live in a big house on Harbour Road. You, me and Salim. The 3 Musketeers. Yes. In the moonlight… you and me. You’ll dance with me won’t you? It’s my turn.” — Jamal Malik

“So this is it huh, brother? The good life here we come. Porthos? What? Really? ♪ Darshan do… ♪. Fifty rupees. Now I’m a professional, what can I do? ♪ Darshan do Ghanshyam… ♪ Darshan do Ghanshyam ♪. Salim… Latika run! Run! Come on, Latika. Grab his hand! Latika! Latika! What happened, what happened? We’ve got to go back, brother. We’ve got to.” — Jamal Malik

“Surdas. Yes. Blind singers earn double you know that. They had other plans. It took me a long time to find out.” — Jamal Malik

“Where? So this is your Dad’s train then? Salim!” — Jamal Malik

“Is this heaven? What is it? Some hotel, huh?” — Jamal Malik

“No, I… but of course, madam. Please follow me. The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Khurram for his wife, Mumtaz. Was the maximum beautiful woman in the world. So, when she died, the emperor decided to build this five-star hotel for everyone who’d like to visit her tomb. But he died in 1587, before any of the rooms were built or any of the lifts. But the swimming pool, as you can see, was completed on schedule, in top-class fashion.” — Jamal Malik

“The guidebook was written by a bunch of lazy, good-for-nothing Indian beggers. And this, lady and gentleman, is the burial place of Mumtaz. A road traffic accident. Maximum pile-up. Exactly, sir. She was on the way to hospital when it happened.” — Jamal Malik

“Unbreakable Thailand wood. Hey! Shoes! American brands! Shoes! Smile! This is Mr. David, is the biggest Dhobi Ghat in the whole of India. Come on. Take a real good look at this. They say that every man in Uttar Pradesh is wearing a kurta that has been at least washed once out here. Oh, shit. You wanted to see a bit of real India, here it is.” — Jamal Malik

“The minimum tip for my services. It’s C, Benjamin Franklin. I think I just have, haven’t I? I don’t know. Oh. I’ve heard of him. Look. They didn’t ask me that question. I don’t know why. Ask them.” — Jamal Malik

“Bombay had turned into Mumbai. Why can’t you understand? A girl lived here. As tall as me perhaps. Her name was Latika.” — Jamal Malik

“Two chicken burgers, two fries, one mango lassi, one Coke. One mineral water. Shimla. I’m going to Chowpatty, okay? Wanna come? We came back to find her. I’m going to Chowpatty.” — Jamal Malik

“One hundred. Honestly. I swear on my mothers soul. There’s an old man… he’s bald on top with long hair on the sides, like a girl. I’m sorry, Arvind. Arvind, I’m trying to find… I owe Latika. She’s alive isn’t she? Thanks.” — Jamal Malik

“Latika! Later. Later. Take the cash. Take the cash.” — Jamal Malik

“Samuel Colt. Final answer.” — Jamal Malik

“Service! Found something. No, I’m not. Don’t know.” — Jamal Malik

“Of course. I never forgot. Not for one moment. I knew I’d find you in the end. It’s our destiny. No, brother. You’ve had a lot to drink. I’ll kill you! Kill you! I’ll kill you! Salim! Salim, open!” — Jamal Malik

“I wouldn’t be here if I had. The most beautiful woman in the world. When somebody asks me a question, I tell them the answer.” — Jamal Malik

“Oh, well, she did come back, then she went away when Aflie split up with her, and now she’s back again. But it looks as if Alfie still fancies Mo…” — Jamal Malik

“Dave… I can’t. Friends and Family, I know. Two minutes.” — Jamal Malik

Salim Malik, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail

Salim Malik

“Jamal, catch it! Catch it! Jamal! Jamal, it’s yours! How did you manage to drop a sitter like that, damn it? The dogs are coming, run! Hey brother! Sorry. Oh shit it’s Mum…”

“Get out of there, Jamal, Prakash wants a big one. Since there was a customer waiting, that’s when Jamal. You just lost me a bloody customer. Amitabh Bachchan!”

“Amitabh! He offered a good price, so I sold it.”

“Hey, Jamal. Jamal… get a move on! Come with us! Come with us!”

“Piss off! She’ll have the security guard onto us. I’m the elder in this family now, and I say she’s not coming in, okay? In any case… we don’t even know the name of the third bloody musketeer.”

“Must be a bloody saint. Why?”

“♪ Darshan do Ghanshyam… ♪. Laughing at me. I’ll kill you. Don’t touch me! You fat bastard! You big tree.”

“Think you’re here for a picnic? What do you think this is, a holiday? And what are you laughing at? Give me that. Shut up! What’s up little brother, you got a problem? Here, take her. She’s yours today. Take her. It’s for your own good. Babies earn double. Shut it Jamal! Take her now, or I’ll drop her. Keep her crying and you’ll earn triple. Come on! Get to work!”

“Huh? I’ll get you back!”

“Huh? I understand. Jamal. Athos. When I say. Jamal, go. Run! She let go! Go back and we’re dead. Have you gone mad? He was going to take your eyes out! With a spoon. Don’t worry about her. She’ll be fine. She always is.”

“Got to let it go. Come on. I’m starving.”

“You’re not dead, Jamal.”

“Formula One! Formula One! Pit stop, ka speed! Schumacher, ka style!”

“I’m sick of this now.”

“For God’s sake. You’ve got some disease. You forced me back to this shithole, we leave our friends, a good life, loads of money, for this? You did. I don’t give a shit about her. Plenty of pussy in Bombay for Salim. Oh, yes, sir. You should come back to the cages on Saturday night, instead of go searching for your lost love. ‘I’m going to Chowpatty.’ There are 19 million people in this city, Jamal. Forget about her. She’s history.”

“So, is it her or not? She’s sexy, man. I’ll get the bag. Come on. Pack it in. No, not everything. Let’s go. Let’s go. Shit. No! Move! Get over there.”

“On your knees. Down! Both of you, down! Money! Maman never forgets. Isn’t that right? I can’t take that risk, Maman. Sorry. Stay! Jamal. Let’s go! Let’s go!”

“Reception! Oh!”

“I’m looking for Javed. I killed Maman. And I’ll kill you, too. Easy.”

“Hey. Come. I am the elder. I am the boss. For once, you do as I say. Now get out. Come on, I saved your life, didn’t I? I am number one now. Shut up! The man with the Colt 45 says shut up! Go now, or Gunmaster G-9 will shoot you right between the eyes. Don’t think he won’t. I’m giving you five seconds. One, two…”

Latika, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Freida Pinto


“I’m Latika. Thank you Jamal.”


“If we get seconds, then he really must be a saint.”

“I don’t want her.”

“We’ll use the hottest ones.”

“And then what? Can we stop begging? Harbour Road, Really? I hope you sing better than you dance… sing well.”

“Salim! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal!”

“Who is this? Jamal? Quick! How did you find me? Let’s go! Jamal!”

“Stay there. Look away. I know if you’re looking. Is Salim still there? Where’s Salim? You’re a sweet boy, Jamal.”

“You came back for me. I thought you’d forgotten. Destiny. Salim, please… go, Jamal. Go.”

Jamal's Mother, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé,  Sanchita Choudhary

Jamal’s Mother

“You want me to wallop you to death, huh? Brother, leave these two to me. Come on.”

“You’ve got it now, have you? ‘Amitabh’s autograph?'”


Prem, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Anil Kapoor


“Good evening, Namaskar, Satsri Akal, Adab. Welcome to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

“Are you ready? Please give a big round of applause… good luck, kid. …to our very first contestant of the night, Jamal Malik, from our very own Aamchi Mumbai? Jamal, let’s play. Smile. You’ll be fine.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. So, Jamal, tell me something about yourself. A phone basher. And what type of call center would that be? Oh, so you’re the one who calls me up every single day with special offers, huh? An assistant phone basher. And what does an assistant phone basher do exactly? Chai wallah. A chai wallah!”

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, Jamal Malik, garma garam chai dene wallah from Mumbai, let’s play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

“So, Jamal, are you ready for the first question for 1,000 rupees? Not bad money to sit on a char and answer a question. Better than making tea, no? No? Yes? No? Is that your final answer? So, remember, you have three lifelines. Ask the audience, 50-50, phone a friend. So the first question for 1,000 rupees, here we go. Who was the star in the 1973 hit film Zanjeer?”

“Guess what? You’re right. You just won 1,000 rupees. A picture of three lions is seen in the national emblem of India. What is written underneath? A, The truth alone triumphs, B, Lies alone triumph, C, Fashion alone triumphs, D, Money alone triumphs? What do you think, Jamal? The most famous phrase of our country. Would you like to phone a friend?”

“Put the poor man out of his misery, ladies and gentlemen. For 16,000 rupees, religion. Interesting. In depictions of God Rama, he is famously holding what in his right hand? Final answer? Mmm. Ah, computer-ji, D, lock kiya-jaye. You’ve just won 16,000 rupees. Well done, my friend. Time for a commercial break. Don’t go away now. You got lucky, huh? If I were you, I would take the money and run. You’re not gonna get the next one.”

“Welcome back to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Our contestant, Jamal Malik, call center assistant from Mumbai, is on 16,000 rupees and has already used one lifeline, ask the audience. So, my friend, you’re into serious money. Shall we play?”

“The song Darshan do Ghanshyam was written by which famous Indian poet? A, Surdas, B, Tulsidas, C, Mira Bai, D, Kabir?”

“Surdas? Surdas, apka final answer? Guess what? You’re right!”

“On an American $100 bill, there is a portrait of which American statesman? A, George Washington, B, Franklin Roosevelt, C, Benjamin Franklin, D, Abraham Lincoln? Pay or play, Jamal? You decide.”

“Jamal. Get a lot of $100 bills in your line of work? Oh. Now I know why my cell phone bills are so high. They tip the chai wallah with $100 bills. You’re gonna play, huh? You certainly have. C, right? Right?”

“As a matter of fact, you have one million rupees!”

“Who invented the revolver? Final answer? Jamal Malik, you’re on a dream run. My heart says you’re gonna win more. Computer-ji, A, lock kiya-jaye. I was right. The chai wallah has done it again. Incredible!”

Police Inspector, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Irrfan Khan

Police Inspector

“Haan. So, has he confessed yet? You have been here a whole bloody night, Srinivas. What have you been doing? A little electricity will loosen his tongue. Give him.”

“Okay. So, were you wired up? Mobile or pager? A coughing accomplice in the audience or a microchip under the skin? Huh? Not here? Leave the chip. Leave the chip. It’s hot, and my wife is giving me hell, and I’ve got a desk full of murderers, rapists, extortionists, bum bandits and you. So why don’t you save us both a lot of time, and tell me how you cheated? Hmm.”

“Now, listen. Hello. He’s unconscious, juti. What good is that? How many times have I told you, Srinivas? Why, Srinivas? Now we’ll have Amnesty International here next peeing in their pants about human rights.”

“Get him down, tidy him up, please, for God’s sake! Professors, doctors, lawyers, general knowledge wallahs never get beyond 16,00 rupees. He’s on 10 million. What the hell can a slumdog possibly know?”

“So, Mr. Malik, the man who knows all the answers. Talk. Hmm?”

“My 5-year old daughter can answer this question, but you couldn’t. That’s strange for a millionaire genius. What happened? Your accomplice nipped out for a piss? What?”

“You know who that was? What happened to the girl? They blinded her, too?”

“Who’s on the thousand-rupee note? You don’t know? Gandhi-hi. Don’t get clever, or I’ll get the electricity out again. It’s funny. You don’t seem that interested in money.”

“Explain the $100 bill.”

“So, did you see them again? Was she pretty? I guess not. Hey. Hey! Hey, no… well, well. The slumdog barks. Money and women, the reasons to make most mistakes in life. Looks like you’re mixed up with both. Srinivas. You need the exercise. Go and get me something to eat. And chai. Idiot, Srinivas.”

“You puzzle me, slumdog. Admitting murder to avoid the charge of fraud is not exactly clever thinking. Now, why would you do that? Hmm? Hmm. So, how did you manage to get on the show?”

Sergeant Srinivas, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé,  Saurabh Shukla

Sergeant Srinivas

“Name. Madharchod. Name. You have a name. Stop crying. Good.”

“Except his name, I could not get anything out of the runt. He’s a tough guy. Yes, sir. The chip is not here. No. I’m done, sir.”

“I’m sorry, sir. Sir, I was thinking, um… sir, what if he did know the answers?”

“Talk. I knew it was Amitabh Bachchan. Mmm. The inspector is asking something. Ten rupees. You mean ‘the bitch of the slums.’ Correct. Yes, sir. Phaode!”

Maman, Slumdog Millionaire, HBO Max, Celador Films, Film4, Pathé, Ankur Vikal


“Hello. It’s hot, huh?”

“Arvind. Very good Arvind. Very good. Salim. Punnoose, I think you’ve found your dog.”

“Very good. I’m happy. He’s ready.”

“Okay. Salim. Bring Jamal over. Jamal. Listen kid, it’s decision time. You want the life of a slumdog or the life of a man, huh? A real man. A gunfighter. Your destiny is in your hands, brother. You can be like me. Or… understand?”

“Go. Get Jamal. Punnoose. Jamal. It’s time to turn professional. First, let me hear that song… Darshan do Ghanshyam. That’s my favourite. Cheeky little bugger. Here you go. Catch them! Get the torches! Get them! Salim!”

“Look who we have here. Hello again, Jamal… Salim. Never forget a face. Eh, Punnoose? Especially one that I own. You really thought you could just walk in, and take my prize away? Latika, come. Have you any idea how much this little virgin is worth? Please continue, Master-ji. Get them out of here.”

“Let’s not be foolish, Salim. Heavy, isn’t it? Give it to me. Huh? You can have money. Here. Look. Take it. Go. Disappear with your friend and we’ll forget all about this, okay? Oh, Maman can make an exception, huh?”


“Hey, get off her.”

“Okay, time to go. Get to work.”

“Hey! Go back to sleep all of you!”

“Come on, move the lamp. Salim. Hold on!”

Javed Khan

“Did you really kill him? Good. My enemy’s enemy is a friend. Come here, my friend. Mmm. I’ve been looking for someone like you.”


“Athos! Cried the two musketeers. Athos! Repeat it. ‘You have sent for me, sir,’ said Athos. Ah! here come our very own musketeers. Thank you for gracing us all with your presence. Porthos! Well, open it Salim. Stop doing that and open the book Jamal. Huh? Athos?”


“Athos! Musketeers. Athos! ‘You have sent for me, sir.'”


“I’m in trouble, here… here… money. Take the money… stop your time-pass boys. This is urgent… this is borderline kid. Get a move on… give me the money back. Give! I’ll go elsewhere. Bloody idiot!”

Mumbai 2

“Amitabh’s helicopter! That’s Amitabh’s helicopter…”

Mumbai Slums

“They’re Muslims, get them!”

“Hey, get lost. Are you deaf? I said piss off!”


“We’re not allowed to talk to the others.”

“♪ Darshan do Ghanshyam… ♪”

“Chillies on his willy! Chillies on his willy!”

“♪ Darshan do Ghanshyam… ♪”

“I’m ready as well.”


“Greetings sir. Blessings be unto those who do good for others. Dollars? How much? So you take me for a fool. What’s on this note? Whose picture is it? Benjamin Franklin. So, you’re a big guy now, Jamal. I’m happy for you. You got saved my friend. I wasn’t so lucky. That’s the only difference. You owe Maman. Stay away. He never forgets. More than alive. She’s on Pila Street. They call her Cherry. I’ll be singing at your funeral.”

Pila Street

“Who is this? Who are you? What do you want? You stupid boys. What are you doing? Okay, sir.”

Mumbai 3

“Madharchod. He’s not looking for you.”


“Everybody back in 90, please. Okay? Can you come and do the controls, please?”

“Oh, God. He’s looking at the camera. He hasn’t got a clue. This is gonna be a walk-away. Stand by.”

“No. He’s gonna play with him first.”


“Hey. Get up!”

Taj Mahal

“The Taj Mahal is considered the finest example of Mughal architecture. The Taj Mahal was completed around, uh, 1648, using a labor force of 20,000 workers…”

“… who died on June 17, 1631 during the birth of their 14th child. … in 1980, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was cited as the…”

“If you would like to follow me, I will show you 99 names of Allah…”

“Please take off your shoes…”

“Ready? Don’t move an inch. Smile!”

XL5 Mobile Phones

“Okay, everyone. Listen up. It’s been a big week for UK. Kat is back.”

“But she was already back.”

“Bardi… Jamal? Thank you, Jamal. Bardi, keep up. The chai wallah knows more than you. Anyway, there’s also the festival in Edinburgh. Anybody knows Edinburgh? Edinburgh?”

“Ah, kilts, castles, uh, haggis, uh, Ben Nevis.”

“Good. Yes?”

“Inspector Taggart, whiskey, Sean Connery.”

“Good. And ‘lochs,’ their word for lakes.”

“Jamal, come here. I’m on Millionaire duty today. Please. Just for five minutes. Sit here. If the team leader comes, just pretend you are on a call doing an upgrade for… yeah. Ah.”

“Hello? Hello? Hello? I would like to be a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

“Hello? I want to be on…”


“Please. Please. What time is the next tour? Have to see the Red Fort this afternoon. Please, would it be possible to show us around now? Obviously we understand that it costs more for just the two of us.”

“There’s nothing of this in the guidebook. Oh. How did she die? Really? I thought she died in childbirth.”

“That’s amazing. The cows, the… the buffaloes. What are those over there? What the hell happened here? Okay, guys. Okay! Cool it! Cool it, will ya? Jesus! You got insurance, don’t ya? Are you okay? Hey! All right! Well, here is a bit of the real America, son. Oh. Yes. Jesus. Here.”


“Private ka-land! Private ka-land! Catch him! If the planes won’t kill you, we will! Sorry. Sorry!”

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