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Butch & Sundance

Artisan Entertainment original movie Belly was released November 4, 1998.

#Belly cleared $9.6M at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 20%

metacritic: 36

imdb: 6.1

Sincere, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Nas
Sincere, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Nas


Buns and Sincere move small time narcotics outside of Omaha, Nebraska.

Sincere, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Nas

“It was the best time of our lives. Getting money was all we ever did. ****** love to willy out. Just a regular night for us.” — Sincere

“Me? My name is Sincere. Me and Bundy, Buns that is. Or Tommy for short, we like, make it happen. Since kids we was like Butch and Sundance. Outlaw ******. Doing anything to get the dough.” — Sincere

“Yo, fuck you talkin’ about, diamonds? What you know about diamonds? Mark, too. He was the whatever type ******. You know. The type of ****** that would do anything, at any given time, a live wire. You need ****** like that around.” — Sincere

“Black, he was juts some dumb ass ****** we used to smoke trees with and crack jokes on. I knew he was a fucking problem soon as Knowledge put him down.” — Sincere

“We went straight to Tommy’s house afterwards out in Jamaica Estates, just to cool out for a minute. I mean, I love this ****** crib, man. It always reminded me of what I wanted to have eventually. A fat new crib like his shit, one day.” — Sincere

“The fuck is that? This ***** be buggin’. Yo, chill, man. Please don’t have Keisha come down here flippin’ on us at three o’clock in the morning.” — Sincere

“Now, Keisha. Keisha was a bad motherfucker. Tall, dark skin. Some big ass tits. Looked like a ghetto Naomi Campbell and shit. A dime for real.” — Sincere

“Yo, bout to get some sleep my damn self. See y’all ****** tomorrow.” — Sincere

“My crib was out in St. Auben’s still. Not too far from where we grew up. Right by the vet’s hospital. I mean, it’s not like Tommy’s crib or nothing, but, I love living around the way.” — Sincere

“T, that’s my girl. I met her out in Baltimore when me and Buns first started flipping birds. We had Kenya this past year. Yo, when shit gets crazy, it’s them. They keep me sane.” — Sincere

“What you talking about? I’m saying, T, I gotta do my thing, ma. You know I gotta go. What you think I’mma be doing out here? Nothing? Just sitting around starving? I mean what?” — Sincere

“Yeah, yeah? Yo, it’s morning. What happened to the morning, man? It’s 5:00 now. Fuck you. Aight.” — Sincere

“Me and Buns was always tight. Knew each other our whole lives. Yo, that’s my dawg. We like real brothers and shit. Blood brothers.” — Sincere

“What’s the deal, baby? Yo, how Keisha, man? She’s straight. She’s straight. What? Pure D? Oh, the dope game. Now you wanna fuck with dope. Yo it seem like that’s all you wanna talk about is drugs. Yo, gawd, I got other shit going on in my life though, you know? Gotta have more than one hustle.” — Sincere

“Son, you sound stupid right now. I know I ain’t fuckin’ with that, though. How much you think we could make off that shit?” — Sincere

“After shit does down, we usually went to Mark’s grandma’s to get it on. Count the money, whatever. Mark’s basement was one fucked up spot. You know, but, that was our spot. Wise and LaKid. They wanted to be like us so bad. They was too young for now but Buns keep this lil’ ****** around all the time, man. They was young thugs in training and shit.” — Sincere

“Hold up. I just lit it up, hold up. Ay yo, what the fuck are you looking at? Black was feeling real hot about not getting the same cut as me. He was one of those PhD ******. A player hating dickhead. You know I had to fuck with him, right? Hold up. I just lit it up, hold up.” — Sincere

“Knowledge. He was a for real grimey *****. I never really trusted him. He the type of ***** that’s just too smart for his own good. A sheistey ass *****.” — Sincere

“Buns hated to be fucked with. But he really hated when ****** fucked with me even worse. Maybe he felt like he had to watch my back like I watched his. Knowledge shoulda never told him that shit, though.” — Sincere

“Look at this ***** here, man. Bout the only ***** I know that still fucking drink 40 ounces, man. Like it’s the fucking 80’s, man. Everytime you turn around this ***** got a bottle to his mouth like a baby bottle.” — Sincere

“With Ox fronting all the dope, that’s all Tommy needed to make shit happen. Now he’s ready to blow up. I mean, we’ve all been out of town before. But never with this amount of shit on the line, man.” — Sincere

“We got settled down in Omaha, selling dope, getting money. And the way it looks right now, we’re gonna see a whole lot of it. Nebraska’s a gold mine. Yo, we breezed through this town with no problem. We set up shop in no time. Knowledge had the whole area clickin’. Things was on line all day and night, like clockwork. Yeah, everything was bangin’. Everything was looking lovely. But after a minute I started to feel more and more what T was saying. Felt like it was time for a change.” — Sincere

“Yo, God, you ever wonder what the fuck your purpose is out here man? What you put on this Earth for? Nah, for real, man. You don’t ever think about that shit, like? Like, what we here for? Come on, what the fuck you be talking about, man? Money. Everybody got money, man. So what you gone do with dough. ****** got dough. We got dough. Everybody got dough.” — Sincere

“Yo, I’ve been reading this new book, man. Yo this shit is so deep, yo. Shit got my mind thinking a whole new other format, man. You know what I’m saying? Some new shit, yo.” — Sincere

“Well, meanwhile, little did we know, this local big head ***** named Rico started feeling his pockets was getting a little thinner since we got there. Trouble was right there on that corner. Staring right at us.” — Sincere

“Yo when’s the last time you read anything, man? Yo my shorty’s aight, man. The fuck, man? Just need some time to really just figure all this shit out, man. You know what I’m saying? Just chill for a minute. Yo, did you not see that fucking red light, man?” — Sincere

“Hey yo T? Yo T-aught. Where you are? What’s up, baby? Just running around taking care of a little business. That’s all. I missed you too. T? You love me?” — Sincere

“Yo, I lost my pager. What you talking about? I don’t know. Yo. Where the fuck I been at, where you at, man? Aight. Look, he getting ready to come by, aight? But don’t worry, I’m not going nowhere I just wanna see what’s going on.” — Sincere

“Fuck. No telling what’s going on. Everyday it’s something different, you know? Thought it might be some beef with Keisha or something. But when I seen how shook he was, I knew it was something else.” — Sincere

“Sup, man? What? Shit. You sure it was the feds? Yo, you paranoid, man.” — Sincere

“Come on, you think I gave you up or something now? The fuck is wrong with you, man? Come on, let’s go call her real quick. Let’s go to Lindon real quick. Gotta call her, man.” — Sincere

“Sup, son? How you know it’s them? Aight. Aight man, I got you.” — Sincere

“No doubt. Don’t worry about it. I’mma see you, aight? Aight. I got you.” — Sincere

Tommy Brown, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, DMX

Tommy Brown

“I sold my soul to the devil. Price was cheap. Ay yo, it’s cold on this level. Cuz it’s twice as deep. It’s two o’clock, I’m just about to hit the streets. Until I knock off this rock, I don’t get to eat. Sometimes it’s like that’s the only reason why I hustle. Step on toes, strong arm, and show a little muscle. Ain’t no real though. That’s why a ***** feel so frustrated, hate it, see the bitch ****** that made it. I’m ridin’ with ****** just as broke as myself. Fuckin’ with Queens, ain’t too good for a ****** health. Where’s the wealth? Ain’t in New York. I gots to make my rounds. Do whatever for the dollar. Fuck ’em. You know me, Tommy Brown.”

“Slow down, motherfucker. We off the block. Aight? Killed that bitch. Shut the fuck up, man.”

“Woulda never put you with us anyways, man. Man, shut the fuck up, man. Listen, Mark, you dump the car. You know what I’m sayin’? Man, shut the fuck up, man.”

“Listen, man, you gone dump this motherfucker, dump it. Now pullover. Ay, yo, you said you gone ditch this motherfucker, ditch it, man.”

“Yo, check this shit out. Shit is bugged out. Why don’t you shut the fuck up? You tryin’ to get us knocked? I know you don’t want Keesh to come down here.”

“Now say you’re sorry. Cuz you heart my feelings. These ****** right here. Told these ****** to shut the fuck up.”

“What the fuck is you talking about? Kianna who? I don’t know no fucking Kianna, man. Bitch is lyin’.”

“Listen, listen, listen. I don’t know no fucking Kianna. Keesh. Keesh. Listen. Keesh. Shut the fuck up. Listen. Listen, listen. You know how motherfucking bitches is. You know how ****** be talking. Listen, Keesh. Listen, listen.”

“What up, dawg? It’s Buns. I know, I know, I know. Fuck it, you know what I’m saying? Come on, man. What? Motherfucker, I’m in the front man. And I’m gonna start blowing the horn up in a minute.”

“Fucked up. Sup with Tionne? Word. Yo, I seen this shit on TV. ****** is dropping dead off of this shit, yo. Remember that shit, um, that Tango and Cash shit? It’s like that but with no cut. You know what I’m saying? I’m thinking, we should be the next ****** with that. It’s where the money’s at, baby.”

“Listen, *****. I call you my *****, cuz I got love for you. Ain’t no money, like dope money. You not even hearing me right now, man. Check it out, though. You know what I’m saying? I got my man Ox. We’ll see what’sup. Sound like wifey talking, man. You know what I’m saying? You minus well pack it up, fuck it, stay home, man. I’m telling you, dawg. Bitches will fuck your whole shit up. What type of ***** don’t want no paper, man?”

“Anyway, whassup with that blund, dawg? Yo, on the real? I’m feeling a lot of motherfucking heat coming off that couch, man. For real. Yo, in a minute, I’mma have y’all getting CREAM like we do, naw’m saying? Just gotta be patient, dawg.”

“Dawg. Just be patient, man. Just be patient.”

“Yo, whassup? Whassup, *****? Yeah, yeah, you know. We had to give it to a couple security guards in the club. You know what I’m saying? But yo, yo. You’re man. You’re man? Trying to get wild on a ***** for real. Oh, word? Aight, aight. Good lookin’, dawg.”

“Now strip, motherfucker. Strip *****. You think this is a fucking joke *****. The fuck is wrong with you, man? Motherfucker. You know what? You know what? Get the fuck over there while we count this money. Count that money, man. Count that fucking money, man. Count the money.”

“Tommy, I’m here to see Lennox. Thank you. This ***** Ox, was like rich for real. You know? Drug money, straight up. He got on, slit ****** throats in Kingston, back in the 70s. You know? Now? He had the whole Queens locked. Jamaicans is the wildest ****** out here. He’s my only connection to get this new shit. If I knew this *****, If I knew him, he already had some of it on the way.”

“Whatup. Hope I ain’t interrupting nothing. You know what I’m saying? Ya. Jamaica’s good. Jamaica’s very good. But yo, I’m really here to talk about us. You know that new shit they talking about on TV? That brown shit? Dead ass, man. Yo, I’ve been planning this for a minute, you know what I’m saying? I got the spot out of town. You know what I’m saying? My man is out there already. His girl is a cop.”

“Yeah. You’re the only that I know that can get it. I ain’t going back to jail, dawg. I ain’t going back to jail. Next time the county or the state see me it’s gonna be in a bag. I’m thinking you was a real dread, man. What, you scared cause–“

“I’m saying, it wasn’t like that, you know what I’m saying? I just– I’m trying to get on, man. I’m hungry. I need this. You know how I get down. You know what I’m saying? You know how I get down, dawg. I need this shot. I know I can. I know it. Yeah. Just help a ***** out. That’s all I’m trying to do, man. Anything. Anything. Anything. Ain’t gone let you down, dawg.”

“Yo, whassup? Nah, nah, I’m just waiting for T to come downstairs. You know what I’m saying? I’ll be there in a minute. Oh, whassup? Nah, yo, I’m saying. Yo, you– yo, you can’t even think like that, yo. You can’t even think like that. You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying? It’ll only be a minute. You know what I’m saying? We aight. You know? Yo, 2 months, in and out. I’mma fuck this cat for like 2 months. Yo, and we gone be straight. We gone be straight. For real. One.”

“Here we go again. It’s money, *****. Why the fuck you can’t see that, man? Always act like there gots to be something else to this shit. You know what I’m saying? Fuck is you a homo now? Fucking crazy, yo. Wait till Ox hit me with these bricks of this new shit, though. Peep how that flow come in. You know what I’m saying? Bet you jump back on my dick.”

“Yo. Come on with the bullshit, man. You think another motherfucker know what you need to do? Ain’t no purpose, dawg. It’s money. We born to fucking die, man. In the meantime, get money. Fuck a book, man.”

“Yeah, well, shit is lovely for me, man. You know what I’m saying? I’mma stop when I’m dead. End of story, man. You gots to a leader, dawg. Book is fucking your head up man. Never motherfucker. What you need to start thinking about is your motherfucking seed, man. Cuz shorty can’t eat no books, dawg. You wanna go home? You want me to take you home? I’ll bring you home if you scared, man.”

“Man you think I give a fuck about a motherfucking red light? ****** cops can’t touch me. I’m out here smoking weed, speedin’, all that, dawg. Fuck that. That’s me. Untouchable.”

“Ox, my *****. What’s going on, baby? That’s what I’m talking about. Same shit. Surprise? For me? Say it again? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know I’mma hold you down, *****. Why you actin’ like that?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Jamaica Gates? A fat one, baby.”

“The one with the feathers in his head? We’ll see how big he is. I’mma tell you like this. Y’all see how Tommy Brown get down.”

“Clean for a dollah. Clean for a dollah. Please.”

“Yo it’s me, man. Where the fuck you been at? I’m around the corner, man. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Yo, son, the fucking feds hit us today, man. You know what I’m saying? They got fucking Mark and Knowledge out there in Omaha, and the feds in front of my crib right now, man. They fucking probably got Keesh, man. This shit is crazy. And this stupid motherfucker Knowledge, man. As soon as he gets knocked, calls my crib from out there, man. What the fuck is wrong with this *****? That’s your man. That’s your man.”

“Dawg, you think I don’t know the fucking feds when I see them? Yo, you fu– you kinda calm for somebody that’s supposed to be on the run like me, man. It’s Keesh right there, man. Nah, I need a payphone, man. I need a payphone. Can’t use no fucking regular phone, man. Let’s do it.”

“The fuck, man? All the money is out there. You know what I’m saying? It’s too hot to go back. Damn. It’s Keesh again, man. Sup? Yeah. Not for a while. Yeah. Aight. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“They got her, dawg. She said she’s sick. She don’t even talk like that, man. Fuck it, yo. You know what I’m saying? Take what we got. Roll it down to your nephew crib in Jersey. Take the car. Hold the car. Know what I’m saying? It’s new. So ****** ain’t gone know it’s mine.”

“Yo, I gotta get the fuck outta here. You know what I’m saying? I got no dough for Ox. Shit, you gotta tell Keesh whassup for me, dawg. Aight? When it rains, ****** get wet. You know? Dawg, you the only one I got in my corner, man. Don’t cross me. One.”

Tionne, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, T-Boz Watkins


“I know, come on. Mama’s gonna get you. Don’t let Daddy talk to you no more. Shh. You know you talk too loud when you’re on the phone. Shh. Cuz I heard you whisperin’ to Bundy about last night.”

“Sin, I mean seriously, why can’t we just start a business or something? I mean, Kenya needs you. And what the fuck’s supposed to happen to us if you get caught. What, what? What, visits? Phone calls? I mean, look, you act like we’re broke. I mean, what the fuck? I done told you, plenty of times, Tommy does not give a fuck about you. You cannot trust him. You know that.”

“It would. It’s got all your colors. It’s not a burden, it’s cool. What’s wrong? But yet, what? Keesh I’mma just be honest with you. Tommy’s not gone be shit but what he is. I mean, you just have to understand it’s certain types of people that just accept the bad in life and that’s cool with them.”

“Keesh, you got life. You are breathing, you’re healthy. Fuck that *****. You don’t need no *****, Keisha, to make you feel like you’re whole. But don’t mistake it. I’m happy with Sincere because I’m happy. If I wasn’t happy with him then I have to do what I have to do. You get what I’m saying? You have to do the same for you. I mean, I think you’ll be alright. You just gona have to, you know, take it one day at a time. You know? That’s all I can think.”

“Where were you today, anyway? I’ve been trying to page you. I missed you. Hmm? Yeah I love you. You know that.”

“What happened? I know you got my page. I’ve been paging you all fucking day. Did you hear about the shootout in Omaha? Did Tommy have something to do with that? I’m talking about Tommy’s crazy ass. He been calling here every fucking fifteen minutes for the last two hours. And on top of it I think he’s camped out around the corner somewhere. Sin, I’m getting scared tell me what happened. What the fuck is going on? Whatever.”

Keisha Brown, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Taral Hicks

Keisha Brown

“Tommy, what is going on, and why y’all making so much noise? I am trying to sleep. God.”

“Yo, who is this? This is Keisha. Why the fuck are you paging my man? You know who I’m talking about. Cut the bullshit, aight? Are you fucking Tommy or what? You what?”

“It’s aight, cuz, I’mma see your little ass around. What the fuck is wrong with you? ***** I told you, stop fucking with me.”

“Who the hell is Kianna, Tommy? Oh, you dumb now? You know who I’m talking about. Look, Tommy, I just spoke to the girl she not only told me she know you, but that she sucked your little black ding-a-ling last night. So what you gotta say now, huh? Fuck you, alright? Fuck you. Messing with some bitch behind my back. Fuck you, Tommy. Fuck you, alright? I’m tired of this shit. This is bullshit.”

“How stupid do you think I am? That is bullshit. Why you lying to me? Why are you lying to me? Look, look. I’m about to leave you, alright? I don’t know nothing, all right?”

“Hey, it’s Keesh. Where are you? Yo, I was watching the news today, the shit is crazy. That’s why I had to call you. I don’t wanna lose you. What time you think you’ll be home? I love you, Tommy. I’mma be waiting for you, okay? Alright. Bye.”

“That thing would look real nice over my bed. Tommy probably wouldn’t like it, anyway. Hey, T, thanks for coming. Look, I know you don’t know me that well and all, I hate to burden you, but. I’m saying, I just. I feel like I don’t have any hope. You know, I can’t seem to get this ***** away from me. And I know he’s the worst type of ***** to have. But yet… I don’t know, I mean, I just I keep hoping that maybe one day he’ll be more like Sincere. You know? More to life. More to me. You know, you have that.”

“I hate to say it but you’re right, you know. It just hurts to be alone, you know? And the only thing I have is fucked up. It’s like, is that all there is? But you and Sincere are so happy. I don’t know what that is, T. Yeah.”

“Hello? He’s outta town. What’s wrong with you? Bitch? Who the fuck you calling a bitch? You the bitch once Tommy finds out about this.”

Knowledge, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Oliver 'Power' Grant


“What’s the deal, baby? This is Knowledge right here. Yo, son, shit must have got funky out there last night. I’m up in the motherfucking wu-wear store motherfucking newsflash came on showing the whole shit. Who, Black? I heard that motherfucker was out there running his motherfucking mouth and shit. Yeah, matter of fact, I heard the ***** was trying to act like he wanted to stick Sincere or some shit. Peace. Yeah, no doubt. One.”

“Ay yo Keisha, whatup? It’s Knowledge right here. Where the fuck that ***** Tommy at? The fuck you mean what’s wrong with me, bitch. First of all, the motherfucking feds done bum rushed my motherfucking crib this morning. Second of all, I ain’t heard shit from nobody. Third of all, they probably got your fucking phone tapped and know where the fuck you at you stupid bitch.”

“You got a light? Peace, yo. Yo, baby, shit is wicked out here. ***** got problems. Some fake ass ***** out here. Motherfucker dropped a dime on me and Buns. One.”

Lennox, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Louie Rankin


“Ya man. Alright.”

“Sit down. Yeah. You interrupting the soccer game. Jamaica play. Jamaica’s good. Kick the rasclat. Talk about what. What you wanna talk about. Can’t deal with that. So you want me to put you up on that?”

“Right now, you’re kinda hot. You know? Me no wanna fuck with you. Police a la watch you. Saying? The feds a la watch you. Right? Bloodclot, no? Hold on, hold on, hold on. You come into my house. Don’t you ever bring ‘scared’ business to me. You looking at the toughest raasclot Jamaican in the United States of America. I run shit. I kill for nothing. And I make more money than anyone in the business. Don’t bring that shit to me. Again. You hear me?”

“So you think you can handle that? I’ve got to think about it still. You understand me now? I got to think about it. You understand me? But you owe me a big, a big pussy fat favor. You understand me?”

“Just living it up. What’s going on down there? Well hear me out. We have a surprise on Friday for ya. Yeah. No, better than that. We’re going on a vacation. I have a ticket waiting for you at the airport. We going home. Do you know what I mean? Sayin’? Remember I tell you that you owe me one, *****. Remember when I told you you owe me one? Well, listen this. No. This is it. The big vacation is what you owe me.”

“Watch this, mayo. This is the ghetto of Kingston, sayin’? Fierce operation. You understand? Fierce operation. This are the ghetto, the slum. Sayin’? This is where I grew up. You have to pick up the gun to survive, sayin’? And you have to the fittest of the fittest. To survive.”

“This is where I come from? I feel everything for them. I feel everything for them. Sayin’? And I try my best that things can change. Sayin’. But anyway, don’t worry about it. Sayin’? We come to Jamaica to celebrate the rebirth of Kingston’s finest. The dondatta. Sayin’? Mafia style. Go to a place called Jamaica Gates. I’ll make ya fuck a fat Jamaican ***** tonight. Can ya handle it? Can ya handle it?”

“Yo, over there, son. The one lighting the spliff. Yeah. Name Sosa. Sayin’? He run the rude boy of Kingston see what I’m sayin’? But you see. Run a coup. You can’t touch him right now, he’ll kill your mother and father. Outta state. Outta the country. That ***** big still. That’s cool, man. Everything alright.”

Mark, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Hassan Johnson


“Damn, son, we done lit that. Word, man.”

“****** wylin a panini in there. In and out. Naw mean, son? That shit was raw, kid.”

“Shit was splashin’ all up against the motherfuckin’ glass and all that shit. The fuck is this, son? What you be watchin’ in the house, man?”

“Damn son, don. Look at all this fucking cheddar, kid. We shoulda been doin’ clubs, baby. What he talkin’ about? Yeah, yeah. Oh, shit.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let’s start countin’ this money, man, before y’all ***** start stashin’ shit. I know how y’all get down.”

“Come on, dun. I’m just joking, baby. I know. This ***** serious? Sorry, Keesh, baby, that’s my fault. Aight. I’m here.”

“What’s up, motherfuckers?”

Shameek, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Method Man


“Peace. Knowledge Bones, what’s the science, baby? Oh, word? Nothing the god can’t solve. What’s the ****** resume? Enough said, son. One hundred.”

“Hold up. What? Is that that *****. Is this the illest ***** in Nebraska? Is you bad about it fool? MY name is Ike-Love, partner. ****** in Penn heard mad shit about you, baby. Everybody talkin’ for real. Ohh. Easy, cowboy. I just came to see if we can do somethin’. I brought a gift and the whole nine, player. All right. That’s peace, baby. Whatever. Know what I’m sayin’? Can’t a ***** just get down? Damn. Get a drink? Get some bitch ass? Y’all ****** just laughin’ at me. Ike-Love, baby. That’s how I like it. Yeah, just like that. That’s how ****** do it. Word up, you know? I rolls dolo from state to state. Ha ha! Word up. Yeah, yeah. I just wanna link up with those gettin’ it like I get it. That’s all. Y’all ****** be safe. Peace, peace. Word up. Ha ha!”

Rico, Belly, Amazon Prime Video, Artisan Entertainment, Big Dog Films, Tyrin Turner


“Might have to drop… might have to drop a dime on them ******. You know what I’m saying? I don’t like that shit. I don’t like that shit.”

“Check this shit out *****. I got a bust for you. Some major ****** from New York slangin’ rocks over here. You know what I’m saying? Majorly.”

“Bitch, I will slap the shit out of you. What? Look… what? Bitch, don’t let me get no… fuck. Hold up, hold up. Look, bitch, I’mma call you back. So, is he selling or what? What’sup with this *****. Whassup with this *****. The ***** by hisself? Clown *****, huh? ***** out front? Let’s go see what the ***** talking about.”

“What? Who the fuck is you? And? So what? *****, we don’t fuck with out-of-towners, especially silly motherfuckers like you. A clown, huh? All right, Ikie, or whatever your name is. Let’s meet at the Gilz. We can have drinks. We can talk about whatever when we get there. That cool?”

Rico’s Crew

“Hey. Hey, there them fools go right there. Yeah, they rollin’ high, too. They slangin’ real good, real good. For sure.”

“Pennsylvania plates. He ain’t selling nothing. But, he asked motherfuckers about a ‘Rico.’ That he wanna get with ‘Rico.’ He by hisself. Yeah. Clown *****, too. Flossing major chips. Rolex. Everything. Retarded if you ask me. ****** got him outside right now. Out front. Let’s go.”


“Oh… shit!”


“Diamonds, yo. Tonight we celebratin’. Aight, aight, aight. Alright. Alright, alright. Alright. You got it. Alright.”

“Ay yo, man, fuck you. Y’all ****** ain’t gonna do nothing to me, man. Fuck y’all ******. Word up. It’s over there.”

“You gone get yours, B. You gone get yours, man.”


“Yo whassup with puttin’ us on, B? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, man. Whassup with that weed, man?”

“Word, ***** be wylin’ there and shit I’m bout to say fuck that shit and get money with y’all ******.”


“Yo this shit is mad hard, yo. I can’t take this school shit no more, man.”

Mark’s Grandma’s

“Yo, whassup?”

Lennox’s Housekeeper

“Who is it? Hold on. Mr. Ox. I’ve got a Tommy out here to see ya. Alright.”

Knowledge’s girl

“Freeze, *****.”


“Yeah, Agent Burke here.”

“Freeze, don’t fucking move!”


“Hello, what’s the deal? And who is this? Who, Tommy? Oh, what’s up, Keesh? Yo, Tommy tells me everything about you. What’s going on? Well, not exactly. You see, I’m only 16. So Tommy said we couldn’t fuck yet. But I did suck his dick the night before last. I said I sucked his dick the night before last.”

“I be knowing Tommy ever since I was 11 years old. He showed me how to tongue kiss and everything. We were like best friends. Sorry things ain’t working out for you two.”

“This fucking guy. I’m trying to leave. I’m trying to go right now. Yo, T, I’m ready to go.”

Kurt Loder

“Hi, I’m Kurt Loder with MTV News. There have been alarming reports from London and Berlin about a new form of heroin. Sold in underground hip-hop clubs and raves all across Europe.”

“It’s reported that his heroin is dramatically more potent than previous forms of the drug so much more, in fact, that the user need only apply the drug externally on the skin to be effected. The US DEA hears the drug is on its way to this country by various conduits in Jamaica and throughout the West Indies. We’ll have more on this story as it breaks. That’s the news for now, stay tuned for more later, here on MTV.”

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