Murder Mystery

Netflix original film Murder Mystery 2 was released March 31st, 2023.

#MurderMystery2 has been viewed 141.1M hours.

rottentomatoes: 52%

metacritic: 46

imdb: 5.7

Nick Spitz, Murder Mystery 2, Netflix, Echo Films, Endgame Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Splashprod, Vinson Films, Adam Sandler
Nick Spitz, Murder Mystery 2, Netflix, Echo Films, Endgame Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Splashprod, Vinson Films, Adam Sandler

Nick Spitz

Nick and Audrey Spitz start a private detective business together in Brooklyn, New York.

Nick Spitz, Murder Mystery 2, Netflix, Echo Films, Endgame Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Splashprod, Vinson Films, Adam Sandler

“No, it’s a foot-long knife. Don’t put it back. Are you seriously yelling at me? I watched you eat two shrimp cocktails.” — Nick Spitz

“Not all men. Don’t get mad at me for this. That’s… pretend–” — Nick Spitz

“The whale noises help me fall asleep. You took away my Ambien, so… I don’t remember doing that. Uh, that’s somebody else. I read a few pages. That guys doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I was a real cop. I don’t need some piece of paper telling me I know what I’m doing. I know what I’m doing! Do you really think our business is struggling because of that? Only way to get better clientele is better marketing. Yes. It’s called ‘disruptive marketing.'” — Nick Spitz

“Fine. Forget it. I do. I wanna do this. It’s just… it’s all we ever do is talk about work. Do you know any couples who also work together that actually get along? They’re brother and sister. Uh, it’s my phone. Yo! Rajah! Namaste. What’s up, my brother?” — Nick Spitz

“Are you mowing the lawn or something? What do I hear right now? Oh, that’s incredible! Let me tell Audrey. Audrey! He’s getting married. Oh yeah. ‘Busting a move,’ you mean. Did you hear ‘all-expenses-paid?’ I gotta say, I could use a getaway. Yeah, some people died. You think five people dying’s a lot? She’s caving in. She’s caving in. No. Go ahead. A break? Just no work for a minute, you know? It’s– the whole weekend. We can… let’s not… let’s just… our minds need the no work. I can’t talk– ’cause we’re gonna do this, aren’t we?” — Nick Spitz

“Wow. How about that. Mm-hmm. We’re the Spitzes not the Shitzes. Okay? Okay. He’s sticking with the Shitz. We’re guessing Shitzerland?” — Nick Spitz

“Let me get off this. What the heck? Thank you! Did we die? Are we in heaven? What the– the flamingos got diapers on so they don’t crap the lawn! Hey, my man! Mahrajah! Hey! Oh my God! Look at you! That’s funny. Got ’em all. All right! Congratulations. Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah. I love it. What happened? Hey, thanks for the wedding invite. So happy you could squeeze us in.” — Nick Spitz

“Ooh! I’m– that’s terrible. Oh, okay. So, they’re coming? There you go. All right. That’s– what? My God! And you don’t have to share the armrest now at the movie theater. You kidding? He’s fully armed. That’s funny! Okay. I hope you don’t find anything in there. I hate to say it. If you and the Colonel are ever caught in a fight, my money’s on the Colonel. He’d open a can of whoop ass with his, uh… with his good arm. No? You didn’t like that one? I was joking around. Nice to meet you. Coming. Coming. Sounds great!” — Nick Spitz

“And we– no more kisses. Cool. That’s nice. I see that same happiness in you two when you look at each other. Without her, I would not be happy. With her, I’m the happiest. She makes every decision for us, and I’m fine with that. Thank you so much. Okay. Oh, so, we… okay. Bye, buddy!” — Nick Spitz

“I mean, goddamn. Goddamn! Look at this! This! Babe, the TV’s gigantic! Look at this thing! Huh? What?! Oh! We got a convertible, baby! Mm-hmm. Is this unicorn cheese? Okay. I’m gonna go with one more piece of cheese, then I’m done with this. Earrings? These are good ones, aren’t they? We get out own iPhones! What did we give out at our wedding? Flip-flops, and we gave out Advil or some shit? Vintage Air Jordans? My size? Those are gonna get you in trouble. Oh! I like that response. Okay. Okay. It’s incredible. I’m coming, baby! I’m coming! I’m coming! Hey! Oh my God! Oh! All right. What? I’m coming with! I’m coming with! Let’s go! Okay, that’s good. That’s your stuff. Yeah. All right.” — Nick Spitz

“I… well, I’m gonna pull that off. Please tell me you’re gonna keep that. Hey, how are ya? Hey. Oh, how handsome are you, man? Oh! You better keep it that way! I’ve made love to one woman. And I did it terribly, by the way. Holy sh– this is… you’re that guy, Francisco Perez, yeah? This guy used to be a soccer player. He headbutted some dude one time and put him, into a coma. What about you? How do you know the Maharajah? Okay. I’ll see you in a second. $10,000, you can have one night with her. I’m kidding, you sick bastard. Would you… you good? I am Nick. Nice to meet you. Love your brother, by the way. He’s hysterical. Oh my God.” — Nick Spitz

“Oh, you again. Did he say ‘herpe?’ I’m gonna fake going to the bathroom. I don’t dance. You dance. They brought one to the room. I forgot to tell you. You get ’em! All right, come on. Come on, baby! This is crazy!” — Nick Spitz

“Okay, all right. Who was it? Do you remember? Say it. Say it. Don’t die. Don’t die! This is a distraction. From the escape! Homeboy!” — Nick Spitz

“The Maharajah’s been kidnapped. He’s alive. Somebody with a machine gun threw him on a boat, and they took off. One. Which means his partner is still here on the island. If the kidnapper had Vik and was taking him to the boat… thank you. Let us narrow it down for you, okay, Colonel? Claudette, how many people knew about the elephant being part of the ceremony? Mm-hmm. It’s our thing. And this is not just another case. This is personal. He means a lot to us. A hundred percent. And we’re gonna get Vik back, okay? We’re gonna do this for the low, low price of $25 million.” — Nick Spitz

“I would’ve settled for ten grand. I’m blocking the door so no one can get in. You know what would hurt my back? A knife going through it. The killer knows we’re on to him. We’re on the next-to-kill list. I guarantee it. A guy that rich gets kidnapped for the money. There’s no profit in hurting him. The cheese has a hold on me, honey. I can’t stop. I don’t know where the knife is. What? You got a headache? I’m sorry. My back’s killing me. Please. Please. I’m gonna get more cheese in me. Absolutely. Good detecting, sweetheart. Okay. Thank you. Okay. I gotta move this stuff now? Killers don’t knock. No! No! We do not need towels. Leave ’em out front, please! You use 30 towels after every shower. All right, you got me there.” — Nick Spitz

“Francisco? The only thing he wants to murder is your hm-hm! Be right there! We know! Hey. Mm-hmm. Jesus Christ. All right. What’s… how can we help? Yes. I gotta move this shit again? Okay, be right there. I gotta get some cheese. Coming, Claudette! Hurry! Hi. I can imagine. Sure. A gun? He had a secret? Oh God. That’s cool. It’s too dark. She has all her stuff. Coming! Be right there! Okay, gotta get to you! Moving around some stuff for fun! Who? Claudette? The cheese is gone. I put it, uh, in my stomach. Trying to shame me. I don’t know if that’s gonna get the cheese back– it’s like an after-party. People just show up. Let’s put you into the bedroom, just in case, ’cause I don’t know. Don’t hid in there! That’s an obvious spot. I’m hot too. I’m coming! Don’t you kinda want it to be the killer so they can kill us. I am sick of this shit. What’s doin’? Yeah? Hey, great to see you. What’s going on?” — Nick Spitz

“I ain’t moving. Missed the call? That voice is hysterical. You got to admit it. So we should all stay here. Correct, Colonel? Because one of us is definitely working with the kidnapper. Yeah. Motives, opportunities. Somebody here. My head is spinning a little bit. Honey? Babe, are you taking a nap? I’m tired, too, so let’s, uh… nobody leave here until we figure out who did what. It’s great to see everybody. Thanks for coming over. Sorry, my bad.” — Nick Spitz

Audrey Spitz, Murder Mystery 2, Netflix, Echo Films, Endgame Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Splashprod, Vinson Films, Jennifer Aniston
Audrey Spitz, Murder Mystery 2, Netflix, Echo Films, Endgame Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Splashprod, Vinson Films, Jennifer Aniston

Audrey Spitz

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Hmm. Uh… mm. Yes, not a problem. Are you kidding me right now with those potato chips? Stop distracting me. Okay?”

“Men get to a certain stage in their life. It’s nothing to do with you. No, but– no, that’s so sweet! Excuse us, you guys. If you don’t mind just paying this bill, we’ll be out of your lovebuggin’ hair. We made a deal– I was undercover.”

“Oh God! Honey, honey, honey. Hey! Can’t you just put on beach waves or something nice? You know why? Remember the last time you took Ambien? You went sleepwalking into the lobby wearing my underwear, and then you started watering the couch. Look. Doorman took a picture. It’s my screen saver. Okay. Listen, baby, if you can’t sleep, um, we could try to, uh, knock out a chapter together. Honey, this is the guy that wrote the test. The test you need to take to get licensed. But we both agreed that it would help our business if we just, you know, took the course. I think we would get better clientele if both of us were licensed. Better marketing? Like your floss business cards? Seriously? God!”

“It’s not disruptive. It’s confusing. We’re not dentists. We’re– I can talk louder than the sound machine. Honey, come on! Do you not wanna do this anymore? Billie Eilish and Finneas. Look, baby, I know this isn’t what we pictured when we got into this– what the hell is that?”

“What? Vik! Congratulations! We’re so happy for you! What’s happening? We have to work this weekend. Remember what happened last time we went on a getaway? Not s– a lot of people. All right. Hold on. Just gonna think for a second. Okay, so… just wait. Okay, I do agree. I think we could both use a little bit of a break. From all this. Not– no. For at least a weekend. I got chills! Goosebumps!”

“Such a good decision. Oh. You know what? Excuse me. I’m so sorry. It’s… we’re Nick and Audrey Spitz. It’s, um… but, yes, it’s a gorgeous view. Puts ‘Shitz’ at the end of everything. Where are you from?”

“This is unbelievable! I’m gonna cry! This is so nice! Wow! Hey, hey, hey! Oh my God! I’m Audrey. It is such a pleasure to meet you. Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh! Four? I thought it was two. Okay! All right, stop! Cut it out! I have to tell you, Paris is my favorite city in the world. Hmm. Oh, I’ve actually not been there. But I just know from the movies and from the pictures and–“

“Unbelievable! Oh! I’m so sorry. Okay. Colonel! Oh my God. What happened to your arm? Last time we saw you, you had a lot more of… of your arm. Somebody tried to shoot you? Hello, Louis! I hope not!”

“Why would you assume that? Uh, no. Bye. Thank you. Us? Are you kidding? Not a day goes by where I just wanna go… I love you so much.”

“Oh my God! Look at this! Oh my God! Wow! Oh my God. Put this… in your face. Oh my God. Baby, a gift box. What? Are these for us? Oh! I cannot believe this! No! Oh, flip-flops! This is insane! Wouldn’t be a gift box from the Maharajah if it didn’t have something kinky in it. You promise? Hey! What? Wait. We just… this has just happened. How’d they do that so fast? Honey! It says ‘Nick and Audrey!’ Oh my God! You gotta come in this bed! Oh! Ow! Baby! Oh! Oh gosh. I don’t know if I packed appropriately for this event. I gotta check. I gotta check. Oh! Oh my God! Do you see this? I’ve never seen anything–“

“Baby, you look so handsome. I can’t believe you pulled that off. Let’s go. Oh my God! Hi! Ah, Colonel! Thank you! Um… whoa. Okay. Definitely kissing every single finger I have. Okay. Well, speaking of staggering numbers, this is my husband of 16 years. All right. Anyway, it was so nice to meet you. So, we’re go– okay.”

“Oh, um… no, you know, I just… I’m so used to my husband just eating off my plate, so it’s sort of become a habit. But, no, you’re absolutely right. I don’t need this. I was not gonna do that. Oh, I’m so good. Thank you. Maybe another time. So, um… are you on the bride’s side? I did not know Vik had a sister. These are very low tables! Are you reading ’cause you don’t like weddings like this, or… I guess as long as Claudette and your brother have fun, that’s all that matters. Hmm… well, speaking of my one person, there he is. Nick, this is Saira. This is Vik’s sister. She’s good. Oh boy. Okay, if you’re trying to seduce me, it’s really not working.”

“Harpy. And they’re still friends? She’s quite rude, by the way. What dancing? I didn’t get a video. Did you? Thanks.”

“Who did this to you? Who? What? Oh my gosh! Who did this to you? Oh my gosh! From what? Okay. Ah, someone else was leading the elephant to the tent. So that means all of you. I think it’s very obvious what I’m implying. One of you is an accomplice to a murder. Calm down, everybody! We do this for a living. It’s what we do. And this is not just another case. No. Yeah, it’s Vik. So we’ll find out who did this. And find out why they did this.”

“Twenty-five mil, honey. I swear to God. So insane. What are you doing? Honey, you’re gonna hurt your back. What happened to Vik? Oh God. We’re not gonna be invited anywhere ever again. Ever again. Are you just… will you take a slice like a civilized person? Oh Jesus! Yes! How’s your back? I’ll get Advil. Honey, do not eat all that cheese. That affects… you’re terrible all night. Oh. And I have pictures from the tent of a burned robe with bloodstains. Someone was trying to get rid of the evidence, and I’m sure it was the elephant handler. I’m doing my best here. One, two, three, four. What if that’s the killer? What if it’s housekeeping? We… we’re good! We don’t need any towels. We’ve been here ten minutes. You need more towels? I’m sorry. At least I shower.”

“Wait, wait, wait. What is he’s the killer? Hey! We’re hurrying! So sorry. Put this back. You said hurry. So that means if Vik divorces her, she’s left with nothin’. Wait. Wait. Who is it? Okay, one second. Let’s get you in the closet. Okay. Just go in there. No! Get off of… Jesus! Sorry! One second. Hello, Claudette. Really? I can imagine why. Right. Yeah. Oh, sorry. Mm-hmm. Pfft! Terrible. There’s a gun. What? Oh! We don’t need to do that. Who is it? Uh, okay. One second. No, no, no! Here. Come on. One second, Saira! So sorry. One second. Excuse me! I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I feel like I’d be a rude hostess if I didn’t offer you a piece of this exquisite artisan cheese that’s… Nick, where’s this… where’s that cheese? The big– where is it? You ate that entire block of cheese? Sorry. Hold on. You know what? Let me give you a drink right now just to relax you a little bit. Here. No? Okay. Oh shit. Not sure. What if that is the killer? Baby, I do not feel very good.”

“Who? Saira’s here. Oh my God!”

The Maharahaj, Murder Mystery 2, Netflix, Echo Films, Endgame Entertainment, Happy Madison Productions, Mythology Entertainment, Splashprod, Vinson Films, Adeel Akhtar

The Marahajah

“Yo! What are you doing, Nicky Nick? Yo, I’m chillin’ on a Jet Ski, dog! Yo, Nick. Broski. My brosephus. The Maharajah is getting married! Thank you! She’s a dime piece from Paris. You know, where the Eiffel Tower is and shit. I’m getting married this weekend on my new private island. I want you and Nick to come, all expenses paid. I need to see you two ballers out on the dance floor busting a nut! Nah, dude, I got… oh shit!”

“Nick and Audrey! The heroes of Lake Como! And my sister and my brother from another mother! Oh! Nick and Audrey, may I present to you Mademoiselle Claudette Joubert.”

“No, for sure, man! We had extra seats ’cause my parents died. No! I’m just kidding! Uh, no, they died, but they were never gonna come. ‘Cause I hated them.”

“Yo, yo, yo. But real talk. The Colonel stopped a bullet meant for me in Mumbai. Yeah. Some people don’t like the way my company does business. Sadly, the Colonel’s injury stops him from protecting me to the fullest, so I had to get me a new head bodyguard. Mr. Louis! Check it out, right? And, yo, my man is fully armed. Let’s go. Follow me.”

“Oh, so you have? She was working in a watch shop off La Place Vendome when I met her. Not a penny to her name. Love at first sight, you know what I mean? She just fills me with like… with happiness. You guys are happy, right? Now get in there and have fun, all right? Enjoy yourself. Louis, let’s go.”

“Help! Yo, you hatin’ hard on me right now, son! Nick! Nick! This is some janky-ass shit.”


“Joubert. You are even more beautiful than Vikram described. And Nick. I’ve been wanting to meet you. Please, come. When was the last time you were there? Oh. Colonel, you know the Spitzes.”

“I’m assuming you’ve never been to an Indian Wedding before. So tonight is the Sangeet. It’s like a rehearsal dinner. And then we have, um, a very dramatic surprise entrance plan that I think you’ll find quite entertaining. I need to take this. Your villa should have everything you need. Make yourselves at home. Bye! Enjoy!”

“Vik! Is he dead? Oh, thank God! It’s only Mr. Lou. Where is Vik? Hey! Where is Vik? Where is Vik?”

“Colonel. Where is Vik? Where is my husband? Where did they take him? Just the board. What? No, I… I love Vik. You’ve never forgiven me. Breaking up your engagement. You didn’t want this marriage to go through so you kidnapped him!”

“It’s Claudette. You must hear what I have to say. They all think I’m marrying Vik just for the money, especially the Countess. She’s been jealous of me ever since we met. But still, she was my best friend. You know? We were so close. And I think I just miss her sometimes. I just wanna know who kidnapped my Vik. They all have something to gain from this. Pfft! I can’t trust any of them! The Colonel, so bitter about his demotion. Saira, always starved for attention. And Vik had just discovered Francisco’s dark secret. I need to hide. The closet!”

“An excellent question. It’s mine. It’s mine. I missed it. I have a message.”


“Would you care for one? Thank you. No, I’m Saira, groom’s sister. Yeah. No, you know, it’s more that I don’t like people. I mean, these people in particular. Right. I don’t really understand how anyone gets married. Spending so much time with one person. Can you imagine? No. Saira. Right.”

“I see you’ve already met Francisco. That’s Countess Seku. She’s Vik’s ex-fiancée, and she’s Claudette’s old university roommate. Well, on top of all that, she’s also Claudette’s maid of honor.”


“My brother could be dead and the only thing you’re concerned about are share prices? Is it? You all hated my brother!”

“It’s Saira. Let me in. I know who you need to be looking at. Claudette. I told Vik she was bad news the minute I met her. She’s suspicious, narcissistic, manipulative, and she looks cheap as well in that red dress– I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be selfish– I… I don’t want that. I’m okay. Who is it? You expecting someone? I’ll hide there.”

“What are you all doing here?”

Countess Seku

“That’s quite the plate. Do they not have food where you come from? No, no, no! Don’t put it back. Americans.”

“Ever wonder what it feels like to be tall enough to ride a rollercoaster?”

“Oh my God! What are you implying? That is ridiculous! Oh, please! For what? Oh, get over yourself. It was an arranged marriage between our families. We amicably split in order to allow for your so-called ‘love marriage.’ You gold-digging–“

“I know who did it. It was Francisco. He has had over 85 paternity suits filed against him. We suspect he’s been siphoning money out of the company in order to pay for all of these babies he made. What are you doing here?”




Indian Wedding

“Hope you watched the video because the dancing is about to begin! Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the bride! Come with us! And now it’s time! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The groom, Vikram Govindan! Stay back! It was…”

“Clear! Clear! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Go! Clear!”


“Would you excuse me?”

“Baby… I’ve been going out on my own so I could plan a surprise wedding anniversary. Come on. I love you. A bill? You’re billing her? You were hitting on me!”

“That’s a lie! Not the part about the babies. Yes, that’s true. I’ve spread my seed far and wide, but I have never stolen in my life.”


“You’ve been cheating on me, Ron. Really? After 25 years? I’m so sorry. Yeah, no. This just keeps getting better and better. You better run!”

Colonel Ulenga

“Should we pull it out? I’ll put it back in.”

“My friends! Is it that noticeable? Well, if I had to lose one, that would be the one to lose because it’s already missing a hand.”

“Audrey! Stunning! I only have eye for you, Nick. All right!”

“Back! Get everybody back! Get everybody back! It’s not him. It’s not Vik. Are you serious? What do you mean all communication systems are down? Get them up and running! We have a security officer compromised. We need medical attention immediately.”

“Lock down the island until the security cameras are back online. All guests are to remain in their rooms. We will find him. We will find him. How many kidnappers? There are 400 people on this island. That’s a lot of suspects. I’m not on the board! Ladies, stop it!”

“Nobody move!”


“You like the view, Mr. and Mrs. Shitz? Would you like some music, Mr. and Mrs. Shitz? Yes, I have some Pitbull or, uh, Taylor Shitz. I’m, uh, from the, uh… European!”


“In a most beautiful place on a most beautiful night, you have to be the most beautiful thing of all. I have made love to more than 10,000 women. None as ravishing as you. Yeah. I know. I hit him so hard, he lost his ability to blink. Well, after I retired from football, his father made me the chairman of the board of directors of Shiz-Vik, his company. Also, I helped him land that beautiful bride of his, the blonde. Although she has nothing on this one. My God.”

“Hey, Nick. I was just thinking about your lovely wife. And I guess you’re both acquainted with Vikram’s harpy of a sister. Countess! How humiliating it must be for you to see Claudette actually close a deal with the Maharajah. Ever wonder what you might have done wrong, dear?”

“Oh my God. We need to get ahead of this, or our shares will plummet. Oh! How do you think our investors will react when news of this get out, you little Miss Minority Shareholder? Giving all her money to save the whales and heal the planet and all that nonsense. What? Hold on. How do you know there were two? Yeah, we had to sign off at the expense of transporting an elephant.”

“It’s me, Francisco! Hurry! There’s no time! Hey. You. Gorgeous. I have information. Everyone thinks Claudette is this gold digger, but what’s not so well known is the fact that, as a precaution, the board made her sign a brutal prenup.”



“We have the Maharajah. If you contact the authorities, he dies. We’ll make our demands known to you at 7:00 a.m.”


“Four years ago, Nick and Audrey Spitz solved some of the most high-profile murders of the century. Like many overnight success stories, Nick and Audrey immediately quit their jobs and poured their life savings into pursuing careers as private investigators.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not going well. With business struggling, Nick and Audrey could only pray for a miracle… …that someone close to them would be killed.”

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