Avatar: The Way of Water, Disney+, 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment

Gone Native

Disney+ original film Avatar: The Way of Water will be released on the platform soon.

#AvatarTheWayOfWater has cleared $2.316B at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 76%

metacritic: 67

imdb: 8.0

oscars: 1 win

golden globes: 2 nominations

SAG awards: 1 nomination

Jake Sully, Avatar: The Way of Water, Amazon Prime Video, 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, Sam Worthington

Jake Sullivan

Jake Sully raises a family of 4 in the local Na’vi culture on the planet of Pandora.

Jake Sully, Avatar: The Way of Water, Amazon Prime Video, 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, Sam Worthington

“The forests of Pandora hold many dangers. But the most dangerous thing about Pandora… is that you may grow to love her too much. We sign the songcords to remember. Each bead, a story in our life. A bead for the birth of our son. Neteyam!” — Jake Sully

“A bead when we adopted our daughter, Kiri. Born of Grace’s avatar. A daughter whose conception was a total mystery. A bead for the first communion with Eywa. The People say we live in Eywa… …and Eywa lives in us. The Great Mother holds all her children in her heart.” — Jake Sully

“Happiness is simple. But who would’ve thought a jarhead like me could crack the code? It was love at first sight. Before I knew it, we had four. When we sent the Sky People back to Earth, a few of ’em stayed. Science guys, loyal to the Na’Vi. And then there was Spider. He was just stuck here. Too young for a cryo-capsule. Orphaned by the way, he as raised by the lab guys. He wasn’t part of our family. He was like a stray cat. Inseparable from our kids. To Neytiri, he would always be alien. One of them.” — Jake Sully

“Took a few years to get the language through my thick skull. But now when I hear it, it might as well be English. Hey! Hey! That’s enough. Don’t make me come over there. He’s gonna come out from behind those big rocks. There he is. There you go. Go get it! Hey, Neteyam, the mighty fisherman. There you go. Good boy. Wow. Wow, that’s a big one. He’s… that tall.” — Jake Sully

“Goes by too fast. Like a dream. Come on. Smile, skxawng. Happiness is simple. Like date night. Time away from the kids. Whoo! But the thing about happiness… it can vanish in a heartbeat. A new star in the night. It could only mean one thing. Ships. Decelerating. And Sky People returning.” — Jake Sully

“Ground team, go! Let’s go. Two minutes, people. Let’s go. Gunship’s inbound! Fall back! Lo’ak, where are you? Neteyam! Easy, easy, you okay? Where’s your brother? Where is he? Where? Get outta here! Go on! Neteyam! Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. Oh, God. What are you doin’ here, boy? What the hell were you thinkin’?” — Jake Sully

“Fall in. You’re supposed to be spotters. You spot bogeys, and you call ’em in. From a distance! Does any of this found familiar? Get here! Jesus. I let you two genuises fly a mission, and you disobey direct orders. Kiri, can you go help your grandmother with the wounded? Please? Baby girl, please. Tuk, go with her. Go. Yeah, you do. That’s right. ‘Cause you’re the older brother. You gotta act like it. Just go and get patched up. Go on, dismissed.” — Jake Sully

“You do understand that you almost got your brother killed. You’re grounded. No flying for a month. Now, see to the ikran. All of ’em. And get that crap off your face.” — Jake Sully

“What? I know. I’m their father. It’s my job. I thought we’d lost them.” — Jake Sully

“Eagle Eye. Send your traffic. What’s your pos? Over. Who’s ‘we?’ Son, you listen to me very carefully. You pull back right now. Do not make a sound. You get the hell out of there. Move! You copy? No, no, you stay with the ikran. I’m not gonna say it again. Move! Go, go, go! You okay? You okay, boy? Okay. With me. Ready? Ready? Move! Come on! Come on! Go, go, go! Hey. Hey, it’s okay. You hurt? Tuk, you hurt? Hey, hey, it’s okay.” — Jake Sully

“Okay, we’re clear. We’re clear. Everyone okay? It’s okay. It’s okay. We’re okay. Okay. It’s all right, baby girl. All right? He’s a tough kid. All right. Shh. He’s gonna be okay. We’re all gonna be okay.” — Jake Sully

“This thing. This Quaritch. Whatever he is… he can walk right in here. He can walk right under Eywa’s nose. He’s hunting us. He’s targeting our family. He had our children. He had ’em under his knife! This will protect the People! Look, I got nothing. I got no plan… but I can protect this family. That I can do. I know one thing. Wherever we go, this family is our fortress.” — Jake Sully

“This is like stones in my heart.” — Jake Sully

“A father protects. It’s what gives him meaning. One life ends. Another begins.” — Jake Sully

“The sea clans are a world unto themselves. Thousands of islands. An unknown territory into which we could just vanish without a trace.” — Jake Sully

“Hey, leave it. On me. Be nice. Hey. Easy. Just be cool.” — Jake Sully

“Tonowari was the chief of the Metkayina, the Reef People. I see you, Tonowari. I knew him as a tough leader. But it wasn’t Tonowari I was worried about. I See you, Ronal. Tsahik of the Metkayina. We seek uturu. Yes, sanctuary for my family. Well, we will learn your ways. Am I right? Look. Look. Look, I was born of the Sky People, and now I am Na’vi. All right? You can adapt. We will adapt. Okay? I apologize for my mate. She’s… …flown a long way, and she’s exhausted. I’m done with war. Okay? I just want to keep my family safe. Shh, we’ll be okay. Okay, what do we say? Thank you.” — Jake Sully

“Yeah, this will work. This is great. It’s nice, right? Okay, Sullys, fall in. Remember? Family meeting. Come on. Take a knee. Let’s go. Okay. I need you kids on your best behavior. I mean it. Learn fast. Pull your weight. Don’t cause trouble. You got it? Tuk, this is our home now. Now, we’re gonna get through this. We’re gonna get through this if we have each other’s backs. All right? That’s right. Sullys stick together. Now this time with some feeling. Yeah.” — Jake Sully

“Nah. This one. Uh-huh. I got this. Whew! Hyah! Come on. That’s it, okay. Steady.” — Jake Sully

Neytiri, Avatar: The Way of Water, Amazon Prime Video, 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, Zoe Saldana


“When I first met your father… …I was trying to kill him.”

“He belongs with his own kind.”

“Kiri. Whoo!”

“Tuk… Tuk, Tuk, Tuk, Tuk, Tuk. MaJake. Your son is actually bleeding.”

“Neteyam and Lo’ak try to live up to you. It is very hard on them. You are very hard on them. This is not a squad. It is a family.”

“Down, down, down. Neteyam. Lo’ak!”

“Demon! I will kill you as many times as I have to! Kiri! Come! Come on. Kiri! Come, come. Come!”

“Tuk. That’s it. Oh, thank you, Great Mother. Thank you. Thank you.”

“This is our family. This is our home. This is about our little ones. I cannot. You cannot ask this. I cannot leave my People. I will not. You cannot ask this! The children. Everything they’ve ever known. The forest. This is our home!”

“My father gave me this bow as he lay dying. And he said protect the People. You’re Toruk Makto! Quaritch has Spider. And that kid knows everything. He knows our whole operation, and he can lead them right in here. If the People harbor us, they will die. Do you understand?”

“Tuk. Tuk. Be nice. I See you, Ronal. Yes. My husband was Toruk Makto. He led the clans to victory against the Sky People. Do not apologize for me. Jake. Uturu has been asked.”

“Kiri. Oh, Tuk. What does your father always say?”

Colonel Miles Quaritch, Avatar: The Way of Water, Amazon Prime Video, 20th Century Studios, TSG Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, Stephen Lang

Colonel Miles Qauritch

“Lyle? That you? I’m all right. Let me go. I’m all right. Well… ain’t this a bitch.”

“In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re Colonel Miles Quaritch. Only younger, taller, bluer, and not nearly as good-lookin’. In two hours, I fly a mission against the Na’Vi’s stronghold. The powers that be thought it prudent that I do this backup just in case. And if you are watchin’ it, well, it means that I did get my ticket punched.”

“Hey, Parker, just what the hell am I supposed to say now? Who? All right, I got it. I got… hey, hey, hey. Am I doin’ this, or are you doin’ this? Anyway, the idea is to get the minds of the saltiest on-world operators. Yeah, like Corporal Wainfleet over there… …and your humble narrator into… …recombinant bodies. You’re a recom now, Colonel, loaded with my memories and my charm. What you won’t remember is my death because it hasn’t happened yet, and it ain’t gonna.”

“Well, whatever happened, if you’re any clone of mine, you’ll be lookin’ for some payback. And Jake Sully would be at the top of that list. Remember, kid, a Marine can’t be defeated. Oh, you can kill us, but we’ll just regroup in hell. Semper fi.”

“We are not in Kansas anymore. We are going to Pandora. Now, I know you’re all askin’ yourselves the same question. Why so blue? For our sins in our past life, we have been brought back in the form of our enemy. That gives us their size, their strength, their speed. And with our training, that’s a pretty potent mix. Indeed we do. Our mission is to hunt down and kill the leader of the Na’Vi insurgency. The one they call Toruk Makto. Jake Sully.”

“General Ardmore. Hmm. Any intel on Sully’s base of operations? And how might we test that hypothesis, General? Outstanding. Copy that.”

“Watch your six. Perimeter up. Lyle, see if you can pull some data off that dash cam. So were we.”

“With me. What have we here? Show me your fingers. You’re his, aren’t you? You’re his, all right. Where is he? Where is your father? Really? You wanna play it this way? What’s your name, kid? Miles? Well, I’ll be damned… well, I figured they sent you back to Earth. Iron Sky, Blue One, Actual. We are standing by for extract, over. Be advised, we are bringin; in high value prisoners. Lyle, get me some audio on this. That’s Sully’s woman. Sully.”

“Heads up, three minutes. Watch our six. Contact rear! That’s you, Mrs. Sully? I recognize your calling card. Why don’t you come on out, Mrs. Sully? You and I, we got some unfinished business. I guess you and the Corporal have been pretty busy, haven’t you? Dropped yourself a whole litter of half-breeds. Flank out. Get after ’em! Fall back!”

“General, let me try the personal angle. Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Easy, tiger. Easy. We good? Kid, you got heart. Those science pukes leaned on you pretty hard. But you gave them nothin’. I respect that. I thought you might want this. That’s Colonel Miles Quaritch. Deceased. Killed in action. I’m not that man. But I do have his memories… enough to know that, uh, well, he wasn’t always the best father. But that’s not an apology. I’m not your father. Technically, you and I, we’re nothin’ to each other. But… I can help you. I can get you outta here. Ah, I’m not gonna ask you to betray Jake Sully. I know you’d never do that. You’re loyal, and I admire loyalty. Just ride along. Otherwise, I gotta give you back to the lab coats.”

“Get on the ship, find a seat, and keep out of the way. Let’s go! Chop-chop. Whoa, hold on there, hotshot! You listen up. There’s a tracker built in that mask. We hit the ground, and you take off, I’ll have you back in two minutes, and I will give you an old-school ass-whippin’. Understood? Understood? We up?”

“All right, listen up. Jake Sully’s gone to ground. Don’t matter. Wherever he is, we’ll find him, and his batshit crazy wife, too. To do so, we go Na’vi. Full tilt, all the way. That means we eat Na’vi. We ride Na’vi. Think Na’vi. And that starts with speaking the language. All right, smart guy. You just went from bein’ our monkey mascot to official interpreter.”

Sully’s kids

“It’s mine! I had it first! Why should I let you have it? It’s mine! Lo’ak you liar! Let me have it! I hate you! Well, I hate you times infinity, Lo’ak! Penis face!”

“Yeah! By the rocks. Right where you said. How tall is he? He’s tall!”

“Bro, come on.”

“Bro, we have got to get down there. No way! Dad will skin us! Come on. Don’t be a wuss. Lo’ak! Get back here, you… argh! Bro, let’s go. Come on! Lo’ak! Okay, let’s go! Lo’ak! Move! Lo’ak! You don’t even know how to use it. Dad taught me. Bro, come on! Yeah. That way.”

“Dad? I’m s… I’m sorry. I’m sorry, sir.”

“Attack, attack! Got ya! Tuk! Come on! Hyah!”

“Skxawng. Wait. You’re human? Whoosh! They’re coming! They’re coming! Kiri, Spider! The war party’s coming back! Come on, come on. Let’s go, come on. Mom! Mom.”

“My brother is wounded. It’s fine. Dad. Sir. I take full responsibility. Mother, it’s fine. I…”

“Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Ow. Ow! Give him this. Okay. I would use yalna bark. Here, drink. Oh, you would? You are, Grand… move! You are, Grandmother. But yalna bark is better. Ow, ow! Ow. It stings less. Mighty warrior. Sorry. Yeah. Those blue stripes don’t make you any bigger, bro.”

“Like a little annoying bug. Yeah, Monkey Boy, that really sucks. For you. Oh! Hi, Max. Hi, Ma. Pretty sure it was Norm. You do not deserve to live. No, no, no. Think about it, right? I mean, he’s the teacher’s pet. He’s out at the lab with her all the time. I would kill myself. I would drink acid. Hey. See, I’m thinkin’ their two avatars were out in the woods all alone… gross! No, Spider… dude. Spider… you are not him.”

“Go! Whoo! Whoa, bro! Go, Monkey Boy! Guys, wait up! Tuk! Keep up! Okay, okay. She’s such a cry baby. She’s all, ‘I’m telling. You’re not supposed to go to the battlefield. I’ll tell Mom if you don’t let me come.’ Don’t pick on her. Are there any dead bodies up there? Bro, check it out. Come on.”

“I was doing that thing again, wasn’t I? Kiri! Kiri! Kiri, we have to get back. What is it? We’re always supposed to be home by eclipse. It’s way too big for a human. Maybe, but they’re for sure not ours. Shh, I’m tracking. We are never supposed to come here. Dad is going to ground you. Shh. Can you stop? For life. Bro, we have got to check this out. Let’s go.”

“That’s your dad’s actual suit. I gotta call this in. Let’s go. Devil Dog, Devil Dog, this is Eagle Eye, over. I got eyes on some guys. They look like avatars, but they’re in full camo and carrying ARs. There’s six of them. Over. Oh… we’re at the old shack. Me, Spider, Kiri… and Tuk. Yes, sir, moving out. Go, go.”

“Dad, I know a quick way! You’re going to be in so much trouble. Shh! Kiri, stop. Guys, come on. It’s almost eclipse, come on. Tuk! Put it down. Put it down. Spider. Stop. Sorry, I don’t speak English… …to buttholes. No! Kiri! No! Stop! Let us go!”

“But, Dad… I’m a warrior like you. I’m supposed to fight. Yes, sir. Kiri! Lo’ak! Tuk, come on. Go, go, go! Spider, come! Yeah. Yes, sir. Spider? Spider! Spider. Spider. He’s down there. No. Spider! No. Go, go, go. Come on. Let’s go. No, I’m okay. Daddy!”

“Mom! Where’s Spider? They took him. They took him.”

“What’s going on? Just form a picture in your mind. Is it one of the floating mountains?”

“Are we there yet? Who… who are they?”

“Hey. Mom. Ow… Dad. Do we have to go? Thank you. Thank you.”

“Tuk, let’s go. What? Yes, sir. I want to go home. Sullys stick together. Sullys stick together. Sullys stick together. Come on. Whoo-hoo! Whoo!”

“You’re too fast! Wait for us. Come on, bro. We don’t speak this finger talk, guys. We don’t know what you’re saying. Kiri?”

“I love her already.”


“See you, Norm! I’m just going to the village!”

“I’m definitely faster when I’m blue. No, seriously. And the animals respect me more. They don’t think of me as human. Ha-ha.”

“Ah, want a kiss on the boo-boo? Your ass is mine. What’s up, bro? Yeah, well, I can still kick your ass.”

“Ha-ha. Real hysterical, guys. You know what really sucks though? Is you can breathe Earth air for hours, and I can only breathe your air for, like, 10 seconds. Hey. What’s up, Max? What’s up, Norm? So who do you think knocked her up? Totally. Bro, you’re right. He’s, like, in every shot. Bro, look, look, he’s giving her looks. Guys, I mean sometimes it’s not so great to know who your father was. Whatever. Don’t even remember him.”

“Whoo! Uh-huh. Bro, why’d you bring her anyway? Oh, sick! Kiri. Kiri. Kiri… Kiri, hey. Hey. Kiri. Are you okay? Yeah, you were. All right, come on. Avatars? What are you doing?”

“Bro, that’s where your dad and my dad fought. Holy shit. No, bro, we’re gonna get in trouble. See, I told you! Kiri! Kiri! Tuk. Be calm… shit… Lo’ak, don’t. Don’t! Hey! Hey, don’t touch her! Hey! Don’t hurt her, please. Spider… Socorro. Nobody calls me that. They can’t put babies in cryo, dipshit. Come on! Come on!”

“Goddamn. Come on! Let me out of here!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know! Let me out of here! I don’t know. I don’t know! You’re gonna have to kill me! I don’t know, you buttholes! Okay? I don’t know! Dad. Yes, we are!”

“Sweet. Yes, sir.”

“You call that speaking the language? You sound like a three year old!”

General Ardmore

“Good to meet you, Colonel. I’ve heard good things, but a lot’s changed since your last tour here. Walk with me.”

“The new ops center is over here. That just came online. These swarm assemblers, they can put up a building in six days. We have done more here in a year than in the previous 30 years. We’re not here to run a mine, Colonel. As On-World Commander, I have been charged with a greater mission. Earth is dying. Our task here is to tame this frontier. Nothing less than to make Pandora the new home for humanity. But before we can do that, we need to pacify the hostiles.”

“Sully’s raids are becoming bolder and more frequent. His strikes are well-planned. He’s got tight coordination between his ground and air assets. His forces are hitting our outlying sites. The mines, pipelines, cutting off our supply chain. And they hit a maglev two days ago. Yeah. Give me the mountains. It’s a cave system in the Hallelujah Mountains somewhere. But every time we send our forces up there, we take losses. Our hardware really stirs up the hornet’s nest.”

“We only get 10 minutes in enemy airspace, they are all over us. Colonel, we believe your Blue Team will be perceived as indigenous and will not trigger the immune response. The hard way.”

“Blue One, Iron Sky, send your traffic. Take us in. Sit tight, Blue One, we’re inbound to your pos. Build One, stand by ready. We are three minutes out. Run!”

“Blue One. Get back to the rally point now. Blue One, fall back.”

“Where is Jake Sully? We know that you know. Just form a thought, and we will see it. Look, I don’t like this any more than you do. Which clans would be harboring him? It’s not gonna stop until you give us something. Where is he?”

“He’s not your son.”

Corporal Wainfleet

“Get that out of his face. Hey! Colonel, can you hear me? Colonel? Get outta here! Go, go, go! Grab him! Grab him! Hold him! Calm down! Colonel, stand down! Colonel, it’s me! Corporal Wainfleet! Yes, sir. And Z Dog. And Fike.”

“Oorah. Damn right. Oorah.”

“Do we have a mission yet? Masks off.”

“Damn. That thing’s deader than shit, Colonel. All right.”

“Hey, Colonel, check it out. Four fingers. We got a half-breed. Shut up! She’s an animal. Son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, there’s nothin’ after that. You want us to recover these remains? Fall back, fall back! Move out! Move! Move, move, move!”

“Team’s up.”


“Jakesully. Why do you come to us, Jakesully? We are Reef People. You are Forest People. Your skills will mean nothing here. Toruk Makto is a great war leader. All Na’vi people know his story. But we Metkayina… …are not at war. We cannot let you bring your war here. Toruk Makto and his family will stay with us. Treat them as our brothers and sisters. Now, they do not know the sea. So they will be like babies taking their first breath. Teach them our ways so they do not suffer the shame of being useless. My son, Aonung, our daughter, Tsireya, will show your children what to do. It is decided.”

“This is a warrior’s mount. Not easy to master. Perhaps you should start with an ilu. Now remember, when you dive back in, good position. Very important.”


“Uturu? Their arms are thin. Their tails… …are weak. You will be slow in the water. These children are not even true Na’vi. They have demon blood! This you call victory? Hiding among strangers? Chosen One.”

“No, no.”

Reef Na’vi

“We don’t know why they are here. Where did they come from? Is that supposed to be a tail? It’s too small. How are they supposed to swim? Do not. Rotxo, Aonung. Father, why do… come. I will show you our village. This way.”

“Just up here. This is for you. Your new home.”

“Swim together with us. What’s wrong with them? Those guys are bad divers. Stop. They’re learning. Are you all right? Just breathe. Breathe. You are not good divers. Maybe good at swinging through trees, but… I will teach you. Where is Kiri? Who? Kiri. Where is Kiri? Did you see her?”

“These are ilu. If you want to live here, you have to ride. Make the bond gently. Feel is breath. Feel his strength. Hold here. Look at his legs. Hold on. You all right, Forest Boy?”



“Spider, Spider… Spider! You little wild man. Spider, take your spare!”

“Pulse 168. He’s coming up… yeah, here it comes. You’re just fine. Just lie still. Stay calm. Yep. Pupillary reflex is good. You need to lie back down, sir. Sedate him! Sedate him! Get security!”

“Stand by. Two minutes to Pandora insertion. Secure for Delta V. All right. Umbilical’s clear.”

“Just remind him how this works. Here. So see this? This is all your memories and your personality. Right. We’re gonna send this back to Earth… …where you’re growing in a lab as we speak. We’re gonna imprint you with it, and then… hurry it up. Hurry it up.”

“Hell yeah.”

“Take this! Go! Taking the whole case! We’re taking mags, the RPGs, the stingers.”

“Take that! Take these weapons. Here, boy. Go!”

“Yeah! That’s what it is!”

“And who is Tsahik?”

“We’ll check on this tomorrow. Hey, man. How’s it going? Hey, Spider. I’m right here. What up? Avatars only, go around!”

“Oof! Hell of a day. Long run. Hey, kids. What up? Lo’ak.”

“Maybe I’m just losing it out here, but I’m seeing real evidence of a systemic response on a global level. I can’t… I won’t use the term ‘intelligence.’ It’s, um… …maybe ‘awareness’ is a better word. It’s like the entire biosphere of Pandora is aware… and capable of this cognitive response. Oh, crap, I can’t say that. They’ll crucify me.”

“Go, go, go! Directly inside the terminal. Do not stop. Move!”

“Sir, this is The General.”

“We’re entering hostile airspace.”

“No shit. Clear.”

“Put it down! Down! Put it down or I’ll shoot you! Drop it! Right now! Do not move! Put your hands up! Hands up! Down! Get ’em! Get ’em! Get over here! Come on! Get down! Stop fighting. Don’t move! Check ’em for weapons! Shut up. Don’t move. Shut up! Don’t move. What are we doin’, boss?”

“Dragonfly, we are comin’ left, we are go for extract. Sit! Come on, in the dirt! Feet up! Get down on the ground! Shut your mouth. Don’t look up! Shut up! Shut up! Contact rear! Shit. You little shit. Get back here! Grab ’em! Cover! Go! Na’vi!”

“Ma’am, we’re at bingo. Ten minutes in enemy airspace.”

“He’s completely feral. Think he’s one of them.”

“He’s fighting us. Give us a minute. Watch this. You’re peaking all over the prefrontal.”

“Tarsem is wise for his years. He will be a strong Olo’eyktan. The leader must die. So the leader can be born. Toruk Makto will disappear. The People will be safe.”

“Ready for transport!”

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