Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films

Hard Knocks

Max original series Hard Knocks premiered November 21st, 2023.




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Mike McDaniel, Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films
Mike McDaniel, Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films

Mike McDaniel

Coach McDaniel tries to lead his team to Superbowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike McDaniel, Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films

“Man, is it good to be back! Okay, so ‘Hard Knocks’ starts today. And I’, actually convinced. I’m fired up about it. It’s a heavy burden on a lot of people. Big paychecks, okay, in this room, it’s a burden on you. The players that are recognized around the league, it’s a burden on a day-to-day basis. But I refuse to do this job and not give you guys my authentic self. I’m not going to change. I will not. We work too hard. And this is a part of our journey. We’re going to have people document this whole season. Awesome. I’m not fucking changing, okay, nor do you guys have to. So shit’s going to get weird, okay? Who cares? It– it is a distraction if we let it. I refuse… I refuse to have our journey tainted by that shit. But I’m excited for what needs to be told about this team… the journey that we’ve taken together since the first day, April 17, of this season. I’m excited the world’s gonna find out what we’ve built together each and every day. I fucking love where our team’s at. I loved how we got there. I love the scars of those losses. That builds what we’re trying to build on, which is be our very best selves at the end of the year. We’ve been together 127 days. 78 practices, okay, that you’ve been fucking eye-blacked up for. 12 games. This team only has 47 days, 24 practices, and eight games guaranteed to us. Shame on you if you don’t bring it every time we’re out there together. This shit is sacred as fuck, guys. That was the journey. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. The best part’s fucking today.” — Coach McDaniel

“That’s fun. Unless we’re standing there and there’s a net, you can put the ball anywhere you want. I feel the timing with which you’re trying to throw, but if his job is just to get open in quick game timing, sigh of relief if your guy beats the crossing. I’m proud of you, because Wednesdays is such a waste of emotion if you’re mad at a play call or forgetting a motion. Like, if I’m doing my job right for you, there’s always going to be one or two that you’re mad at because– you are, though. Like, you– you went, fuck! And then you moved on with your life. Whoo! Bro! Yeah, throw! Did you see how dangerous that throw was? It was only capable because of how we talked about it. Oh, yeah! Hey, man. Oh. What? How– how did you– I was making sure I was- you were looking at me, but you threw– you threw that way. How are– how are you looking at me, but then you threw– he was looking at me, but then he threw that way. Yeah. You can’t do that. That’s not allowed. But other players– it’s still the same. Bro, hey!” — Coach McDaniel

“The responsibility that you have as a coach with a player… you realize how long we’ve been waiting for that one? You know, telling them the right things, giving them the right opportunities, putting them in the right positions. You said– you have to acknowledge the fact that this is their moment. This is something that you build to, you dream of, and then after the fact, you reflect on the rest of your life. And it’s really your identity. But what I’m telling you is like– so knowing that you’re in that moment, how do you attach yourself to the journey? How do you not try to help? The detail with like, with which I coach routes is very different on a lot of them. Here’s why. Take it personal. Hey, man, have fun playing. This is so earned. You’re playing with dudes that– fuck. And it’s fun, bro. And they’re locked in. See that? Such good reps. At some point, we’ll get to the point where we have fun while we do it. Then that’s the next step. Yo! Um, the only– the only– the only reason I bring it up is because you guys brought me there. But this practice made me think of the Wednesday practice from last season. And it was like, residual scars because it was like guys were, like, getting through the workday. And you want to talk about 180 today, this might be the most fun we’ve had. It’s because you guys are locked in on what you’re trying to do. And all you did was without tackling, you got a game in today. And you accumulate that over a season, that’s today, recreate that tomorrow, and we got a fucking chance, fellas.” — Coach McDaniel

“I love opponent questions, especially on Monday. So this is– this is a new Christmas. Um… you know, what a cool player because… he is a player that has a relentless motor. And he doesn’t take downs off. And he has the ability to win in both run and pass downs. And it seems like every single time you give him an inch, he’ll take advantage of that. This dude right there is probably playing the best football of any defensive player we’ve played against this year. Every person that’s entrusted with blocking him, your mindset better be strained. Because he shows slippery on tape, but if you hesitate, that’s when he goes straight Van Ginkel on you. That’s what it is. Not overhyping. The tape speaks for itself. This is a badass play. There. There, he just took that on. And we’re going to go cross-court. I mean, that’s real. Priority number one for everyone. Gotta be a mindset from today. You don’t just turn that shit on. Just like we won’t just turn shit on down at the stretch of the season. We got to be all gas every day.” — Coach McDaniel

“Bev’s put a tape together for me on Crosby doing stuff. Like you’re passing a quarterback and he’ll– right? Yeah, and he’ll do random stuff. Um, so I’m going to get Tua prepared for it. Yeah. Great job! That’s a real fucking look. Great job! That was that shit right there. That was it. Hey! Hey, that’s fucking big time, bro. That is so big time. That’s a real look. Keep it up, man. That was really cool. Awesome for us. You know what I mean? Like–” — Coach McDaniel

“Oh, that– um, the background is– there’s not– there’s not that much depth to it other than Joe Kasper led off the season. Um, you know, we kind of rotate coaches in a turnover meeting. He led it off. That was something that he came up with. I’m not sure if it was entirely on his own, the idea, but it’s just something random and– and, um… I don’t know, hilarious, because apparently, a lot of guys like cake.” — Coach McDaniel

“Today, we are coming out with swag to be the best damn football team on the planet. If you want those expectations, you got to go places that other people aren’t willing to go. So where are we going? We’re going to give four quarters for the rest of the damn season. If you’re not speaking in third person in the post-game press conference, I fucked up. If we’re not talking about The Cheetah, I fucked up. Yes! Got it. I’m gonna go stare at Crosby. All right, he’s on the left. Gets to the field, Crosby. He’s definitely avoiding eye contact with me. That was the first time I tried him all game. Um, what was the failure? He should be fine, right? We’re going to keep 10 out there. Just put a tight end out and have a receiver come off. What? We don’t have Reek, right? Okay.” — Coach McDaniel

Tyreek Hill, Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films

Tyreek Hill

“That’s not cheap, bruh. That’s not cheap. My body feels like we won. Now I’m, ready. I needed it, man. I needed it. Oh! That was sexy right there. Uh! Oh, we back. Gotta run all the way off the field, ‘Reek. Feel pretty good. Feel pretty amazing. That rubber john? Yeah. This is a size smaller. Yeah. I probably gotta go down two, huh? So it could fit. No, I did. I did get married to my longtime fiancĂ©e. It was about time, man, you feel me? So something that we wanted to do over the bye week. And we did it. We went through it. I’ve been locked in at a different rate, man. I’m disciplined with just my whole entire life, the way I just approach everything. And I definitely eliminated a bunch of things. So that’s probably why I’m having some of the success that I’m having this year.”

“How do I take this background off? There we go. Just Soul Runner people and then the Speed Academy people. We’re going to talk about the camps, upcoming camps that we got, and then also talk about some Soul Runner stuff. I love you too. Yeah, this every day. Like, when I get home, this every day. But usually, we be sitting in my game room and we talk about like, business stuff, business ventures, investment opportunities. You know, my time could be short in the NFL. I need to fucking– I’m ready. I’m ready to take my next step into being a husband. I want to wake up and cook breakfast for you. That what I want. Just like my granddaddy used to do my grandma. I’m ready for that. We was engaged for literally like, two years. And I wasn’t able to, you know, wear different hats. Take for instance, I come home, and I will still be wearing my football hat. I wasn’t stepping into the role of being a fiancĂ©. I wasn’t stepping into the role of being a son, a father. I was still, like, frustrated over football. Whereas now, like, I got a full grasp on it. I understand, like, when I come home, I need to leave that football stuff at work. I need to come home. I need to be a father, a husband, a son to my mom because they need they love languages too, just like I’ve been getting mine all day. So I figured it out, man. I think I did, at least. There’s no pressure at all. Like, I know I wake up each and every day, play this game because I actually enjoy doing it.”

“We got a lot of great players. This team is only going to go as far as, you know, the best players go. I like that. I love playing with Tua, man. ‘Cause I’m going to stand on my statement forever. He’s the most accurate quarterback in the league and he never backs down from anything. The guy isn’t scared of nothing. He’s a dog. He showed up this week wearing the cornrows, something that’s very, um, unexpected. And it was like, bro, like, we never know. Like, we never know your next move.”

“It’s only one universal language. It’s only one universal language, and that’s ass-whooping. If I go to fucking Germany and a altercation start happening– we all know it’s one universal language, ass-whooping.”

“How you doing, OG? Okay. Yeah. But you– I’m spreading world peace. What if I do this? Okay, okay. Yes, sir. Thank you. Hi. Appreciate it. I’m the best in the world, bro. I’m the best in the fucking world. Come on! Come on, baby! Come on, boy! I’m the best in the– I’m the best in the world. I’m the best in the world! I’m the best in the world! I’m the best in the world, bruh! Come on. Come on, boy! Come on, come on! It’s that kind of day. It’s that kind of– shit. Hey, he a good-ass player, bro. He just did some shit then. Roger, we got a problem. 98 may be different, boy. 98 may be different, bro. He may be the best player in the league at the point. I didn’t know he was that good like that. What’s up, coach? Come on now, you know I’m coming. You know I’m coming with it. Come on, man! I’m slippery, I’m slippery. I’m so slippery out there, baby. I fucking fucked my hand up, though. Fuck! Come on, man. Yeah. I can’t even move my shit right now, broski. I can’t. I’m telling you I can’t. Shit! I know what I can do and what I can’t, gang. Fuck! Fuck me, bro. Come on, Reek.”

“Yeah. You O? Yeah. I got my hand hit again. Yeah. I fucked my hand up again. I can’t even move that bitch. I’ve been trying to body catch everything from– I’ma stay in the game now. Said I’ma stay in the game now. Damn, I ain’t gonna be able to play ‘Fortnite.'”

Tua Tagovailoa, Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films

Tua Tagovailoa

“I know y’all know, but let’s not get complacent here, huh? Right here. Especially right here, man, especially right here. Every time we go out there, let’s just finish your points. Anyway–“

“It was good. Yeah, it was good. I got braids. I’m just seeing– no. My brother’s the only one that’s ever had. No, no, no. It’s to keep the hairs down, just all the little hairs. Thank you. Just to keep the hair down. This girl named Yada. Her name is Yada. Mm-hmm. No, I didn’t, I just asked the guys on the team. Just because my hair was so long. And if she couldn’t do it, then I was going to cut it. I was like– I was going to cut it. But she was like, oh, your hair’s long enough. Let’s do it. Just like a little. I know. Oh, don’t show that to my wife. Um, Drake? Uh… I don’t know if I look like Drake. â™Ș Kiki â™Ș Do you love me? â™Ș. The wifey likes it. She loves it. No, no, no. It’s just the second half, boys. Second half, boys, second half of the season. Hey, by the way, how are we going to do this Secret Santa thing? Yeah, so how are we going, like, picking, like– I don’t know. Can we do it like, now so we can– so we have like, time? I’m a big time guy. I need a lot of– oh, on there. But I already know what I’m getting all of you guys. Dude, I already know– I need time. Ready, set!”

“In offense, like this that we’re in, fast receivers are very important. We do a lot of things that no one else in the league does. We’re able to motion uniquely… set, set, set, set, set. Read, read! Go ahead! Ready, set! We’re able to put guys in certain routes that we haven’t seen other guys do on tape. And so that’s what makes our speed guys special to this offense. I would say I don’t care. Like, it wouldn’t matter regardless of what anyone says. In order for you to go out and do what we’re able to do on Sundays for any team that’s working to be what, you know what we want to be, I mean, you got to eliminate that noise. And I know the guys in our locker room aren’t listening to that. White, set! They’re trying to figure out what they need to do to help our team win games. 19! Ready, set! For me, it’s going through my reads going through progressions. Ready, set! Ah. Damn. Yeah. Damn! Yeah. I think we’re getting better at it, though. Yeah, yeah. I think we’re getting better. The timing of… and the timing of, okay, there’s the spot. Yeah.”

“Set, hut! No. You’re fine. I think the swagger starts with– with the head man, the head man allowing everyone to be themselves. And it trickles down. Like, the way you guys were talking about it, I was like dude, the throws are different– but the play. The play, the play. Mm–hmm. The journey that people are on, I don’t take lightly. The responsibility, I don’t take lightly. That part is a non-negotiable in the job to me. I want you guys to be on your very best that you can possibly be so then your career is as good as it can be, you can be as rich as you can be, so that I can be rich.”

“98, their best guy on their defense. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yep. Yeah, thanks. No, for sure. Like, in general, like, even when you’re done, like, when I throw it, just keep doing that, just keep– thank you. That’s exactly– that’s exactly how he is. You just keep grabbing. You just– yeah. White 18, white, set! Thank you. That’s good. Yes, sir. Oh. Yep. Yep.”

“Yeah, I told him. I was like, hey, just run through, like, grab– grab me over the guy. Like– for what? Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I wonder what our conversation is going to be like on the field. Let’s have a day, let’s have a day, let’s have a day, let’s have a day. White 18, white, set! White 18, white, set! Yep. Thank you. Yes, sir. White 18, white, set! Good hit, brother. Good hit, good hit. Hey, I know you’re trying to kill me. I know you’re trying to kill me too. White 18, white, set! Good play, good play, good play, good play. 3, go get set! Get set! 18, white, set!”

“Listen up. Reek, you’re on the left. 18, white, set! How you doing, man? How are you doing, boss? Yeah. Doing great. You doing good? Appreciate you. Thank you.”

Keeta Vaccaro Hill

“There it is. Who do you have a call with? I love you. Everything is going on schedule so far as far as the app, the real estate. Once I finished this license course, then we’ll be good to go, pretty much. Be prepared? Mm-hmm.”

“Well, he’s acrobatic. Let’s go, let’s go.”

Raheem Mostert, Hard Knocks: In season with the Miami Dolphins, Max, HBO Films, HBO Sports, NFL Films

Raheem Mostert

“Solid, wonderful, brilliant. Wouldn’t be too bad…”

Jaelen Phillips

“We gonna be the best players on that field. You better believe that shit.”

Tyreek’s Mom

“Boo! Boo! Boo! Hey, you! Let him know I’m here! Just so he can see. Tyreek! I hate then he do– no. He know– he knows we’re here. He’s gonna take his time. He’s gonna be the last one. Watch. Hey! There go my baby! Be ready, baby. Let’s go, Cheetah! What? Shit, I missed my son play. Damn! They saying a touchdown. I said damn, in there tryna get a fucking drink. I was in there, huh? Hey, you must be– I say, must be what? The proud mama? Yes, I am. Whoo! Hey, baby!”

Miami Dolphins

“What’s up, Danny? Dan, you ready for the meeting, eh? Yeah. $40? Yeah. Yo, right here. Reek! Hey, hold on. Oh, you-you’re a bad boy! You a bad boy! Oh, yeah. Feel good.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if we can get through all those. All right. Get it, bro. Bet that ring eel good too, huh? Hell yeah. You got to get a size smaller? I’m proud of you, man. A size smaller than what your regular ring is. It is? I had to go down too. Yep.”

“Let’s go! Exactly. No, we’re doing white elephant and secret Santa. What do you want to do it? Do it fairly soon. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Here. You’re a big time guy? You’re a big time guy, got it. How much time do you need? All we need is time. I need a lot of time, but I already know what I’m getting.”

“A lot of talent. Yeah.”

“So we do a little bonding, cohesiveness, chemistry pretty much every Thursday. We try to get that organic camaraderie, um, get a chance to know each other off the field. And we love to eat. Now, for the most part, it’s our time to get away from the game. It’s a stressful, high-pressure situation all the time being in the building. So we walk away, like, this is how to get away from it. Some funny shit that going on with — and we talk about it sometimes. And funny shit go on, man, you know what I mean? Keep it all real with you. Keep it real. We sitting here eating and having fellowship. No offense to Max Crosby, but fuck about Maxx Crosby. I’m sitting here eating with the fam. Right now, I’m breaking bread with my brother. This is how it’s supposed to be. Crosby is a monster. Probably playing the best defensive football in the league. So we’re going to pay a lot of attention to him tomorrow and then Sunday. Right now we taking a look at these burgers. There ain’t no Crosby sandwich on this menu at all. Bring the burgers up here. Show ’em how we do this. Now, this is what you should be scared of. This– now that burger scared. He said that burger scared.”

“Yeah. Sure. For sure. For sure. Fucking got ’em. Yeah! Yeah! Bet! Bring it over here. I got to put it here. I don’t want to wreck my– there’s always next week. There’s always next week. Thank you! There’s always next week.”

“Yeah, Bowers! Hell yeah, Bowers! Hell yeah, 2! Yeah, that’s my bitch. I found my bitch. Yeah! Not– not really, Bowers. You know I just got to practice for the game. Sit him down! Hey, finish the day now. Let’s go. Football.”

“This boy out here. That ain’t lying. Ready. You straight? You a’ight?”


“What’s up, boys? What’s up, fellas? Y’all rejuvenated? You revived? Ready to roll? Morning, gentlemen. Ho was the time off? Need some more? Another– another couple days? All right, perfect. Here we go! Here we go. Pick it up. Let’s go.”

“Go! Oh, my gosh! Oh my goodness. He let that go at the hash. That shit was crazy. And you caught it, like… damn near inside the edge of numbers.”

“How was the break? Yeah? What’s, uh, what’d you do? Let me see. This a new thing or what? Have you had it before? So what does that– what’s that doing? Hold them in place? It looks good, man. Yeah. Who did it? Okay. You knew her from– oh, you did? Oh, okay. What does it look like in the back? There you go. Nice, nice. Pretty good, pretty good.”

“A new Tua. A new season begins. I guess now, — I guess we know what that meant. You want them there or here? What? The same.”

“All right. Tua, talk to me about these guys real quick. All right, so 98 is a problem, okay? The run game, pass game, like Tasmanian Devil. Right? Just goes and goes and goes and goes. Doesn’t get tired, doesn’t come off the field. He’s one of the guys that he’s going to be like, always around you and he’s going to be doing that, he’s going to be… he’s gonna bump into you, he’s going to shove you, he’s going to–like, whatever he can to, like, make you frustrated and make you feel like he’s there. If you remember, Mac Jones got a delay of game and he, like, threw the ball on the ground and he’s still shoved him. Russ rolled out and threw a roll pass. Falls away, another step, shoves him. Right? So just all that kind of stuff. So it’s just to frustrate you, make you think that he’s always around, okay? That can’t be an effect on us at all, okay?”

“Oh, yeah. Huddle! Was he hitting you a few times today? Yeah. Why is that– why is that important? Just to do. It’s mind game, right? Because if he touches you every time, like, let’s say you take a three-step drop, throw the ball. And you’re like– and he’s hitting you, and you’re like, is the protection messed up? You know? Like, that’s what he wants you. Like, man, was he getting ready to sack me? Like, those are the things that that’s not coming into we’re going to, you know? That’s what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to play just little, little mind games–“

“All right, listen up. We’re, uh… we’re gonna get this out of the way. All right, so Chubb, you get a cake. Come over here, Chubb. You got a cake. Jerome, you get a cake too. Sieler, you get a cake week. Enjoy ’em. Yeah, enjoy your cakes, guys. I’ma try and read this. I went to first grade twice, so I’ma try and read this right. But… ‘imagine for a moment, if you can, a man running down the street with all of your worldly possessions. Taking from you everyone that you have ever loved and everything that you hold dear. I guarantee you would find a way; by any means necessary, to stop that man. That very simply put is pursuit.’ That’s football at its best. That’s us at our best. You’re at your best when you’re doing things for people you love. All the time you practice, all the time you spent way from the people you love, okay? Our job is on Sunday, literally, to honor those people. That’s it. That’s our job, to go out there and honor the people you love. Play as fucking hard as you can, attack the fucking ball like it’s some guy running down the street with your mother, your father, I don’t know who the f– my kids, whatever. Like, that will make me out of my fucking mind. There ain’t no fucking way that guy’s getting away from me, yeah? And there’s certainly ain’t anybody getting in my fucking path to block me, to stop me from bringing them back in my life. That ain’t going to fucking happen, okay? But if you treat it like that all the time, you fucking practice like that, you commit to practicing like that with each other, you’re fucking unstoppable. I don’t know who the fuck is going to stop you from doing what you want to do. Everybody understands ass-whooping, okay? I can go to Greece and somebody start getting their fucking ass whooped, we all understand what’s happening, okay? We’re all speaking the same language, right? We might not be able to communicate, but if somebody’s getting their ass kicked, nothing’s lost in translation, okay? All over the world they speak ass-whooping, okay? To the day you die, okay? So here’s what I’m saying. Let’s eliminate that factor! They can’t outwork you. Eliminate that and let’s see what the fuck happens. Let the chips fall where they may, okay? Let’s all just commit to each other. That’s what we’re going to do. Don’t stop throwing fucking punches. Don’t stop attacking the ball. Don’t fucking stop finishing blocks. And then we’ll see what happens, all right? Love you guys. Let’s go have a great fucking practice.”

“Great job, man. Appreciate it, Tua. Thank you. My boy! What a fucking game. Keep going. Let’s go, Reek. Yeah. His hand is bothering him. Does it feel like it’s moving around? Okay, gotcha. All right, here. It’s not broke. He’s back up. I got a splint on him. He’s able to catch the ball. He’s back up. I’m glad you’re built different. Huh? I know.”

Announcers / Reporters / Producers

“That is what you call an explosive offense right there. Tua fires deep down the right side. He’s got Tyreek! Caught! Touchdown Miami! Tyreek, that separation he gets on the outside is just ridiculous. TEll you what, if it’s not Tua the MVP, you might want to look at Hill. He’s on pace for 2,000 yards. Never been done.”

“Tua throws it deep downfield. And he’s got Tyreek! Wow, wow. Unbelievable!”

“Twitter’s already kind of ablaze. They think you look like Drake. Can you rap? Wifey likes it, though?”

“Swings it out. Uh-oh. It gets Tua Tagovailoa off of his first read, and we’ve seen when he has to come off of his first read, that’s when teams have success. With Tua, if he’s not in rhythm, it’s a sack or a negative play. And to me, whenever it’s not on time, he doesn’t have a counter-punch. That’s why I call ’em pretenders.”

“Mike, I want to ask you about Maxx Crosby. He’s having a really good year for the Raiders. What do you see when you watch him on tape? You guys are very similar.”

“What is the background, Coach, about the cake?”

“Hi, everybody. Welcome to Hard Rock Stadium, where the 6-3 Miami Dolphins will play the Las Vegas Raiders who have won two in a row.”

“Mike McDaniel, the only NFL coach who wears those kind of pants on the sideline. Pass completed to Tyreek Hill. Second down and 10. Tagovailoa. Nice catch. Here goes Hill! Kiss him goodbye! Touchdown, Tyreek Hill! What a throw! And then he’ll rocket it in for 6. It’s incredible. The secondary looked like they had angles to make a tackle on him. He just outruns everyone. Yeah. Every week. Tyreek’s quickness and speed are just unrivaled.”

“Maxx Crosby, he’s a heck of a player. 9 1/2 sacks this season already. Throws it out to Mostert, but it was tipped by Maxx Crosby. Crosby having an All-Pro season. Just that eye on him, how quick he is. And down he goes. Crosby was the one to smash him.”

“Play action fake. O’Connell back to throw. Looking. Deep down the left side. He’s got Davante Adams for a touchdown! Well, your mindset has got to be if you’re the Miami Dolphins offense, hey, we got to score every time. Yeah. Raiders have 6 in the secondary. Third down and 8 for Tagovailoa. Throws high again. There’s Hill bouncing off bodies! What a move! Lickety-split!”

“First down and 10. Tua quickly. Nice grab. Hard catch made by Cedrick Wilson. It’s down to the 32. And he picks up 9. It’s fourth down. I think they’re going to end up going for it. There’s no hesitation. Fourth and 1. Tua. A fake to Mostert. Outside it goes. Hill can’t get away. They’re not going to make it. It’s Crosby who came out. So the Dolphins turn it over on downs. Defense giving the ball right back to the Miami Dolphin offense. 7:31 left, second quarter. Dolphins have it at their own 37-yard line. First and 10. Tua out of the shotgun. Waddle in motion. They throw him the football, get his screen going. Look at this, Kevin, how quick Tua is getting the ball out of his hands. Under two seconds. It’s incredible. Play action fake. There you go. He’s got Waddle for a first down at the 37. Tua is starting to go to Waddle a little bit, especially with Tyreek out.”

“Third down and 10 from the 11-yard line of the Raiders.”


“Tyreek Hill. Bro, that guy is different. Damn, that boy is different.”

“Have a great game. Have a great game today. Two things. Make sure we get set on the shifts. And no peace signs. Please. I don’t want to have to make a decision. I know that, but they don’t look at it that way. No. Just don’t do anything after. All right. Appreciate it.”

“White, set!”

“I didn’t get a chance to say hi earlier. Yeah. Doing good. Thank you. Stay healthy, man. We need you.”


“So much for the Sunshine State. Good thing for the Dolphins vacation is over. In August, this team was forecast to play deep into the postseason. So far, they’re on track. They returned from their bye week atop the AFC East with a 6-3 record. The second half of their season starts this Sunday against the Raiders.”

“Wide receiver Tyreek Hill is a former Super Bowl champion and current MVP candidate. They call him the Cheetah… because he’s the fastest player in the NFL. Hill can run circles around just about anyone, but it’s his new wedding ring that has him rejuvenated.”

“Through the first nine games of the season, Hill has racked up 1,076 receiving yards. That not only leads the NFL, it’s on pace to break the single-season record.”

“There’s one place Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t need much time, and that’s the pocket. From the time the ball is snapped till it’s out of his hand takes an average of 2.4 seconds. No one does it faster.”

“How fast is Miami? The top five speeds registered in the NFL this season have all come from Dolphins, including the very fastest, 22 miles per hour by Tyreek Hill in Week 5. Speaking of fast, how about Tyreek Hill? No one denies the Dolphins’ speed. But critics are quick to claim that when their timing is disrupted, they don’t adjust. Tagovailoa knows the rap. It’s repeated often enough, but he’s unfazed.”

“Don’t let the shrug fool you. Mike McDaniel knows what he’s looking for… but also appreciates a no-look. Mike McDaniel is anything but a typical head coach. He doesn’t look like one, think like one, and he sure doesn’t sound like one.”

“McDaniel loves his players, but appreciates the challenge of stopping game-wreckers like the one coming to town this Sunday. To get ready for Maxx Crosby’s harassment, Mike McDaniel has practice squad linebacker Quinton Bell put on a yellow penny and simulate Crosby’s tactics.”

“Good play should always be rewarded, and the Dolphins’ defensive coaches have a weekly incentive that’s pretty sweet. No one can start a game faster than The Cheetah.”

“Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby is as advertised: relentless and seemingly everywhere. Crosby isn’t the only Raider who’s brought his talents to South Beach.”

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