Popular Question from an Introvert

Q: I am a fairly introverted person.  It seems like to get ahead at my company you have to “toot your own horn”.  This makes me uncomfortable. Do you have any advice?

“Tooting your own horn” works well if you have a beautiful “horn” and you are talented in “tooting.”  There are those who do this quite well—with charisma, grace, and finesse.  They know how to position themselves, and sell themselves to just about anyone.  Then there are those without horns, who have not had much practice in the fine art of tooting.  So what do you do if you’re not a horn tootin’ kind of guy or gal?  Many “so called” experts would say that if you’re going to succeed that you have to learn to “speak up” and “stand out”—that you should get yourself a beautiful horn, and start practicing like crazy!

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Amazing Grace or Amazing Disgrace

Charlie Sheen has a tiger by the tail.  It’s himself.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me,
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

So are the words of John Newton, once an infidel and libertine by his own account; the words are the beginning stanza of Amazing Grace, a famous Christian hymn about redemption. Despite the libertine ways of his younger days, Newton changed his ways, and spent the last 43 years of his life preaching the gospel.

There are two meanings to the phrase Amazing Grace: 1) the forgiveness of God and 2) the ability of some people to show amazing gracefulness.

The Artisans are known for their charm and grace.  Talented Artisans can be known for their amazing gracefulness.  However, those Artisans that are using the Dark Escape methods, methods of madness, can be amazing in their disgrace.
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The Please Understand Me blog

Welcome to our new blog.  Authors David M. Keirsey, Edward Kim, and Kip Parent from Keirsey.com have been writing on Keirsey Temperament Theory in various blogs and forums for a number of years, and will now be focusing their efforts in one place – here at blog.keirsey.com.

While each of the authors reserves the privilege of addressing any topic of the moment, each brings a particular area of focus to this blog:

Dr. David M. (Dave) Keirsey, who has spent his entire life observing people and categorizing their temperaments, will write about famous and infamous personalities and how their temperament shapes their actions.  Dave’s first entry, on Charlie Sheen, christens the blog with observations on this (in)famous Artisan.
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