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Your Boss

Do you have a boss?

If you do, do you get along?

Do you know what kind of boss you have?

The Keirsey Boss Sorter

Do you have a Strategic Boss, Logistical Boss, Diplomatic Boss, or a Tactical Boss?

Our research shows that the primary cause of friction between employees and bosses is miscommunication. And, this miscomunication is (usually) not caused by “bad”, “flawed”, or “crazy” bosses – but rather, as Dr. David Keirsey points out in his books, it is because people are radically different from each other. Your boss doesn’t behave as you would in many situations, and you behave differently than they would much of the time. Which means there is really no “one size fits all” solution, although many books have been written that purport to do just that.

To help, we’ve launched a new website to help you figure out what kind of boss you have, and how to improve your communication – go to to try out the new Keirsey Boss Character Sorter!

The Four Temperaments
The Four Temperaments

Guardian Bosses: Logistical

Being successful with your Guardian Boss means paying attention to what your boss sees as important and acting upon orders.

Warren Buffett, Gina Rinehart, Sam Walton, Mary Kay,
Mike Wallace,  Martha Stewart, George Bush Sr., Mother Teresa

Artisan Bosses: Tactical

Being successful with your Artisan Boss means being very aware of what is going on in the here-and-now and being able to act in a time of emergency.

Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, Jim Cramer, Dolly Parton,
Michael Jordan,  Serena Williams,  Steven Spielberg, Cher

Rational Bosses: Strategic

Being successful with your Rational boss means being open to new ideas for improving systems.

Jack Welch, Indra Nooyi, Steve Jobs, Ruth Handler
Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, Charles Darwin, Virginia Apgar

Idealist Bosses: Diplomatic

Being successful with your Idealist boss means you need to show a positive attitude.

John Wooden, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Schultz, Joan Baez,
T. E. Lawrence, Eleanor Roosevelt, Raoul WallenbergAngelina Jolie

There can be a synergy when there is team work.  When individuals are able to use their natural talents to add to the team, good things happen.

For example, the Walt Disney company would not exist without Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney using their natural talents together.

Synergistic Dyads: The Disney Dyad

Keirsey Temperament Awards

The Keirsey Temperament Awards for 2011

Each year an individual is awarded from each of the Four Temperaments: Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, and Rational.

The awards are given to individuals who are “famous” (if possible) and have significantly impacted the world, to illustrate and highlight the Four Temperaments.  Keirsey Temperament Theory maintains all four Temperaments play important roles in society and we need all kinds of people use their talents.

The selection is difficult, for sometimes Temperament is hidden because we are looking at these individuals from a far. We don’t know the individuals personally, and only through the media are we familiar with these people. The Keirsey Temperament Forum serves as a nominating committee. I am the judge and jury.

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16 People, 16 Types

I promised in our welcome message to explain the significance of the 16 people pictured in the banner at the top of our blog. It’s very simple – there are 16 types of people, 4 of each temperament in Keirsey Temperament Theory. Each of the people in the banner represents one of the 16 types.

Before jumping to the rest of the article, can you determine which type is represented by each of the 16 people?

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The Please Understand Me blog

Welcome to our new blog.  Authors David M. Keirsey, Edward Kim, and Kip Parent from have been writing on Keirsey Temperament Theory in various blogs and forums for a number of years, and will now be focusing their efforts in one place – here at

While each of the authors reserves the privilege of addressing any topic of the moment, each brings a particular area of focus to this blog:

Dr. David M. (Dave) Keirsey, who has spent his entire life observing people and categorizing their temperaments, will write about famous and infamous personalities and how their temperament shapes their actions.  Dave’s first entry, on Charlie Sheen, christens the blog with observations on this (in)famous Artisan.
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