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Blanket Falsehoods

HBO dark comedy-drama miniseries Big Little Lies premieres its season finale tonight.

#Biglittlelies is a limited mini-series event based on the novel of the same name.

Rottentomatoes: 87%

Metacritic: 75

IMDb: 8.7

emmys: 8 wins


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HBO, Big Little Lies, Madeline Mackenzie, Reese WitherspoonMadeline Martha Mackenzie

Madeline Mackenzie is a remarried mother of two daughters Chloe and Abigail.  She befriends and defends recently arrived single mother Jane Chapman and her son Ziggy, who is accused of assaulting a local girl Ammabella.

HBO, Big Little Lies, Madeline Mackenzie, Reese Witherspoon“This young lady in front of me is driving and texting at the same time.  You’re going to d– Oh, this is just– I’ll be right back.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Excuse me.  You must stop.  You’re gonna kill yourself for some– Abigail, what are you doing?  You were supposed to be on the bus.  You know how I feel about you driving with texters.  It is worse than drinking and driving.  Get out of the car.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Fine.  If I catch you driving and texting again, I will find your mother and I will throw this at her.  Oh!  Ah!  Damn it!  Yes.  I think I rolled my ankle.  I would, but I have to get my daughter to school.  It’s orientation day and this school is terrible about tardiness.  Yes.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“Ziggy, like Ziggy Stardust?  That’s a great name.  This is my daughter, Chloe, the one shrinking from embarrassment over there.  Are you new to Monterey?” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Well, I’m Madeline Martha Mackenzie.  I always say the Martha, but no one calls me that.  They call me Madeline.  Jane no-middle-name Chapman.  I like you already.  You’re an intrinsically nice person, and I have a nose for these sorts of things.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1I’m a stay-at-home mom myself, so I’m happy to welcome another full-time mom on the ranks.  You know, sometimes I think it’s like us against them, the career mommies.  Them and all their various board meetings that are so important.  Google this, Yahoo that.  Please, I think they spend more time on those board meetings than they do actually parenting, if you know what I mean.  Oh, yeah, so do I, but it doesn’t really count.  The over-and-under in this town is about 150,000.  I work in community theater 20 hours a week, so I’m definitely an ‘under.’  What do you do?Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“Relax, he’s walking in with Chloe.  That’s like walking in with the golden ticket.” — Madeline Mackenzie

“Hi, Stu.  Great.  See you then.  I know, right?  Yes, of course.  You guys go play.  How are you?  Pregnant again?  Thank you.  Oh, uh, no, but you’re sweet to think I did.  Thank you.  Hi, Jackie.  Good to see you.  Okay, Gabby is such a gossip.  We don’t like her.  Oh, I think he whooshed past here.  Are we doing the wine tasting next week at your house?  Okay.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Oh, he’s with Chloe.  He’s fine.  Renata!  Hi, hi!  Thank you so much.  This is Jane Chapman.  She’s new here.  Renata Klein.  It was wonderful.  Very busy with the kids and camp.  Just, um flew by.  How was yours, yeah?  Mm.  Okay.  Okay.  I’ll see you in there.  Here, come meet my best friend.  Celeste!  When did you get to town?  you didn’t call me.  And how did you get more beautiful?  I know, my new dress, my new shoes, my new friend, Jane Chapman.  She came to my rescue when I was trying to save young lives.  It’s a whole story.  I’m gonna kill Abigail.  That’s her son, Ziggy, right there, who’s playing with Chloe and the boys.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“Oh, I know.  Take a lot of pictures.  Nathan.  Come on, boys!  Come on!  Hi, Bonnie.  This is Jane and this is Bonnie, Nathan.  Skye.  Oh, I love this.  Of course you did.  Are they?  I– am I missing the math?  Right.  Of course.  Just have Nathan call me.  That’s fine.  Um, yes.  Just– just one.  Of course.  Do I not look sure?  Jane, we should go because it gets very busy.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1I actually like Nathan.  I wouldn’t go all the way to like, but I accept and acknowledge that he’s a decent human being.  I’m just legitimately surprised to see him at orientation because it’s not like he was ever there for Abigail’s first day.  And Bonnie is his new wife?  Yeah, she’s the very pretty one.  In fact, she’s so pretty and free-spirited and bohemian and all-loving that sometimes I just want to…Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“You’re gonna love this girl.  Oh, good, they saved my spot.  Hello, Tom!  I bravely injured myself.  I’ve twisted my ankle.  Come meet my new friend, Jane.  It’s my knight in shining armor.  Oh, she rescued me like a wounded dog in the street.  And you know what else?  She’s funny.  I think she just moved to this area for your delicious coffee.  So, do you mind getting– would you like one?  Three please.  And will you throw in something chocolate that won’t make my ass look fat?  Thank you.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Everybody moves here for the education.  Basically, it’s private school at a public school price.  Anyway, you’re gonna love it.  Do you surf?  Do you have a husband, or…?  I shouldn’t assume.  Boyfriend, girlfriend?  I’m open to all possibilities.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“What about Ziggy’s dad?  Okay, I’m only wondering.  Really?  Where’d you move here from?  Oh, you know she does part-time bookkeeping as well.  Isn’t that great?  I work part time at the theater and whenever we go into production, we hire freelance accountants, so I’ll ask them if they have anything for you.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1This is Monterey.  We pound people with nice.  You okay?  What is it, honey?  But you are here.  Are you following this?  That’s true.  I agree.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“It’s not crazy.  I mean, I have no idea what you’re talking about.  But if you were crazy, you’d fit in perfectly in this town.  Right, Tom?  We love crazy people here.  Delicious.” — Madeline Mackenzie

“Now, where is Chloe?  Chloe?  Of course she’s networking.” — Madeline Mackenzie

“Renata, Jane is not a nanny.  She’s a mom, just young.  Like you used to be?” — Madeline Mackenzie

“There’s a petition to stop the play?  You signed it?  Chloe, come on!  Come here.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1How dare she speak to a child like that?  I mean, isn’t there some sort of students bill of rights?  Celeste used to be a lawyer, a very good lawyer.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“Why do you say that?  I am not.  I didn’t ask, and I’m not drawn to damaged people.  Do I like to help people in need?  Yes.  Last time I checked, that’s not a character flaw.  I see that look.  I just think to be accused of something so horrible on your first day at a new school… Can you imagine anything worse?” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Bruises heal, stigmas can last a lifetime.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“It is not only not about that, but it’s actually a play you should see because it deals with the struggle of young adults being disillusioned with life, feeling demoralized and defrauded by the false promises of tomorrow.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1I just feel like they’re both slipping away.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“Okay, let me be clear.  You’re going to college.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1What people don’t tell you is that… you lose your children.  As beautiful and wonderful as you are now, the little girl whose curly hair I used to detangle, the one who had bad dreams and would crawl into my bed, she’s gone.  And I guess that’s why I’m feeling a little bit… Compounded by the fact that your little sister’s going to first grade.  I’m losing my babies.  Which has been clinically compared to a massive period, I think.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“I can still call you baby-cakes, can’t I?  Okay.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Okay, I take it back.  It’s something.  It’s the big out there.  The ocean is powerful.  Mostly it’s vast.  It’s full of life, mystery.  Who knows what lies out there beneath the surface?  Monsters?  Maybe.  Dreams.  Sunken treasure.  It’s the great unknown.  That’s what the ocean is.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“Hey, mama bear.  I’m going to yoga class.  You wanna join me?” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1That’s because I’m exhausted all the time from school, or the kids, or the play.  I don’t want to talk about Nathan.  Yeah.  No, we were talking about Ed.  Okay, what?  Oh, my God, we don’t need a counselor.  Couples fight.  You telling me you and Perry don’t fight?  And then do you run off to therapy afterward?  Really?  How often does this happen?Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“I have to say, Celeste, that sounds a little bit twisted.  But kind of great.  So, the sex that you have is like…” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1You’re such a kind person, Renata.  And, you know, it was very sweet of you to invite Chloe to Amabella’s birthday party.  Of course.  However, it wasn’t very sweet to single out and exclude little Ziggy.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“If Ziggy doesn’t go, then Chloe’s not going.  And if Chloe’s out, then the entire brigade will follow.  She’s basically the pied piper.” — Madeline Mackenzie

“Why don’t you get fucked?” — Madeline Mackenzie

“The war is on.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Excuse me?  Oh, please.  I am not doing that.  Well, maybe you could have my back in some of them.  In lieu of what?  In lieu of a life?  Is that what you were gonna say?  Jane’s a single mom.  Do you need an app to put two and two together?  When Abigail was a little baby, Nathan was not around and I was a single mom, Ed.  And I’m still angry about it.  It’s not my love for Nathan that lingers after 15 years, it’s my resentment.  There’s a big difference.  Did you hear me?Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“No I love my grudges.  I tend to them like little pets.” — Madeline Mackenzie

“Hi, Tom.  Everyone’s making me angry.  Except for you.  And you guys.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1My he-man.  Can I just say one thing?  You’re the one, okay?  You’re my only one.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“She wouldn’t leave if she knew I had cancer.  But I’d be willing to get it.  This is rough, Ed.  Thank you.” — Madeline Mackenzie

“Stick that up your tight ass, bitch!  You were fucking brilliant!  Um, yeah.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1You are not evil.  I’m not gonna let you say that.  Yes.  I get so consumed with Abigail and Chloe.  Their lives were everything… …that I almost forgot I had my own.  And– and I just had to do something, so I decided to volunteer at the theater.  I’m not a performer.  I’m not a director.  I didn’t know what to do, but it just made me feel like I was doing something.  I wanted more, you know?  I want more of that!  That feeling.  ‘Cause that made me feel alive, too!  I want more!Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“And you know what?  You’re gonna be a lawyer again.  I mean, I have never seen you like that.  For four years I’ve known you, and… your face looked different, your body changed.  You miss it.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Quote1Isn’t she amazing?  She’s my best friend.  She’ll do whatever I ask.Quote2 — Madeline Mackenzie

“I should’ve never googled him or stirred you up like that.  This is my problem in life– I can never let dead dogs lie.” — Madeline Mackenzie

Tough, supportive, friendly, sometimes a little bit overzealous Madeline Mackenzie is a Guardian.

HBO, Big Little Lies, Celeste Wright, Nicole KidmanCeleste Wright

Celeste Wright is in a physically abusive relationship with her husband Perry, whom she has twins with, Josh and Max.  They see a counselor.  She is a retired lawyer and Madeline’s best friend and confidant.

HBO, Big Little Lies, Celeste Wright, Nicole Kidman


1 win : 2017

SAG Award

1 win : 2018

Golden Globe

1 win: 2018

“Come on, guys, would you put the guns down?  Come on, Josh, you gotta get your jacket zipped.  Let’s go.  Perry, help me out, here.  Could you put the guns down?  We have to go.  I am not kidding.  Really.  You are so bad.  You are.  So bad.  Do you really have to?  Mm-hmm.  Come on.” — Celeste Wright

Quote1Madeline!  Oh, late last night.  No, I’m sorry.   You’re wearing the dress I bought you!  Hi.  I’m Celeste.  Can you believe that they’re in first grade?Quote2 — Celeste Wright

“Hey.  Here, sit down.  Here.  Easy, girl.  To death.  What?” — Celeste Wright

“Yeah.  Yeah.  Oh, stop.” — Celeste Wright

“Hi, guys!  Hey! Mm, I missed you.” — Celeste Wright

Quote1Could she have gotten it wrong?Quote2 — Celeste Wright

Quote1Renata Klein’s daughter.  She wasn’t really injured, she was just… Oh, look at this.  Could they be cuter?  Stop.  All right.  A boy tried to choke her.  Well, no one witnessed it, but she was pretty distraught.  She had marks on her neck.  Oh, this new boy, Ziggy.  I mean, he seemed really sweet, and… I met his mom and she couldn’t be nicer, so… I don’t think that’s gonna be necessary.  No, he’s not violent.  First off, he could be innocent.  They’re six.  You’re being ridiculous.  Take your hand off me.  I asked you to remove your fucking hand.Quote2 — Celeste Wright

Quote1I don’t think he’s a bully.  But you’re right.  We should err on the side of safety.Quote2 — Celeste Wright

Quote1I was thinking when you get back from Vienna, maybe we could see another counselor.Quote2 — Celeste Wright

“We discussed it.” — Celeste Wright

“You’re such a child.” — Celeste Wright

“Do you think he was the one who hurt Amabella the other day?  Yeah, maybe.” — Celeste Wright

Quote1You once said that you two don’t have sex very often.  What was Nathan like in bed?  Really?  But we are talking about Nathan.  Okay.  Is it possible you had a little more passion for Nathan than you have for Ed.  And maybe he senses that.  Men can be a little more intuitive than we give them credit for, ya know?Quote2 — Celeste Wright

Quote1Have you thought about seeing a counselor?  No, we do.  Sometimes.  More often than not, we– we end up having sex.  Yes.  It starts with anger.  I don’t– it’s complicated.  Sometimes I think that he likes to fight because it leads to sex.  Sometimes I think I like it, too.  Happens… enough.  Yeah.Quote2 — Celeste Wright

“Okay, I don’t– I don’t think this is the right time to be– let’s just–” — Celeste Wright

Quote1Never forgive, never forget.Quote2 — Celeste Wright

“I’m retired.” — Celeste Wright

“Take your hand off me.” — Celeste Wright

“I will leave you.  You touch me like that again, and I will fucking leave you!” — Celeste Wright

Quote1I gave up my career for you.  I-I– I left my family.  I left my friends.  I moved here for you.  You honestly think I don’t love you?Quote2 — Celeste Wright

“He frightened me and…  What about me?  Yeah, when it gets physical, I fight back.  I do.  Not good.  I don’t feel good about it.  I think I feel ashamed.  Yeah.  We get angry.  We fight and we– we then have this crazy, angry sex.  And then we make up, and it’s– it’s all better, and… And we have this… dirty secret.” — Celeste Wright

Quote1It’s just for six years I’ve been wiping runny noses, organizing playdates, doing, uh… everything to be a good mom, you know?  And today I felt alive, I felt good.  Is that crazy?  I feel ashamed for saying this, but being a mother, it’s not enough for me.  It’s just not.  It’s not even close.  It’s evil right?  I’m evil.  I’ve said it out loud.  I am.  This is–What, you think it?  Do you, ever?  Mm-hmm.  Mm-hmm.  You’re right.  I fucking miss it!  Whoo!Quote2 — Celeste Wright

Quote1That he was afraid of me, um… going through him.  Yeah, so I’m… I suppose I’m just worried that he’s gonna take it as a rejection.  Yeah, but he, um– he just likes me to be at home in the house, and we have the twins, and… He’s not that crazy about me having too many friends.  He’s just possessive.  That’s who he is, so… And I hoped that you’d have some ideas on the best way to communicate with him about me going back to work.  No?  I’m not, um– I’m not afraid.  I’m just– I just want to have– I suppose I want to communicate it in the best way.  That’s… I’m not afraid.Quote2 — Celeste Wright

“It was Perry’s idea to come in in the first place, so… I mean, I think that’s a very healthy sign.  Don’t you think that’s positive, that he would want to come in?  Well, because, we’re– just for the same, um… He’s trouble– uh, we’re both troubled, that– that the lovemaking is tied up in, um… in anger.  I don’t know.  Um… Oh, just the usual, you know.  Um, when he left this morning, we made love.  It’s as if our, um… It’s as if we turn each other on by rage.  And that’s a problem, I think.  Do you think that’s a problem?” — Celeste Wright

“No.  Um, maybe.  I mean, I– I don’t really remember.  I don’t follow.  Oh, um, I mean… we have a very volatile relationship, and I… I’ve left the occasional mark on him.  I… Yeah.  I have to say I’m beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable because this is, um… I think this is unethical, truth be told.  Because you’re treating us.  From what I know about your duty of care, you are ethically responsible– What?  Oh, no.  I– no, I didn’t– I mean, I didn’t– I didn’t say that.  He’s– I mean… We both become violent sometimes.  I take my share of the blame.  I’m… Look… I’m not a victim here.  I’m not.  I hit him.  I throw things at him.  I’m… Help.  Help, that’s what I want.  I mean, we both acknowledge that this relationship is toxic.  We– that’s why we made the appointment to come in, because we– we know that.  We know it and we want to, um– we– we want to learn techniques, strategies, that’s what we want, to make him–  To… To make us– us stop.  So…” — Celeste Wright

Credulous, naive, sincere, and gratifying Celeste Wright is an Idealist.

HBO, Big Little Lies, Jane Chapman, Shailene Woodley Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman and her son Ziggy move to Monterey Bay for the highly regarded public elementary school Otter Bay, where he is pointed out and accused of assaulting a female schoolmate Amabella Klein on his first day in attendance.

“Ouch.  No.  The lady just tripped.  Yeah.  Stay here.  Keep your seat belt on.  Are you okay?  You should put some ice on it.  Oh, at Otter Bay?  That’s where we’re going.  My son, Ziggy, is about to start.  Yeah.  Thanks.” — Jane Chapman

“Yeah, we just moved here a few weeks ago.  I’m Jane.  Jane no-middle-name Chapman.  Um, do you need a ride or something?” — Jane Chapman

“I actually have a part-time job.  Oh, just bookkeeping, so… most definitely an ‘under,’ too.” — Jane Chapman

“He’s a little nervous.” — Jane Chapman

“It’s so pretty.” — Jane Chapman

“I don’t know where Ziggy went.  Hi.  Thank you.  Hi.  That’s a beautiful dress.” — Jane Chapman

“Nice to meet you.  Nice to meet you.” — Jane Chapman

“Punch her in the face?” — Jane Chapman

“No, no husband or partner, just me.  It’s fine.  Uh, he’s not in the picture.  He was actually never in the picture.  We weren’t together.  Just Santa Cruz.  I was up there with my parents.” — Jane Chapman

“You’re… so nice.  Thank you.” — Jane Chapman

“Nothing, nothing.  I’m fine.  It’s weird.  Sometimes when I’m in a new place, I get this sensation.  Like, if only I were here.  I know.  It’s like I’m on the outside looking in.  Or like– you know, like, I see this life and this moment, and it’s so wonderful, but it doesn’t quite belong to me.  Does that make any sense?” — Jane Chapman

“And, like, I look at you, and you’re so beautiful.  And I’m not saying that to embarrass you at all, but it is true.  You are, and so are you, and– You guys are just right.  You’re exactly right.  And for some reason, that make me feel… wrong, I guess.  It’s crazy.  I know I sound crazy.” — Jane Chapman

“Look at him.  He’s so happy.  Hi.  How was it?  Yeah?  You made friends?  You already made friends?  That’s so exciting!”

“Ziggy doesn’t lie.” — Jane Chapman

“If my son says he didn’t do it, I believe him.” — Jane Chapman

“It’s okay.  I believe you.” — Jane Chapman

“I can’t make him apologize for something that I know he didn’t do.” — Jane Chapman

“Hi, baby.  Sorry I woke you up.  No, of course not.  Hey, you trust me, right?  And I trust you.  Did you touch that little girl, baby?  It’s okay if you did.  Ziggy?  Okay. I believe you.  I don’t know.  Maybe she was confused.  She probably just got it wrong.  Of course you are, my love.  You’re gonna have so many friends.  Come here.” — Jane Chapman

“No, you don’t.  But you have to.  It’s gonna be fine.  Yeah, but you know that you didn’t and I know that you didn’t.  It’s good enough for me; it should be good enough for you.  It’s gonna be good enough for everyone else, too.” — Jane Chapman

“What’s out mantra?  Every day we’re gonna be… We’re gonna be so brave.  Good job.  Let’s go.  Ziggy.  Okay.  I don’t have time for this this morning.  Please put your shirt on.  That’s enough.  You can finish that in the car.  Let’s go.” — Jane Chapman

“I would love to, but I have a job interview.” — Jane Chapman

“I do the same thing.  I’m not into forgiveness either.  No one, just in general.  You know?” — Jane Chapman

“Ziggy, there’s nothing wrong with you.  Okay?” — Jane Chapman

“Why does this fucking shit keep happening to me?” — Jane Chapman

“You got this, baby!” — Jane Chapman

“Oh, my God!  You did it!” — Jane Chapman

“Oh, fuck.  Nothing.  Sorry.  Are you fucking kidding me?” — Jane Chapman

“Go to your room.  That is not okay.” — Jane Chapman

“No.  He told me that his name was Saxon Banks, like Mr. Banks, the dad in ‘Mary Poppins.’  But I googled him afterwards, and… We met in a bar.  He was funny and sexy, and we were both pleasantly drunk. We got a hotel room that overlooked the ocean.  It was beautiful and romantic.  Ahem, and then he… changed.  He became extremely aggressive.  It was like he was operating some piece of machinery or something.  It was just so rote.  I tried to resist, but… he was way bigger than I was.  I eventually just stopped resisting because… I was actually afraid that he would kill me.  He finished… got up, and, um… said goodbye.  And I said bye.  That was it.” — Jane Chapman

“But he gave me Ziggy, so… You’re the first person I’ve ever told.  There was a point where I thought that I had moved on, that I had worked through it and whatnot, but, no.  I know that I’ll never be over it.  But I know that I have to keep moving forward, you know?  That kid is– he’s gonna have a good life.  But the name of his father is not going on that fucking poster board.” — Jane Chapman

“What fucking evidence do you have?” — Jane Chapman

“No.  No!  Ziggy is a sweet, docile young boy.  He’s never hurt a fly.  Wouldn’t someone have fucking seen this, for God’s sakes?  They’re in a classroom!” — Jane Chapman

“You’re gonna go see a child psychologist.” — Jane Chapman

“Yeah, I think it’s him.  If I heard his voice… I can still remember his voice.  I can also still remember that disgusting smell.  Where did he say he lived?” — Jane Chapman

HBO, Big Little Lies, Bonnie Carlson, Zoë KravitzHBO, Big Little Lies, Bonnie Carlson, Zoë KravitzBonnie Carlson

“Oh, baby, Madeline’s over there.  Yeah, um, we’ll exchange numbers.” — Bonnie Carlson

“Oh, thank you.  I made it in Peru.  We were saying we should get Skye and Chloe together for a playdate.  They’re half sisters and they pretty much never see each other.  It’s ridiculous.” — Bonnie Carlson

“Abby is Chloe’s half-sister, so we just… thought.”

“Hold it.  That’s right.  You guys, hold it.  Two, one, and lift.  Good job, you guys.  Sweetie, it’s fine.  Go back to work.  I’ll pick up Skye.  You think she should keep all her emotions bottled up inside?  Who does that serve?” — Bonnie Carlson

“None of us really see things as they are; we see things as we are.” — Bonnie Carlson

“The shit is really gonna hit the fan if I don’t tell her about this petition.” — Bonnie Carlson

“Hi.  I heard you’re working at the community theater.  I wanted to talk to you about the petition thing, about the play.  There’s been some concern about it being appropriate.  I signed it.  I did.  I didn’t know you were involved.” — Bonnie Carlson

“You need to relax.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt, do we?”

“You wanna move?  Okay, first of all, Skye loves it here a lot.  Second of all, we’re never gonna find public schools this good.  And third, what about Abigail?  She goes back with her mom?  She’ll just move away with us.  That’ll be the last straw for ex-thing.”

HBO, Big Little Lies, Chloe Mackenzie, Darby CampChloe Mackenzie

“My mom’s an active talker.” — Chloe Mackenzie

“When I grow up, I’m gonna run a massive label.  Do you have plans?” — Chloe Mackenzie

“What kind of music do you listen to?  Don’t tell me.  Bowie.” — Chloe Mackenzie

“What’s out there?  What do you look at in the ocean?  You spend a lot of time staring at nothing.  Monsters?” — Chloe Mackenzie

HBO, Big Little Lies, Ziggy Chapman, Iain ArmitageZiggy Chapman

“Did you hurt yourself?” — Ziggy Chapman

“Shouldn’t we make sure the lady’s okay?” — Ziggy Chapman

“It wasn’t me.  I didn’t do anything.  I didn’t.” — Ziggy Chapman

“It wasn’t me.  Promise.” — Ziggy Chapman

“Am I in trouble?” — Ziggy Chapman

“No.  Why did she say I did?” — Ziggy Chapman

“Am I going to have any friends?” — Ziggy Chapman

“Mom!  We should go home.  It’s dinner time.” — Ziggy Chapman

“What did you say?” — Ziggy Chapman

“The last time we had pizza and went to the zoo, we moved to Monterey.  What now?” — Ziggy Chapman

HBO, Big Little Lies, Renata Klein, Laura DernRenata Klein


1 win: 2017

“Oh!  Hi, Madeline!  So good to see you.  You look adorable.  Welcome.  This is Amabella.” — Renata Klein

“How was your summer.  Same.  Well, joined the board at PayPal.  What was I thinking, adding one more thing to my life?  But, you know– oh!  Hold on, these are my ‘Hamilton’ tickets.  I’ve seen it four times.  Yes?” — Renata Klein

“Oh, like we used to be?” — Renata Klein

“Can you say you’re sorry to Amabella?  She’s hurt quite badly.” — Renata Klein

“We don’t have to lie.  We just want to say we’re sorry.” — Renata Klein

“I can assure you Amabella is telling the truth.” — Renata Klein

“I agree, but now we are, so maybe the child needs to take responsibility for his actions.  And he needs to see there are consequences.  Little boys don’t get to go around anymore hurting little girls.  And none of us want to raise bullies, so we don’t have to pretend we didn’t do it.” — Renata Klein

“Jane, can you just make your son apologize?” — Renata Klein

“Okay, this is unacceptable.  Let’s go, baby.  Let’s go, sweet pea.” — Renata Klein

“I’m not liked.” — Renata Klein

“I said I’m not liked.  It’s one thing to be demonized for having the temerity of a career.  But– but look at this.  Look at our life.  What kind of person chooses to work?  Certainly not a mother, by any acceptable standards.  You should’ve seen the way they looked at me today.  Oh, my God.” — Renata Klein

“And on the one morning that I chose not to go to the office… …and join my daughter for her orientation.  And then defend her when she’s physically assaulted… And, yes, I reacted.  Humanly, like any mom would.” — Renata Klein

“Do you know they’re thinking about closing down the local VA hospital?  It means that vets are having to drive all the way to Sacramento for their services, which is upsetting.  I’ve really dedicated a lot of my life to vets, specifically PTSD, so I’m gonna hold a little, you know, fundraising dinner party and help defray costs and keep the facility open.  It would be so great if you and Perry could come.  And– and, um, you and Ed, of course.  It would be so nice.” — Renata Klein

“Really?  You think it would be okay for little Amabella to be strangled at her birthday party?  I don’t think so.  Thank you.  What?” — Renata Klein

“I like you, Madeline.  And– and I actually admire you for sticking up for your unapologetic friend, but if I can offer something as objectively as I possibly can… do not fuck with my daughter’s birthday.  Excuse me?  Wow.” — Renata Klein

“Have I become tragically unfun?  Oh, my God.  I have.” — Renata Klein

“I don’t– I don’t want refreshments.  I want you to make your son stop abusing my girl.” — Renata Klein

Outstanding Lead Actress

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Outstanding Limited Series

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