The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

The Kardashians

The Kardashians, Hulu

Hulu original documentary The Kardashians premiered its 4th season 9/28/23.

#TheKardashians continues to be Hulu’s most watched show.


metacritic: 41

imdb: 4.6

Kourtney Kardashian, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker have a child together in Calabasas, California.

Kourtney Kardashian, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

“I think last season was really hard. What’s harder than living it in real time is watching it back in the edit, which isn’t a natural way of living. So, my whole family is going on a trip to Cabo, but three days earlier, before the trip, Kim and I have this heated phone call.” — Kourtney Kardashian

“Hello? Hi. Yeah. Thank you. I’m a little Dolce’d out, so I probably won’t come, but I’m always supporting you of, like, what you’re doing. I just don’t think it’s cool the way that that particular thing happened. It’s not about that, it’s just about the deeper thing that we can talk about. Yeah. I’m actually not riled up. I just think it makes me not wanna be around. I think it was what you saw at the wedding. ‘Cause no one had any interest before that. I think it’s that you saw this thing that was mine, and that wasn’t yours, and that you wanted it. And you took it and made it bigger. Like, you’re missing the point. The point is not about the clothes. You’re missing the point. You’re talking about the bullshit details ’cause it’s all your egotistical, selfish mind can think about. You cannot stand someone else being the center of attention. You came to my wedding, you couldn’t be happy, you complained from the second you got there ’til the second you left. That’s what it’s about. Forget about ‘you couldn’t be happy,’ you couldn’t be happy for me. You couldn’t be happy that I was the center of attention and you weren’t… …you’ve gotta dig deep if you’d like to. No, you were not. I felt at my wedding like you weren’t happy for me. So, if you wanna, if you wanna– ’cause I don’t need you guys anymore. I don’t need to be a part of it. And do you think that I would wanna be a part of that? Like, absolutely not. It’s about you. You are a narcissist. It is all about you. Anything you do, it’s about you, and about how it looks to the world about you. So you just wanna clear up your facts, take out my whole [bleep] side of the episode. I don’t give a [bleep] what anyone thinks about me.” — Kourtney Kardashian

“Yes! Not when I’m on the phone with you. I was five minutes ago. So you’re telling me that I’m unhappy, and that I’m miserable, and that you have a side chat called ‘Not Kourtney.’ But you’re telling me that you’re happy for me. Right, so that just confirms it. I have a happy life, and it does n– the happiness comes when I get the [bleep] away from you guys. Like, it’s specifically you. If you wanna think like, ‘oh, wow, my sister thought– felt like I wasn’t happy or supporting her at her wedding…’ think about it. Certainly not having side chats specifically with me as the topic. Like, wh– who the [bleep] has time? Maybe you guys need to go think about why, if you’re not happy. That’s what you have time for? To sit and have side chats specifically to talk about me– then get a [bleep] life. I don’t have side chats about anyone. Is that helpful? You’re, like, adding it into a fight to, like, have a side, like, it’s you, and my friends, and my kids, and everyone against me. It’s, like, you’re just a [bleep] witch, and I [bleep] hate you.” — Kourtney Kardashian

“Okay. Um– I think it’s just there’s so many thoughts that come up after watching all of the edits. I think it felt to me, like, in the call, that Kim was just, like, using any weapon that she could find, like, to hurt me. Ya know, just everything, like… …almost like weaponizing everyone against me, and I think we both got to a place that we weren’t proud of. I think the phone conversation was really hurtful, and I felt reminded of this characteristic that has been in my family for so many years where we say, say mean things to hurt each other, and it’s what I work hard at in therapy to change, and when I’m reminded of those types of things, it really is hurtful. Like, why would my family treat me that way? And then, I want to protect my energy, and… be around positivity and good vibes, and Palm Springs with my husband is where it’s at.” — Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Kim Kardashian

“Season four, we’re back. The world better watch out, okurr? You made it! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Kylie is on this trip? Ditto. The problem is, and I’ll be real with you guys, this is the real problem, last season was really rough. Then, we were over it, we had fun, you saw we did that Christmas album. We talked it out, like, everything had been fine. And then, we watched the edits for our show, and I start hearing what she’s saying about me. She hears what I’m saying about her. And then we get mad all over again. It brings up so many, so many feelings.”

“Hi. Um, so, as part of this Dolce contract, I have to go back to Milan to do a dinner to launch my campaign that I shot. So, it’s like, you know– I would love you to come with me. I mean, I know that’s not what you wanna do, but I always want you to know you’re invited, and, like, no one– yeah. And I understand. I mean, I got worked up watching the, watching the episode and watching the cut so I can only imagine, ya know? I see both sides. Like I said, I think, like, you think things so you’re getting riled up, I think things, so I’m getting riled up– and that’s totally, ya know, your choice and decision. I just think that, like, we should have a conversation about it because I got worked up when I’m like, ‘wait, nothing happened at the wedding. It wasn’t even a conversation at the wedding,’ ya know? What do you mean? See, that’s where I think you’re really– no, that’s where I think that you’re wrong. If anything, I was like, I don’t like–‘ and I told Khloe, ‘I don’t like your look, I don’t like this, I don’t like–‘ if it was visually, it was not my thing, and I tried to do everything to stay away from that. But even like you said– but isn’t the point about the clothes, and you’re talking about the looks? I steered away. I did what I–Kourtney, it’s not that original. Everyone does ’90s. Like, it’s not a new concept is what I’m trying to say. And there’s only so many looks to pick from. What is it that you feel so low of me? No, I want you to dig deep and figure out why you, why you hate me so much, and why you’re so angry with me because all of this never happened. I was so happy for you. I was so– wh-why would I n– I not be happy for you? Because you have a serious vendetta. You just are a different– you-you hate us. You– you’re a different person. We all talk about it. All of– all of your friends call us complaining, whether you think they’re the ones going to you, they’re all coming to us on the side saying the opposite to us, so we’re all confused. And we’re on a group chat that’s actually labeled ‘Not Kourtney,’ so we know and have to funnel what your friends are saying to us. And have to figure out why you’re such a different person, and why you have this vendetta out. They’re your friends, the one that you speak to on a daily basis. But you take it all out on me, and I’m trying the best that I can to reconcile and figure it out, and call you all the time–“

“Are you happy? You just– we are all concerned. We all think that you’re just really not happy. All of this I just said after you told me that I’m not happy for you. I– understood. I’m concerned, but I won’t be ’cause I’m a narcissist, so I’m only gonna think about myself and be concerned with myself. What can I do to make you feel– you want– but y– we’re allowed to express concern. We have side chats about everybody. That’s just what you do– well, your kids have even come to me with problems that they have, and how you are, so. Okay.”

“We’re like, uh, crickets. Just kidding. Ooh, I went there. She hates me. I’m gonna have to deal. I don’t think I would like it. Oh, it’s kinda sweet. I’ve never had a beer. We’re staying at James Perse’s house in Cabo, and I’ve stayed here before. The view is so beautiful, and we haven’t done this in a really long time. Is it whale season? Past the wake and they were jumping last time I was here. No, it’s so pretty to see. Let’s go see the rooms. Let’s take a room tour. This is pretty. How cute, it says Mexi– James Perse hats, you guys. I don’t know. Oh, I saw something blow up over there. Nope, I saw it again. I saw it! Did you see it? Khloe, look! It’s blowing and flipping! Kendall! It’s a baby! Kendall! Isn’t it so cute?! Right there! Do you see the baby? It just took a jump. Khloe, get over here! Here, look through the binoculars, but you have to look here. Okay, look over there. Do you see it? St-stand here. Yeah, it is– okay. See? Look over there.”

“Looks so good. Guys, this is so beautiful. Like, anything that had nothing to do with them, she would literally jump in and snap, but it would be like, ‘oh, yeah. Oh, this– have you guys seen this cute couple?’ And she’s like, ‘well, don’t think Tristan and I are a couple. We’re not together, we don’t hook up, we don’t this, we don’t that, I won’t sleep with him.’ It’ll be like, ‘oh, this fork–‘ ‘oh, don’t even think that I would lift a fork for Tristan.’ And we would be like, ‘we’re not talking about you guys.’ Like… we get it, you guys are not together. No one thinks you’re together, relax. Ya know what we need for that? We need a bikini pic tomorrow. We’ll look so hot, and we’ll just say, ‘tell us you’re single without telling us you’re single.’ I think unless people know, how is anyone gonna approach you? Ta-ties? You’re not gonna say ta-ties. I know. I’ll say boobs. I hate breasts. So crass, like, ew. Just– I don’t know. Oh, I don’t really know what I call them, breasts? Breasts, seems, like, little mature. I don’t know, tits seems like perky little titties. I don’t know. You’re a Baby Boomer. We, we have different, we have different references. I’m a millennial just like Kendall and Kylie. And Khloe. I’m– Millennials are Gen Y. I’m a millennial and so is Kendall and Kylie, but they’re the last year of the millennial and I’m the first year. I thought for sure I was in Kourtney’s bracket. I don’t care if I’m the first year of a millennial and they’re the last year of the millennial, I’m still in their age bracket. And that feels so cool and embarrassing, but cool. Yeah, like, it’s just embarrassing that I care so much.”

“No, it’s absolutely freezing. I’m gonna go in and have breakfast, guys. Hi. Thank you, do you have syrup? Yeah, of course. No, no, no. Last night, I laid in bed for an hour and a half, I didn’t even put the TV on, and I just was like, ‘okay, this is fun with, like, no kid running in.’ I just took, like, a minute. So my intentions for the year, can I tell you what they are? To not feel like I have to fill every available hour. So my goal this year, my resolution for the whole year is just to say no to more things, slow down work-wise a little bit, and just be more present. But I do have to get all these trips outta the way. I have Milan coming up for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show.”

Khloe Kardashian, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Khloe Kardashian

“Season four?! [bleep] yeah. Corey! And Kendall Jenner! Woo-hoo, Cabo, guys! Woo! We’re going to Cabo! Me too. No one else wanted a beer? I’ve never had a regular beer. Oh, don’t you put, like, lemon in it? I have had a beer only in Jamaica, a Red Stripe, and I loved it. I’ve never had a Corona, or, I guess, an American beer. I don’t know, is Corona American? I have no idea. All right, I’ve never– you guys, the beer’s not bad. You wanna taste it? Yeah, I thought a beer was so different. No. Oh, the little goats, man. Aw, this is so cute. You guys, this is so beautiful. But– I’m really freaking out. He said they come close to the shore? Oh, my God. I really– I feel like I’m gonna cry. I really can’t see that. You’re not gonna go in the ocean with them. Oh. Oh, my God. I– I don’t– I-I’m– I don’t think I’m comfortable seeing it. Okay, I’ll go. Why is this whale season? Like, why– what are they doing, mating? That’s sick. And why do they come to the shore? That is way too close for my comfort. Well, it is just really choppy water. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I don’t wanna see it! No, I do not wanna see it! Oh, my God, that was actually terrible! Oh, it came out of the water! It jumped again. No! What in the [bleep] are the chances that we’re here dur– what is this, mating season or something? Yeah, it’s [bleep] close. It’s weird. Off the coast of California, you didn’t hear about the couple that got swallowed up by the [bleep] whale and then spit back out ’cause it was an accident? Uh-uh. This [bleep] thing is so big, you don’t see it coming. There’s no ripples, there’s no warning. That’s weird. And my daughter bullies me. She draws me photos of whales just to [bleep] with me, and she thinks it’s so funny. Everyone turns into a [bleep] asshole at some points. Oh, my God. There’s some water sprinkling out. There’s another whale over there. Oh, my God. I can’t even look. It’s heart is bigger than a school bus. Like, it’s crazy. I’m uncomfortable.”

“I’m so happy to be here. No, it’s been three weeks that he’ll be at my house, and he was supposed to be there two. I’ll give him until a month before I say something, like– well, no, I’m sure he can move in at this point, I’m assuming. I am not back together with Tristan. Hate to break it to everybody, but I am not. I need people to know that I’m single. I’m not kidding. We need a single sister photo. I need people to know for me too, you guys. Ugh! I hate that word. I don’t like it. I don’t know why, it’s such a raunchy word. I don’t know why, it’s such a raunchy word. If you say the T-word one more time. I never said boobies. Boobs, breasts, chi-chis. No! No, it’s so trashy. You’re better than that. You’re better than that. You’re a Gen Z, bitch. You’re a Gen Z. So, if you say the T word, I’m gonna call you a Gen Z. I can’t even say it. I really don’t think I can. Titties. Boobs, breasts, chi-chis, whatever else you wanna call them. What about me? This cart? Oh. Mom? No. Are you well?”

“Careful of my nose. Spent a lot of money on it. Scissor sisters. It’s freezing. I do wish Kourt was here with us. I think it would be so fun and like old times. But she is in Palm Springs with her hubby, and I’m sure she’s having a great time, but I don’t think she realizes how much fun she would be having with me.”

Kylie Jenner, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Kylie Jenner

“We’re back. We are ready for you, are you ready for us? You look gorgeous. Cabo! Family time is my favorite time, [bleep] yeah. Let’s have a shot. Cheers! Yeah. What?! Beer is the best thing that happened– you guys, are you okay? You’ve never had a beer? It’s so pretty, wow. How do you know it’s a [bleep] baby?”

“So beautiful. I love you guys. I’m so happy to be here with all of you. [bleep] yeah, Mom. This seriously tastes so good, wow. No, there’s a– there’s another way to do it, tits and ass. Titties, titties. Titties. Tits. Tits?! You don’t like to say tits? Just try saying it. You’re right, you’re right. It’s definitely, like, more of a millennial thing. You [bleep] whore. No, I’m not. Fine, it’s a Gen Z thing to say titties. Titties… titties. And tits is fun to say. Tits. ‘Cause you have little boobies. When I see your boobies, I go, ‘oh, they’re like little boobies.’ I’ve got some tits. Yeah. It’s not bad!”

Kendall Jenner, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Kendall Kenner

“Oh, we’re actually doing shots. Are you guys good back there? I don’t care to go in the back. It’s a time, but they didn’t have any. Cheers. Crazy. Oh, I love the goats! It’s crazy. It’s so pretty, wow. I need to eat. It’s really good. Okay, so maybe we might see ’em? Okay, what is it, a humpback? That would be so cool to see. Wow.”

“Wow! Is Tristan’s house done? Yes! Who needs a boyfriend when you have sisters? I’m the worst single person ever because I’m not going out, I’m not exploring anything. I just sit at home, but whatever. I don’t chase, I attract. Yeah, but I’m also really good at being independent, and it’s not something that I’m looking for either. I think I just find myself in relationships. I don’t know, I hate this conversation. I feel like– I just did therapy this morning, Danielle, I don’t feel like I need it again. Ta-ties. Anything is better than boobies. Titties. Titties. Boobies? Boobies is insane. You say boobies a lot. Your little boobies. I know. I like my– you’ve got some tits, and I– that’s a beautiful way of explaining it. She’s got the tits and I’ve got the boobies. Yeah.”

“I’m starving. May I have one, Kim? Are you gonna eat those all?”

Kris Jenner, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Kris Jenner

“Hell yes. Yes! Yes! Cheers. Whoa, yes! Me too. Hi. Cabo’s always a place where we’ve been able to go and have some amazing memories, and amazing times, lots of family trips. Family is the most important thing in my life, and I think as the head of this family it’s my responsibility to make sure that I keep my family together, and that we experience these moments, and I think that’s really important. Hey, what have you got there? Okay. Como esta? That’s all I got. Ya know, I– El gusto es mio. Mucho gusto. Cilantro. Margarita. Oh, thank you. Khloe has a fear of whales. I can’t quite figure out where Khloe got this fear of whales. The thought of a whale, the glance of a whale, the conversation of a whale. Yeah, it had to have been somewhere in her childhood that I went really, really wrong somehow. I’m so sorry, Khloe. M’kay. Yep, yep. That seems awfully close right there.”

“Dinner time. Thank you so much. What’s happening? Oh, my God! Wow! I think I’m gonna have another martini. He’ll be over at our house in a minute, babe. I think you need a great photo. Oh, I love it. You’re single. Oh, gosh. Well, that’s not true. You guys are so feisty. Don’t you remember when Julia Roberts said ‘breasts’ in that movie? Oh, my God. Ooh! If anybody wants to get me anything for Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna give you a little idea. No. Krispy Kremes. Aren’t you guys all in the mood for Krispy Kremes? Okay. Never mind then.”

“Good morning, sunshine. This looks beautiful. Please. That’s a great intention.”

Corey Gamble, The Kardashians, Hulu, Fulwell 73, Kardashian Jenner Productions

Corey Gamble

“Cheers, Kendall. Cheers to the future. Cheers. I’m so happy to be with all five of y’all. Minus my little sweet Kourtney. Yeah. They’re not going to come in the pool. Oh, that was cool. Thank you.”

Producers / Staff

“Think people are gonna be surprised to see the two of you together? What triggered you? You don’t have to get into details but is it that she’s not seeing your side or your point, or just re-hashing it?”

“I think it’s a Mexican beer. Skinny Margarita. How is your Spanish? Yeah, in fact they’ve been migrating for the last few months. Uh, matter of fact this morning they were jumping around. For sure. Mostly humpbacks but you can see either grey whales or blue whales. And for sure you’ll see them quite close to the shore.”

“May I offer you some wine?”

“Are you a relationship girl?”

“Squat low. Go lower.”

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