Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Elevated Fortress

Amazon Studios’ dystopian drama The Man in the High Castle premieres its second season this Friday.

The Man in the High Castle is based on the novel by Philip K. Dick that depicts an alternate 1962 in which the Axis powers had prevailed in World War II.

Rottentomatoes: 79%

Metacritic: 77

IMDb: 8.1

Emmys: 2 wins


Joe Blake, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Joe Blake

Joe Blake communes with a Don Warren about joining an insurgent force the American rebellion and getting his country back.  He is given a cargo bearing mission that is ambushed by the Reich, he escapes with the cargo, a projector film-reel.

Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Obergruppenführer John Smith is hot on his heels, whom Joe is actually working for, undercover.  He unwittingly intercepts what his superiors think is an important party to the American resistance, one Juliana Crain.

His primary mission is to identify and gather information on key resistance figures, and ultimately infiltrate their ranks and collar or kill their leader, the Man in the High Castle.

He returns home and debriefs his boss John Smith, while continuing to work Juliana Crain as an active intelligence asset.  He is sent back out on a reconnaissance mission to retrieve the film reel he lost.

Joe Blake, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

“Are you the manager, Mr. Warren?  I’m Joe Blake.  I was told you have a job.  I didn’t get his name.  Just this.” — Joe Blake

Quote1I want my country back, sir.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“Well, my father told me what it was like, before the war.  He said every man was free.” — Joe Blake

“I’m not a spy.” — Joe Blake

Quote1I’m not afraid to die.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“You’re so afraid, why are you here?” — Joe Blake

“Yeah, I guess I’m afraid of pain.  I don’t have any buddies who died in the war.  I don’t really know what freedom is.  But I’m not a punk, and I’m not a spy, Mr. Warren.  I’m here because I want to do the right thing.  So you gonna give me the job or not?” — Joe Blake

“What am I gonna do there?  And if he doesn’t?  What’s this?  That’s why he calls you ‘doc?'” — Joe Blake

“What do I need that for?  Yeah.  I’ve seen the movies.  Point and shoot.” — Joe Blake

“So, what’s my cargo?   That’s not what I meant.  See you boys when I get back.” — Joe Blake

“Aw, fuck.  Yeah, and no tool kit.  That’s not good.  Thank you, I appreciate that.” — Joe Blake

“Yeah, I guess so.  It’s my first time out of New York, actually.  First time seeing the country.” — Joe Blake

“We’re not really close but me getting this job is pretty important to him.” — Joe Blake

“I know you didn’t.  You’re welcome by the way.” — Joe Blake

Quote1Hey, where you going?  Can I buy you a drink?  After you.  It’s no problem.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“Pretty ones, I am.  Yeah, I didn’t think you could.” — Joe Blake

“That’s, uh, my truck over there.” — Joe Blake

“Thank you, Obergruppenführer.  HeilHitler” — Joe Blake

“Your room okay?  Don’t worry about it.  Feel like a drive?  Suspicious, aren’t you?” — Joe Blake

“I’m just following in my father’s footsteps.” — Joe Blake

“But I can’t.  Honestly?  Just about anything else.” — Joe Blake

“I, uh, couldn’t sleep.  I went for a drive.  No, not yet.  Okay, what’s his name?” — Joe Blake

“Is she carrying a film, too?” — Joe Blake

“I’m sorry sir.  But what’s so important about a film?” — Joe Blake

“I’ll do that sir.  Heil Hitler.” — Joe Blake

Quote1You did what you had to do.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“I killed a man once.  He was a…. a hijacker.  He was going to shoot me.  He didn’t know I had a gun in the truck.” — Joe Blake

Quote1It changes you.  But you go on.  You have to, Juliana.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“Somebody’s going to come looking for that man.  And we can’t be here when they do.” — Joe Blake

Quote1I’ll take care of this.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“Maybe I’m following in my fathers footsteps maybe I’m not.  I’ve never even met him.  He wasn’t married to my– my mother, and– he doesn’t live near us.  He never took any interest.  Whew.  Yeah, well, I don’t know why I felt I had to tell you this.” — Joe Blake

“You know, m-maybe you’re right.  Maybe if I’d met you sooner, my life would be a whole lot different.” — Joe Blake

Quote1Damn, I left my gun in the truck.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“I know, sir.  But I’ve made contact with the Resistance operative.  No, I told him I’d only give it to his superior.  He said it’s the Man in the High Castle.” — Joe Blake

Quote1I kept my cover intact.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“Thank you, sir.  I’d like that very much.” — Joe Blake

Quote1And sacrifices have to be made.Quote2 — Joe Blake

“Thank you, sir.  Thank you for giving me a second chance.” — Joe Blake

Duplicitous, resilient, charming, and disingenuous when the need arises, Joe Blake is an Artisan.

John Smith, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Obergruppenführer John Smith

John Smith is a high-ranking Reich official who lives in New York and puts his best efforts towards maintaining the integrity and glory of the German empire.

Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Mostly that means quelling rebellious entities that keep cropping up alongside contraband propaganda films sought by a fabled ‘Man in the High Castle.’  Smith implants an active agent in the rebellion, one Joe Blake.

John Smith, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

“And the truck?” — John Smith

“You’re a mess, Mr. Warren.  Here.  That better?  See, this will– this will end badly for you.  Didn’t start too good.  I’m told you have something very important to tell me.” — John Smith

“Alabama?  And the cargo?” — John Smith

“So your men shoot at us to keep us from intercepting coffeemakers?” — John Smith

“You’re the leader of the resistance we’ve known it for a month now, ever since we intercepted one of these.  This is the symbol of your movement, is it not?” — John Smith

“We know where that truck was headed.  And what it was carrying.” — John Smith

Quote1Why was this man left unattended?Quote2 — John Smith

“Yes, I can see that.  Your orders were to flog this man until he answered your questions.  Has he answered your questions?  Then your orders are keep flogging him.” — John Smith

“You torture men.  You have a problem with beating a man to death?  Good.  Then do as you’re told.” — John Smith

“They will conclude that we don’t know that truck is headed to Canon City, or what it is carrying.” — John Smith

“We all ready for the day ahead?  Then why is your textbook open at the breakfast table, Thomas?  Did you study last night?” — John Smith

“Competition is healthy.” — John Smith

Quote1Nonconformist.Quote2 — John Smith

“Why do you want to succeed, son?  Why do you want to do well in school?” — John Smith

Quote1Your goals are directed outward.  A boy like Randolph wants only to gratify himself.  This is the path of moral decay.  The decadence ruined this country before the war.Quote2 — John Smith

“You will grow to be a useful member of society.  You will make our nation stronger.  Randolph will not, whatever his test score.  You may study at the breakfast table, Thomas.  Just this morning.” — John Smith

“Where were you, John?  Has your contact approached you?  He must be assessing you, make sure you’re not a Nazi agent.  We received intelligence this morning.  We believe a courier is carrying some cargo from San Francisco.  It’s a woman, not a man.  Now, we don’t know if she’s headed to Canon City, but you’re to report in immediately if you see her.” — John Smith

Quote1Joe, those weren’t your orders.  It’s not your place to answer questions, Joe.  Satisfy yourself with following orders.  Understand?  You’re performing a great service for the Fatherland.  Heil Hitler.Quote2 — John Smith

Quote1I did.  Well, it appears his contact is being cautious.  They suspect everyone.  Steady, Erich.  The bigger the fish, the greater the patience to catch it.Quote2 — John Smith

Quote1The Führer is not inclined to idle obsession.Quote2 — John Smith

“Don’t be coy, Lawrence.  Missing when?  These were coordinated attacks, reprisals for the Resistance leader we killed.  What about the man I apprehended?” — John Smith

“Lice don’t assassinate Nazi officers.” — John Smith

Quote1It may reassure you to liken terrorists to insects, but they inflicted great damage on us today.  Never underestimate them.Quote2 — John Smith

“I vary my route every day, and yet this Semite knew exactly where to find us.  I don’t know.  But I intend to find out.” — John Smith

“So we looked into this, uh, contact of yours, Joe, the man who makes the origami.  Seems he’s a rather dangerous fellow.  And undercover agent for the S.D.  Not one of ours.  He’s probably eliminated quite a few subversives.” — John Smith

Quote1Your mission’s off the books, Joe.  I suggest you steer clear of him.Quote2 — John Smith

Quote1You understand me, Joe?  My orders are clear?Quote2 — John Smith

“Mr. Meyer.  How did you know the route my car would be taking yesterday?  Do you have an informant in my office?  Tell me the name of your informant.” — John Smith

“I see.  So this man tries to kill me, and we reward him with an ‘oceanic experience?’  Will you tell me when this little fantasy has worn off?” — John Smith

“He’s named you as a conspirator.  Why would he name you?  And informant doesn’t have to meet his co-conspirators.  Sit down.  No, he just has to pass on the information.  The route of my car, Captain.  I don’t think so, Captain.  Mr. Meyer has given me a very detailed account of how you passed on the information.  Explain yourself.  Tell me, Captain.  Tell me now.” — John Smith

“Are you saying I’m a fool?  I’ve allowed myself to be deceived?  So he’s telling the truth.” — John Smith

“The Man in the High Castle?  I want you to proceed with great caution, Joe.  These are very dangerous men you’re dealing with.  No, you think you understand.  I know you’re very motivated, Joe, but you’re young.  You suffer from the arrogance of ignorance.” — John Smith

“This is going to be hard for you to hear, Joe, but if you are taken to the Man in the High Castle, I want you to put a bullet in his head… even if it costs you your life.  Are you prepared to do that, Joe?” — John Smith

“When’s this meeting due to happen?  Then I’ll await your call.  If I don’t hear from you, Joe… no matter what happened… you’ll receive a hero’s funeral… with full honors.” — John Smith

Quote1Do you know why you failed?  You are one component in a complex machine that only works if every part does exactly what it’s supposed to do in sync with the whole.Quote2 — John Smith

“Now if you decide, without knowing what the other components are doing, to go your own way, eventually the machine is going to break down.” — John Smith

Quote1Don’t ever disobey a direct order from me again, Joe.Quote2 — John Smith

Quote1Joe, I’m inviting you to my house for the celebration.  I know you haven’t spent a lot of time among your own recently, and, uh, tomorrow’s about community.  It’s about family.  See you there.  Eleven o’clock, sharp.  Don’t be late.Quote2 — John Smith

Quote1To the most important job in the Reich.Quote2 — John Smith

“It doesn’t mean they value their people, Joe.  Here the worker is honored, not a means to an end.” — John Smith

“Perhaps.  Some wars are necessary.  We fought in one.” — John Smith

“What’s there to say, Rudolph?  It was necessary work.  We did it.  In war as in life, Joe, sacrifices have to be made.” — John Smith

Quote1I prefer to look forward.Quote2 — John Smith

“Now we have a better world.” — John Smith

Quote1You must trust the woman in your life, with your life, Joe.Quote2 — John Smith

“My heart tells me he’s a good man.  He’s a– He’s a brave man who– who must have a good reason for… betraying his people.  But my head?  My head says we should take him out in the woods, interrogate him, shoot him in the fucking face.” — John Smith

Quote1Emotions can’t be allowed to interfere with what is right.Quote2 — John Smith

“The trouble with humans, Joe, is that we’re weak.  A man sees a pretty face, he wants her.  It’s natural.  It’s animal.  We have to learn to override these impulses, Joe.” — John Smith

Quote1Don’t fuck it up, Joe.Quote2 — John Smith

“You call in every day.  Tell me everyone you meet, every little detail, everything.  No omissions, no mistakes.” — John Smith

“You are the man with iron heart.” — John Smith

“I commend you on your attention to detail.” — John Smith

Quote1Yes.  We spilt blood.  We spilt blood.  And I’d spill it again to protect my family.Quote2 — John Smith

Prudent, relentless, authoritarian, one who abides by the rules John Smith is a Guardian.

Juliana Crain, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Juliana Crain

Juliana Crain is given an old-fashioned film-reel by her sister Trudy, whom is slain soon after by local Japanese authorities.  The reel is footage of the Allies invading Normandy beach, dismantling the Nazi Reich, and winning the war.

Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

The short film reel is entitled The Grasshopper Lies Heavy.

Juliana is moved by the film and decides to go to Canon City, Colorado in search of answers.  A detective Kido is put on the case in Frisco, who detains her paramour Frank Fink.

She gives the film reel to a High Castle operative and returns home.  She tries to skip town with Frank but gets caught up with Joe and the rebellion.

Juliana Crain, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

“Thanks, Doni.  You can call me Juliana, you know.  Thanks.  My boyfriend made it.  He used to be.” — Juliana Crain

“I can’t.  My mothers expecting me.  How about tomorrow before class?” — Juliana Crain

“Konnichiwa.  I need some gentian root and meadowsweet, please.  For my mother.  She has arthritis.” — Juliana Crain

“Trudy, you’re back.  So where you been?  I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks.  You got a job?  Of course I can.  What is it?” — Juliana Crain

“Hold on.  That’s what you came to tell me?  Hello and good-bye?  Trudy, this is me.  What’s going on?” — Juliana Crain

“What reason?” — Juliana Crain

“Here you go.  It’s from the herbalist.  It’s Chinese.  It’s not karate, ma.  Come on, mom, Mr. Nakamura’s one of the good guys.” — Juliana Crain

“Yazu, sake cocktail, please.” — Juliana Crain

“I love it.  You’re such a good artist you should be out there selling your art.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1You’d have been really proud of me.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“A nice change after seeing mom.” — Juliana Crain

“Apparently dad’s spinning in his grave because I’m studying the evil ways of the yellow man.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1Aikido is the exact opposite of the men who killed my dad.  It’s so beautiful.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“I’m working on it.  Then what?” — Juliana Crain

Quote1You really want to raise kids in a world like this?Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Aren’t you?” — Juliana Crain

Quote1It just doesn’t seem fair.  What if anybody ever found out?Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Why, if they’re just stupid movies?” — Juliana Crain

“Trudy gave it to me.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  She’s dead.  They shot her on the street.” — Juliana Crain

“Police are the ones who shot her.” — Juliana Crain

“Trudy died for this, Frank.” — Juliana Crain

“Trudy told me she was going out of town.  On the back, she wrote something.  Looks like ‘Sunrise Diner.  12:5.'” — Juliana Crain

“I guess.  She told me she got a job.” — Juliana Crain

“No, you’re not coming with me.  Frank, the last thing you need is trouble with the police.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1I know it is.  Which is why the less involved you are, the better.  Not a chance.  I’ll take care of it.  I promise.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

Quote1I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.  After the accident, you got me back on my feet.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Who the hell are you?  She’s dead.  They shot her last night in the street.  You the one who got her into this?  I’m her sister.  No, I’m going in her place.  I’ll say I’m her.  So what, she dies for nothing?” — Juliana Crain

Quote1The right thing?  You got to be fucking kidding.  What do I do when I get there?  Tell me.  This film, what does it mean?Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Sure.  Oh, just visiting a friend.  I don’t know what you mean.” — Juliana Crain

“What’s it like, in the neutral zone?” — Juliana Crain

“Oh, no.  You don’t have to.  I didn’t ask you to do that.” — Juliana Crain

“No place.” — Juliana Crain

“I guess I should thank you for what you did back there.  You always so helpful to strangers?” — Juliana Crain

“I can’t pay you back.” — Juliana Crain

“Just got here, as a matter of fact.  I’m just passing through.” — Juliana Crain

“Couldn’t sleep?  Me, either.” — Juliana Crain

“I’m going to find a way to pay you back.” — Juliana Crain

“Why is a guy like you driving a truck?” — Juliana Crain

Quote1What would you like to do?  With your life.  If you could do anything.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Thanks for the sunrise.  To pay you back.  Wish me luck.” — Juliana Crain

“What’s there to think about?  You got a job and I need one.” — Juliana Crain

“I’m, uh, I’m looking for a Bible.  Old Testament, please.  King James translation.  Someone told me you did.  It’s not like they’re illegal or anything.  Right?  No laws around here.  Of course.  Do you have one?  Please?  Thank you.” — Juliana Crain

“What have I done?” — Juliana Crain

“How do you live with that?” — Juliana Crain

“I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I lied to you.” — Juliana Crain

“I can’t go home.  I got to do this.” — Juliana Crain

“I’m sorry, Frank.  Are you okay, Frank–  I miss you so much.  I– I love you, Frank.” — Juliana Crain

“No, I can deal with it.  I did this.” — Juliana Crain

“Thanks for coming with me.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1You ever think how different life could be if you could change just one thing?  My dad died during the war.  And I don’t know who I’d be if that hadn’t happened.  Come on.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“I’m sorry.  I’m glad you did.  Well, now you have.  Maybe it will be.” — Juliana Crain

“I think he’s helping us.” — Juliana Crain

“Hi.  I like you doll.  What’s her name?  Annie.  That’s my mother’s name.” — Juliana Crain

“We came to warn you.  We found your name on a list, right below my sisters.  It’s okay.” — Juliana Crain

“There was a man at the diner, the one who made paper animals.  And, uh, when no one else approached me, I thought he was my contact.  He tried to kill me.  It went the other way.  In the river.  We sunk it.” — Juliana Crain

“Look, we found a woman that this man had tortured.  You knew her?  Well, she must have given him the list of names.  They were all crossed off except for my sister’s, and yours.” — Juliana Crain

“Maybe not.  Nobody’s seen the list except for us.  You were my sister’s contact, Lem, and you didn’t tell me.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1Have you seen the films?  Then you don’t know what they mean.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

Quote1I’m here because I need answers, and I’m not leaving until I get them.  Who is it, Lem?  Who is it you give the films to.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Tomorrow morning, Spirit Alley Trail.  He’s going to take me to meet the man he’s supposed to give my film to.  The Man in the High Castle.” — Juliana Crain

“Can you explain something to me?  You’ve never seen a film.  You’re risking your life for them, your family’s lives.  Why?  And you have no idea how he makes them?  The Man in the High Castle.  He doesn’t make them does he?” — Juliana Crain

“So why does he want them?  And where do they come from?” — Juliana Crain

“Maybe the start of something.  I don’t know.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1It has to be about something more.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Aikido teaches the significance of reaction, reading an opponent’s intentions through physical response.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1I was taught that in your culture, truth is of the highest importance and only with the truth can one move forward.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Arigatou gozaimas.” — Juliana Crain

Quote1I can’t just let him die, Frank.Quote2 — Juliana Crain

“Running away isn’t the same as being free.” — Juliana Crain

“There is no hope.  There’s no future.” — Juliana Crain

“You’re not the only one who can lie.” — Juliana Crain

“I’m sorry, Joe.” — Juliana Crain

Vigilant, righteous, faithful, always searching for a deeper meaning Juliana Crain is an Idealist.

Frank Fink, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Frank Frink

Frank Frink is detained by the Kempeitai after his paramour and roommate Juliana Crain goes missing and is believed to be smuggling an illegal contraband film-reel.

He refuses to give her up, causing the Japanese to kill his sister and her two children.

Frank is released after a suspect was detained in the case, he then procures a working colt .45 revolver and conspires to kill the visiting Japanese Crown Prince and Princess, but ultimately decides to relent from the attack.

He reunites with Juliana and they skip town.

Frank Fink, Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle

Quote1Oh, it’s nothing.  No.  It’s not done yet.  It’s a new design.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“Well, if you can’t tell, I’m in trouble.” — Frank Fink

“Yeah, well, they won the war, and they think modern art is degenerate.  Hey, how was class?” — Frank Fink

“I’m always proud of you.” — Frank Fink

“Now your back on your feet maybe it’s time to get a job.” — Frank Fink

“Well, then we get married, you know, have kids.” — Frank Fink

Quote1Somebody has to.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“You’re scared because my grandfather was a Jew.  Yeah.  Yeah, of course I am.” — Frank Fink

Quote1They have taken everything else away from us.  You’re gonna let them take that too?Quote2 — Frank Fink

“Whatever they are, Hitler ordered them all destroyed.  The point is, possessing them is treason.  How did you get this?” — Frank Fink

“We have to go to the police.  You have to say you weren’t close.  She was only your half-sister.  You didn’t know what she gave you.  You’re a loyal subject and will cooperate fully.” — Frank Fink

“They have to think you know nothing about this, or they’ll kill you too.  You think Trudy would want that?” — Frank Fink

“Never would’ve imagined Trudy in the resistance.” — Frank Fink

“Hey, nothing could keep you down for long, Jules, not even a bus.” — Frank Fink

Quote1We’ve got no hope.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“Rommel?  Rommel’s retired.  Yeah, I suppose.  Cover for me, will you?” — Frank Fink

“Mr. Matson?  Uh, I’m–I’m just wondering, have you had a chance to look at the designs?  Right.  And?  Thank you.  You just said they’re beautiful.  How can jewelry be degenerate?  No one has actually tried selling them jewelry.” — Frank Fink

“I don’t know.  She left early this morning.  Aikido practice.  The dojo on Mission Street.” — Frank Fink

“I didn’t keep in touch with her.  Neither did Juliana.” — Frank Fink

“I’m telling the truth.” — Frank Fink

Quote1I’m all for keeping my head down and my mouth shut.  As long as I get to live.Quote2 — Frank Fink

Quote1It’s better not to ask.Quote2 — Frank Fink

Quote1Sorry, I don’t smoke.  Uh, look, I don’t want to be rude, uh, but I’m not in the mood for small talk.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“Just get the hell away from me, all right?  I don’t want any part of your movement or whatever the hell it is.  If they saw me–  Jesus.” — Frank Fink

“Randall–  Well, Randall was in the next call, he didn’t say anything.  That’s why they shot him.” — Frank Fink

Quote1I am not on your side.  Your side got my sister killed and her kids.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“They– They come at us with guns and gas chambers, and you, hmm?  You just aim a movie at them.  How about you put some of their  blood on the streets for a change?” — Frank Fink

“So, you just watch old movies.” — Frank Fink

“They tortured me, they beat me.  For information I couldn’t give them.” — Frank Fink

“I did not kill Laura and the Kids.  The Kempeitai did.” — Frank Fink

Quote1I got to work to eat.  Yeah, yeah.  I told him.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“What does it look like?  I’m working.  Go back to your station.  I said go back to your station now.” — Frank Fink

“I got nothing to say.  Shh!  Keep your damn voice down.  It’s for protection.  Do you blame me?  After what happened?” — Frank Fink

“I got to do something, Ed.  Do you get that?  I can’t just do nothing.” — Frank Fink

“I’m tired, okay?  I’m really tired. Go home.  Just go home.  Come on.  Out.  Come on.  Get out of here.  Ed, leave.  Just fucking leave!” — Frank Fink

“You kill a cop, and a thousand cops will take his place.  You kill that prince, their god, you drive a stake right through their fucking hearts.  It’s already over.” — Frank Fink

Quote1Juliana?  She left me, okay?  She’s goneQuote2 — Frank Fink

“All right.  All right.  I’ll get rid of the gun.  I don’t know where I was going to find bullets for it anyway.” — Frank Fink

“The Kempeitai, they came looking for you.  Did you find what you were looking for?” — Frank Fink

Quote1She’s fine.  The guy who’s saving your ass.Quote2 — Frank Fink

“But we have to go on.  What else is there?” — Frank Fink

Autonomous, resolute, practical, a tinkerer, Frank Fink is a Rational.

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