Karate Kid

Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures TelevisionYoutube Red original drama Cobra Kai premiered May 2, 2018.

#CobraKai season 2 has been confirmed.

rottentomatoes: 100%

metacritic: 72

imdb: 9.2

***Spoilers Ahead***

Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures TelevisionDanny LaRusso, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Ralph MacchioDaniel LaRusso

Old highschool rivals Johnny Lawrence and Danny LaRusso rekindle their discrepancies 30 years later.

Danny LaRusso, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Ralph MacchioDanny LaRusso, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Ralph Macchio“Banzai!  DAniel LaRusso here dfor LaRusso Auto, bringing you specials on all of our inventory.  We have an excess of Jeep Grand Cherokees priced to go.  Get a lease for only– nah.  Make that– chop!  Yes, we are chopping prices on all of our Hondas, Nissans, Acuras, Audis.  Hiyah.  So come visit any of our locations in Tarzana, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, or Sherman Oaks.  And as always, every customer leaves with their very own bonsai tree.  LaRusso Auto Group.  We kick the competition.” — Danny LaRusso

“Johnny?  Johnny Lawrence.  I-I-I knew it was you.  Holy– how the hell are you?  Oh, my God, look at you.  You still got those golden locks, eh?  God, this is crazy.  How you been?  That’s great.  Hey, hey, Anoush.  Come here.  Louie, get over here.  I want you to meet somebody.  No, no, no, no.  This is Johnny Lawrence.  He and I go way back, right, buddy?  This guy was the toughest dude in my high school.  When I first moved here from Jersey, he and I… we got into a little bit.  This guy really had it in for me.  Well, she actually wasn’t really your girl anymore, was she?  I mean… ah, all right, that’s all water under the bridge.  It was a really close match.  But if you want to get technical, I kicked his face.  I’m just busting your chops.  Oh, illegal, really?  Come on, what about that elbow to my knee?  All right, back to work.  Get back to work.  Enough reminiscing, right?  So what brings you in?  You looking for a new ride?  Oh, no, no, Johnny, we got the best price sin town.  That crook at Cole’s on Van Nuys– he’s gonna try to screw you over.  Sheila, let me see the estimate.  Pontiac?  Firebird?  Wow.  Someone did a real number on this thing.  Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.  Why don’t we walk the lot?  I could give you a great deal on a certified pre-owned– all right.  All right, all right.  You got it, all right?  Let me see how low I can get this repair.  Friends and family… my own personal code.  You know what?  It’s on the house.  No, no, you’d be doing me a favor.  Our guys aren’t used to working on a car like this.  They could use the practice.  You could use the repairs.  This is win-win.  All right.  Okay, but it’s– John, it’s gonna cost more than the car’s worth.  Listen, don’t worry about it, John.  It’s my pleasure, all right?  Okay?  Just hang here a second.  I got something for you.  One minute.  Look who’s here.  Hey, Johnny, wait up.  Johnny, wait up.  Every customer gets one.  Come on.  And, hey, look, I don’t blame you for what happened back in the day, all right?  I know that wasn’t you.  It was Cobra Kai.  We’re all better off without it, am I right?  All right, take care of yourself, and I’ll call you when the car’s ready, okay?  This is crazy.  You look– you look– it’s good to see you, man.” — Danny LaRusso

“Hey, bud, hey.  Why don’t you check out that magician over there?  He’s doing some pretty amazing tricks.  All right, come on.  All right, you could play that game anywhere.  How about we shoot some hoops?  I’ll win you a prize.  All right, great, there’s a bar right over there.  Let’s take a walk, we’ll get a couple of sodas.” — Danny LaRusso

“You know, I would have killed to visit a club like this when I was his age.  You know where I had to hang out in the summer?  On a filthy street in Newark– yeah.  Dirty martinis?  Perfect.  You know it, Isaiah.  How’s the Q5 treating you?  Oh, she’s– she’s– with her grandma?  Yeah, right.  Lately I can’t get her to call my mom, let alone visit her.  All I know is she should be here.  We come to this party once a year.  She gets to see her stupid friends every day.  Nothing, I’m fine.  All right, all right.  You remember that… that guy from my high school whose car I fixed for free?  Actually, I never remember calling him ‘pretty.’  But anyway… I’m driving home from work yesterday, and I pull up to a stoplight, and I look, and in this strip mall, I see that he’s got– you know what?  I’m going to throw him in the goddamn pool.” — Danny LaRusso

“What’s all this?  Hey, hey, what the hell is going on here?  All right, everybody get out of here right now.  It doesn’t make a differene what time I get home, Sam.  You think we want a bunch of strangers in the backyard making a mess?  Some friends.  Is he wearing my bathing suit?  Wait, are all of you guys wearing my bathing suits?  All right, listen, party’s over, let’s go.  Take the suits off and leave.  No, not out here, genius.  In the pool house.  Uh, no, I’m not acting irrationally.  I’m acting like a responsible parent who cares about his kid.  I don’t like these new friends.  It’s not like Samantha.  Why can’t she be at robot camp with Aisha?  Listen, I know a thing or two about cruel, okay?  I was pushed off a cliff on my bike.  Popular is fine.  I just don’t want her turning into one of these privileged Encino brats.” — Danny LaRusso

“Wish you were here to give me some of that Miyagi wisdom right now.  Hai.  Good job, kiddo.  Well, always remember our first lesson, you.  This is for self-defense only.  True karate is here.  It’s here, but never here.  Yeah, something like that.  Get over here, you.  But never give up your defense.  Beware of the spinning hug move!” — Danny LaRusso

“Sam, you got a sec?  Oh, I didn’t know you were talking to your friends.  I-I’ll come back.  I just wanted to say– well, maybe I overreacted a little.  Maybe more than a little, okay?  Just have those guys bring their own trunks from now on, okay?  Anyone I have to worry about?  Texting.  Just words, though?  Good, that’s good.  So Kyler… how about we invite him over for dinner on Friday?  I’m not talking about walking you down the aisle.  We’re going to give the kid a meal.  Besides, your brother has a sleepover.  It’ll be a good chance for us to get to know him.  Great.  That’s my girl.  Jersey tough.” — Danny LaRusso

“The yanagi, or yanagi ba, depending on the region, is a knife used exclusively for cutting sashimi.  I picked up this bad boy on my first trip to Okinawa.  Voilá.  The famous… LaRusso ponzu toro.  It melts in your mouth.  Oh, no, just this fresh fish I picked up from the Japanese market this morning.  Well, thanks.  She takes after her mother.  And listen, I never liked sushi when I was your age either.  It wasn’t until I met a good friend of mine that it began to grow on me.  He was from Okinawa.  Where are your parents from?  Irvine, right.  So tell me about that shiner you got there.  Is that how you hurt your hand, too?  No, it’s okay.  I was in my share of fights back in high school.  Come on, Kyler, I know high-school kids can be rough.  So there was a fight.  Is there something going on at home?  What?  Karate?  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  What mini mall was this?” — Danny LaRusso

“Some things never change.  I heard you beat up a bunch of teenagers in that parking lot out there.  Wow, Johnny Lawrence calling someone else an asshole.  That’s rich, man.  Look, I’m not here to rehash the past.  Just stay away from my daughter’s friends.  What the hell is that supposed to mean?  Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?  Sensei?  Really?  Oh, my God, kid, I don’t know what he’s told you, but you shouldn’t believe a word this guys says, or you’re going to end up exactly like him.  You and I… this… we aren’t done.” — Danny LaRusso

“Well, karate isn’t all punching and kicking.  It’s actually more about balance.  Blueprints don’t actually like cars either, do they?  That was kata.  It’s the foundation my karate.  Want to stick around?  Learn a few things?” — Danny LaRusso

“No, no, no, no, no.  Mr. Miyagi’s Little Trees was a solid business plan.  We just ran into some bad luck.  Okay, never again.” — Danny LaRusso

“How’s it going?  Don’t worry, I didn’t get it either at first.  Mr. Miyagi had to teach me.  Yeah, he was a pretty special dude.  He taught me a lot.  And what you’ve got to do is close your eyes.  Get everything out of your head.  The only thing you can see is the tree.  Think only the tree.  Then, you visualize what you want the tree to look like.  And you make it happen.  That’s it.  There you go.  Well, you are the tree, Robby.  You got strong roots.  You know who you are, right?  So now, all you’ve got to do is visualize what you want your future to look like.  And then you make it happen.” — Danny LaRusso

“All right, this is horseshit.  This guy was the biggest bully in my high school, and he hasn’t changed at all.  I can prove it.” — Danny LaRusso

“You hear that?  I want you to close your eyes and just listen.  What do you hear?  Exactly.  No phone calls, no internet, no family arguments, just you and Mother Nature.  That’s why we’re here.  This is what Miyagi-do karate is all about.” — Danny LaRusso

“I’ve got to admit, you’re more of a natural than I was.  But don’t get too cocky, there’s always another lesson to be learned.  Nah, I just made that one up on the fly.  Not bad, right?” — Danny LaRusso

“You may know the moves, but none of that matters unless you have balance.  I didn’t mean balancing your body.  I mean balancing your life.  Look, Robby, I know it’s hard growing up without a dad.  Believe me, mine died when I was young, so I know.  But when those bad feelings all weigh you down, you gotta… you gotta search inside for the good stuff, you know, and just… because then you can find some balance in your life.  You understand?  It’s not easy, but you’ll do it.” — Danny LaRusso


Johnny Lawrence, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, William ZabkaJohnny Lawrence

“No, sensei.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Ugh.  Great.  More immigrants.  Listen, Menudo… I’ve lived in this shithole for over ten years.  The pipe’s don’t work.  The fountain’s full of piss.  And the only good thing about being here is I don’t have to talk to anybody.  So nice knowing you.  You got to be kidding me.  Not another one.  Hey.  Ugh.  Sick.  Hey!  Don’t worry, it’s gonna be level.  I’m just lining it up.  This is the wall across from the door.  Wait, hold on.  I’m gonna have to fill the holes, re-measure, match the paint.  It’s gonna take me an hour just to get to the hardware store.  Why can’t a TV go on this– look, I’ll come by first thing in the morning and put everything just the way you want it, all right?  I just can’t do it now.  You said that’s where I was supposed to go.  Okay, okay, we’ll figure this out, all right?  Just quit bitching at me.” — Johnny Lawrence

“No, no, no, no, no.  I didn’t call her a bitch.  I said she was bitching at me.  There’s a difference.  You’re firing me because of that bitch?  You know what?  I hated this damn job anyway.  You better pay me what you owe me, Mike.  Mike?  That one.  Aren’t you gonna wear gloves?  Can you put that on a plate?  Didn’t ask.  Come on, what’s Spanish for ‘just give me my damn slice?’  What did you just say?  What did he say?  No, I know it was something bad; just tell me.  He said I have a tiny wang?  Tell him he has a tiny wang.  Oh, really?  Excuse me?  I’m not hustlin’.  I’m not homeless.  That’s my car.  Hey!  Watch the car, man.  Just leave the dork alone.  All right, trust me, you guys are pissing off the wrong guy on the wrong day, all right?  Yeah, really.  Ah.  Ah!  Is that all you got, ladies?  What’s the matter?  Having trouble breathing?” — Johnny Lawrence

“All right, well, you said it.  It’s karate.  Old-school karate.  What?  No.  It’s not my problem.  Forget it.  I don’t do karate anymore.  All right?  Besides, I need to find a job.  It’s called a dojo.  Look, I’m not getting into this with you, all right?  I’m not even sure I’m allowed to be around kids right now.  All right, you want my advice?  Stop being so annoying.  Maybe you’ll stop getting your ass kicked.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Who the hell are you?  What the hell are you doing in my apartment, Sid?  I never asked you for anything.  Yeah, Sid, you were the stepfather of the century.  Just get the hell out of here, man.  What’s this?  I’d rather be homeless than take money from you.” — Johnny Lawrence

“What the– what the hell are you doing?  What are you– open the door!  Open the door!  Hey, where do you think you’re going?  Where do you think you’re going?  Shit.  Oh, come– take care of her.  She’s a classic.  Hey, where do I pick it up?  LaRusso.  No, no, no.  Hey, hey!  Ah, come on.  No.  Hi, I just need to pick up my car.  I’m in a bit of a hurry.  No, no, no, my car was not supposed to come here.  Okay?  I want it towed to a different body shop.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it a million times.  I just prefer to do my business elsewhere.  Can you hurry it up?  I got to go.  You know what?  I’ll come back tomorrow.  Hey, man.  Great, man.  Thanks.  I’ve been great.  I got to go.  Yeah, well, you did move in on my girl.  It was an illegal kick.  Yeah, I got a warning.  You got the win.  I just want my car.  No way, man.  I don’t need your charity.  I said I’ll handle it.  All right.  You got to be kidding me.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Are you sure you’re ready?  ‘Cause once you go down this path, there’s no turning back.  No.  I’m gonna be your sensei.  I’m gonna teach you the style of karate that was taught to me: a method of fighting your pussy generation desperately needs.  All right.  I’m not just gonna teach you how to conquer your fears.  I’m gonna teach you how to awaken the snake within you.  And once you do that, you;ll be the one who’s feared.  You’ll build strength.  You’ll learn discipline.  And when the time is right… you’ll strike back.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Quiet.  The student only speaks when spoken to.  Is that understood?  You will always address me as ‘sensei,’ is that understood?  These aren’t pajamas.  This is a gi.  And you’ll get one when you’ve earned it.  All right, are you ready to begin your training?  Hyah!  Lesson one, strike first.  Never wait for the enemy to attack.  Quiet!  We do not train to be merciful here.  Mercy is for the weak.  Here on the street, in competition, a man confronts you, he is the enemy.  An enemy deserves no mercy.  What is the problem, Mr. Diaz?  Not anymore.  We do not allow weakness in this dojo.  So you can leave your asthma and your peanut allergies and all that other made-up bullshit outside.  Is that understood?  Cobra Kai isn’t just about karate.  It’s about a way of life.  Take that first lesson.  Striking first is the initial step towards victory.  Okay, like when you’re at a party and you see a hot babe.  You don’t wait for some other guy to go talk to her first, do you?  Big surprise.  All right, look… striking first is about being aggressive, all right?  If you’re not aggressive, then you’re being a pussy, and you don’t want to be a pussy.  You want to have balls.  What?  No, what the hell are you talking about?  Quiet!  From now on, you won’t listen to your guidance counselor.  You’re going to listen to me.  Is that understood?  Good.  Now stop yapping like a little girl and give me 50 push-ups on your knuckles.  All right, just do some crunches.  Don’t you have gym class or something?  Miguel, shut up.  What brings you in?  Looking to lose that gut and learn how to kick some ass?  This isn’t an exercise studio.  This is a karate dojo.  No, that’s just an illegal I picked up this morning.  He’s helping me set up.  Wait, so I have to do all this crap before I even open?  Right, yeah.  It’s a cobra.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Looking good.  Make sure you get both sides.  And after you’re done with that, you can take care of these exposed wires.  That’s going to be a lot of work.  Do not question my methods.  Just be thankful you’re not a sumo wrestler.  Those guys have to wipe their sensei’s asses.  You don’t have to call me ‘sensei’ every time.  Eh, I won a couple All Valley tournaments.  Didn’t lose a single point my junior year.  This isn’t 20 questions.  Get back to scrubbing.  Where the hell is that garbage coming from?  You hear that?  Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend.  Yeah, what about your dad?  Is he okay with you getting your ass kicked up and down Reseda Boulevard?  All right, well, stop standing there.  Get back to training.  And change that ringtone.  Get some Guns N’ Roses or something.  I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.” — Johnny Lawrence

“You can’t strike first if you don’t know how to strike.  The cobra strike is composed of two parts– the lunge… which requires the use of the whole body… and the bite, which is everything that happens after you make contact, all right?  You don’t stop here where knuckle hits the bone.  You punch through the bone, like the guy you really want to hit is standing behind this asshole.  All right?  All right?  Strike here, you bloody his nose.  Strike here, you break his teeth.  Strike here, you could severely damage his trachea.  Obviously, that’s only for extreme situations.  All right, line up.  Focus.  I want you to practice.  Keep practicing.  Punch through the dummy.  Hello?  Yes.  Uh, yeah, I’m his father.  But you’re supposed to call his mom.  Right.  Big surprise.  All right.  What did he do this time?  Who’s Molly?  Is that some chick he’s hooking up with?  All right, put my kid on the phone.  Robby, what the hell?  You’re doing drugs?  You want to flush your life down the toilet?  Yeah, good luck with that.  What the hell’s he doing?  All right, no, no, no, no, no.  You’re doing it all wrong.  What do you want, those kids at school to keep dumping shit on your head?  You want all the girls to think you’re a wangless dork?  Because you can stop your training right now and you can walk outside and let the whole world know you’re a loser.  Or you can plant your feet, look your enemy in the eyes, and punch him in the face!  Picture your enemy.  All right, you have a picture in your mind?  What are you going to do?  Again!  Are you a loser?  Again!” — Johnny Lawrence

“No, I don’t give a shit.  Whatever’s easiest.  You know what?  Just go clean the toilet, and we’ll call it a night.  And do that one on your hands and knees.  Welcome to Cobra Kai.  Yeah, what are you talking about.  Oh, that.  No, I didn’t beat up any teenagers.  I kicked the shit out of a bunch of assholes who deserved it.  Yeah, what’s that supposed to mean?  Your daughter’s friends?  Yeah, that makes sense.  Nice company she keeps.  It means those friends of hers were wailing on a kid half their size.  Now, maybe you don’t know your daughter as well as you think you do.  Get your house in order, LaRusso.  I’m right here, man.  Right, like you could.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Back in my day, if you wanted to tease someone, you did it to their face.  There was honor, respect.  These geeks hiding behind their computers, what a bunch of spineless losers.  You’re not afraid of these losers, are you?  Are you gonna take shit from these losers?  Good, because when I’m done with you, you’re gonna be sending a message back, only it’s not gonna be with your keyboard.  It’s gonna be with your fists.” — Johnny Lawrence

“Cobra Kai is about strength.  If you’re not strong on the inside, you can’t be strong on the outside.  And right now you’re all weak.  And I know that because I was you.  I used to have no friends.  Used to be that weirdo kid.  Not that weird; I still hooked up with babes and all, but… the point is, I wasn’t always the badass sensei I am today.  Just like a cobra, I had to shed my loser skin to find my true power.  And you guys will too.” — Johnny Lawrence

“You see that?  Doesn’t matter if you’re a loser or a nerd or a freak.  All that matters is that you become badass.  Fall in.  Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?  Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?  Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?  Class, are you ready to learn the way of the fist?” — Johnny Lawrence

“No, I grew up in Encino.  Yeah.  Well, just because you live in a nice house doesn’t mean nice things are going on inside.” — Johnny Lawrence

“I may not always win, but I never back out of a fight.” — Johnny Lawrence

Miguel Diaz, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Xolo MaridueñaMiguel Diaz

“Hey, I’m Miguel.  My family and I just moved into 109.  Actually, we’re from Riverside.  But anyways, I was just wondering if you were having trouble with your water pressure, ’cause I know our sink’s being a little weird right now and– okay, well… have a nice day, I guess.  My grandma’s not feeling well.  You don’t want to know.  Uh, he sai– he said you have a tiny… I didn’t know you guys were trying to buy beer.  I’m sorry.  Give it back, dude.  It’s for my grandma.  Ugh.  Asshole.  I-I didn’t say anything.  Holy shit, how did you– it’s not his fault!  Hey, I just– I just wanted to say thank you.  So last night, was that, like, Tae Kwon Do or jujitsu or MMA or something?  Do you think you could teach me?  What?  Come on, when school starts, those guys are gonna make my life miserable.  What?  If I just knew a little bit of what you knew then I would be– well, you can open your own karate school.  Well, you could open your own dojo.  Okay.” — Miguel Diaz

“You’re gonna be my karate teacher?  So am I going to get the karate pajamas, too– uh, yes.  Yes, sir?  Yes, sensei.  Yes, sensei.  What the– you could have gave me, like, a warning.  There’s no problem, sensei.  You punched me, and I have asthma, so… yes, but those are real medical problems.  I was– yes, sensei, understood.  Yeah.  I mean, I’ve never been to a party, so… don’t you think you’re doing a lot of genderizing?  Oh, uh, sorry.  Don’t you think you’re doing a lot of genderizing, sensei.  Oh, uh, my guidance counselor says that certain words perpetuate the sexist world view that can trigger– uh, yes, sensei.  Uh, okay.  Yeah.  Okay, okay.  Yeah.  It’s sensei.” — Miguel Diaz

“Yeah, but what does any of this have to do with karate, sensei?  So, I, uh, see you were a karate champion, sensei.  I’m sorry, sensei.  I, um, sorry, I’m sorry.  All right.  What happened your senior year?  Yeah.  That’s me, sorry, yeah.  Yeah, uh, debate is running a little late.  Uh, okay.  Love you too.  That was my mom, actually.  Um, I told her I joined the debate team because she doesn’t approve of violence, so… oh, I never, uh, really knew my dad, so… okay, yeah, sorry.  Okay.  What’s Guns N’ Roses?” — Miguel Diaz

“Is it cool if I come here?  Okay.  Miguel.  Do you ever talk to them or…?  I don’t think she’s making fun of you.  I mean, just because they’re hot doesn’t mean they’re mean.  Yeah, well, if you don’t make a move, you’re never going to have a shot with her.  Striking first.” — Miguel Diaz

“Hyah.  No, sensei.  Hey, sensei, is there any particular way you want me to wash these windows?  Okay.  Bathroom’s clean!  Is there anything else you need me to do?  I’m sorry, sensei, I– I’m sorry if I interrupted anything, sensei.  Should I do 20 push-ups on my knuckles?” — Miguel Diaz

Sid Weinberg, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Ed AsnerSid Weinberg

“You know those little red stickers that say ‘further reduced?’  that means spoiled.  You know that, right?  You’re eating bad meat, boy.  Oh, that’s some thank-you.  Who do you think bailed you out?  Again.  I think that little incident at Applebee’s would’ve taught you to keep your hands to yourself.  You know… when I met your mom, she really knocked my socks off.  Beautiful.  Blonde.  Tan.  Tight.  Little did I know I’d be taking care of her schmuck kid forever.  Well, high praise from a world-class daddy like you.  How old is Robby now?  15?  16?  When’s the last time you saw him?  I’ll get the hell out of here when I’m goddamn good and ready.  What?  Ah, keep watching your bullshit judge show.  Will you, Rhonda?  And stay out of this.  Jesus, God.  This is why I’m here.  I’d take care of you always, but… in this case, I think even she would cut me some slack.  I’m buying you out of my life.  Oh, well, hell… yeah, okay.  Rhonda!  Lunchtime!  Call Art’s.  See if they got that belly lox.  I’d say get your life in order, but, uh, at this point, you’re like the meat in your fridge.” — Sid Weinberg

Amanda LaRusso, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Courtney HenggelerAmanda LaRusso

“With a broken fire hydrant next to your Aunt Tessie’s.  What do you say we let Anthony play with his thing and you and I get a couple drinks?  Yes, ice, ice cold.  Hey.  She’s with her grandma.  But i’ll tell her that you said hi.  Bye.  What am I supposed to say?  That she’s hanging out with her new friends?  Someone’s in a mood.  What’s going on with you? Yeah, the blonde pretty boy that you beat in that tournament.  Oh.  Okay.” — Amanda LaRusso

“I have no idea.  Daniel, can I talk to you inside?  Okay, we both care about our kid.  I just don’t think embarrassing Sam in front of her friends is helping matters.  Because she doesn’t want to be a nerd.  Look, I remember what it was like being part of a clique that other kids made fun of.  Believe me, girls can be really cruel.  There’s nothing wrong with Sam wanting to be popular.  Neither do I.  But keep throwing her friends out of the house.  See where that gets you with your relationship with your daughter.” — Amanda LaRusso

“Uh, are you sure you just don’t want to try a little piece?  You know what?  Why don’t we go see if we an find Kyler something he can eat, okay?  Sam, you want to come with me to the kitchen?” — Amanda LaRusso

Samantha LaRusso, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Mary MouserSamantha LaRusso

“Yasmine, I told you you shouldn’t be on your phone.  We have to call the police.  Drive!  Hey, dad.  Okay, you were totally right.  This is so much fun.  I’m so sorry, dad.  I had no idea you were going to be home so early. They’re not strangers.  They’re my friends.  Hai.  Hyah!  I did it!  Now, if anybody comes for me, I’ll kick their butt.  My tummy?  Ah!  Daddy!” — Sam LaRusso

“How is your car still not ready?  No, Moon, she rear-ended that guy’s car.  I’m still kind of freaked out about it.  I feel guilty about just driving away.  No, just wait a second.  Uh, yeah, I can pick you up in the morning, yes.  No, look, dad… I’m really sorry about today.  I shouldn’t have just invited everyone over without asking you and mom first.  Deal.  You don’t have to worry, dad.  But there is this one guy, Kyler.  He and I have been texting a little bit.  What do you mea– oh, gross.  No, no.  Just words, dad.  You want me to invite Kyler to Friday family dinner?  Okay.  I’ll see if he can come.  You don’t have to worry about me, dad.  I can handle myself.  I’m a LaRusso.” — Sam LaRusso

“That is so wrong.  No, you like fish.  What about the fish sticks at school?  Sure.  Um… we actually decided to go as Laker girls.  But maybe we can order another.  I mean, I feel bad for Aisha, but at the same time, I don’t wanna dress up as a molecular compound.  Mom.  This is so not fair.  Just promise me you won’t embarrass me.  Hey, just– I’ll be right back.  Hey.  I like your costume.  I don’t know, sodium’s pretty badass.  It’s the silent killer.  Hey, look, I– don’t say that.  One second.  Can we make plans to hang out soon?  It’s been way too long.  Stay salty, my friend.  So, what did you wanna show me?  Yeah.  It’s so hard.  Dad, what are you doing?  Dad, you said you wouldn’t embarrass me.  Don’t talk to me.  Hey, can we get out of here, please?” — Sam LaRusso

“Hey.  How are you feeling?  Look, they’re mean, but they have short memories.  They’ll forget.  Hey.  Nothing.  You sure I’m not dragging you?  You know it’s one of those dying-teenager-in-love movies, right?  Really?  Hey, I’ve gotta get to class, but I’ll see you tonight.  I can’t wait.  Just watch the movie.  I saw what you did to those kids in the library.  Kyler, stop it.  I said stop it.” — Sam LaRusso

“Morning.  What, no banana-rama pancakes today?  I don’t think Kyler’s gonna be around anymore.  Don’t look too excited, dad.  Why have you guys been avoiding me?  Wait, what did he say?  I never said a word about either of you.  That’s not what went down.  Whatever Kyler told you was a lie.  Enjoy puking out your burritos, Yas.” — Sam LaRusso

Anthony LaRusso, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Griffin SantopietroAnthony LaRusso

“I’m on level 10.  I’m thirsty.  Nah, I’m good.  Dad, where the hell is my drink?  Hurry up.” — Anthony LaRusso

Robby Keene, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Tanner BuchananRobby Keene

“What do you want?  Like you’re one to talk.  Don’t try to play dad now.  You’re a pathetic loser.” — Robby Keene

“Well, I’m sorry about that.   Let’s see what we can do.  Ah, the 15-inch.  That’s a nice machine.  Don’t worry.  I get 20 of these a day.  I’ll take care of it.  No problem.  Uh, it might take a little while, though, because these, uh, logic boards use ATX-standard form factor, which is just a little more complicated than the Neo-ITX– that sounds great.  Oh, and, uh, what’s your password, just so I can log in.  Don’t sweat it.  Mine’s 1234.  It’s my pleasure.  15-incher.  Thanks, Eddie.  We’ll get you your cut.  I got three guys right now willing to pay $400 and no questions asked.  What about the other two?  No.  It’s my fucking dad.  Come on.  Let’s get out of here.” — Robby Keene

“What the hell, man.  Don’t you knock?  What are you doing here?  Well, I had no idea what a real father-son trip looked like, so I had to use my imagination.  If it makes you feel better, next time, you can pick where we don’t go.  Don’t.  Don’t talk about my mom like that.  Ooh.  Does that mean I can grow up and have my own strip mall karate school?  Like your old pal Daniel LaRusso?  Must be nice to be a winner.  See, that’s the thing.  You don’t care, or this wouldn’t have taken so long.  It took 16 years.  And I’m not going to school.  I’m done.  And mom’s okay with it, so we’re good.  You can go.” — Robby Keene

Aisha Robinson, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Nichole BrownAisha Robinson

“Hey, I got a great idea for our costumes this year.  I was thinking… I go as sodium, and you go as chloride.  And when people ask what we are, we do this.  I mean, it’s not really ‘inside.’  Sodium chloride is table salt.  Oh.  Mm.  Hey.  Thanks, it, uh, doesn’t really work without the chloride.  It’s okay.  I’d rather go as sexy than funny too, if I had that option.  I’d love that.” — Aisha Robinson

“I’ve gone viral.  How do you think I am?  Well, I’m not gonna forget.” — Aisha Robinson

“I-I’m actually here for karate.  I saw your website.  It said that there was supposed to be a session today.  Why not?  What do you mean?  How do girls act?  Well, I know a few guys who act just– yeah.  Mostly online.  I get mean texts and emails sent to me.  Makes me not want to go.  Well, they’re mostly anonymous.  These kids create fake accounts, and they tell me things like I’m ugly and that I should kill myself.  No.  No.” — Aisha Robinson

Kyler, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Joe Seo


Yasmine, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Annalisa Cochrane


Moon, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Hannah Kepple


Demetri, Cobra Kai, Youtube Red, Youtube, Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions, Overbrook Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, Gianni Decenzo


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